: You wanna know how to avoid dying? Buy items that give you resistance and health or maybe a fucking zhonyas for crying out loud. You have many items to choose from that can save you, so use them. Stop crying that your champion who had one of the most stupid lane harass tools has now been nerfed, and start adapting to the game.
Oh yeah, totally build Zhonyas first item and have 0 mana to use abilities. The way Anivia works is that she has a high mana usage. Without mana, she is pretty much useless. So unless I rush Frozen Heart or another mana item, I am stuffed. (Oh and btw, I do sometimes rush FH depending on the match up. It really helps! Oh wait, do I hear a Rengar? Nevermind.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I'm surprised you didn't even mention the assassin update. Katarina can now jump back and forth over Anivia's wall within a second if she pleases, and Talon got a brand new skill he can use to freely jump over any wall Anivia can place. Nidalee's jump range buff to marked targets is not recent, but relevant, and Anivia has also been a risky champion against Lee or Jayce who are very popular right now. Also a good number of her competitors for the CC mage spot have been buffed recently, like Kennen, Cassiopeia and Syndra. All together i'm surprised you didn't drop Anivia years ago. Right now i could list at least 20 champions off the top of my head that i'd rather see on my team's mid lane than Anivia any time.
I did mention about "other champions being able to dash/fly in and out". I guess I needed to say a bit more about the assassin update. But yeah, she is absolutely weak against all assassins now. Where I could win my lane versus a Katarina very comfortably before the update, I now struggle against her. Yeah, I agree. But to be honest, I had fun playing Anivia. It was a really good satisfying experience when using my combo to get kills. Now I am constantly playing safe and afraid of the jungler as I can no longer defend myself, and even more so, not relying on my passive due to the "in-burst-out" combo of some champions
: Hitting target at max range using wall is part of the skill and that's fine, however any champion with dash and a bit cc makes anivia useless. Cause you can't detonate q while cced. You just don't have tools to trade. I fail to understand how you should build anivia now, max cdr, tear+proto belt, and some tankiness?, cause if you have 2,2 sec on e you have to endure some damage, and guess what, anivia is squishy. I'm going to play her as support this patch, cause her kit is even more about team fights right now.
I am going to try and build her as a tank now. I don't see any other way forward. There is absolutely no point in building AP as she is usually dead before you can even land your Q+E combo. Oh and yeah, if she is stunned she is completely useless. Can't press Q again, her R turns off. Absolutely bs.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Assassins just got buffed, so the pace of the game has sped up. Now tell me another champion that either has to hit a target with a skillshot that moves at 850 speed OR hit them with a 3 sec delayed clearly telegraphed AOE skill before they can do anything. If we compare Anivia to, for example Ekko, then to be in a similar spot, Ekko would only be able to deal damage to targets hit by either his Q or his his W, but his W, Parallel Convergence now would be visible to the enemy right away, instead of the last 0.5 seconds. Unless you land these skills, Ekko's passive, W passive and E deals significantly reduced damage. Oh, and after using his ultimate, before level 12, he would get -40 Armor and Resist for 6 seconds. The power of a champion is always relative. Now the question for an Anivia player is simply: why not just pick Ekko for example or another CC mage like Syndra, Victor or Cassiopeia. With her current state, i don't think that Anivia has enough reason to be picked at all anymore.
I totally agree with this. If they sped up her Q then it would be easier to hit and harder to avoid which I believe, if Riot had a brain, they would do. Regarding Sarchiapon's comment, my main point I was trying to put across is that Anivia gets bursted before she can actually do anything. It's all well saying that "I have to use my combo" but how can I when I am dead within 2 seconds by most champions who have a better burst now?
An1via (EUW)
: Anivia - The champion who is no longer viable...and I shall explain why
So, I have just read the comments: Okay her R is now 1.5 seconds, however, it isn't enough to compensate for the lack of damage considering the bursty playstyle the game is currently at. The main problem is with Anivia is that I can deal the same or MORE damage output EASIER playing other champions. _**Why would I play Anivia when I can do the same thing with Katarina or Annie except it being 10x easier?**_ Actually, I am now playing Annie as I deal MORE damage output and it is SO much easier to hit.
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