: i dont think i stated my point correctly. i meant that you should plan out your rp purchases so that you will be left with minimal rp left so hackers cant do what has been stated in the post, but still get exactly what you want.
I see your point. I usually do it that way but in this case I was a bit impulsive. I wanted to buy a skin and bought the RP but decided otherwise and just sat on the RP. Bad move, I agree. Thank you for the tip though, I will be more careful with my spendings.
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Tuee (EUW)
: It did work but they removed it in the latest patch. I have no idea why they left the Arrow for repurchase, but they fixed it seemingly. I am facing new bugs almost every day and I am so fed up with them.
It actually worked? I tried it various Patches after Kalista was introduced to the game and for me it never worked. Weird :/ It's also pretty shitty to remove the feature (if it had ever been there). Just cuz afking is so frequent and if Kalista binds someone who goes on an afking spree.. we fcked. But ye, feel ya. I don't like where League is going atm with all the glitches and bugs and imbalance.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: Solution - remove surrender.
I don't think that's a solution. That would only make toxicity grow xD
: >...you should be able to PUSH your advantage... >...Not being godlessed from an insane snowball... So...people should be able to snowball, but they should not snowball...?
No. There is a difference between snowball and having an advantage. Atm if you snowball, there's nearly no way of stopping you, which is what OP is complaining about (and it's kinda true). If you have an advantage, it's easy to lose it again. You can snowball off of an advantage, but it is not the same.
: Do you have any solutions for this? Because i don't know how to fix it...
It's not entirely a problem on your end, it's also on the LoL-Servers end. These things happen and you never know when or how hard it hits. Colorblind mode has nothing to do with it, it's just the Server having issues with the data.
: I have no idea what packet loss is xD
Basically corrupted or missing data I assume? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWoMmEhkOpA Best example. Edit: It's an extreme case. It can happen that only individual members of a team or both teams experience it and it can also occur in varying stages. Like.. just small glitching up to just having to afk because you attempt to reconnect every few moments while the game is running on freezeframes.
: Arclight Vayne bugged? (Video)
Looks more like packet loss to me. But who knows. There's all kinds of wonky sh!t going on right now.
Tuee (EUW)
: Another Kalista Bug
Pretty sure the "re-binding" thing with purchasing another arrow never worked.
: You guys want to see champions mastery in aram games and other maps too?
I too think you should get mastery points in ARAM.
: When we are dead, let us control a minion
I seriously love that idea xD Or let us play some sort of ward when we are dead so our "ghost" can stalk the enemy or smth.
Mudrerol (EUNE)
: The scripts on bot games are too op
U gotta just love it when they dodge shit that is still flying around in the fog of war. I will never ever play Nidalee in intermediate Botgames, dats just not fun xD
: Brand Q Glitch
I think Skillshots in general are currently beyond wonky. I've had so many Nidalee-Spears, Ahe Ults and Lux Snares that flew right through me the past 3 Patches, it's not even fun anymore. And then there's Naut's and Blitzcrank's Hook that has a higher range than indicated and most times should NOT hit what it is hitting :(
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Don't Nerf Tanks Even Further, Rito
I'd like them to be nerfed too, especially after the Turret Damage has been reduced to 1 cotton ball per hour which makes every Champion be able to towerdive from lvl 5 on. That would be the best step in the right direction. To start nerfing shit instead of trying to buff everything around something unbalanced to make it even more shitty. Nerf Juggernauts, Nerf Marksmen around that, start balancing the stupid new items around that, nerf Yasuo + his 100% Crit at Shiv + Cloak of Agility and the Crit-Heal Mastery. Start balancing towards reducing stuff on Champions instead of pushing everything higher and higher in the hopes you reach some balance, Riot.
: Patch 5.22 Minion Block Problem......
YES PLEASE RIOT! Please Fix the Minion Block. It got worse and worse with the last few big patches :/ Also investigate the Ruin of Tier 2 Mid turret in Botgames. Apparently the Bots tend to get hung up on it and bug around.
: Games are way too fast?..
I think with the Rift Herald and the massive Snowball Support via new items and the Mastery bullsh!t aswell as the plans (20 min all-homeguard, exp advantage team gets buffed minions) Riot is doing it on purpose. Sadly. I had 14 normals on this patch. Only one **ONE** was all around hard to win but balanced in back and forth. The other 13 were ALL roflstomps.
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derlio (EUNE)
: Blahblahblahblah, I'M GONNA CRY!!!!! It's "balanced", because in normal games you can go premade with whoever you want, deal with it. You think you just gonna have easy matches, easy like playing against bots or what? Matches get hard too, you improve by playing hard matches, not by rofl-stomping the easy ones.
I like hard games. But I don't like just plain unfair games.
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: Thresh bug..?
Noticed it too. Sometimes even souls I collected by stepping on them didn't count. I am completely confused and it's annoying as hell. Tho, souls flying to you are a bug that should have been gone by.. I think 5.13? It's a visual bug and they are not supposed to give you stats or count. But why lanterned souls don't give stats is a mystery to me too.
: Darius being invincible/unstunnable while charging his Q
I think his q is not a channel, just a delayed animation so, like Wukong Ult and Garen's Spin to win it is not supposed to be stopped by a stun (not saying that that's good.. it kinda isn't).
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: More likly they gona do nothing, even wont excuse players not to mention to lost team make loss prevented.
I am not completely sure. The Online Match History shows no Defeat but instead Victory.. maybe it means Loss Prevented... Or the Online Match History is wonky as heck. http://i.imgur.com/YoTTOx2.png
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: i have problems connecting to games, maybe it is on the same line? dunno really im now patching my files maybe something happens, will tell ya if it workd for me
Seems like servers died, no need to doctor around on your files :D
: Whole team stuck at champion bans (ranked)
Server did die I think. I can't log in for the past 5 minutes and sat in solo queue for 4 minutes before wanting to get out and not being able to.
Emillie (EUW)
: Anyone having problems logging in?
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Jens Cole (EUNE)
: my best jungler is {{champion:77}}. He has very good first clear and you can gank as soon as you reach lvl 3 without going back. {{champion:254}} is easy and strong. I learned jungle with her, but I moved on, because I think she's too easy - good to pick up jungle, but not good to improve further. I'm considering buying {{champion:80}} and/or {{champion:59}} next, but I don't know much about them.
Vi might be a nice idea to get a bit better at ganking since I guess her engage is pretty solid. How do you feel about the tanks like Sejuani, Sion or Nautilus in Jungle?
: You should 1: WARD A LOT 2:Farm 3:Trade with your minnions(the minnions do a shit tone of dmg level 1,2,3,4,5) 4:Mute flamers and defend the guy getting flamed at. 5:Get towers OBJECTIVE WINS.you can be 0-30 and still win by the objectives alone. 6:Don't give the fck up the game is only finished if you see VICTORY or DEFEAT 7:Anticipate where the jungle will go and you go there and counterGank(as a jungler) 8:Master a champion for every lane. 9:Play to learn and not to win 10:Since you are still learning play champions that are easy to play let's say ... Xin zhao. easy clears tons of dmg can be tanky.Only one example. ALso don't watch diamond games for tips there is a huge difference in playstyle.You need to adapt to the playstyle of ur own division not for a division that is way far above you.In bronze/Silver/Gold ppl are greedy scums that only try to cheese and gets kills you will see farm lanes in above plat.You can't just stay and farm when the other guy is going all in in you all the time you need to learn to exploit mistakes.Ppl in bronze do a lot after you do this you will climb. AND NEVER EVER EVER rely on your team to win the game NEVER. You are in SOLO QUE carry YOURSELF. Not much in depth detail but you don't need it that much brother.At least not for now.Also when you die find out WHY and HOW you die so you dont die the same way again.
Oh I like Checklists :3 Overall I'd say 1, 4, 5, 6 are in my blood. I am still working on 2 since I know that it's atm probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I have overall good map awareness, place the most wards in my team or second most, doesnt matter which role I play. I still need to learn how to interact with my minionwaves better, like freezing and all that. Also positioning while trading in lane to let minions do damage to my enemy is a thing I need to work on so thank you for that advice! Working on 8 aswell. My trouble-lane atm is toplane. I worked on jungle this season and got some champs there but toplane.. damn. XD I especially like the part with the "adapt to the playstyle of your own division". This might be a damn useful tip for me since I guess I sometimes tend to try to play like the big boys and just ignore everything to farm and push. I will work on that and your tip will help me very much there, thank you :)
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: play normals and TB. TB will match you with random enemies and as you are B5 you should play mostly against higher enemies. you will learn very fast. after playing TB switch to normals. they have more balanced matchmaking and generally everyone is at similar level (unless there are premades). this should make you use what you learned and you will improve further. also, if you haven't, learn jungle playing different types of champions (assassin, fighter, tank). jungle is the lane that will help you improve things like map awareness, warding, giving and receiving ganks, teamfighting.
Yeah true, I should paly more TeamBuilder games than I momentarily do. It has two reasons mainly: If I open a team, it takes forever to be ready and the other is that I have a worse experience with TeamBuilder games in general. I should probs suck it up and at least get some better MMR in normals to see if I can play against Bronze 4-1 without problems. Thank you for that suggestion. I'll try to get some TB games going. In jungle I am atm just pretty successful with Wukong. I started out learning Jungle this season and with Xin. It was ok. I didnt die in jungle because of his nice sustain but ganks were pretty bad for me even tho he's considered freelo. With Wukong I have not lost one game in jungle so far. My KDA is always very nice and my impact on the game seems to be good aswell. I sometimes neglect one lane and focus more on the others even tho that lane needs my attention but I am not so good at focusing on all three lanes in one game atm. I usually build Cinderhulk on him and the Pink Smite thing for better clearspeed. Then Hydra and tank. I picked up Skarner once because Wu was banned in a Draft and it worked out pretty well too, overall good performance, noone was unhappy with me. Cinderhulk, Blue Smite and overall tank. Xin.. yeah as I said, I can't get the ganks to work too well atm. Chilling Smite with... I think Warrior Enchantment, Botrk then tank. If you have any suggestions for other or maybe better junglers and/or build, feel free to let me know :)
Bralon (EUNE)
: I see you're playing annie aswell. Annie is a really good pick for midlane. I actually had a smurf account ( still do ) that was bronze 5 and I went from bronze 5 to gold 5 on like a 86% winrate with annie only. She's pretty easy to play and really strong. She can farm quite easily with her Q that resets mana when you kill a target and later on with W aswell. She has burst potential but also sustained damage for teamfights. I suggest you practice her a bit, atleast if you like her playstyle.
Oh yeah, Annie. I mostly picked her as Supp because I have bad luck with the pick number, I'm mostly 4th or 5th pick. But I won more with her that I lost and if I won then we stomped because of some nicely placed ults. She's very fun in general and I think I might have neglected her a bit the last few weeks but she should be high up in my champion pool for both mid and supp.
Bralon (EUNE)
: It really depends on the situation. You have to ask yourself: can I get to the fight in time, and IF I get there, can I make a difference? If the answer is yes, then go there. If the answer is no, you should go for the turret. That's also something a lot of lower elo players do wrong. For example low elo midlaners. They Always think they need to carry and therefore roam - to create plays. So let's say your opponent goes bot. You know he's missing, you figure out where he's going ( whether it's through wards or common sense ). What low elo players do is follow their opponent, to "countergank". That's stupid. Unless you can get there in time, which is like... hardly ever, there's no point in following. Instead; ping your team multiple times to back off, tell them the midlaner is coming to their lane. You push out the wave, HARD. Use your mana to push it as fast as possible. Then attack the turret. This results in you gaining farm and damage on the turret, while your opponent loses out on farm, experience, and loses turret HP while not gaining anything ( if your team properly backs out ). That's also a trick to use. Pushing a wave into the tower when the enemy isn't there, means the tower kills the minions thus you denying them a lot of experience and gold. Also: in bronze and even lower brackets of silver people just don't listen and don't think about what they're doing. They just... do weird and stupid things constantly. What you need to do to get out of bronze is just wreck your lane. This may sound hard, but it actually isn't. You can kill them very easily by punishing their mistakes. Just kill them, push the wave hard using all mana/cooldowns, back off, you get way more items and then you snowball. It's a lot easier than you think, you just have to learn how to punish their mistakes. You can do this because in bronze no body is careful. By this time you get so fed that you can almost single handedly win the entire teamfight, which results in your team getting fed aswell thus easily winning the game. When you get a little higher in elo, people start being more careful ( though not Always ), therefore this tactic of just easily killing your opponent over and over doesn't work as well anymore, especially if you don't belong way higher than the elo you currently play in. If you want you can add me in game and we can play for a bit, cloppyfawk is the name. I'll be on tonight.
Ah ok, so I did it mostly correct in the Orianna game. I was against a Katarina that I constantly pushed her out of her lane. But when our toplaner started to force fights all the time, she always roamed bot to get kills (which she did cuz she's katarina and in Bronze apparently noone knows how to counter her (pssst.. CC.)) And I was torn between following and pushing the lane out. So I mostly pushed. I always try to get my wave under their turret before backing in any lane. It was something I implemented in my laning phase immediately after getting to know it. So basically I should mostly ignore my team if it doesn't agree with what's best for the team's situation and just try to get myself in a position where I can try to carry or spoonfeed my team. Or.. well something similar. I guess I will have to find a good champion for that first. I tend to play the more supportive champions like Morgana and Orianna. In this mmr probably not the best choices since they depend on their team heavily. I am currently trying to learn roflstomp Dashuo since any time I have to lane against him I lose lane and he gets out of control. Thank you for the opportunity, I will send a friend request at once but I don't know if I will be online today. Probably but I can't promise much. And again thank you so much for helping me out on this. It's much appreciated.
Bralon (EUNE)
: Okay so this is going to sound really harsh, but it's the truth and meant as constructive criticism. You're, as you know, bronze 5. This means that you are at the moment one of the worst players in the entire game. Yes, it sounds harsh but this is something you have to realize before you can improve. You're bad. Really bad. Bronze players are bad, silver players are bad, gold players are bad, platinum players are bad, diamond players are bad. To take the analogy of someone else: "Basically everyone is shit, and it doesn't matter if he's diamond or bronze, they're all shit, the only difference is that a diamond player is shit with some corn in it." So yeah, realize it. You're bad. There's so incredibly much you should learn in order to get better at the game.. So you're in bronze right now and bronze is the the bottom of the pit. It's not very hard to get out. The difference between a bronze player and a gold elo player isn't huge, they both make SO incredibly many mistakes it's ridiculous, but if you put the gold player in a bronze match he carries. HARD. REAL HARD. That's not because he's soooo much better. It's because he knows a few basic things that bronze players cannot comprehend. Now on how to get out of bronze: there's a few things you need to learn. First a list of importance: 1- Objectives are king. Most important thing to get. 2- CS is queen. Very important, focus on it. 3- kills are just a bonus. Not that important, but when they do present themself, take it. As you say yourself, in bronze matches everyone fights. They fight, and fight, and fight. Look at a diamond elo game on the other hand, and people don't fight as much. Atleast not fights to the death. They farm, and farm, and farm, and in the meantime they poke the enemy and trade with the enemy. Why do you think they trade with the enemy? It's not because they want to kill them. It's to gain lane dominance so they can PREVENT THE ENEMY FROM FARMING MUCH. Because once again farm > kills. 1 kill equals 12-15 CS. To start you can get like 60 cs in 10 minutes. You're already far ahead of any bronze player if you can achieve this. Now another step: learn to play safe. You just play safe, you farm up. Get as much farm as you can and learn to see when your opponent makes a mistake. These mistakes tend to be very very Obvious in bronze. A trick to punish them for these mistakes is through minion control. There's literally no bronze player that pays attention to minions. They just jump you. Now that's like a free kill for you right there, or atleast an OPPORTUNITY to punish them hard ( win the trade ) and therefore make them very cautious allowing you to freely farm. Minions act like extra spells. Especially early game minions do TONS of damage. Really a lot of damage. So if you're like level 3-4 and the enemy jumps you, that means your minions ( you stand close to your minions ) will start attacking him. You're far enough away that his minions won't attack you. This means that all the damage these minions do to him, basically punish him really really hard for jumping you. It's like one or two extra spells worth of damage. Now first instinct when he jumps you is: RUN. That's what bronze players do. They run. Put a gold elo player in their place and he just stands there, lets the guy attack him and attacks back, kites back, uses spells, and wins the trade hard. Learn this, it's really simple. Another thing that's even a problem in like gold and platinum etc. To put give you an analogy: You're a super nerd. You're weak. There's this pro boxer standing close to you. What do you do? This is basically a scenario that happens a lot, and especially in the lower elo's people don't know how to deal with it. Their lane opponent or who ever got ahead, he has more items. So you're the super nerd, who is weaker than the pro boxer ( he has more items ). Now what do you do? You certainly don't go up to him and start hitting him. It's not something you would do in real life, would you? So why do it in game? Instead you're the super nerd so you're smart. Play it safe, outsmart the guy and win or stay relevant through smart methods! Brute force against someone who is stronger than you at this point won't win you the game. soo yeah I think I typed a lot. Let me know what you think, any questions, I'm happy to help. Remember: - Play safe - Farm up - Punish his Obvious mistakes - Focus on objectives
First of all thank you so much for the very detailed answer and no worries, no offense taken. I do know that I am bad, which is why I am in Bronze. I know that from last season to this season I got a bit better and am proud of that but I am nowhere near good, at least from mechanics. I learned a lot about strategies and what you should focus on from watching many, many videos and am slowly and steadily trying to get that theoretical knowledge into my gameplay. I can play jungle now (or at least so much on on 2 or 3 champions, that I get through a game without feeding like a madman and not helping any lane.) a thing I couldn't do last season and my farm is not as attrocious anymore. Still it's not too good but farm has been my main focus in games so far. I've seen a lot of Anklespankin videos to know how laning phase should look like which is why I mostly take farm over engages and just try to bully them out of lane casually while mostly farming. It doesn't always work because I underestimate the enemy but I'm trying and I guess if I can master this, it would be a huge step. So yes, you are definitely right. CS is so important. I learned that in the second game where I was the only one with over 100 Farm after 20 minutes. I tend to be a biiit reckless once I get ahead and misplay but I usually notice and stop it, before feeding gets out of hand which is why my deaths in the ranked KDA have never been higher than 7 and that was with a very ham Leona supp. I tend to overdo it when I play tank support >.> Need to work on that but I really just enjoy the engaging xD But yeah. I try to not die as much as possible. I also don't really go for kills that much in ranked. I have a completely different playstyle there. Just like LeBlanc says, "Patience, Summoner." I play patiently. I am by far not good at that and sometimes my patience just turns to overstaying or being too late. I try to get objectives as much as possible too. I know what to do in theory. But when my team doesn't... what is there to do for me? Should I rather just solo my way through the CS and push all the turrets or help them in their useless teamfights? That's something I can't really figure out at this moment. When to stay with my team, even though I know it might turn out in all of us dying or leaving them to die, earning a lot of flame but maybe get a turret out of the situation?
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Exactly what he said, I won my lane very hard with no ganks (meaning I left the jungler time to do objectives) what do I get? our first dragon was at 35 minutes. By the time I hit 6, Roaming bot is practically useless because the fed enemy botlane will shred me to pieces (thanks 0 4 ADC). I am only left with trying to get some damage done on the tower as my only option after I kill the enemy laner, Oh wait, their jungler just arrived to hold their lane. ffs >.>
Pretty much what I got the last games. I really don't know how to counter that. My team was constantly forcing teamfights and chasing stuff, dying and getting kills. Always saying "we teamfight, then we push" but we never got to that. The first turrets of the enemy fell at 20 mins, when I ignored their teamfight and got mid and top. They were so braindead xD But srsly. What can you do when you get such a team? Is there a way to turn that or are you ... "doomed"? xD
I guess someone like Yasuo and Annie, Ahri... what's named below. But on the other hand I think Orianna could be fun. A shield on Sion ulting and hitting the enemy... provided she's in range, he can load up his q while she slows them with her w or even ults them into his fully loaded q. But ye.. everything that bursts or can follow up with more cc and damage.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Bronze players can't climb because they have mental problems. It doesn't have anything to do with mechanics, champions and whatnot. They just make really bad decisions and they delude themselves to believe they are right, and never learn from mistakes cause they lack the mental capacity to realize they are bad or wrong.
Not all of them but mostl you are right, the majority of Bronze players, that has been in Bronze for a while and is stuck in their playstyle may fit in your description. People like OP (and me ;___;) are stuck because we might not be Gold or Platin level on gameplay and carrying but we got the basic theoretical knowledge on how to win. We just don't have the team to use the translate the knowledge into actions. Carrying yourself out of Bronze if your game niveau is close to that but still distincts you from B5 is way harder than being a Diamond player that can easily carry a team of 2 feeders and one afk to victory.
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