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: Please surrend to 10 minutes for the 4vs5 game :'(
And in ranked when the game is 5v5... i don't know why we get rewarded with -LP when the team only has 4. i think having 1 afk is already punishment enough.. but the system is bad designed for these situation. RIOT should think to rework the ranked system to be more fair in these situations.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Top 5 champs you hate the most
1º {{champion:92}} - shield and stun, can kill undertower 2º {{champion:429}} - jumping around like crazy 3º {{champion:55}} - no comments 4º {{champion:157}} - Shield 5º {{champion:7}} - absurd damage at low lvl and lots of escape ways Removed? well {{champion:92}}
: False reports count
i am sick of false reports too... the last one was... i was jungle i gank and i get killed and i am reported for ks -.- really there should be a report review!!! not a auto trigger system
Kageryu (EUW)
: > First of all I am of the opinion that the automated system producing these punishments is broken. Me and multiple friends got restricted for barely nothing. Granted, when ppl rage at us we get mad sometimes and rage back, but that rarely happens. Ppl report you if you did nothing wrong if they loose or if they do not agree with your opinion on stuff. Interesting. You are of the opinion that the system is broken while doing things that the system is designed to "exterminate". I´m sorry to say it, but you have a serious denial going on there. You break the rules, so you get punished. Its not hard to understand, and pushing it on "false reports" when you already admit to breaking the rules is BS at its finest. Anyways i wish you luck in whatever game you seek out next.
and you are Mr.Perfect . Ok most of the players that say those things think in 98% of the cases they are always correct and forget we are human with human emotions. Matchmaking is broken ( putting u against high elo players be it normal or ranked). Leaverbuster sucks since you can get punished for afk when's there is always the probability of technical issues that the player can't control. And when a player has low priority game the systems punish party players for something it was not their fault and neither of the one with the restriction. There is a universal truth humans are not human without all types of emotions! clear to you if not there's always kindergarden. So -1, well for me is +1 because the game is getting more and more broken with each update, and not balanced and enjoyable. Sorry i couldn't ignore this comment without triying to clear what a human being is to all players who put -1. Have a nice day and my best regards
Kageryu (EUW)
: In that case i will drop the topic. You have no counter argument or even anything of substance. You are just like "think about it, because i´m too much into my superiority complex to tell you" Fuck that, you just don´t want to discuss this in a serious manner. Also: I know my shit about computers. Everyone is complaining about failing patches, firewall issues, faulty data, etc. And you know what? i have had 0 proplem playing over the last 6 months at LEAST. No patch errors not faulty data, NOTHING. Not even random disconnects. The general people in this Game are just too stupid to keep their PC in check.
lol as if u had counter valid arguments. kid
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Kageryu (EUW)
: How so? I´m always open to discuss. Because currently your rebuttal is completely devoid of any substance.
like i said... think a little and work on it
Kageryu (EUW)
: May i quote the OP: > **my pc brakes down when the game is being loaded, at that moment i'm forced to restart my pc** in order to be able to play the match. In case of a Client issue the client would break down and not lock up the entire PC. Because this is about the OP´s problem, not the current problems with maintaince.
yeah you may quote but your logic isnt quite there... work on it
Kageryu (EUW)
: Fixing computer problems is not necessarily money based, usually its time based. And in this case it is the players computer thats at fault not the game.
is it? well update issues, missing files, disconnects because of maintenaince well yeah all player's computer fault. want me to say more errors? loading problems ( game says internet connection issues when there is no internet connection issues everything working)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Endellion (EUW)
: Riot is not your mother, if you know your equipment isn't up to scratch and will crash it's YOUR responsibility to get it fixed. Leaverbuster working as intended.
reply of rich people? maybe u should go through some problems before talking. :) or just shut up. Leaverbuster sucks... everyone knows that, u can get a punishment because of a dam crash of the game. Well games do crash, should the player be punishment for game's fault? hell no!!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
the thing is well.. if that is true its working bad... because i didnt leave :)
Aénigma (EUW)
: Riven
Samaritan (EUW)
: I do not understand this punishment system...
How i understand ur situation... my team start to bad mouth and troll... i go afk because i dont know them for they to insult me, and i get report and punishment. Really this system is a 100% proof to me to start not buying anything from RIOT GAMES, well my wallet gives its thanks. :)


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