: The stars awaken (FANMADE)
I know there could be some errors, i tried my best, but didn't check all. Also i am italian and english is not my mother Language. One thing is to write short messages and another one is to write a story. Bu i hope you will appreciate.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Small clarification, His q doesnt simply pull your allys to enemys, it pulls them to theyr autoattack range. I actually think his ganks are pretty weak, his Q is easy to dodge and without it he doesnt really have anything else. As a jungler he reminds me of Nunu.
Exactly this... his ganks are skill based, his Q brings in range to auto, so adcs won't go right on the face of a darius hagaha Anyway the passive codown decreases with level (from 40 to 4)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Im just sceptical i can see possibility, but im also looking at the issues he may encaunter. But there is a pretty important differnce between between leona and Ivern, shields in lane tend to be spammed quite alot, while leona uses it ussually only while engaging or maybe picking up some minnions. As far as i understood he can start sharing buffs only once he hits level 5 and in lane it takes a while before he reaches it, also he can't really help jungler with the leash. Using bush to bush to harass for himself and as protection for adc at the same time may also be impossible because once he attacks from the bush he will reveal adc too, making the bush for potection reasons pointless. And range from bush seems small so there's the question if he even can harass with it. Also constat bush upkeep as well as shielding may end up being really mana consuming and while bush can be placed in the lane a minion standing in it and attacking can make it pointless.
That is true but for the leash i think he can help with the shield, for the mana he can take blue, about bushes positioning well he can reveal himself and the adc, but it's anyway a free autoattack. Also placing bushes under tower is a perfect anti dive strategy. I feel a downside to the jungle ivern and it is that, for me, he lacks damage or tankiness impact, and that's ok for a support, but for two supports? (Just sensation)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't really know, his E is okay, but it would naturally push the lane and maybe even steal some minnions from your adc. Using Q could be difficult, it can be blocked by minnions and it's very easy to dodge. Bush in the midle of the lane could give some safety to cs for your adc, but so could enemy put it to use. He could also once in a while take a camp if jungler doesnt mind.
He can always take red and harrass and slow enemies (or take blue and spam abilities) Putting bushes in YOUR half of the lane grants safety, the perfect trade for the adc and ranged harass. Q can be blocked by minions (like morgana maybe) Shield can steal or push (like leona?)
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: Some ideas (Skins and Champions)
: Some ideas (Skins and Champions)
Updated with Jazz Band THresh (also if you probably don't like this topic)
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Kalenger (EUW)
: Taliyah need some serious changes
Since Q is weaker on worked terrain i think that W in worked ground should be buffed (a little bigger or faster)
Sourika (EUW)
: It would be a real sign of Mastery. What this should all be about. Not spaming a Champ and getting free Level 5 or paying for Level 6 and 7.
Achievements or objectives could be fun but, maybe, too much difficult. Anyway NOT about something buyable
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I would prefer if the requirement was more than two S grades though...
Just... 5 tokens for mastery 6 and 10 for mastery 7... mastery should NEVER be linked to something buyable
: It's a nice idea but very hard to execute and balance. Tbh I don't think many players would like to start in team with a disadvantage. Even if you would get some extra XP and Gold to make up for the AFK, you still might have lost multiple towers or even a inhibitor. Chances to win a game like that are much lower than just starting a new game.
That's why you get extra ip
: AFK's can not be helped. They are part of any multi player on line game, We just have to live with it
The post is not only about afks... anyway the solution i proposed would not work?
: They're testing a solution to afks on the PBE right now. You will be able surrender early and get a loss prevented. The afkers will get a loss though. Hope I helped
Yeah but it has stricth conditions
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: Looking more like a buff now.
Not yet because she will lose more power in teamfights... where she should shine, together with teamfights, but she fails... She has 2 strong moments: lane and teamfights... or at least should have.. but actually in teamfights she loses hard... So she has only lane. She should slow all enemies hit by ulti or interact in some ways with spirits and vessels in her ulti.. it's, i think, the only direction riot could take
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kiksenx (EUNE)
: Riot i'm not sure if this is a good idea...
Anyway read better the passive... it says each other attack will trigger double effect, not each second attack... this means the seventh, the eighth the nineth and so on. Anyway this item should have some raw attack speeed orr be built from different items
: Concerning Duskblade of Draktharr
Diskblade is balanced, really.... or at least underpowered... surely not op
Bombardox (EUW)
: Who is the tankiest champ ??
Sion in long matches becomes the tankiest
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: 0) the target has 10 hp, and is now proceeding to face check a bush where you are waiting patiently So, in that case, even Soraka can 100% kill the target with a single auto attack. 1) this game is mainly about team fights. If assassins can only work in 1v1 scenario, they are useless. But if you are going to 1v1 me everywhere anywhere. Then you can add Fiora, Yi, Malzahar, Syndra, Annie as assassins. 2) the only one that benefits from this is kha'zix. So, its a bias towards him, giving him an unfair advantage 3) look, another kha bias. Being able to get near your enemy, or being able to flank is part of your ability as an assassin. And in most cases, a skill or two has to be used before the target can chose to flee. You can't make the argument that your assassin is face to face with the enemy out of the blue. And only that scenario counts. To begin with that generally won't happen. From gold 5 to plat 5 (this past 4 weeks) and all my normal games in the past 2 years. I have not seen a squishy target walk point blank to melee range of an assassin. 4) target still gets ! notification. Rengar can start anywhere out of sight or not out of sight. If your team is positioned properly, at least one member of your team will get ! notification before Rengar's target. Which gives your team an indication of which direction Rengar is approaching. Allowing you time to tactically retreat, prepare to peal and win the fight. Anyone that is squishy and stays alone in mid-late game when Rengar is "missing" is making a mistake. Just like the mistake that I mentioned on point 0, yes, just like face checking a bush while having 10hp and soraka making the assassination. also if your team is competent, you can have your flanks pink warded during a siege, making rengar, a dead kitten. 5) I don't get this. Nobody needs wards, none of the assassin need wards. The fact that Katarina can ward hop its a tool which provides her lane safety and chase potential. Because she has to E in for kills/assists. If she fails to get the reset for whatever reason (think the enemy just used revive), her "ward hope" is essentially useless. And even then, we get warding trinkets for free. 6) Nobody really builds GA versus assassins. That item is bad. You either get Zhonias or Gage or Maw, or Scimtar (qss). Depending who you are facing. Again, under "IDEAL" circumstances. All heroes in the game, doesn't matter if an assassin or not. Will be able to "assassinate" targets. That's why I'm saying. If you try to think how good of an assassin Soraka is. And you give Soraka {{item:2043}} and {{summoner:14}}. And the target comes with 1 hp in front of her, melee range. She is going to get the kill. What you did was creating a "perfect world" where the 1v1 assassination could occur. Something that doesn't happen in this game. It is also highly biased around Kha due to his isolation mechanics. And even in this "perfect world". {{champion:55}} still scores a 1 (I would give her a 0 if possible). She cannot, under any circumstances, kill a target, from 100 to 0. Unless they literally, walk point blank into her ultimate range and even then we have characters in the champion pool that would either be able to escape ({{champion:103}} {{champion:18}} ) or kill her ({{champion:64}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:90}} and more). See, that's my issue. If you consider your scenarios. 1v1, full items, nobody around. Zed gets a 0, Katarina gets a -7, Kassadin gets a 10, Fizz gets a 0, Rengar gets a 0, LeBlank gets a -10. Zed is unable to kill (I didn't even mention assassinate) a target that has {{summoner:3}}. Even if its Soraka. Same thing for Katarina, except its even easier for the enemy to deal wit her. Fizz gets a 0 because exaust, qss, zhonias and other things exist. Rengar gets a 0 because Zhonias. LeBlank gets a -10 because Maw and Gage exist. She does her full combo and then dies. Look, in a 1v1 full items, nobody around. You will not build the same. If you know your enemy is Talon, or Kha, or Rengar. And you are playing Caitlyn. You won't be buying your usual stuff. You would get {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3075}}. You don't give a fuck that you have no boots and no mobility. Your job is not to have boots or mobility. You know target will jump on you (or walk up to you loool). Your job is to auto attack them whenever they are in range, and kite. If they jump on you Exaust + Barrier, and you simply survive the burst and life steal it back up. Before you say "Its not fair, Cailtyn doesn't build that", nor would any decent Caitlyn walk in melee range of a Kha and tell him "Slap me and call me Sally". Nor would she be alone. In order to judge how good an assassin is. How viable his kill pattern is. And so on. You must do it under multiple scenarios that happen in this game. The majority of this game in mid to late game is composed of team fights. Another part is catches and another part is split pushing. By default, you will not be able to 1v1 the split pusher. That's why the are split pushing, because nobody in your team can kill them in 1v1 unless they fuck up big time. That's why at 30-35 minutes in the game {{champion:23}} is alone attacking your nexus turrets while his team mates are at your inhib turret. Nobody in your team can kill him 1v1, he survives for 5 seconds regardless and wins that 1v1. Your name might be Talon or Kha. But if Trynda has a Thornmail, you ain't killing him before he presses R. Why the fuck would he build a {{item:3075}} on Trynda? Because his job would be "survive the burst in order to press R". And otherwise, he won't be able to. But if he gets to press R, and you are face to face with him, he wins. So, we can remove the split push aspect. We are left with team fights and picks. To make picks a) the enemy must be stupid (which tbh I get picked quite a lot) or b) you must have a lot of wards in areas your enemy are likely to wander (and this is generally credits to the support) to see where they are and be able to go there and make an assassination attempt or c) you ambush and somehow they show up where you set up your ambush. A and B are your 1v1 scenarios, that are not really 1v1. And sometimes minions are nearby. And in most cases you don't know if they got team mates nearby either and it can be a bait. A) if the enemy is stupid. Again, that's not credit for the assassin hero. You could have gotten a kill with anything at this point. So, this leaves us with B). Which you don't know if its a bait or not. That's why I gave Akali a 7. She can 1v1 almost any squishy target in the game (trynda and kayle would be notable exceptions) when on similar gold values when she goes for an assassination attempt. Even if the target has Exhaust and Flash or Exhaust and Barier or pink wards. Or zhonias. Or Qss, etc. But you don't make those picks happen that often. She would be a 10 otherwise. As there's literally no counter play to her other than team mates nearby (or trynda/kayle). Rengar, also very good at 1v1-ing and finding targets thx to his ult. But that's like 1 minute cooldown, and squishy (adc/apc) should not be farming alone when you finally got enough items to be able to 1v1 them. The majority of this game is "team fighting". And the ability to operate in team fights is what separates bad assassins from good assassins. The general way assassins pull off assassinations in team fights is by flanking. By having patience. And so on. Zed gets to WEQ before trying to go to a side, trying to flank. Or use another WEQ during an engage, wait until the enemy gets out of position and then W R the adc. And even then its not a guaranteed kill due to how many counters this hero has. LeBlank has to either poke QR or try to land a kill with QRE. Its difficult. That E is very hard to hit, especially when you got to do it while you are dashing. And it becomes impossible if an enemy is blocking the E path. That's why generally LeBlank mostly pokes in team fights. Ofc if there's an opportunity, she can go to a side for another WQRE try, however this is very risky as she's out of position and can get collapsed upon and die. And the examples keep going. That's why is difficult to give Kha'Zix a 10. He has to jump in, or somehow sneak-in without getting seen. But he only has like 1 second stealth. The window of opportunity is insanely small. He can get cced during jump and still, in team fights there are rarely isolated target (yes, sometimes the enemy breaks position and you find isolated targets, so you get easy kills rarely). Its very very very difficult to execute an assassination as Kha in team fights. You mainly rely on the enemy making mistakes, or your team being strong enough to force the enemy to make mistakes. As for his "pick" potential of a lonely target. He is far below Rengar and Akali. As {{item:3053}} and exaust will negate everything he can offer. Finally. About Katarina. She really needs assists/kills for resets. Unless she can get a reset or two. Her assassination potential is the same as Soraka's. Her damage output is very limited, enough so that she won't be able to kill a target. And if you can't kill your target, you are a failure as an assassin. The only time she has the damage to assassinate is when she got feed. And even ADC Soraka can do crazy things when feed about 10 kills. And that's why assassins are generally seen as a high skill high reward class. Because you have to team fight with them. And its very difficult to execute.
Well this is totally right, but i just put them in situations that in game should never happen to give them some raw values and stats
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Nice idea, but ... I don't intend to come as offensive, but you don't seem to be the type of person who could really write down the values right. Anyhow, I also missed 1 important part. AoE damage. Say talon reaps multiple targets, Kha Zix doesn't.
Well i know i'm not an expert, but i just wanted to post it... anywau there is the utility in teamfight about aoe
Arenoren (EUW)
: S+ for effort, but what is this based on? In my opinion Fizz has more escapability than Talon Kassadin has more teamfight utility (i'm assuming you mean Aoe damage) than Fizz Akali is one of the best when dealing with tanks while Leblanc is one of the worst. Kassadin has more initiation than Zed Also, what exactly is "ability to punish splitpushers"? you mean waveclear? you mean chasing?
It's just on experience xd... Well for me le blanc can deal with a tank fighting her (not kill him, just deal) because of higher mobility and teo possible snares Fizz has more escapability when has all up, if he uses all he must wait cooldoen, if talon uses all still has some invisibility (situational) Kassa can initiate better than zed, well i dunnow coz i don't play them, i judged by outside
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Ok, lets start with what you did wrong, will only refer to the first graph. "Ability to ensure the kill at optimal conditions." {{champion:121}} I'll assume this means Kha is 99/0/99 and that's why he got a 10 while the target is face checking a bush. On the serious side. If the target if not a lot of gold behind. And not face checking a bush. Kha can be CC-ed during his leap. His target can barier. His target can zhonias. They can heal, they can dash. And so on. To make him fail his assassination. He can also miss his combo partially if the target relocates soon enough. So, at best, I'd give him an 5. Kha has to be able to either jump in and go invisible in while not seen. Both of which can be counterplayed quite easily by positioning and pealing. Also highly countered by Exhaust. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:107}} His targets get a notification mark "!". So, Zhonias as a counterplay is available. Silence field (Soraka) counterplay is available. And grouping together as a team is available as counterplay. However, his burst is still very good. But after the nerfs, he can't reliably one shot anymore. Meaning everything Kha is vulnerable to, Rengar is as well (unless massively feed). However, if he chose to "assassinate" his target near bushes. He has optionally more dashes. As such, it becomes more easy for him to assassinate. So, Rengar gets a 6, as even though his targets can cc them, if they don't run far enough, he can catch up with jumps. Rengar gets 6 instead of 7 as exaust rapes him, as well as properly used pink wards. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:91}} Has the fastest burst in the game, together with {{champion:131}} which is not even mentioned in your chart. You should feel ashamed right now. His dash to target its an instant blink. He can approach while in stealth and his targets do not get a notification. The reaction time for a Zhonias, exaust or self revive has to be near instant. He is able to assassinate his targets even when they are grouped as a team. This is VERY VERY VERY important. While also dealing massive AoE damage. Talon gets a 9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:238}} Qss, Zhonias, Exaust, Revives, Heals, Shields, Crucible, CC used, avoidable damage (his Q) due to knowing when he spawns so you can dash and stuff after he spawns near you. Zed gets a 3. I would like to give him a zero, but he can still kill his target when above stuff are not available. So, if he can work around those cooldowns, he can still assassinate, however, its much much harder to get this scenario. So, Zed gets only a 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:84}} Exhaust might save you. Revives might save you. Heal might same you. Pink wards might save you. CC might save you. However, the thing is, if you don't manage to kill Akali while she is slightly disabled, you will die. And that will happen without any doubt. Lucky, she is squishy when played as assassin. So, grouping as a team is highly effective against her. But don't try to 1v1 her if you can be an assassins's target. You will die, and NOTHING will save you. Your burst is most likely lower than hers and her spellvamp will keep her alive. Summoner spells and items do not protect you from Akali. Damage protects you from Akali. Because team fighting is a large portion of this game, Akali gets only a 7. Or an 8. But I like 7, so we gona stay with 7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:7}} QR............... targeted burst. Mobility to jump over walls, to surprise your targets with innovative flanks. A range of 1300, even more if we make a W Flash QR combo. Now, how high LeBlank gets rated depends solely on the enemy's remaining HP. Because for everyone else we considered their targets being at max hp and having similar gold. LeBlanc will not be able to assassinate with a QR. So, she must hit her E. Which can be dodged, flashed, dashed. So, Leblanc gets a 8. The fact that she transitions into a poke mage in late game, just shows that's no point in taking risks of hitting (E), just QR a target twice and they are dead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:105}} Ok, for a non feed Fizz to kill his target he has to hit his RQE and maybe 1 W auto attack (automatically done after Q). Fizz can be cc-ed during his Q. His Ultimate can be Qss-ed (and it will drop off you), or zhonias'ed. He can be pealed off and fail to assassinate his target when executed properly. Due the fact he has to land his entire combo on the target, he can't use his E creatively for flanking. Unless the enemy used the peal tolls already. Fizz gets a 6. Fizz gets a 6 due the fact that his entire combo relies on a single skill shot and if you hit that, you have a very high chance of killing your target. And the rest of your combo is very simple. But again, Exaust rapes him, soraka silence field under target rapes him, and other proper pealing tolls. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:38}} Kassadin's assassination potential doesn't get unlocked until later in the game. And he is very easily stopped and pealed off for a while at least. However he is good at split pushing and chasing people in long lanes. Due to his ability to constantly reposition and do damage, exaust doesn't counter him, nor do revives and an so on as he can just return the DPS when you come back from stasis. So, just as Akali, he is very weak in team fights and can easily be focused down. However, unlike Akali, his instant combo burst doesn't delete one target unless somehow he spammed R in a bush like 3 times. That won't really happen. So, his score is going to be below Akali's. Kassadin gets a 6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:55}} Finally, Katarina. One of my favorite red heads. The score is 1. Katarina is unable to assassinate a target from 100-0 unless feed. She will always rely on the fact that they already suffered damage before hand. She provides no utility. She is not an assassin that goes to delete the high priority target, she is a team fight clean-up champion. If Katarina sees an ADC or APC out of position, but at full HP. She cannot assassinate them unless she is feed. She will just get herself killed otherwise. Yes, its that sad. Katarina's burst is the lowest among mid laners. She only becomes strong when she can clean up. That's why, her score is 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, I'd say even on just the first row of your little table, I highly disagree with almost every single score you gave them.
I partially agree, but with ideal situation i meant fifferent things 0) the situation is prepared in the way that if perfectly executed the combo will kill FOR SURE the target 1) target is alone (and remains alone) 2) no minions 3) kha zix is near the enemy with passive ready, level 18, with Q and R evolved for sure, the enemy will react when the countdown of the fight goes to 0 from 10, essentially it's a duel 4) rengar starts out of sight, ready to full stack, in the jungle 5) talon and the others havo no particular necessities.. if you wNt kata has some wards near the enemy... The build is full for both, but no guardian angel available coz makes the assassin assassinate the enemy twice.. if you want you can keep guardian angel, but the first death counts Another thing.. for me 1 is the ability of assassination of bard or soraka xd.. they're assasdins, for me and my values minimum was 6 Another another thing These are just values coming from my point of view and experience, not the absolute truth
: much science {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: That leaves him completely defenseless though considering his ulti has a big cooldown and he has no escape.I feel he is way too weak when someone manages to reach melee range.Also his passive(without W activated) doesn't deal a lot of damage so basically you are toast....
And he is way too strong out of melee, so he's balanced
: Aurelion Sol
I think it'sbintended... aurelion has a clearly visible weak point that is the melee (he has ulti to counter this, but ulti can't be up always) If you could activate Q as soon ss you start it melee is no more a problem for him, but it has to be Fiora, le blanc, akali should and must tear him apart
: Wtf is wrong with LB ?
It's her work to destry you 1v 1... if you survive till midgame you'll destry their whole team
: [Article-like] Rift Herald & Baron & Dragon & Jungle Entrance & Trinkets & Summoner Spells, Ideas.
Threse ideas are coool but... they don't fit yhe summoner's rifym.. yhey vould be part of a new map
: Champions balancing and reworking
Added something for mordekaiser
: Kha'Zix
The only rework i'd give him would be that when he exits evolved ulti he terrifies nearby minions or monsters and that this would count for isolation... just this and he can be brought a little more out of the niche he is in
: Has cc =/= good support.
And i agree... anyway he could fit the support role anyway (brand style or bard style)
: Sure except its up how often in comparison to few second dashes/jump of mentioned champs : D, you can use it onec and then cuddle turret for the cd time.
: I'd say Jungle and Top would be his most effective roles. Top being played more as a tank with items like Rylai's and Sunfire. (More of a close quarters champ) Jungle being more focused on sitting near the back with a lot of damage on his empowered W. (Or E not sure which one is which xD)
Half and half... he has the problem that in top champions like jax, fiora, irelia, poppy, renekton can engage him and go into melee, then his passive and damage output becomes useless... btw he has ulti to keep them in the outer range, so i think he's still viable
: Well actually i'm testing the full mobility pushing one: deadman's plate zz rot banner sightstone frost queen lucidity boots or righteous glory.. Sometimes if team needs more raw stats i go for rylai on frost queen and warmog on banner and i walk easy in their jungle
I want also try ohmwrecker buuut... well i need a 50+ minutes game hahaha.. And for low elo i sell sightstone at full build and in the team we all take blue trinket or red and start the warding game I see downvotes.. well fine but i want explanations for them, ya know... to improve (Remember... red trinket efficiency increases with mobility, keep this in mind)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Just curious, what build do you run on Brad?
Well actually i'm testing the full mobility pushing one: deadman's plate zz rot banner sightstone frost queen lucidity boots or righteous glory.. Sometimes if team needs more raw stats i go for rylai on frost queen and warmog on banner and i walk easy in their jungle
: For me... yes, if people can make brand or annie work with only a cc and damage output i feel that a bard like build will work on him Rylai is a must anyway... zeke and zz rot-banner are really worth Righteous glory or ancient coin upgraded and deadman and ypu have a deepwarder engager roaming support.. His ulti will help Aand that aoe is HUGE, Really--> max cdr ofc
And yes his passive could steal, but also heimer turrets aaand heimer is actually a good support, but the positioning of turrets has to be mastered
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Do you think Aurelion Sol would be a good support?
For me... yes, if people can make brand or annie work with only a cc and damage output i feel that a bard like build will work on him Rylai is a must anyway... zeke and zz rot-banner are really worth Righteous glory or ancient coin upgraded and deadman and ypu have a deepwarder engager roaming support.. His ulti will help Aand that aoe is HUGE, Really--> max cdr ofc
: any cheesy support tactics?
I'm a support (tank, but i can play properly morgana soraka) main, my favourite champions are thresh and bard, but since i want mastery 5 in all my supports i'm not playing them lately... I brought to mastery 5, in order Thresh, Bard, tahm, nautilus, maokai, now i'm working on sion (really beautiful), jarvan 4 (wwas strong before, now i feel really confident and the combo with jhin-kogh is wonderful), zac (tricky, i must be premade with adc), trundle (strong, but needs a good jungler) After i main these i'll practice the full utility bard (zz rot, deadman, banner, righteius glory, frost queen, sightstone) Then i'll go with leona shen braum aurelion sol (i think he can be a great supp, like zac) I play also heimer and fiddle support, but i need that adc understands them...
: All LoL problems (And how to fix them)
Well actually there is another problrm: the turrets tankyness and the general lenght of matches.. These things are connected because actually the meta is oriented towards short-mid duration and that's just it...
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: Your corki idea is nice, but maybe too close to gangplank Vayne can pass over some walls, and imo she needs more than what you said. Her ulti requires more skill use, for example, make so that when the player presses R she gets stuck on the floor, grabs a gigantic crossbow and shoots in a penetrating line. Something different, something fun. Your lucians ideas are wayyyy to confusing. Why not just allow the player to R during R to change the bullets direction? Both mine and your ideas on lucian would ofc require a nerf on the spell damage so I don't see the fun on that.
Rbut i feel like corki fits the role of a war expert buying extra prototype kind structures hahahha
: Champions balancing and reworking
: Champions balancing and reworking
vayne actually can't anymore tumble over a wall, checked it or if she can.. it's a bug
Rioter Comments
unadar (EUW)
: nerf tahm
i kinda don't agree.. against tahm you just have to dodge... he's not ranged... if he can't come close to you he can't do anything to you (and that's why he has the shield/grey health, because he needs to come close and he WILL get damages of course) Also braum is melee, but he has a better shield and also allies can proc his passive, so after a Q.. lucian or vayne would be faster than tahm to proc his passive... And tahm differently from other tank supports (braum, nautilus, thresh, bard(half tank btw) leona HAS NO GROUP ULTI to engage, so maybe he's better in lane, but outside of it...) at least i can say.. as an adc try to avoid his Q and everything will be fine for you...


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