: You could be onto something here aluminium, one of my accounts in currently gold 4, would be nice to have a support who knows how to play
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Pretty picky I see...
what u mean? My cores is too bad?))
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Wello88 (EUW)
For a flex games? Or normals?
Khadrex (EUW)
: Team looking for support player for 5v5. (Gold/Plat)
I have all of this. But i cannot play everyday. 2/2 only
MintyFreshy (EUNE)
: League too hard/confusing (Dota 2 player)
C'mon, this is not a DOTA so u can play how u want and nobody will flame.
MissJJess (EUW)
: When to try ranked
Ranked 4 me be like something responsible. I have a shaking hands in a couple of matches. I'm really afraid to play rankeds every time when i have a long break. It's like a RPG EXP system. 1 lvl You are weak and afraid of everything 30 lvl You are good, but not good enough 90 lvl You're don't afraind of anything and trying to command the others (never do that =}) Just play a couple of matches. And don't afraid to be in Iron/Bronze/Silver - it's not bad for beginner.
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: bullshit :p
Okay, now i can understand Ty Google
: if you read the whole sentence you can find your answer
idk what means "bs"
: building a team
IGN: Aluminum IV Rank: Gold 4 / Gold 4 Is that for a team or clan ad?
: I'm here, how can I help? :)
: [EUW] [Silver and Gold] The Serious Casuals are Recruiting for all roles for 2 teams!
Azko99 (EUW)
: [EUW] LF: High-Silver Midlaner/Jungler & Support !
Hi there. What do u mean "competitively"? Play like a team in Flex, or play in Clashes?
RogueDek (EUW)
: He does elevate himself lmao
Yeah, ***ing Google Translator {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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