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ImJanemba (EUW)
: A question about Trash Talking // Toxicity , Are both considered the same?? Are Both Bannable?
if you cant distinguish when you insult others and when not then i think youre either really young or you have some other issues..... cursing when you dont insult others is allowed in the game thats why filters exist..... i curse all the time and i havent been banned..... but i dont curse or flame others, in regard about others i just ignore them. for example "oh my %%%%ing god how i missed that" "%%%%ing shit why i died there" "my %%%%ing luck is amazing" i throw similar sentences throughout almost every game.... this is not bannable. cursing or adult languange is allowed. but if you start referring to teammates and how they play you will end up being toxic no matter what. i had an ivern in my game yesterday he was terrible and in all game he was giving me "advices" in a "friendly" tone until i muted him. see no one likes a random person on the internet to tell him what to do or critisize the way they play. best advice is no matter what you see just dont type and focus on what youre doing wrong and right..... you cant control the other players and think also that theres a high chance since youre not challenger level that youre as bad as those you critisize. players in this game are really delusional. i think only that you spend time to talk and critisize your teammates makes you a bad player
Fayfray (EUW)
: Conqueror Karma Splash Border
you have the loading border only when playing karma with the skin or when you play just a random champion?
Ârzo (EUW)
: People seriously NEED to learn what the word "toxic" and "flame" means and get their stuff togheter
you need to know that this game is played by millions of people and the average joes iq is not that high...... if youre that affected by what they are saying mute them and focus on your game..... advices are nice if you give them to people who are willing to listen but would you give advice to a stranger on the street? i doubt it.... what i mean is like most people say " focus on your own play and progress to climb ranked" same goes for behaviour..... chat is useless you can play just fine and maybe way better with just pings and focusing on the game. there are many normal games where premades start chatting in their own languange and they chat almost all game, you guessed it right they feed and lose the game cause they dont play they just chat. i made a thread some days ago about blaming. dont try to find logic in league. just go play your game and thats it. you say that most people dont know what toxic and flame really is when most of leagues players can report someone for anything.... like he took my blue, no ganks, stole my kills, feeding when he just had a bad game, not grouping and anything else you can imagine which in fact is NOT reportable...... one of my last games i said literally: the tank doesnt tank, our adc dies in 2 seconds with 0 damage, please protect me more time so i can carry. and the answer was that im a noob who doesnt know what kite is and i should stop flaming.
: Why is Silver worse then Bronze
unfortunately from what ive seen even if youre platinum level support you need hundreds of games to get out of bronze with the classic non carry healing-peeling type of supports. basically it goes like this : either you play a hyper carry role and carry hard every game and by carry i dont mean 15-1-10 even something like 14-10-5 can carry the game OR if you dont want the carry role or bother about farm and stuff and take the easy route of support (cause honestly support is the easiest role just skillshots if you have wards and not dying.....) then you depend on others like it or not cause even if youre amazing the kills go to your carries not your own champion. so the final carry-push-win whatever you call it it must be from them not from you. thats why no one likes support in low elo...... if your hyper fed carry goes afk, dies in 2 seconds on the teamfight or whatever you cant do anything about it. so my suggestion is stop playing support lol its not rewarding enough
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Rismosch (EUW)
: If it truely would be a problem, then no one should be able to climb. Spoiler alert: If you are good enaugh, you will climb no matter what.
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=fjL9W7wh,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2017-02-17T19:47:09.988+0000) > > If it truely would be a problem, then no one should be able to climb. Spoiler alert: If you are good enaugh, you will climb no matter what. no one said you cant climb. just look at my profile in im climbing from the winrates you will see. but how many games and how much frustration will it take to reach on a point where my adc will at least know positioning and farming..... you think there are other supports like me in low elo? all of the supports i encounter there, are autofills with a pseudo support champion and they go like 1-15. solo q is a toxic environment, try to play a tank or an utility support there to see how much fun it is. and no you playing good and their support playing bad doesnt mean you will win cause you maybe be like 2-2-15 and their support 2-10 but your mid and top can be 0-10 and lose the game for you. so i think some people share the same opinion as me that a border is not worth it....... all i will get from all this is a border and maybe a skin, but what about my gaming experience? i know league of legends is a competetive game and all the kids want to be "pros" but there are actually many like me who are casuals and just enjoy playing a good game despite of titles. also ranked being competetive brings toxicity. and by that i mean the 12 yo kid who got killed by the opponent jungler will start cursing flaming etc on his teammates when his dream to become "pro" shatters because of others from his point of yeah no thanks keep your border. i prefer to play with my high MMR premade friends on normals or when i solo q on normals i mute all from the start and i will play whatever champion i want and just enjoy my skins and the game :D.
: Current state of low elo games is horrible...
sorry to say this but i will say it..... you deserve the troll autofilled supports cause ranked experience doesnt offer anything to a good utility solo support other than frustration and dissapointment. take as example me. i can play jungle but my main role is support and not ap fake carry support but utility classic supports you know those who have the highest winrate in now look my profile and note that all these years i play only normals so i started this season 7 from bronze 5 for various reasons. i know im way better than bronze and no im not delusional i play with gold-plat-diamond friends and im impacting and helping a lot without feeding so in 100 ranked games i have 55% winrate and 62% winrate in flex all entirely solo i didnt duo not even once. look my KDA average like 2/5/20 which is godly for a support even in losses i dont feed. so what i get in return? an adc who cannot farm and a team which in general dont even know to push turrets and take objectives. so im falling or losing as colateral damage, you would argue that my winrates mean im climbing yeah youre right but its slow and i dont have the patience to play countless games with terrible players..... so excuse me but as long as solo q is this toxic you wont see main supports with support items good gameplay and nice behaviour. those are playing with their premade friends.
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> [{quoted}](name=Izumi Schinichi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WwIuAUTY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-16T13:13:25.325+0000) > > {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} thanks a lot for the response
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Sherrinka (EUNE)
: To those who say "GG EZ": A sincere Thank You [now with 60% more profanity]
i have thought like you before while playing this game. in a game i wanted to report someone but i had no reason to do so when he said gg ezi said "thank you for giving me a reason to report you" yeah i said it clearly...... league is toxic from its foundation, its the only game i know from all the years i play where you go into a game and some other people define so much the outcome of your own game. but yeah dont flame them in the in-game chat its not worth it to get a ban for a bunch of kids.
pieps (EUW)
: A Diamond support player's thoughts on Bronze mentality / 10 things I noticed playing in Bronze
ranks in league are an indicator of progress nothing else. your diamond or platinum border wont play the game for you. that being said although leagues system is unfair it can be accurate on the long run. i see 2 types of people when i play, the ones who try their best and carry or at least they are part of the reason we will win and those that feed dont know to play get outplayed or dont care at all who cause defeats and they fall in MMR. the carries will climb so a bronze player now can be a future platinum-diamond player if he keeps improving. i see this ranking system as flawed because mainly you cant influence the game enough to have a 70% > winrate in bronze with utility supports. the opening said that he took ziggs support and won 20-25 games cause basically he was the carry not the support. check my i play mainly utility supports and i cant have more than 60% winrate in bronze no matter what.and no its not because im bad and delusional i have high ranked friends from which i play games and i do just fine (many times i carry them). so you have to accept some people dont likethis ranked system or dont like to lose because of others thats why they are bronze. i play since 2013 with 2000 normal games and basically the bad MMR i gained through all these years was dude to a 10 fps pc and my screen freezing in every teamfight (now i have a new pc). so what i m trying to say is that dont think if you are gold or platinum you wont have feeders in your team anymore..... its just a border the game will be better quality thats true but you will still lose or win because of others. still carries and feeders exist. if someone just loves to play and enjoy the game plays only normals like me. they flame you? you mute them and report. you lose cause of them? you lost no LP its just a normal. so yeah i believe many people shouldnt play ranked at all. you can enjoy the game without a border the same :)
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: Find teammates for the Party IP Weekend!
add me i prefer 5 man team for full ip boost :D. i play support and jungle mostly


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