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: a msg to my mid laner aatrox
Yea lol gj riot ban flamers but don't do shiit against trolls and feeders 4-29 in a 1 hour game lol even I would flame your family and if you would go afk you get a 5x 20 min ban aatrox bro just lv a new account and learn 1 champ before playing ranked
: Can you imagine you're having a football match 9 vs 9, all of the players are playing to their full ability and there is 1 guy who just laughs at your trying hard to win.. and kicks the ball randomly to have his own "fun" ?? I've had those types in matches and nobody really likes them! Not everyone has the same "fun" brain like you do! I have fun when the game is competitive. You can't enjoy everything in life! But that doesn't mean you should quit it! You sometimes enjoy it and sometimes don't.. its the same with league.. so don't you talk about "ain't right".. He is only sharing his frustration of trolls ruining games and afk's which is completely fine and much logical than your comment.
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: If it is not fun why are you still here?
We have a another Moron over here (kiddo is 11) I do not know if you have noticed but league is addictive + How can you quit league if you have invested **a lot of time** and money let me give you an example Imagine you buy a new car today and a month later a window breaks are you than gonna throw the car away or are you gonna stop using the car next time think twice before you type something
: I enjoy every second spend in League of Legends. Even when i'm losing, because i can do some funny "pro plays" that makes me very happy and proud. When i was newbie i was also losing control, flamed little and tilted, but this feeling pass with the time.
LOL have you been paid by League to say that XD but i am not a newbie i am playing league for a while (this is my smurf)
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