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steef59 (EUW)
: I was wondering isn't this discrimination on genre?
Not really, there are tournaments with nice prizes which only allow female players to compete, so as long as those exist, female teams are going to be created to enter them. Don't blame the teams for taking advantage of it, blame the organisations who are creating the tournaments in the first place :p
: Hello I can play toplane for you guys. Ima just copypasta from my other thread. "-18 years old, starting to visit uni this year -fluent in German and English -I never flame or insult people (might question bad decisions/plays though ;) ) -I'm always motivated and trying to win because it's fun to me, but I'm also trying to have a good time when playing with people =) -reached Diamond Elo since Season 3 (peak: Diamond 3); currently sitting at Diamond 5 (although I think I could very well climb higher if I actually played solo queue on a regular basis)" pz
: Crazy here i might not fulffill the requierement of d4 but w/e might aswell try it :)
lockrev (EUW)
: ing lockrev div Dia4 main jungle but can top and would be willing to learn it again as i used to enjoy the role im very laid back and can play a lot of different styles and would like to play some fun 5s did not no if to post or add ingame
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