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: Another person with ego in space
This has nothing to do with my ego. I just can't climb because I'm constantly getting troll and I am forced to dodge
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Just a meme people
MGAlien (EUW)
Sefi (EUNE)
: I see, question remaining is; will he remain the king of bronze, or will he master the iron division. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Sefi (EUNE)
: Who is kadeem?
: Lord of the Iron Hills hahahahaha
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Alright, i will start. 20 bucks on a perma, even tho op did ofc absolutly nothing wrong :^)
I'd say he got flamed for "accidently" feeding, then went afk and returned to see a permaban or 14 day suspension lol
MateoM (EUNE)
: LMAO i did not write T2 as in tyler 2 its just that my last name starts with t
You shouldn't say that, how'd you think Tyler1 got out of permaban
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MateoM (EUNE)
: reformed
Marius Tyler2 well done for being reformed, but there's a slim chance riot dev will unban u. You should feel proud though. You are part of the 1% that gets permaban xD. I jk. Gj for being reformed though{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Thanks Riot
How many games must i play without going afk to get this?
: I had the same problem, I probably write this in every topic. I was super toxic. I was permabanned twice. My first account had so much meaning to me. You hate defeats in the game? Same. So, can we talk about only losing one way and not two? When the pressure/heavy weight of trolling is on top of you, DON'T try to lift it/hold it. Let it SLIDE past you. You DON'T need to carry it. You MUST ignore any of this bickering and trolling. Pretend you don't care. Trolls and idiots often get tired and stop as soon as they realize their trolling is failling. Focus on your gameplay. It's sad, but that's how it is. Move on to the next game. Improve yourself, love your champion. Oh yeah, if you're wondering, I do /mute all, and I barely talk anymore. Don't try to be like: But possible communication... %%%% IT. Your mental stability to play the game is more important. You play your own way. Others won't follow/couldn't follow? too bad.
Yes sir{{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Go troll games.
: 1. Leave your computer and do smh else for a while 2. Watch funny youtube videos 3. Listen to your favourite song 4. Lie dont on your bed and relax for a while 5. Go on youtube and watch some "best plays" videos (really motivates to play and do well)
Thanks dude, I'll try it out
: Look at it this way: All the people are troubled. They have something thats bothering them, so they can't handle their feelings. As a result they act poorly.
But why are they in my games xD
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