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Rapsody (EUNE)
: So ... Kindred
First few clears definitely feel a lot better.
Keitra (EUNE)
: In my opinion, Yasuo won't be reworked for a while. Unless Riot Devs think of something else wind-related. In lore, Yasuo mastered a wind technique which is unique only to him. If they remove something from his kit, he won't be wind master. Well, unless they change his dash to something like wind ninjutsu ( not naruto but real ancient ninja Ninpū) so it would like yasuo would wind dash to one location similar to riven's E, it would be on like 8 seconds cooldown, it would be a nerf, but at least it would be in the right direction. This Yasuo's nerf has made them more aggresive in lane. Well, that's basically my opinion.
Aggressive is only the tiny pixel in the whole picture, You basically have a harder time poking your opponent, Your opponents can punish you now because you will use Steel Tempest more often if you plan to use Last Breath or to poke thus pushing in the wave and giving them control of the flow, This is something Mid Laners know how to take advantage of and put you 30-40 CS behind. He has lost his zoning as well.
Keitra (EUNE)
: I don't see where Yasuo is OP. If you think that his kit is OverPowered, I don't agree with you. His kit is useful ONLY WHEN CERTAIN CONDITIONS ARE SET! His q is a skillshot that can be easily evaded with a little practice, his w is useless to melee champs. His e is practically nonexistant when no minions are near him. And his ult CAN'T BE ACTIVATED UNTIL SOMEONE WAS KNOCKED UP. Yasuo has almost nothing on his own. He needs minions to get mobility. He needs successful q's to be able to knock you up. He needs to successfuly knock you up or get knocks up from his team so he could ult. Deny these 3 things and Yasuo is practically nothing. Only aa-based champion with a good passive. That's IT.
Don't bother, I wasted 2 hours on a comment explaining to MadKnife IV how Syndra can beat Yasuo in lane and he said '' I don't have time for this '' Trolls everywhere.
BlueStr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AmazoX,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=UiOFOu3p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-21T03:20:40.147+0000) > > Everyone should get their Mountain Dew's and Dorito's ready for the SKT T1 Vs G2 MSI Finale. Yeah just don't get your hopes up, there's a big chance SKT will win 3:0.
It went 3-1, SKT T1 won.
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Walook (EUW)
: I' m so proud of G2
Everyone should get their Mountain Dew's and Dorito's ready for the SKT T1 Vs G2 MSI Finale.
: Welp, getting over 1k per game was nice with the boost :P And I grinded pretty hard.
You know theres a way you can cheat the system, Just don't hotfix this and let us enjoy this weekend When you repair your client before launching the game or logging in (Depending on which client you use), After it's done repairing when you log in, You get a notification to confirm your e-mail to get IP bonus. I think it only works on Legacy Client though & only just two games :P
: Find teammates for the Slumber Party IP Weekend!
Add me, I'll be grinding IP! EDIT: Thank you TorpedoSheep. *NICE NAME*
: tommorow*


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