Grips (EUW)
: Team 'Blackened' LFM - Serious Ranked 5's and Dynamic team. Tournaments.
Age : 33 IGN : Lòw Quality Mark Role : Jungle Rank : Plat 3 Champions you play for that role : Elise, Khazix, Kindred (pre-nerf) Amumu. Working towards more 1st Tier Junglers to fill out Reason for wanting to join : Be part of a community wanting the same things Country you're from, not needed but would be nice : England
Uberfrag (EUW)
: Am I the oldest league of legends player?
Hey Uber, 33yrs old here so you have me beat by a couple years still. But yeah love playing League and listening to the rage ensue when you whoop some lil kid in lane. They always think you're flat out lying when you say something like 'what's it feel like being beaten by someone old enough to be your Father? 😂' Keep sticking it to 'em buddy


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