: I think they will first cash in on the novelty, then look all noble saying "yeah you can get it for free, too"
I didn't get x) "noble part"
Voidner (EUNE)
: They will probably have the same rarity as the ultimate skins..
: Not atm
thx .. i hope they add it soon
Doomley (EUW)
: Not yet but according to riot, they will in the future.
oh damn .... okey thank you <3
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: team ?
i finished my mission ... no need to play x) but we still can be friends .. add me if u want
: This is how I finished "melee champs" quest in 2 mins
shaxi78 (EUNE)
: Thats how I got the ashe quest lmao😂
: hahaha that's hilarious, nice win
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Le Pisos (EUW)
: I have already prepared my 135k of blue eccense :D in preseason i will have like 1kk blue
Oh coooool, i don't have that much but I'm sure can finally get ahri's chroma ^^
Smerk (EUW)
: November 8 start of preseason, around that time BE shop will be available
:O :O :O :O I hope so, ty!
: Preseason starts after the end of Worlds championship, so in the beginning of November +-. And of course, with a lot of new things, a lot of complications will come, so mid-November it is.
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ristomkd87 (EUNE)
: Login issues
use host sopt sheild to logging then quit from it ;) i did it one before i fixed my lol
: How to refund a gift ?
tell him that you changed your account .. and give him my name ... so he will send me gifts instead .. i know im so smart
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: How about creating a North Africa Server !
Quantios (EUW)
: [EUW} Looking for Invasion team
AngelXlegend If i will play with u or not I wanna share with you a video where a players won a game with no healers and they got S+ I hope u watch it and look at builds U can pause at 12:30 to see the last full build The video : https://youtu.be/N9cW8XPxFQ8 I hope u like it like I did with my friends .. we used the same build and we could get A grade PS: this video is not mine
Eat Me (EUNE)
: It made me cry {{sticker:sg-janna}} Bloody amazing {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Omg thanks <3 I'm so happy cause u like it ^_^ (What if the audio wasn't 1sec late ) :<
Potchikir (EUW)
: nice video but the timing is always 1 second late
Yes I noticed that :< On my desktop this video is perfect :'( not late at all ,I don't know why it's late on YouTube (I'm thinking about re-upload it again) :/
: well naither is it mine :P still nice job dude :P
: How do i know how old my account is?
try to remember with the champion that released when u started .. like last comment said for me its jinx , and i do remember when i started , its was in 04/jan/2014 ^^
: it's not that bad i think you just need to work on timing a bit i think that the main focus of the shots would be at the beat drop like you did at 0:52, 0:54 and 1:01 but that's just my opinon i'm not that musicaly talented but ppl have told me i have a great sence of rythm
well , i made this video while im learning to do that ""i think that the main focus of the shots would be at the beat drop"" my video based on it .. but i dont know why the video is kind of ruined or somthing .. when i watch it on my desktop it looks everything is perfect . but after i uploaded it on youtube the audio is kind of late, idk why :'( like in 1:01 it's a bit late :< . thanks anyway if i got what u mean x) . "english is not my main language"
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Are you still having this issue?
nope i solved it .... i formated my pc and i installed my win7 again
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
AngelXlegend .... this giveaway should be for poor people .... maybe someone rich can win :/ but thanks anyway
: post the picture below. You can download the repair tool [(https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool)] and re-patch it from there. (It will also enable the firewall)
i repatched it ... and didn't work :'(
: post the picture below. You can download the repair tool [(https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool)] and re-patch it from there. (It will also enable the firewall)
omg im looking for this *___* thank you ......... i was searching how to repair without login i was thinking about deleting some files so it repair its self xD thank you dude . . RIOT PUT A "REPAIR" BUTTON TO YOUR CLIENT -_-
: take a printscreen. Some people on reddit said that restarting it 1 time or 2 fixed the problem with them.
i took a screenshot and i ve made a discussion 5 min ago and the 'settings' button is offf i can't ever repair it
Rioter Comments
: so, is it ok now? mine has downloaded 600MB and i quit :(
nnooooow it completed .... it keeps downloading 1350-->1000mb then its starts again ... until now it finished ... but guess what ! can't LOGIIN -______________________-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ill make a new "discussion" about how to solve it <.< {{item:3070}}
: update bug -_- (always)
for other people who came to help i wanna say tht : my firewall was NOT activated ( i know how dangerous is this) but could it be the probleme of the update ?
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: See? You can even finish downloading today :)
-_- are u surious ? ._. . http://imgur.com/HNX8AwQ . . in case the picture didn't appear its : (54.7/34mb) and (ETA -18 min)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: It takes patience
its not the first time v.v . . im uploading again and now its saying : ETA 459 min {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
Gasburger (EUW)
: Does it take a long time to log in for anyone else?
now i couldn't loggin and trying to solve it ... it says : **an unexpected problem has occurred while logging in . please try again . if the issue presists contact support** -___- RITOOOOO !!! FIX YOUR CLIENT !!
Rioter Comments
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey AngelXlegend, Contact Player Support, they'll be able to give you small amount of RP: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
ow thank you .. ok i will
Rioter Comments
: Actually, voting does help make you thread go to the top. Just letting you know, however your thread also needs to be active. Also, complaining that you dont have a lot of likes will not help you spread the message, it will just make you look like you only want likes, WHICH is obviously not the purpose of this thread.
more likes ? we are not in facebook to think that its beneficial to get more likes ..... and its clear and abvious that i want the purpose of this thread more than i want that ''likes''
: It doesn't hurt you to just let it Patch and leave your PC, go read a book or something. :)
yeah but why do i have to patch it again and again and again :"( ... it will hurt after i finish that book and i still didn't complete my patch :3
: Could you explain why and how a pause and start button are beneficial for the whole league community?
for the whole league community ? i think i explaind .... and if its not beneficial for you ... well it is for me and some other people
: can you riot add "pause" button to the update *^* ? vote !!!!
im commenting to make my discussion top ... cuz voting doesn't :3
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Fidda (EUNE)
: Maybe in 14.12.2016, the Legend of the Poro King (game mode) is starting on that date.
oww sure . well guessing ..... i think so too .. ty :*
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