Some players can't get over their big egos or "off their high horses"..they belive that whatever they do and say ingame is the best. And yes..this game is bad, because of player like you mentioned. Sure the game is buggy and some champions are to strong, but the players are a bigger problem i think. It also funny, when you type "_hey, let's stop typing and focus more on the game_" and then someone tells you to go kill yourself.... like im just trying to win, typing nonsense won't help you do that... but again, I love this super dooper community *(sarcasam)*. Thankfully fullmute button exists for those kind of situations. Which agains is sad, that the button has to be a thing... if only people could control themselves, there would be no need for it. I have made posts in the past about the community and mostly got downvotes for it... i don't feel a part of the community anymore, nor i want to be involved as much as i used to. Now, i loggin, get in a game, win or lose and that is it. It's honestly not worth it to spend time and energy trying to make a different, when Riot doesn't listen...seems like they prefer toxic players over positive sometimes. Thankfully i play with two friends every now and then, using voicechat and that saved me for still playing the game. It's good, when you randomly come across players who are actually not a$holes. But nowadays that is rare.
Cólinho (EUW)
: Matchmaking
Riot won't explain to you anything, sadly. The game needs a lot of improvments, that is for sure, but a huge problem are people aswell. Like you said, toxic people, AFK's, trolls, etc. The community will also always tell you, that you suck and that is why you lose, yet they seem to keep forggeting its a team base game...and all 5 players need to work together. I try to type from time to time in chat: "lets group and work together"... and the responds i get are: "stfu, etc." Fun isn't it :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: > But why though, just let me play against people of my own/similar skill, thanks That's what MMR ensures. Visible rank (silver, gold, etc.) doesn't actually represent current skill as accurately as current MMR does. Sometimes small events that happen early in the game may snowball a person out of control, but it doesn't mean they were far greater skilled than you. --- > And why do I sometimes have to play against Diamond 3 or even higher in Normal? Normals have their own MMR rating that it matches up players based on. Whatever accomplishment you have in ranked does not impact your matchmaking in normals. --- > Not going to read comments, just letting Riot know. But you're asking question..
I'm only repying because i have seen your name on many boards posts... you are one of the most unhelpfull people on here, I have seen so many downvotes on your posts and the attitude you have - "but you asked a question..." is ridicilous... I should have just made a ticket and send this question in private. Also why did you downvote my post, does it offend you that much. I mean im flattered ty so much <3 You don't even try to consider that the matchmaking is still not okay, you never agree with anyone on EUW boards, the majority of people here on Boards express reall issues and you just either ignore people or try to come up with excusses... i have seen many obnoxious replys you have given people. I will screenshot this post now and wait until you block me, deleted my post, whatever.... so I can have a proove how obnoxious you are and then I will send a report ticket towards you.
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: Clash Rewards
The idea to get Clash Point, instead of Capsules could definetly be something to consider about.. get a brainstorming going and try to come up with the selection of possible ideas for realization. > First up it'd enable us to have a bit more control about what we want to get from playing Clash. We get a great experience most likely for sure. I agree, they could also apply that to Ranked. The rewards could be more transparent in the way of not how many wins you have or how good you are. For the past 3 seasons I have been Silver 3 or 4. I have positive mindset, and I would appreciate if I could get a better reward, not just some icon, banner or ward skin (don't missunderstand, I am not ungreatful, I just think the rewards could be better). I think positive players could get rewared bigger prices, not matter the rank level. So far I have a feeling you are only rewarded for how many wins you have and not being rewarded for the kind of player that you are (like the Split Points, if you want rewards you need to play a lot and win, otherwise you don't get much). I think if you are lose a game, but by using an algorithym in the background, they players who were preforming well, had a positive mentality and didn't flame after a loss - i think Riot should reward those players with at least some Split Points (so far if you lose, you get 0 of points, not matter how positive or how well you have tried to be a teamplayer and win the game). Also I remember years ago, when Riot honoured players with Riot Kayle skin for playing the game or having positive mindset. I was so happy to recive the skin :3 No back to Clash - In general I agree with what you wrote, but the idea needs some adjustment. I would play Clash, however the people who I have on my friend list either already have a team of people or they don't want to play Clash^^ So yeah, some of us players, would like to play it, but we can't because we don't have people who would be intersting to play. So in the future I would like to hear about some changes on that area aswell. I know Clash is supposed to be very special type of a game mode with 5 premades, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to have that privilage. Just my personal opinion.
: Let me introduce you to my mother!
If its 100% honest and true what you say, then any kind of abuse you are dealing with is not alright. I also don't know which country you are from, however there is for a sure any kind of an organization in your area, who can help with family issues. You probably heard that many times, however those seeking for help because they are being abused are not weak.. they are strong enough to stand up for themselfs and get their lives back together. Good luck also with the game development and school.
: Their is something wrong with normal matchmaking
Matchmaking has nothing to do with getting autofilled. Matchmaking is the existing automated process in League of Legends that matches a player to and against other players in games. Here is the link: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Matchmakinge
: This season, every single time i swapped roles with someone because they were autofilled, i lost every single game because they either fed like crazy or they flamed and left the game at some point. Sometimes all of those things. After 10+ times of that happening, i vowed to never role swap again unless it's from my initiative. I'd rather lose and play the role i wanted instead of losing because of the guy who i gave my role to.
Yeah, I figured they could get autofiled. However the thing that concerns me is; if I said no, and picked a midlaner champion, then refuse to go bot and troll like them, I would probaby be the one getting reported (since they would outnumber the amount of reports) and then I would most likely be punished from Riot, for not being "sportmanlike". So, that is why I sucked it up, choose Tristana ADC and muted everyone as soon as the game started. I didn't flame, the only thing i said was, how rude it was from them to just instalock and push me going as an ADC, even though I clearly stated the fact my ADC skils are at the bottom of the lowest point in the Pacific ocean. That is why I am annoyed. How is LoL different from a football for example? Ronaldo is good at playing a position of a left wing (idk, i googled it xD ) and some other player on his team is good at being a goalkeeper. Put Ronaldo as a goalkeeper xD he would have a hard time and fail, just like I did when I had to play ADC. What I am saying is we are all good at some things and really bad at something else. I hope you can understand my analogy, im however sure, you guys can interpretour in your own way of understanding. :)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: this is the main problem with the role selection, back in the day you had to know at least the basics of every role because you did not know what you will play, and now everyone just blames riot/matchmaking/the neightbors cat etc just because they dont even want to try something they never did before... i dont care if i get jungle/or adc my least played roles cos i dont care about it, i play them to the best of my ability, i prolly wont get a lot of kills as an adc and my farm will be bad, but i will try and do what i can to win the game, its 1 match from many to come so why fill my head with it crying on boards when i can just queue up the next game and maybe i get my role this time so it will be easier to win (well i always get my main role because i play supp, but i played with friends on other roles too)
I just don't like playing ADC, Top or Jungle. Simple as that. We all have preferences in life. I'm a Samsung user, and you could be an Apple user. You like to play adc (good for you), but I like mid and support. If it was a normal game, I won't even bother posting the story on the EUW Boards, but this happened in my promos, so yeah... kinda annoying. I do understand your opinion, but also, you don't need to read boards, if they offend you. Im just expressing the issue that bothered me. I am over it now thanks, the ALDI store in my area ran out of tissue paper because of me. They might never be able to re-stock the supplies haha ^^
ID 211314 (EUW)
: Deal with it, you can't expect to find a collaborative team every single game, there are millions of ppl playing this game and the majotiry of them don't care about Others, don't let thing like that influence you, just ignore and go on another match, do your best. Cya.
Thanks, I appreciate your opinion.
: Just let it off, it happens from time to time, and there's never a good way to deal with it. People who harass you exist everywhere, and it's apart of human nature. Hope you win promo. Also ignore the guy below, he sounds like someone who would harass you if you talked back.
I have forgoten about it already, it was just so annoying and had to let the frustration out by uploading this post. And thank you. I have won 2 games, just need the third one. Good luck in your games aswell^^
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m3dyz4 (EUW)
: First of all I want to say sorry about my emotional post and thanks all people who read that and responded, especially who added me in game and played with me (ty you for making me feel better). I don't know why some people think that I use Russian language to communicate with people. I am talking about accidental using of wrong keyboard layout (I can do that because I wrote in other websites and messangers on Russian). I am sorry if I irritated some people with this topic and with lack of knowledge of terminology. Yesterday I felt bad because I met a racism... or xenophobia again. I'm emotional person and I accept myself as I am. That's why I wrote it. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!
No need to be sorry. It's never okay if someone is being rude. It's good to speak up and talk about those kind of things :) But also don't listen to some "special snowflakes" who type nonsence on your post. Brush them of, like a dust from the shelf. :)
m3dyz4 (EUW)
: Scream of my soul about racism!
Sorry, but Russia and russians aren't a RACE... its your NATIONALITY. I'm from Slovenia and was once not allowed to enter a museum in my trip to Germany, since the person who was selling tickets wanted to see my ID. Therefore they didn't have a problem with me being white, they had a problem with my nationality. It's not a good feeling yes, but make sure you are a better person than those sad people. :)
Avalia (EUW)
: Why do you guys buy RP and Skins in LOL
I buy skins, when there are splash artworks that I like - by purchasing skins I show support to the artists.
: Any Tips to improve on editing ?
I would personaly change the blank gap from 0:39-0:41, and I would work on transitations between the clips. The "shaking" transition at 0:57 gave me a headache.. i could feel the sound of the effect, even though the transition has no sound. Also maybe try "League Director" - https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/league-director-replay-camera-tool I personaly really really like this kind of clips on League of Legends chanel on YT. But i think you should focus on what you like, and not what other people think. :)
chεf (EUW)
: Why is it so hard to mute all?
[You won't regret checking out this 19s video :) ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7kq2Ee0b74) Muting all is a blessing in disguise. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Hexwater (EUNE)
: Blackthorn Morgana needs to be fixed!
I liked previous splash art. Same with many other skins like, Earnest Elf Tristana, and many others. : (
: Riot maybe, just maybe u have a lil problem with ur game and with ur client
Sorry, but what in the hell are you even trying to say? xD > When i get out of a game after 3 bugsplat to get into i have this. Clients for me, and the both worked.
: s9 only win if you're lucky ?
There is almost nothing you can really do - Esepecially as a support. Smurfs, trolles, inters, ragequiters are a problem. I watch some Twitch Streamers who are gold/plat and they also struggle with the same issues. There was a top lane AD soraka on the enemy team in my last game yesterday. She gave up 2 kills in first minute. So yes, you are either lucky or unlucky with what people are on your team. I always make sure that I report them after the game (whetver they are on my team or enemy team). But so far I only got 1 feedback from Riot that my report was successful and that penelty was issued. I got that message shown in my client couple days ago. But I probably wrote like 100's reports so far. But yeah, it suck and what bothers me the most is that literally nonone from Riot ever responds here on Boards about those issues. At least I have never seen a feedback so far, if they are working on it or not, etc. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Aritmor (EUNE)
: S8 silver 2, S9 1-9 in placements to plat 1
It says his win ratio is 8%... uhm lol? His KDA is also very strange for someone who is in "Platinum". I smell something fishy.
: Just a tip, don't tell anyone that you are an Arab when chatting. Just use English because once they know you speak Arabic, they are going to hammer you with cuss words because they know there are no ramification to their actions. On hindsight, I think EUW and EUNE should ban every other language that is not one of the official languages of the EU. For example, you can speak Italian, Spanish, German, English, Dutch and etc but you can't use language that are not official in the EU such as Arabic, Slavic, Russian, Urdu, Japanese, and etc. I am saying this because most languages outside of the EU don't use Latin alphabet which makes even harder to build a system that can pin point cuss words or even translate them. Those many challenges that a particular language may represent to a primarily English server, can be overcome but that would take time, money and resources which I don't think Riot is willing to spend on that matter.
> For example, you can speak Italian, Spanish, German, English, Dutch and etc but you can't use language that are not official in the EU such as Arabic, Slavic, Russian, Urdu, Japanese, and etc. _ Most Slavic countries are in EU though and they use latin alphabet. The ignorance is real. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Free partnership with RIOT for Arabic language translation
I think you would need to apply for that via Riot Volunteer Program. :) Volunteering means you help, without being paid for it. I hope someone from Riot will reach out you.
: Can we please get Solo Q ? ACTUAL SOLO Q ?
I always play by myself, I haven't DUO'ed yet and probably never will. However DUO's don't bother me, as long as they play relatively ok. In my opinion problem are not DUO's, the problem are negative people itself. Riot needs to work on that ASAP.
Marissa (EUW)
: It sure does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it? There's a few reasons as to why it feels like this, but in reality the answer to your question is "no". Why it feels that way? Promotional games are special, they're "more important" so you're automatically inclined to try harder and play better... as a result you'll see (more) of the bad play that happens in your team - since you're trying so hard to win. You really just want to win, so any loss sucks extra hard :(. If you look at the losses/wins on your way to promos, you'll see similar cases of people feeding in your or the enemy team. These games happen at any stage of your climb - sometimes in the form of a free win, sometimes in the form of a loss. Don't worry, eventually you'll win them! ###### I mean it only took me 5 series to hit Silver 1 first time around... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I just lost my first promos of this season, 1W 2L, but immediately won the next ranked game and got in promos again with 1 free granted win. Which is appreciate, since i had a ragequiter in the middle of the game, even though our team was winning. But yeah, I find that being granted a free win is really helpful, and i think not many players give Riot credit for that :)
Kokozuma (EUW)
: Road from iron to bronze to silver (to back to bronze)
> _ Any tips how to deal with games where everything just goes wrong eventho you stay positive? Maybe I cna use them to at least make me feel better in the end or just during the game?_ > Sadly there is nothing you can do, if the rest of your team simply just types and arrgues more, rather than playng the game. It's a team based game and if someone (or multiple people) don't want to cooperate - well you lose. I personaly always mute everybody as soon as the games starts, so I don't have to deal with nonsense other people type (sometimes I even blok everyones pings, because people who spam ping you are honestly just annoying). I haven't looked at you match history (nor I care, sorry), but some people might tell you - "just cs better", "know how each of the champion work", "don't feed" etc.... Honestly, that doesn't help you, if you have those special snowflakes on your team who just rage and flame, afk, etc. Only Riot can do the most, to keep more positive players in the game, but also more toxic people out of the game. So far it feels like there are more negative players. Getting a positive players feels so random, like winning a lottery. :/
: Read the whole thing 3 times to think of a answer so here is what I came up with.I dislike muting all because someone might just really need help and if it gets too toxic I mute them.And yes iron is my first ever rank because I have been only playing for 4 months now and I skipped on ranked in season 8.Im not particularly bad but not good and I tend to make mistakes like spamming m2 to miss autos.And today the first ranked game was A loss with 2 afk and I lost 28 LP :/.I stopped there but I'm really upset and thinking I might even drop to iron 3 if I keep this up.
Okay, I understand your point of view, why you don't like to mute everyone, so that is fair. You lost 28 LP!? Wow, that's definetly strange. I get 23 LP for a win and lose 16 if I lose. How much do you get for a win then? And I totaly understand you being upset - having AFK's. Sorry to hear that :( Hey, if you ever decide to transfer your account to EUW, you can add me. About 2 weeks ago I posted a post on Boards about "Looking for friends" and many people added me. So far everyone that I played with was realy nice, with some of them I even talk to on Discord, while playing the game. The idea of me posting that post was to connect with positive players and it worked well.
: Iron ranked games are too toxic
I have only read your post @MHDD and maybe some of this suggestions will help you, unless you already try/use them: - as soon as the Ranked game starts typing "/mute all" helps a lot (i personaly also use that in any other PvP). Ever since I don't have to worry about people flaming, rageing, etc. If people spam ping you also mute their pings. - you don't need to use chat to type help for a gank, you can use the assist emote, missing, danger :) - when you decide to play your first ranked game of the day -- if its a win, try another one, if its a loss, stop there. That way you will avoid a chance of getting a potencial major loss strike. If you still want to play go for a normal or Co-Op game, but definetly avoid rank. - i don't know how skilled you are at this game (use say you in Iron, is that your first rank placement since you started playing the game?), but just know noone is perfect (even pro players make mistakes). I make mistakes and try learn from them, so i can prevent possible mistakes in the future games. - and most importanty, know that those people who are toxic are just some sad people who know no better, than being just bad people (not only in a game, most likely also in real life). <3
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Jack Frost (EUNE)
: Riot does not find sexism, or threats such as this to be acceptable. Other people have mentioned on this thread that the bot could barely detect something out of the statemens quoted by op, thus the reason those 2 players in question still play. I know many people can relate here, and this must be the reason why I see this thread gaining light. The system has flaws, and riot has a team that works on improving this. Pretty sure you had an experience such as this, and I'm sorry about that. I was once a toxic player as well, but I learned my lesson. Best of luck and happy games.
I find it very hard to belive that a multi-milion dollar company like Riot can't make an actually working algorithym. How is saying "_i would cum if you died", you are female scum_" different from the "N" word? Misha, the author of this original post made a report and even wrote a ticket, yet Riot took little to no action. Saying brutally negative things online, is just like saying them in real life. The internet sadly acts like a filter & some individual people abuse it and say whatever they want. Also no offence, but I doubt you @Jack Frost are not a toxic player anymore. Maybe you did learn your lesson, but definetly not majorly. There is this wonderful thing called **_psychology - a science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought_**. Very often, if not in almost every case, people who are toxic online are also toxic in real life. But as I said and am stating again, maybe you have changed your behaviour, maybe you didn't. In any case, I certenly hope you did.
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
Those guys you mentioned honestly disgust me. You did the right thing, muting them and reporting after the game was finished. I am upvoting your post, so Riot wakes up and actually bans them. They are just sick in their head. I'm sorry you had to experince that. Its insane Riot Support finds sexism, wishing someone to die, etc. acceptable. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
iR4G3x (EUW)
: Hi, I’m looking to expand friend base and get a team together for a gaming organisation I’m with if anyone is interested feel free to add me, sorry for jumping on your post but only have me and a friend that play would love to get a team going
You can add me and I will accept your request when I can :)
Anže (EUW)
: Looking for friends :)
I would just like to say, thank you for everyone who added me :D Recieved 19 friend request and so far to those of you who I have been speaking - you guys are great. Thanks for making community better with your positive attitude. Makes me feel there is hope and I really appreciate you in a kind way. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Until you find friends on boards, since it's hard (everybody think its not toxic when in fact many are), I have a small trick to advise you to find friendly people. Never friend people from win games, in games you win everybody is happy and friendly, but next game you que together if its a lost they transform in toxic jerks. I did that a lot of times add a friendly guy and then duo and after first lost he end up on block list. Even funny stories when I played blitz and adc called me GOD BLITZ, omg you are so good never seen so good blitz, want to duo after, and if next game enemy dodge grabs better or stood better behind minions, he start "report this troll blitz, he can't grab, omg level 7 blitz, boosted" like completely forget the game I impressed him :D So if you see very friendly and relaxed players in lost games, especially in hard loses, or in lost games where its a lot of toxicity, and they tend to calming down others, and are friendly even in that environment, try to add them on your list, if they are friendly and relaxed in so toxic lost games then you can count they are 90% friendly in any case.
Oh, yeah I can relate to what you wrote. ^^ I very rarely add people after game, that is why I have only 2 friends on my list. But would be nice to expand the friendbase who share positive mentality. Thanks for the advice anyway.
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Fîedler (EUW)
: Ranked ,how to improve in EUW?
Last year I was Silver III, and this year I'm Bronze II after placements. I went 3W 7L and in every game (even in the games I won) I had to deal with hostile people, so I totaly understand you. I find it very difficult to climb, especially when you have hostile players on your team almost every single time. I play it for fun, rank doesn't really bother me that much, but I was really dissapointed that I got placed in bronze this year. I would say bronze/sliver is where I mainly belong, since I can't deny that fact I'm not very good at PvP, but I always try to my best &I definetly deserved to get at aleast Silver V this year. If you check my match history, you will see I play versus AI a lot, more than PvP, just so I can avoid toxic people. However you can also see that on January 25th I lost 5 ranked games in a row. There is definetly a lot of things I could have done better in those games, that is for sure. I main support, but when your top, mid, adc or jungler are one of those sad people on your team, its hard to do anything as a support. Even when i tried to help my top laner Fiora who went 0/9, i died with her to the enemy top. And my jungler was ignorant and didn't want to help fiora. But yesterday i went 18/0/8 on Ahri mid, because the enemy midlaner Veigar was most likely trolling. To recap.... I only win, when I get lucky with getting descent teammates on my team. Otherwise I just lose. And that how it seems LOL is nowadays. Yes, I was happy that i won that ranked game as Ahri, but at the same time it sucks, since the only reason i went 18/0 is because the enemy team had a troll midlaner. I also hate it, when people try to tell you that me, i am the reason we lost the game... how am i resposible for Fiora going 0/9? How am i responsible for my adc just pure ranging because he can't control himself? And so on..... What I decided to do from now is, to type "/mute all" and disable everyone elses pings as soon as game starts and just focus only on myself and what I can do better. That probably sound very narcissistic but I really don't want to(and to be honest, why would i have to) deal with those kind of people that i mentioned. Not to mention that Riot doesn't seem to care :/ But oh well. Good luck to you in your future games. Also, this is just a preposition, but if anyone who is reading this post -- add me @Einshine on EUW. We positive people should defintly join more together, so we don't have to deal with trolls, afk-ers, toxic people as much.


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