Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Icy Spectre,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NTqOcxRz,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-15T07:39:45.270+0000) > > Okay guys, do whatever you think is best for the game. > > But personally I never had anyone afk right at the start at the game, and if they did, they would normally relog at 1minute. > > Most AFK's (intentional or not) happen during 5-30th(to me) minute of the game. It's definitely a system that can be iterated on, however I believe the main catchment for this issue is players who never connected, or had issues connecting in the first place. I don't think this particular system (or it's current implementation) is designed to tackle AFKing and leaving mid-game, but moreso the early-game pains when a player has issues connecting, leaving teams in a 4v5 situation from the beginning.
hi, ive been trying to hear an explanation from you guys for a while now, no answer yet, are you gona solve the bots problem in aram?
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AngryAvocado 911,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FQ6WAL9K,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-13T08:12:46.394+0000) > > if you may plz hcheck my match history, the game where i got a shyvana and a sona against me, please check those profiles, and let me know what u think I'm seeing a lv 5 and lv 6 player that are currently learning the game when i showed my friend league he had the very same stats
my friend, they dont look like they are learning, they just walk in a straight line every spawn, just youll notice one when you see it in game, trust me man, i play this game since season 3, i know a bot from a new player
House x33 (EUW)
: I did not come across a single bot in aram yet o.O Not to mention that I am leveling a smurf (lv 15 atm) with my cousin and we mainly play ARAM/TT yet we wait to meet our very first bot This was very different a year ago so GJ riot on that one
if you may plz hcheck my match history, the game where i got a shyvana and a sona against me, please check those profiles, and let me know what u think
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Shaco is coming, Do you only experience issues in champion select, or in other places also? (IE: directly messaging friends). Does the issue occur only on queues with the new champion select, or old queues also (IE: Blind pick)?
maybe a way to reach you is by replying to a riot member post, could you please inform your community about your plan to fix the bots problem in Aram, your answer is highly appreciated. thank you
Varjokani (EUNE)
: How can u tell if someone is bot or human? :o
first of all they have no keystone, weird summ spells, weird build, and they dont react in game, they end the game 0 20, and they keep walking under the tower most of the time
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Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: ***
what else? ill tell you what else, seems your in that business my friend
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: Videos or didn't happen.
hey buddy, you can simply check the last aram game i played, i was playing blitz, the enemy team had en ezreal, go into ezreal account and check for yourself, regards.
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: What elo are u if i may ask?
Ok i see your lvl 11, believe me when u get to 30 u will know how to deal with yi
What elo are u if i may ask?
Bydand (EUW)
: Is Jayce viable?
Jayce rework actually improved him fairly, look im not an lcs freak, but he was picked in lcs for a reason, btw, i could suggest trying jayce as a jungler, first clear is a bit hard but remains ok, u control the blue buff which helps you a lot, you can clear camps easily with ur W (hammer), you could make some good ganks, your E helps with that (hammer), your E (cannon) grants you movement speed, and there still is ur most important tool, E Q combo, you wont have to gank, you just get to a lane unseen, blast ur EQ, and walk away, you just gave advantage to your lanner, i tried it, its actually fun
: > [{quoted}](name=KG Sora,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tfZornyw,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-06-25T21:18:15.370+0000) > > Okay I'll explain actually. Zed is straight up shit unless you can play him pretty much perfectly. And even then he's not that good. Talon? Get a few kills, cs. Hydra + Youmuu + mobis, gj you can start R-Youmuu-E-W-AA-Q-hydra on the adc to insta when he splits. > Oh late came and you don't know what to do? Never fear, for you have 500 ad. Guess what 45% crit chance... Your Q does 2k dmg to the adc if you crit. Basically you use the same combo, Get in teamfight. Jump on adc. Insta him then try to insta mid if possible. If not then just deal some AoE. he has 35% crit chance late game not 45% and has around 320 ad, not 500.
And he dies instantly, so his engages myst be planned, what is the point of getting 17 kills and dying 17 times,that cant be called carrying, zed even after his nerf can still escape, talon got no escape at all after finishing his combo, and dont forget, in that tank meta, talon is useless, he is designed to kill squishies, tanks will just bait his combo and kill him istantly.
: > There have been no comments on nerving vladimir. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/06/red-post-collection-tahm-kence.html#more there you go comments on nerfing vlad... > I really dont know if your right about the 33% cause there is nothing mentioned about 33% from 15% on the site. I hope your right though. It's always worked like that... spell vamp has always had a 33% efficiency on aoe spells, it's how the others work and its how this will work. > Swain getting 15% extra health while his ulti is turned on. Swain ult is aoe so that's going to be reduced to 33% efficiency as well.
Im pretty sure ur link stats the following: That said, there are a few champions we're keeping a close eye on that could be buffed by a good margin after the changes (Vlad and Rumble are among them)
: ► Remove Draven instantly ◄
A couple of more downvotes please so that post can vanish
GeeEddy (EUW)
: Annoying change on active item cooldowns
Specially when im jungling, i always think my sweeper is up, so annoying
Spotigy (EUW)
: Which ADC's don't you like supporting?
Honestly i hate supporting EZ, people tend to pick him but he is so boring to supp, first of all most adcs farm for bf, ez farm for his sheen, and i play support in a very agressive way, so i cant engage for every oppurtunity, with ez i have to wait for some good pokes to secure the kill, if he cant do that, welcome to the most boring lane ever. There is also those adcs that can never dodge skill shots, get grabbed by any random Q, go down to 100 hp, die and blame me, i fkn pinged you to go b, u dont wana listen. With a decent amount of hp on my adc, i know i can save his ass, i also die for his escape if he is worth it.
MkfN (EUW)
: nautilus nerfs inc?
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: He turned out the same as any assassin in the game yet people make a bigger ruckus about him than others?
You know what the problem is? People claim a champion is op before they even learn how to play against him, honestly i was banning ekko but mow i stopped, he is way too predictable, and i dont see him as a big threat anymore.
Kaycee777 (EUW)
Do you kids never give up? Stop fkn QQing bout a fkn champ that you still have no clue how he works in game
HV Cable (EUW)
: TF support - possible to make it good? How?
Tf is not a support and is impossible to play as support, he is squishy as hell, u cant poke with Q cause u will steal adc farm, ur gold card is so predictable, any average player can tell ur planning to stun and move backward, ur ulti is useless in lane, and u need gold and heavy ap items to be efficient late game, even if ur willing to farm mid game, u are a support, and ull be taking gold away from other lanes, believe me dint play tf support, u want global help, learn to play tahm when released, u dan swallow ur adc and teleport with him to other lanes, kind of cool, looks broken, will wait and see
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timtimx (EUW)
: Yeah, maybe he gains movement speed in the river or something, or when hes in the river he turns into a winged catfish with lazer guns and and grenade launchers attached to him auto attacking all enemies with in 1500 radius..... you just never know with riot these days
Lol tht made my day
: Something something you ended 35/3 Something something it was a normal game Something something they were all low gold or silver and you're Platinum Something something the Gnar is an ADC main just trying him out in a normal game Something something you only play Riven and you are 73W-27L with her in rankeds Now for real, how can one get so motivated to do a video of a Riven main stomping a second time Gnar in a normal game, and then just smashing the keyboard for a penta because you're fed as fuck? ... Oh right, because you're a Riven main, never mind
Gracian v2 (EUNE)
: Teemo and negative attitude
Yes you can, be very careful, stop playing teemo or else no more league for you
: "Report Udyr"
Sorry but what u did was dumb and id report you as well
iDonger (EUW)
: Got banned for hacking, it wasnt me but its the best thing that ever happened to me
: {{champion:32}} just Meh, and probably a bit too much on the side of OPness for me. {{champion:42}} a dwarf on a choppa. i cannot fathom how anyone can like this thing, really. {{champion:122}} i like it the idea of the violent champ with 0 mobility a lot but it's flavor and it's style are really too much dull. I doubt i will ever play him. {{champion:245}} how we create an OP #uck with crazy mobility burst and endeless CC and a heal and sell it as some kind of incredibly innovative thing? We say he got something to do with time travel and we are done... {{champion:81}} a brat that throws light from his hands and that it's suppose to have something in common with Indiana Jones. What the heck the mytic archeologist got to share with this thing? Away from me. {{champion:3}} the gargoyle the feels like anything but a gargoyle. Probably the most jarring failure in terms of flavor and design RioT ever did. Come back after a full rework. {{champion:120}} the guy you can't possibly shove away from yourself no matter what. I guess it's ok but i hate it way too much for ever play it. {{champion:39}} i will consider her when she will no longer be one of the " full point and click kit" prodigies. {{champion:85}} just Meh, really. For me it's probably the most dull kit in the game. {{champion:64}} still waiting for the rework that will never come. Until then, there is no space in my roaster for this #astard. {{champion:54}} as Galio, only a bit less bad than him. The golem that it's secretly a wizard. How would anyone like a golem that trample things and fly punches all around him? No no, better poke the opponent over and over with that damned point and click slow of course... {{champion:82}} as Galio and Malphite. I got the biggest armor in the game a BFMace, but of course i will keep the distance and build magic. Who would even imagine a walking armor to be AD and fight something by going personal? None of course. {{champion:75}} i would rather not go AFK farming in the top lane, thank you. Having to face this thing now and then and being doomed to never leave it alone is enough. {{champion:107}} i kinda like it but i won't play a champ that is MORE detectable when invisibile than when he hides in a brush. Plus, it's bit too much on the OP side if you ask me. {{champion:98}} being a tank surely made a lot of sense for a ninja. And since i had some problem with my back in my life, i would rather not play a champ that walks like he got some spine disease too. {{champion:102}} most boring champ ever. And it's suppose to be a dragon. Another design that somehow went horribly wrong...at least for my taste. {{champion:72}} the champ that was buffed and then instanerfed again after two weeks of play in S4. And in a period during which {{champion:64}} reached like 35% popularity. I was never as amused as back in those days, really. {{champion:50}} boring. I would rather play {{champion:112}}, which got a not so different kit. Infact, i bough it. {{champion:77}} a drunkard that chases you will cursing the god. It's kinda fun when you imagine it like that, but apart from he bores me a lot. {{champion:110}} really too much "i'm coming from a J-RPG" for my taste. {{champion:45}} as Nasus, maybe a bit better, but not so much. {{champion:19}} never play him again until the rework. I had enough of being a walking ult and otherwise feel like the less mobile werewolf ever. {{champion:5}} as Hecarim. It's interesting, but i hate him too much to allow him in my team. {{champion:157}} this is my enemy. Unlike Lee Sin, i would probably never buy him even after a rework that is, of course, not going to happen anyway. {{champion:26}} really meh and it really feels like something out of 1980 movie. Plus, i got the feel it's rework/nerf was really not needed after all.
Arent you forgetting something? {{champion:17}}
Damn that is scary lol, might be chogath brother
: Champions you don't want to touch.
Kayle, kayle man, i cannot stand that fkn champion, her ulti is so fkn annoying in team fights, and heimer, when i see a heimer its like i've seen a ghost, nothing can be more fkn annoying
Daveth96 (EUNE)
Not gona happen, deal with it
: How do I beat Irelia ?
Hell M00d (EUW)
: Reasons to pick Shaco jungle
Honestly, i hate shaco, i play jungle most of the time, i figured out everything i need to deal with shaco, with his ignite shaco gets fb every game, that lvl 2 counter gank is so annoying, he manages to kill me as xin, vi, yi ... The only champion he cant kill me with is voli, anyways a pink and an upgraded sweeper will take shaco out if the game, and now when i play against a shaco, i get my first camp and go directly to his blue, since he wont be there :p recall get my pink proceed to ruining shacos life
: The Reason why Ekko is OP.
What i have realized lately, and maybe others did, ekko is not that strong anymore, cause people actually figured him out, like almost every good player can dodge his Q and get out of his W, and stay away from his ulti shadow, in fact i think the incoming nerfs on pbe will completely destroy ekko and u wont be seeing him much anymore, again riot fault and strategy releasing an op champion, let people make a huge deal out of it, then nerf him to the ground.
: First time Ryze in your best of 5 to Gold.
Ryze is really broken, no like really, i have no problem with him, but the problem is with riot, wHenever they decide to give a champion some love, he becomes broken. I mean cmon QQQ snare QQQ snare ulti heal back QQQ lol like his cd is ridiculous
: The Sad Mummy in Mid??
Sorry man, amumu is not designed to fight yasuo mid lane, a good player will never let you catch him and will poke you to death everytime, i'd say keep amumu in the jungle unless ur playing for fun
Emabi (EUW)
: Jungle - I need help!
Play xin, high damage early game, easy to play, got sustain and clear speed, dont listen to the chat or pings, leaving ur jungle is loosing gold and experience unless u make good use of your time, so u gank lanes that are pushed only, meaning gank when ur top laner for example is under his tower. Make sure he has decent hp, make sure ur enemy is not fed, or ahead by 50 cs before u gank, check his items as well, if ur top, mid, bot lane fed hard, listen let them say what ever they want to say, do not gank the fed lane, ull make things worse trust me, do not go for tower dive ganks if ur still a beginner, u will die. If ur playing against a shaco orcrengar, kerp a pink ward with u, change ur trinket to a sweeper and buy sight wards, sometimes u dont have to gank to help, if ur top laner is pushing hard without wards, u can ward for him, he is bad true, but by helping him feed less, u increase ur chances to win. May i suggest, for beginner junglers, volibear, xin, pantheon, and dont be scared, its just a game, if ur scared u will lose, if u play for fun, u will win. As for jungler that might invade your jungler early game and ur supposed to be carefull against them, shaco (if he has ignite be 100% sure he will pop up at your red or blue, try to get 550 quick, go back, get ur jungle item and a punk ward), lee sin will counter jungle early, nunu will counter jungle all game, those are the basics, hope i helped
Eveninn (EUW)
: Well, you could mean because he got an op shield that heals him for a LOT he doesn't need MS xD
Well he got both, and he is a great counter to heavy ap mages, he feels more like rammus, will meed to be played against a heavy ap team or he will fall behind late game
Eveninn (EUW)
: (Psst, his E is the MS buff if you mean that)
What ever :p u got my point lol
So u have no idea what his W does, do you?
Bombardox (EUW)
: Elise is the new warwick ( buffed )
Wissendorff (EUNE)
: PLS Nerf Fiora
Here is your solution, instead of makin a thread to nerf fiora, laugh when they pick her, and learn to play udyr top, if u cant play udyr, go fir garen, start with {{item:3082}} and enjoy ur lane
: Guess the rank (Pic included)
Damn i was gona say bronze
: elise got buffed :P
Changes have been reverted on pbe sorry
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