Àssassin (EUW)
: Not that easy to be honest, in fact its impossible. Because, take me for example, i am a smurf, not bec i want to smurf but i lost my old account with perma bann, so i am forced to create a new account and start at the very start at bottom to go up back. In my way back, i am smurf til i reach my elo again right ? should they bann me for not being that bad? its not ok bro :/
I have smurfed my self, well more like made a whole new acount just to learn compleatly on a new champion and play only that champion to see how good I have gotten on it, but I was bronz at the time and got to gold easally. So using it to learn/ making acount after being permabanned, its no problome, but when you do it just to get youre sadistic plesure out of stomping players that are trying there harderst to get better and climb from there elo, then its not okay. I have gotten temporary bann for flaming, I did not make a new acount, I just took a brake and thoght, is it right to do what I did to get that ban?
: I make it easier for myself,i stomp them away and hear them cry. "Why are YOU playing in this elo,you're a smurf yourself." "Nah you're just bad,if you can't smurf,why doing it in the first place?" "(Random insults i can't type in here but includes family members as usual.)" League. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
I should try that. Thou I think smurfs are just like what you would call a cyber bully, thay enjoy seeing others fail and take sadistic plesure when thay are given intrest when stomping the enamy team.
: Yeah so many people say that but when you get a diamond player smurfing in bronze elo, just tell me what you gonna learn? What do you want to learn if the enemy jungler plays Rengar and demolishes your whole team for example? If you don't get completly outplayed, sure you can learn a lot. But when new players in low elo face smurfs they mostly just get tilted and frustrated.
Try playing against smurfs when you are the only one on the team that knows how to play against them. It will in the end feel like a 1-2v5 game becus 3-4 players on youre team feed so hard that you cant do anything becus youre support and dont have enoth dmg to carry the team solo.
: The truth is people just buy accounts for 1-10 dollars. They don't pay for boost or anything else (maybe if you are a idiot). That's only worth if you plan to buy skins and stuff on this account and make it your main or second main because your account is banned. The sad thing about all this is, people buy accounts, flame people, smurf in low elo when they are dia+ and tilt people even more with spamming "ez" after bronze games. Of course people dislik e ranked more and more, and yeah you sure get some smurfs too in your team. And even if this people tells you he bought the account and Riot banns him for that, he will just buy another account for that low price and keep doing what he does. Long story short, the bann system is garbage and to climb becomes a exhausting journey since you have to play more games like this. Some games are even just luck based, you know the enemy has a good smurf, it's pretty much lost or to win is such a sweating act and you barely manage to win, or you get the smurf in your team and it's a easy win. That's actually stupid but when Riot doesn't care you can't do much more then just keep playing or you complain if it makes you feel better, but won't change anything either at the end. So i understand how these people feel i personally just don't care much about such games anymore, it's just not worth getting mad about it. When i know i lost cause someone is smurfing i can deal with it, i get only tilted sometimes when i play terrible and take a break. Ah yeah there are also many people just creating a new account because their main got banned, so you could say Riot is forcing with this garbage bann system to make such people smurf. I really don't understand why Riot doesn't give IP banns, you can read from some peoples they got perma banned several times and still break every rule in the game and don't care.
I dont get mad over having one game against smurf, but when 3 out of every 4 games I get a smuf on enamy team, then I get mad. Also the elo I am in players dont know how to play safe, thay just rush in for bad trades and there is little I can do about that, when I play thresh, throw lantern when ally gets into bad situation, but thay dont know how the lantern works, I reamember even I at one point thought it only gave shild, when I was starting in the game, what I get mad over is players never lisening to pings, never trading objective for objective, try to defend a lost objective when we can get free objective somewhere eles. I been practising with dimond players for almost 2 years now weekly at least 5-6 hours a week in normal games, but still I cant climb becus I am so used to players reacting correctly to situations, and even when against smurf, I have no problome, but the team keeps feeding them that leads to hard losses in games. Really, spent 9 years in game, and cant climb just becus I main support. I once got my frends master tire acount borrowed to keep his LP good when he went on vecation for almost a month, think I took maby 4-5 games on the acount, still I got 3 wins and one of the games I get MVP(incording to OP.GG), so I know I can play in high dimond-master if I focus extra hard and keep focus throuout the entire game but when I am playing in the lower elo's as support main, I cant climb. That's what makes me mad. Not the smurfing in general.
: If you are referring to me supporting it by playing the game, it's an addiction I'm trying to cure
Dont know how you look at it but I only started the game to work my self into proplay. (not lcs or that but my own countury leauge) And you only have to be dimond 4 to have a chance to enter, in thoes leauge's. But personally I do support the company even thou I dont enjoy the game, but becus thay made a sport that almost everyone can have a chance to partisapate in.
: Wait, you actually believe a word riot says ? ...pfft https://i.imgur.com/ccpS2Xm.png?1
if you cant trust the company why would you support it?
Smurfmo666 (EUNE)
: honestly with the amount of unreasonable bans aleready being given out if they were to ban smurfers too the riot servers would just straight up explode, i mean they are alleready on fire
First time I ever got a chance to get a victoryous skin was last season, been playing for almost 9 years now, and thay put on some new thing so you have to have high hounourlvl to get the skin, I get chat restricted for trying to help a player that is first time on a champ I used to main, and loose my hounour lvl and dont get the skin, and now thay make it harder to rank up, wich means more smurfs, harder to climb and impassable to actually reach the rank you belong in becus so many dimond players want to have relaxing ranked game in lower elo's. To be fair, does that not seem unfair for thoes players actually trying to get into the rank wich other players can play alongside there playstyel, in the rank I am in, every time I try to make stragical move the team never follows up or does anything. I have practised with dimond players and thay say I have enoth knolage to be gold-plant but sence I am support main I can never get into the rank unless I get a smurfer to help boost my elo. And all my frends that are dimond or higher say smurfing is too unfair unless you are starting an ac on a new server so that is no option for me. You have any recomendation how I should climb when at avrg 1-2 feeders on my team each game?
: Smurfing means more accounts, meaning more sales for rito , they either buy xp boosts or the "smurf" account will became his main and will invest in buying skins on that one. Also smurfs are harder to detect and ban than trollers and inters ... and Riot can't even efficiently detect the latter
Its easy to detact a smurf and booster. And from the documentart riot put out on netflix thay claim to do there best for there players to be happy rather than moneymaking. And now thay even put on something to make smurfing less apealing for players by making it harder to rank up, how is that even fair for players that have spent years trying to get out of one elo.
De Kus (EUW)
: While there is a lot of nonsense crying over "elo hell" (or "the matchmaking") currently about getting bad players into your own team, getting smurfs into the enemy is actually a statistical problem. While only 4/9 players on your team can be dorks, 5/9 players on the enemy team can be smurfs (assuming you yourself are neither a dork nor a smurf). So while with bad players in your MMR you yourself are the factor to climb of there, you are evenly the factor getting you lower, if you can't keep up with the skill level of a dia+ smurf in bronce~gold elo.
When I am against players in my own elo, even if the enamy is feed its no problome, but when against smurfs its impassable. I look at the match hystory of every player befoure game whyel the loginscreen is comming up, its easy to detact the smurfs from the boosters. and from players that are actually in the elo. when a persone has 80% winrate with avrg 10kda its kinda obyous thay are smurfing.
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: Here we go again
Just give the guy's at the riot some time, I would love to see you do a better job at fixing this issue than thay are.
: So ranked queue is disabled due to clash or smt?
no. its disabled becus of some issues with ranked it self, might also be just an update.
: Finally someone sensible. Seriously, who even plays Clash ? You even have to buy the tickets to play xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I would if I wouldnt be working every time It would be.
Ruskronos (EUW)
: I was at the 8000 position 6 times, then I was returned back to the position of 20 000.
think we jusr DDO'sed the server with everyone trying to log in at the same time
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Yeah, overall any one of your teammates might be like that. If you're playing support, it's going to be any but the support, if you play top, it might be the support, and you'll notice. The point is, the support is the role with the less impact, so you're ensuring the quality of the less impactful role. You're wasting your performance in making sure the less important role doesn't suck. Pick any other role for yourself, and the net value you add to your team will be better, and you'll climb faster. Maybe the support will be useless, but better that than any other role while you care for it.
suport is not low impact, making the picks for the team, hard cc in teamfights, making sure the team stayes alive in fights, sure may lack dmg but the impact on the games is a lot higher from a good support then a decent top laner. Holding 3 enamyes rooted down or making arias the enamy has to risk going throu just becus the threat of the support. Thou, could as well be a diana support, I am good with her, illaoi support is also valid, ziggs, thoes supports can perhaps impact the game more later on but thay still lack the amount of cc other supports have, would you disagree with that?
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: My advice is that you rank up as anything but support, then once you stagnate on a rank and get forced towards 50% winrate, start playing support for fun. And with better chances to help your team. Low elo is a cointoss, and specially maining support is a waste of life. I should know.
That's the thing. If I am not playing support I see what the support my team get is doing and It alomst feels as it hurts to watch how little supports are roaming and helping the teams in the lower elo's. whel when I play support I go mid or top depending on situations. whyel when I fx play top I watch the support sitting in bot lane, warding horrably and building like IDK what. So if I start playing anything but support I would need to have higher solo lane skills than I do. I main my entire playstyel on how I can make oppertuantyes for my team. I have gotten to try playing on a master tire acount as support, and that almost felt as I finally got to play in an elo my playstyel can work.
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: Аmateur tournaments?
https://www.challengermode.com/lol sighn in here and and go in teamfinder
: Looking for players to start competetive team
Im up for checking it out. I been playing sence season 2. Went plantum 4 at my top last season. Thou getting hard stuck silver it seems for this season, If you dont want a silver in youre team you are welcome to ask me advice on how to choach a team. I have started 3 minor esports team and my past team TFH (Team Frozen Hammers) managed 4th place in a challengerment with the prize of getting to a bigger tournement in sweeden.
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: I think that it's officially only considered boosting if someone uses an account that doesn't belong to them, or if there's a payment/reward involved. I think. It's unethical, however.
alright so I should not get banned if thay do that?
: No, you need to be gold+ to duo with someone in plat, plat+ to duo with someone in diamond.
Alright, you know if it would be counted as boosting if thay get a smurf just to play with me ranked? My frends at the least told me that it is
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: diamonds to plat mmr diference is bigger from low elo, since there is a lot of people on low elo the mmr between division are small that made same drop on mmr on low elo make you drop more division compared with high elo.
: You still do your 10 placements normally the rank showed is your rank if you loose all of your next placements. Old time your rank wasn't showed before you did your 10 placement and people didn't knew what rank expect after 10 games, so right now Riot kinda let you see your expected rank if you loose all of your remaining placements.
Yea I know that, I been playing for 9 years. thou back in the days you could check youre mmr after every match to see highest potental rank. Even thou do higher elo players loose less ranks than pant-gold players is more of the question I should be asking.
Shamose (EUW)
: You never start where you ended. It's always a bit lower. For your Diamond friend even if he got up to his former rank the highest rank you can place at is Plat1
Yea, but whyel he only lost 3 ranks on his first promo's game I lost 6
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: Because the item gives her adaptive force. It's part of her passive.
oki, thanks. You know if that will work on other ap items?
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Pediro (EUW)
: It is a new system. You see your provisional ranking after your first game. Then every win gives you LP but loses won't deduct anything. After your 10 games, you reach your final placing.
So basically thay compleatly screwed up? Oh well. ;-;
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I have no right to judge you here, but if you were bullied for 12 years then isn't League a bad place for you?
I would think so sence it was the reason for few of my frends suicide, Thou spending all of youre teanage years on a single game you think anyone would apsect giving up on trying to rank up, that is like trying to quit life. I done so little more than play only this game I dont know how to do anything eles, leagal at least
: > Don't become a flamer to combat flamers. Mute and report them after the game, defending yourself is pointless in games, especially in LoL. You most likely won't meet them again, and if you do, you can mute and report them again. Otherwise, your actions will backfire. True! I've got ban because I "defended" myself. But every single word in the chat counts. Be smarter than them and just report them after the game and write what they said exactly. If it's justified enough, you'll get a pop up named "instant feedback" or smth like that telling your rep is valid. But you won't know what happened to that person because of _**privacy reasons**_. Happy new year, peace! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Fight fire with fire, tooth for a tooth, father for a father, hand for a hand, bone for a bone, we obyously dont live in the same countury
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I never reply to aggressive questions or comments. It's his opinion against mine and that will have no end. But if they said "Why didnt you ward?" and start arguing over that, then I show that my trinket was on cooldown and that's the end of the discussion. Nothing could be done there. So yeah, play against the enemy team not your own :3
Yes I aggrea with you on that, thou, I dont expect that you got bullyed for 12 years out of 21 in youre life. That alone can change youre action against someone rakking you down
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QUB5y4oU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-04T03:31:54.918+0000) > > Yea, thou still, incording to sientist's (social studie's) when someone is aggrovated by a group it is instant reaction to defend youre self the same means that youre attacked with. So wouldn it be a bit stubit for a company as stubit as riot to not look into these short of studie's? Dont awnser. this is just my thought on it. I actually studied social issues, during my time at university. I learned that it's a reaction that SOME people have, others would have different reactions. But that doesn't matter in this situation. In real life, issues like that can be hard to resolve, but, in League, you have means to defend yourself, and your dignity. It's a simple solution to most of your problems with flamers: the Mute button and the Report button. Works wonders, trust me.
Depend's on the school, the teatcher and the year you learn it on, thou this was talked about natural behaviour, not outhought behavior, wich might be the difrence between wha tyoure talking about and I. Thou the suport calls me thrash, I call him thrash back and djudge his runes sence he keeps on saying that the team does not have an adc, that I should uninstall the game and such. Whyel I just tell him his runes and build are horrable choice and he should learn to play the most symble lane in game, and more than that I did not flame from what I see. Would you consider that punishable?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Don't become a flamer to combat flamers. Mute and report them after the game, defending yourself is pointless in games, especially in LoL. You most likely won't meet them again, and if you do, you can mute and report them again. Otherwise, your actions will backfire.
Yea, thou still, incording to sientist's (social studie's) when someone is aggrovated by a group it is instant reaction to defend youre self the same means that youre attacked with. So wouldn it be a bit stubit for a company as stubit as riot to not look into these short of studie's? Dont awnser. this is just my thought on it.
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AsherUA (EUW)
: You [sure](https://snag.gy/xEdB7Z.jpg)? Your last 20 games didn't have that much of an impact as previous ~450 games had. Plus, all those wins are against players from b1-s4 elo. The highest elo players in your last 20 games (particularly, wins) you had 4 s3 and 2 s2 players and they all were in your team, meaning the matchmaking had to put them in your team to somewhat equalize mmr with the enemy team. You can not expect good lp gains when you're playing against player from LOWER elo than you. And, of course, you will lose more for losing to 'weaker' (lower elo) player than 'stronger' (higher elo).
My frend had around 30 % winrate earlyer in the season in gold 5 and she was getting 20 LP per win and loosing 12 per loss, and the MMR system and LP system is supoes to give more LP linked with how youre MMR is, and if it say's avrg mmr for silver 3 is 1376 and my mmr is 1476 should it not give me more LP becus my MMR is higher than for my rank?
AsherUA (EUW)
: In what universe is this "Silver 3 9 LP / 251W 238L Win Ratio 51%" a "68% winrate"? According to op.gg, every single match out of your last 20 you played with players from b1-s2 elo. Considering, you have slightly higher mmr, it's obvious you will lose more lp when losing to lower elo than you and gain less.
When I look at OP.GG I see 68% winrate, 1477 MMR how come you see difrent on OP.GG than me? thou see what youre looking at now, I am looking at the past 20 games, youre looking at the entire last season
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Ceberuz (EUW)
: I don't need luck to compare them given all the other metrics that way in.
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/06/dev-addressing-your-feedback-on-ranked-for-2019/ this is what I am talking about, I am just asking if this is actually gonna be or if its just a rumour
: The system works, you need skill to win and your vanity can't make up for that lol.
Main suport, isint the suport role to create oppertunatyes and try to keep youre ally alive, not to carry the game?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=At1yVE6z,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-11T02:47:43.049+0000) > > will the ranked system ever determin youre rank as youre skill level instead of the player's you play with skill lvl? How else can the system know your skill level if not by comparing you with other players? In a nutshell, that's how it works. Your rank (skill level) is similar to the people you play with and against. [Ranked 2019](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/08/dev-position-ranks-in-2019/)
Lets say im main suport and I constantly keep getting an adc that dives in and dies when my abilatyes are on cooldown and he does not attack when I actually manage to make an good oppertunaty for him to get a kill?
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Well, how would they detect it? Riot isn't going to go out of their way on some irrelevant individual case, there's no penalty for smurfing lol
If the player confessis it in game and on chat I think that's proof enoth
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