Murieldor (EUW)
: Or @riot just stop being such tight pricks and give us free MODIFIABLE pages.
yea, i think it should be cheaper. Hope RIOT gift some **opportunity **to gain them. Opportunity like: shop sale for rune pages every Cristmas or Easter, mission event, on-line web work...
Rismosch (EUW)
: First of all: Your post was terrible to read. Get rid of the icons please... Secondly, the select times are okay. Many people would even say they are too long. Riot even tries to make them as short as possible, because they are so long And what's wrong about editing your runes? I just use 1 page that I always edit during championselect and I always have enaugh time. And at last but not least, a more complicated is almost always a terrible idea. Your idea is too complicated for little to bo gain.
1. I'm sorry for icons, i thought it would be more readable having a lot of images, to compensate my language mistake. I rid some icons. 2. Indeed, In the point 3, i said: We would have be able to reduce the default selection time. 3. You should be editing it for the champion you usually play! I need time to think what rune take for a new champion. 4. The idea is just to give a bit more time for people who need more time. Else we can simplify this: Spawn a button on the client during picking, If no body press it then 10 sec countdown if someone press it then 35 sec countdown Back to my icons: The first means: a newbier **JUMPING OUT**. Then the timing **SMITE **me. I **CRY **for not having my runes I **OBSERVE** what enemies pick rune page setup **EXAUST** me. Ezreal: I'm a **EXPLOLER** of runes Amumu: I'm **SAD** about that. Lux: **LIGHTING** the dark(flaw, bad side of patch) Empty Slot: **BUTTON** to add StopWatch: click to stop **(ADD) THE TIME** Ekko : **BACK TO TIME**, have more time binding for both team ghost: run faster Zilean: **TIME REDUCING** Wukong: I'm **MONKEY** Jinx, Draven: for Cristmas **SKIN**
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