WieWielSK (EUNE)
: Which champ is hardest?
taliyah for sure...
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EggKnight (EUW)
: What's the deal with key fragments not dropping anymore?
you need honor for keys... i got over 10 boxes and 0 keys becasue of that
Nojtan (EUW)
: 3 Free Skins?
go suppport and ask for it. is what i do just say you dont know why you can't get then, or that you used your email/face etc for another account and that you can't get then now,.. they always give you
: Wait for next patch with the new AP items. New Liandry will make him strong again.
well he is strong, problm is the earlie game is to difficult with the long cooldown on Q, like i said, before new runes we had runes that gave CD, now all you can get is 5% that does not help but a new liandrys would be good
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: Justifiable ban?
i once got muted for getting trolled and saying for anivia to stop using her W to kill team.. all because i typed alot, yet i never flamed or was toxic, you type alot you get punished...
Grendel G (EUNE)
: Really Riot? You for real?
true is pretty stupid, they should keep the bonus exp and give that extra 50 blue essence... but what they should actually do is give us 50 BE for win or lost any game, now that would be fair
AngmarPT (EUW)
: Guess what... BLUE ESSENCE AGAIN
once again lvl 34 now... my reward 2 master yi = 90 BE each... +1 urgot = 630 (BEST ONE UNTIL NOW) still only a total of not even 800 BE..
: Thats a lie and you should feel ashamed. Min value for a level up is almost the double of what you are saying you got.
for you most likely it was the duble or triple WHATEVER... for me it was not even a total of 1500 BE for 3 lvls, so before you say anything, just think that im not the only one with super bad shard reward
: First 4 levels after 30 lvl = around 900 BE for each level. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} New BE system is awesome !
for a new account only
Afol7 (EUNE)
with this new runes udyr is just broken, and we all know that when riot rework champs they always come broken, so no need
: Not ganing blue essence after the game is stupid
yh, complety stupid not getting BE after game ...we playing just for the exp that pretty much gives nothing, only after lvl 50 or whatever rewards you with something
: So this 3800 BE that i got for the last 4 days fall from the sky {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
for you most likely, for me last 3-4 days first lvl 31 was 360 BE lvl 32 was 400-500 lvl 33 again 400-500 not even 1.5k total BE
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: Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!
so i was hopping it was just the lvl 31 that i got only 360 (be) 4x90 BE(ip) low cost shards.... but AGAIN at lvl 32? THE SAME SHIT REWARD? OMFG.. I PLAY OVER 20 GAMES TO GET AGAIN 360 IP(BE) ? WTF IS THIS BEFORE THIS STUPID SHARD REWARD I WOULD GET IDK 2K IP OR SOMETHINg... now i can't even buy 1 champ --'
: Hahaha, not worth leveling, impossible to gather IP/BE like we used too...
i played for lvl 31 and i only got 4 shards 90 BE each.. so 960 is actually GOOD atm
: wow, your RNG even "better".... Riot or rip game!
for having 4 shards yh but only 90 each.. if i only had 1 or 2 shards i would lose ALOT more.. they really should remove this thing of only getting (BE) after lvl
: Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!
i got 4 shards for 90 (BE) each .. before update i would get at least 200 ip for 1 win of the day then normal ip, would be at least 700 ip total... now i get 4 shards for 90 each.. 360 ip(be) only --' really sad
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NIma ras (EUNE)
: blue essence buggy
yh having the same problm, not getting blue essence for last 3 games


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