: You can even run the Attack speed one (forgot it's name). You can proc it by hitting W, and then you have tons of attack speed when you R into somebody, instantly winning you the 1v1 later on.
Lethal tempo, yeah its great you can also charge E during the time it takes to wind up
SφuerrΔ (EUW)
: Worlds 2018 missions
Idk about the missions added. But the missions unlock over time. This week with TPA SKT and Fnatic are the only ones availiable right now (excluding the win and complete 34 and 50 worlds missions) the ssg and ssw missions unlock on the fifth of october. Week 2 missions start on the 8th of october and 2 of those unlock only halfway through the week etc. You can read all the missions and the release times at the bottom of this news post https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event
: Popstar Kai'Sa
I think they'll release later but i did some maths and 2500 tokens is gonna b hard to achieve without buying them. and no i have the pass and it isnt there
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: Worlds first win of the day
VN0lt (EUNE)
: Yo lads,i need ya help
Drincas (EUNE)
: Mission: sona or ziggs is imposibile for me
https://imgur.com/gallery/5uW52jg this is how i did it, 3 on hit ziggs, 1 sona and 1 ult ziggs I dont know the ult augments but for on hit I went Bounce, Shorter, Brink, Distributor, Hexhealing unfortunately i think there's a certain amount of luck once you get to kayn just depending on which mobs spawn and which attacks he decides to use
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: Certain bundles are available until 24th of September but the mode and missions are active until October 9th.
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: Odyssey event can someone give me tips?
5 Yasuo man, its legit. augments -wandering -tempest -windwalker -horizon/growing you chose i prefer the cdr from horizon Items -Bork + berserkers on spawn -rageblade -deaths dance -spear of shojin - chain vest or whatever you want with the last 800g
: Odyssey missions ruin gameplay. Introduce LFG please!
yeah definitely this. either that or separate onslaught queues for different augment numbers
Dardan95 (EUW)
: after u get the augments..shouldnt be that hard ..
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Ðusk (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz feedback + exploit
Yeah this is a great summary, I just feel that when you were talking about the plants being everywhere you forgot the bushes, those are everywhere and when the enemy has a Rengar or khazix its just such a pain when you are a squishy champ
: In Aram, everyone gets a random champion. Randomness isn't ideal in Summoner's Rift, because not every champion fits every lane or role.
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