: Anybody know whats in meta?
When you want to know the current meta, go to champion.gg and check what's being played. It also shows you the most used rune combination and the one with the highest winrate. That doesn't automatically mean those are the optimal runes, but it's a good starting point if you're not sure what to take.
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: Do you want to honor anybody?
Or just the ability to honor people after the match, for example from your match history. A message after every match could get annoying, but this way you can still honor people if you exited the post match screen too quickly. While we're on the subject of messages, being able to attach an optional message to honor would be nice too.
: Building muramana makes your auto attacks do more damage as long as your mana is over 20%. Essence reaver gives you constant mana as long as you crit and 30% cdr thanks to crit items. So I'd bet that ER is better because you can ult and spam your W more often if you're taking those crit items with you from the list, not to mention that it gives alot of ad and more crit strike, allowing you to reach 100% crit change in combination. Muramana takes alongtime to stack and does not give you any cdr, just gives you extra damage depending on max mana.
Yeah, Essence Reaver sounds more like the right item for the problem I'm trying to solve. Would it be best to replace BT with Essence Reaver? The lifesteal from BT is nice, but not strictly necessary, I guess.
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