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Emyrnold (EUW)
: This seems like riot employe in underground. lul
Funny how i accuse people of the same thing sometimes xD But it kind of fixed for me , but not 100%
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: How come people forget about this simple button...
up until 30 min ago only msg for the aram was there .
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Give them some time, they are working hard to fix it (I hope so).
I am , i understand this is something unexpected ! This is one of the rare times i do side with Rito . I like the mode and i want to play it , some bugs NP just say that you are trying to fix them and ill be cool .
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Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
Try rightclick on the selected one , also u need a free slot . They unlock when u progress with the quests.
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: Fajerk gave me some great advice on a thread I made, I will post the body of text he gave. All credit to him Group A: EDG - 1st seed from Chinese LPL. Their performance this split was rather up and down but they managed to beat RNG in the finals securing their victory in summer split. They are rather typical chinese team, not exactly clean games and rather unpredictable. SKT T1 - 2nd seed from Korean LCK, after not strongest summer split, still considered to be top team. Multiple times world champions already, I guess no real introduction is needed. Interesting question mark would be that SKT decided to take Huni over untara and have 2 junglers, this means their explosive toplaner will be their only option at worlds. AHQ - 2nd seed from LMS. LMS as a region is considered to be weakest one from major regions this season. AHQ is considered to be the weakest LMS team this worlds, they are even considered to be worse than HKA (who got defeated by fenerbahce and eliminated from the tournament by FNC in rather one sided bo5). We haven't seem them since summer split playoffs, but they did not stood out in any way. Cloud 9 - 3rd seed from North America NA LCS, established team with world experience and Jensen and Sneaky as their carries, NA results at worlds were always questionable, but they are no weak contender. They managed to beat their way trough play-in with no loss. Group B: Longzhu - 1st Korean LCK seed, summer LCK champions who with new roster and rookies on top side of the map manged to beat dream team KT during regular season and smash SKT in finals unbelievably 3/1. They were considered to be exploitable but even SKT did not manage to deal with them during regular season. Immortals - 2nd seed from NA LCS, leading the summer split, immortals fell short in finals against TSM, team with no huge international experience leaves a great question mark how will they stack up in world competition. GIGABYTE Marines - 1st seed from vietnam region, after smashing performance at mid summer invitational they changed perception of "emerging" regions this year by leaving their mark and earning direct draw to the group stage. However they still leave huge question mark, their home performance was not the best, and nobody knows whenever they will be able to repeat their MSI streak. Also they earned second seed for they region, however Young Generation got knocked out in play-in by WE despite they manged to take a game from FNC before. Fnatic - Long established once world champion, EU LCS 3rd seed, after successful play in where they dropped only one game to Young generation and smashed LMS 3rd seed HKA in bo5 showing their rookies can carry their game, old kings of Europe are definitely one team than can make things happen. Group C: G2 - 1st seed from EU LCS, back to back EU champion and reigning Kings of Europe, after their strong MSI performance all hopes of Europe come to this team, with only one wish, don't choke in groups. Hopefully their Korean bootcamp helps them to prevent that from happening. SSG - 3rd seed from LCK, this team have seen it all and they can never be underestimated, they beaten their way to the world trough regional qualifiers and series of close BO5s in such korean - reverse sweep fashion that none can say that they do not belong here. Maybe the got beaten by SKT but they are aiming at the finals. RNG - 2nd LPL seed, they lost to EDG in summer split finals after hearth breaking reverse sweep. Uzi know for choking in high pressure situations fell once more, and this team still bears the mark of chinese inconsistency. If one should point out chinese team that will choke, RNG is prime candidate. Still they have super star roster that should not be underestimated . 1907 Fenerbahce - winner of Turkish league, they bested HKA and Brazilian team One in play-ins to get into the groups. Their players showed impressive performance, and pentakills of all things, so if we should look for a team that can upset, well they already did. How will they perform in top tier competition is still a question however, since this is their first appearance in top 16. Also so far they played with emergency sub since their jungler was not able to acquire visa to enter China. Their sub is ex teammate of their midlaner from old LZ roster, Crash. Group D: FW - LMS champion, this is the team that consistently shown they can perform at international stage. Despite LMS is considered to be weaker region this year, this is the team that can compare to worlds best. TSM - long established NA LCS team, summer champion, it is hard to describe everything that they achieved. Maybe something that they did not achieve yet would be, well winning Worlds. Last year their horrific performance caused "NA at worlds" joke, and for sure they will want to change it this year. Their roster is experienced as much as it can be, with the one and only Bjerg and Doublelift at carry roles. Whenever they succeed this year is still a question however, given their MSI performance was rather weak too. Misfits - 2nd EU LCS seed, team that made their one year plan from nowhere to worlds reality after their impressive summer run with new jungler, it is a huge question what we can expect from their worlds performance, will they uphold legacy of European teams like Splice or will they fall apart? We need to keep in mind this is their first season, current roster plays together only one split and we haven't seem them in such high competition yet. Maybe they have beaten FNC once, but also they fell short against G2 so what can one expect from this is really unpredictable. WE - chinese 3rd seed from LPL, the team that was supposed to win summer split, team that is considered to be the best and most consistent chinese squad (mind you consistency and clean games is uncommon sight in LPL). Their loss in summer play-off was unexpected, but they managed to get trough qualifiers with their decisive victories, and they played clean play-in beating everyone they met, ending Young Generation shot at worlds stage. This is the real chinese superstar team with none other than Mistic as their carry, and this guy is The Carry player in china. They have great responsibility to win this tournament, home crowd expects them to be the one who will beat everyone. So far they managed to do so, but whenever will they stand under the pressure and succeed is still to be told. I've tried to do it as unbiased as possible but I guess 100% objective look is not going to be possible.
Thanks man ill read it .
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Elos GP (EUW)
: banned for no reason
Skimmed you one last time :D
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: if you cant take criticism as a "grown ass man" are you really grown up?
Its not like its criticism , its more of friendly advice , but some people just don't bother to listen man . Its goes down to the character traits , stubbornness can run deep in the family :D
Saljin (EUW)
: dude, you are an.... nvm u probably think i am botting
Nope ... you would get your credit card info stolen trying to buy a bot program so there is 0 chance that you even know that the bot existed before you ended up here , you are just pulling idiocy out of your ass for no good reason , apart to try to be somewhat interesting and for some cheap rebellious attention i guess "Look at me i , like bots in LoL i like the game to have whole game modes destroyed .. hahaha hohoho hehehe hihihi " You my friend are the epitome of what is wrong with this community , at least botters and cheaters gain something from destroying the game , you and people like you do it "just because " and i rly much rather to play with 4 bots on my team than ever encounter you in any game mode ... ever . You are way more harmful to improvement than every AFK going , Raging , Inting player out there , because some Rioter will come here and see your needless and pointless comment and think to himself "Well this guy Saljin and his buddies don't find bots to be bad , lats go back to making them skins " and this goes back to the priority que like its some minor thing . Yeah man you are the best , may you live 100 years and poison this game as long as you can . :)
: If you reroll 3 skin shards, can you get a skin permanent of champion you don't own?
Râÿth X (EUW)
: You're forgetting a little problem with your "stopping the bot programs" solution. Riot is the developer of league. Elsewhere there is developers of these bots. As riot improves its bot catching, the bot developers improve the bots to dodge it. It's a never ending cycle. I honestly cannot think of 1 popular online game where there are no bots. Runescape, Evony, WoW.. it's going to happen. all you can do is file a report.
SO you are telling me that if they make like simple questions like how much is "3 x 47 = ? "The question and the answers can be asked/answered with both letters/words and numbers . Someone will make a hack , (and yes it evolves to hack at this point ) that data mines in Riots data base servers to find the correct answer to this question . Yeah a bot like that may take some time to develop plus it will actually have to bypass Riots firewalls in order for it to work since it wont be operating only on your PC unlike the common bot program . Yeah man this seems like its possible .
hahapopi (EUW)
: New Player! What champion to main?
{{champion:86}} Simple kit , high base HP regeneration , 1 shot combo on squish targets , with proper build can shred armor easily making your adc more effective . {{champion:75}} Good for learning basic farming , sustain in lane , good at siege , high dps if you farmed well , can AOE clear if needed , can go full tank and still be a big dps threat , good at split pushing . Find Trcik2g , or SirhcEz on youtube {{champion:36}} Hard to kill , decent DMG , easy kit. {{champion:58}} Lane Bully , double gap close , stun , sustain , AOE . Find Solo Renekton Only on youtube {{champion:23}} Can snowball really hard , strong in 1v1 , 1v2 situations (depends sometimes ) , high DPS , simple kit . Find Boxer Pate on youtube {{champion:24}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:115}} Also good champs . Search some youtube guides imo and find what suits you the best , based on what you see .
Maiziea (EUW)
: A random question would most likely work against bots, but it'd annoy 90% of the player base. If the random question is only for co-op vs ai then bots go to aram (which they already do). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai and aram then bots go to TT (which they already do/did at some point). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai, aram and TT then the bots go to summoners rift. I hope you can see where I'm going with this... If the random question is on every game mode we have, then it's going to piss off every %%%%ing player in the game lol. If it's a one time thing or once a week/ occasional on login or whatever, it would probably significantly decrease botting, but it wouldn't stop it, definitely not noticable for a player like you or me. If it was really that simple they would've already done it, Riot likes being some-what efficient about these things so if they could have it done automatically, consistently and constant they would do that over doing it in waves no doubt.
So they will be more pissed about doing a quick 3 sec question then loosing a 20 min of their life . Yeah makes total sense to me . Seriously Riot is only tolerating this cause it happens in modes that are under the radar , if the bots move to SR they will take measures against it real fast . You are too sus man, too fkn sus... .
Maiziea (EUW)
: Riot bans people for lashing out and insulting some cry babies. Riot bans leveling bots...... We still have both. They come back, if you're going to %%%%% about something you know nothing about and people give you the answer, stop refusing it, you're dumb if you do that, do you want to be dumb? I think not. If you do, enough said.
Dude i think you may have be under the influence of some sort of drugs :D what answers , to what questions , who is refusing what ? " if you're going to %%%%% about something you know nothing about and people give you the answer, stop refusing it, you're dumb if you do that, do you want to be dumb? I think not." 10 / 10 sentence :D Are you sure you are not one of these botters , you seem too eager to defend them . I can't see how a safety question can harm you in any way UNLESS you are one of these botters :D Are you of them ? If not you have nothing to bi7ch about . P.S. "If you do, enough said." So if i want to be dumb i wont say anything more ? Gotcha ...... mental gymnastics at its finest .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Thing is that it's impossible to do. Bot accounts look identical to normal accounts until they get into game, at which point the damage is done. So long as there are people smart enough to keep sending out boy accounts there will always be bots. And that's just coop vs AI bots... the bots you see where actual players, ones who fell victim to those scam links I'm sure we have all seen, how do you pre-emptively ban accounts who not only look like normal players but could have been normal players for years at a time. It's an arms race and it's one riot can't win... they can take down scam links, they can ban known bots... they can't stop people from creating more.
The aram situation is is cancer man since you may be alone with 4 bots against 5 human players . They should focus on stopping the bot programs from working properly and less on punishment . They can ban bots whole day and i still get bots in my games so i rather make the bots useless then have them banned .
GLurch (EUW)
: Just search "bot solving captcha" and you'll find tons of websites promoting their bot. This one website even said their bot has an accuracy of 95%! Don't get me wrong, this could and probably would hinder some bots from playing, but I doubt the impact would be that big. And solving a captcha before playing a game would be just annoying. Also, what would you do if the bots stopped playing AI games and then went to normals? It would be even worse for players. Solving a captcha before every game would be even more annoying as well. I think this idea just needs some refinement, but maybe it could be good if it had that refinement. ^^
Riot would detect a software like that fast imo , since most of the sites lack or don't care about defense against that kind of Bot because it may be an actual data base hack . Riot would detect a "bot'like out of pure fear that data changing like that could be involved in some sort of RP manipulation .
: Bot accounts are banned in waves. Otherwise botters would know what tipped riot off and would improve the bot, making it harder to detect.
Dude you just copy / pasted your shitty response from other discussion . As i said .... add a random simple random question that the bot cant detect , it can't be so hard .l
: reporting instalock player (In Ranked )
this may get taken down man , you are not allowed to show ass holes names in here .
: Bot accounts are banned in waves as to not give botters any ideas why the account got banned. Otherwise bots would become harder and harder to detect.
Add a fkn safety question at the start of every match and if you do not answer correctly you get DC . Bot problem solved .
: Anti Botting Ideas.
Its pathetic man , you can get banned for calling someone a "fаggot"but you can't for boting and making money on riots back , :D while ruining whole game modes . Sad thing is no rioter will even bother to respond or reed this , but make a discussion named "How do i buy RP? " at least 4 rioters will respond within 5 min , politely instructing you how to spend money on game filled with boters , scripters and other scum .
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Droel (EUNE)
: Belive me i honor someone every game,i get bunch of honors in 1 day and i play like 10 games a day minimum,so getting honored is not a problem i just feel that compared to 1 of my friends who always plays with me and he plays mutch less than i do,rerely get honor he gets lvl 5 out of the blue,how did that happen :D,that just blows away the fact that riot said we need to be consistant,i mean i play league out of fun above all,but it just doesn't feel right that someone is lvl 5 who didn't put half the effort i did to reach it and i'm stuck at 4 still
IDK man , its lame that you can't track your progress .
Droel (EUNE)
: Unreachble lvl 5 in new honor system
If all of your teammates vote for someone you get a boost , also try playing Invasion it gives like 50ip , most of the time everyone votes at the end , if not you have plenty of time to remind them to vote after the boss is killed , and play support as good as you can , trow some GG , Gj at the end of each stage , also the good old begging for honors is on the table if you are desperate :D
TTekkers (EUW)
: I've played with the same players for about 80% of my games for over a year and it just gets more fun the more you play together. PS. Hansiman is right, I don't get the downvotes.
I didn't down voted anything . I guess its just our group , we just try too hard to win , and tilt when shit goes left .
: use /fullmute to mute both chat and pings. use /pingmute to only mute pings.
Also Alt+F4 mutes everything :D
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: How do you call a handsome and dominant Master Yi main?
: Hittin, the Great War General
Hittin ? IS this like a combination of Hitler and Putin ?
dumdum736 (EUNE)
: but when im mute someone my computer is getting ''crazy'' like low ping and 6 fps
Wen294 (EUW)
: Quicknote: i don't post here to get the skin. I already have 2 ashe skins from mystery gift and i never play her. I myself really like the idea of this action too, i really hope they'll do it again for future championship skins or maybe even other skins or stuff. It's great that the actual skin looks verry neat, which should boost sales some. Also always nice to see members of the community doing stuff like giveaways. I don't do it because i'm a cheapskate ._. (well you gotta be carefull with your spendings when you don't earn money so i have an excuse xD)
Why only 25% tho seems cheap , at least make it 50/50 If not 100%.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
AmazingBeaver :D hope this is legit :P
: Yeah but if you're dodging you're losing LP, and the troll gets what he wants because he can pick Vayne anyway. There's no option to report someone until after a game so he's not even flagged for the behaviour. I'd rather play the game, ff and ensure he gets a ban. There is no excuse for that behaviour.
I rather not lose 26 LP just so can report someone , plus the ADC soraka could not be s bad xD
Smittles (EUW)
: Top Lane - What's Going On?
You can take advantage of this tho , you can farm the enemy jungle if you pick a fast clearing champ and shove the wave unpunished :D
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AmazingBeaver,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ux4qO4Yo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-22T14:36:30.029+0000) > > The dude that banned {{champion:67}} should of dodged , since he is the one that fkd up .The ADC dude is a %%%% for picking {{champion:16}} ADC, but what if he is like one trick and cant play good anything else . I find it hard to believe that a OTP aiming to climb the ladder would not have a backup Champion. Sth that he is a least decent with. But I do agree, that since the ADC dude was in idiot mode, the one that made the wrong ban should have dodged and not the OP.
He most likely have a back up champ or is not even otp but he got salty because his own team banned his champ , and i rather not play with a salty adc .
: The fastest (and most fun) way to level up is to simply play normal pvp games. 5vs5, 3vs3, ARAM...doesn't really matter. The IP/XP gains are calculated in a way that makes the IP/XP per time pretty much identical for every mode (including queue time or champ select duration). Bot games have a malus except for very low levels, so it's not really worth playing them to level up. So in summary: Any pvp mode will do, doesn't really matter.
Depends tho , for me i can play AI games for 10 hours straight but i tilt after 1-2 ranked or normal games . So overall if you want consistent stress free way to lvl up if you tilt fast AI is way less tolling .
DogeSquad (EUW)
: Dissolute players... that's the situation?
The dude that banned {{champion:67}} should of dodged , since he is the one that fkd up .The ADC dude is a %%%% for picking {{champion:16}} ADC, but what if he is like one trick and cant play good anything else .
: Bad design on missions
Next thing you know they will give you missions like "Vote for Hillary "
: with janna? XD
Yo man why you don't buy boots , at least take {{item:1001}}
: I give up
Don't die !{{item:3069}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3190}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3512}} is something i would get , and you will be way harder to kill than the enemy thinks .
: Well they dont have to give free stuff, but yet Blizzard gave away in HotS skins worth hundred and for some players even thousand of dollars. Legendary skins that you can buy for shards you get sometimes from chests, but to gather 2400 or 1600 shards is a really long time. Since they introduced that system I only had so many shards only once. Riot has made 1,6 billion dollars in 2016 while blizzard 2,2 billions. So there is not that much difference considering Blizzard is a company with much longer experience. Blizzard has more than one game, but that didn't stop them from making things right instead of greeding for money.
Blizzard will put battle passes in OVerwwatch too tho . :D
: Star guardian event havent finished and riot does the same mistake again
Truth be told , its not like every Riot employer is involved in these decisions . Its most likely board of directors or who/whatever is on the top floor . These guys don't care about you or me , all they care is numbers . Yeah its lame that they are taking things with good potential like hex tech chests , event missions and whatever comes next , and turn them in to money milking schemes , buy its normal for them to do that . Riot is one of the top companies in the field so they don't have a reason to give you free stuff , if i'm done with the game its like a drop in the ocean , no matter how much money i poured in the game . On the side note tho , did you noticed that in the star guardian event all you could get is like a ward and a champ shard or 2 champ shards and now when the money is involved now they have good stuff to "give away " :D .
: Try no brain champions, Garen, Dr Mundo, Amumu.
I play supports tho , and everyone is there to get you and fks up your K/D/A so S is hard on certain champs .
: League of Boosters
Loose used incorrectly about four hundred times .
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