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Hallkatla (EUW)
: So when's the Sett hotfix coming?
Do you even know what an 'overloaded' kit is, or do you simply spam words you've seen other use without thinking? Let me give you a bit of help; Ekko's kit is overloaded, Sett's is not.
: Yummi teaser
Eeeeh... kinda hoped that Yummi would be a male, so then Riot can make a Nibbler-like champion (Futurama). :p
Ahries (EUW)
: They only need to tone down the true damage tbh. It's ridiculous xd
Agreed. That's (at least for now) the only thing I'd remove from her; it will both cull the unneeded fat from her kit and tune her late game (aka the period where you are dust and she is the world's #1 french maid on steroids), while also improving the counterplay (kinda hard to get defenses against true damage).
: I'm afraid that's not possible.
What are chances of it becoming possible? :/
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