: I'm really enjoying URF this year...
> [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=14Ix6qxe,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-12T11:48:23.688+0000) > Sure, URF is not balanced, and it never will be, but **that's the whole point!** > Played more than 20 games in the past two days, that's A LOT for my standards ^^ > > Even though I needed 9 tries to win a single match at first, it's still fun. I always get triggered when I see people saying this. If the whole point of URF was not to be balanced, why did Riot try to do that with the URF buff? Perma stuns (by one champion) are unable because they gave everybody Tenacity, healing and shields are diminished by 50% at the start of the game. Presumably Riot did that because it would be extremely unfun to play versus champions with stunlocks or perma shield/heals. But apparently it **is** fun to play against any kind of champion that can 1 vs 2 at level 1 and then completely destroy one team from there. Apparently it **is** fun that burst champions have it a lot easier in URF because all their damage is frontloaded. Apparently it **is** fun that the team with the most bruisers/assassins has a 90% chance of winning. The fact that you needed 9 tries to get a single win is exactly what is wrong with this reincarnation of URF. You might have had fun, I can tell you that I didn't.
: The Botting in Bot games
The games are winnable, I even consider them a fun challenge, but you need to go into the games with the mindset of playing 1 vs 9. You need to consider a couple of things. This is mostly if you're grouped with 4 bots, but to a lesser degree they also apply if you only got 1 other human on your team. Midlane is bust. The enemy midlaner will get fed as hell, but on the other hand he won't take your tower down that quickly, there's ever respawning bots in his way after all. Simply avoid mid unless you're sure you can get a shutdown kill. If you so much as suspect a bot in your game, don't play a support (early signs of a bot is picking and locking a champion within 5 seconds, and generally they have low level summoner spells like Ghost or Cleanse). While it probably is possible to 1 vs 5 as Nami, it simply takes way too much time to get to a point where you can. Don't rush defensive items either, you need the damage to get kills. Since all the bots are mid, you're stuck with either top or bot. Generally this means you're in a 1 vs 2 scenario, the beginning here is crucial. Only a couple champions can outplay bots 1 vs 2 with minions, so unless you know your champion well, simply stand under your turret or wait in the bush. The enemy will kill your minion wave before any of theirs die, so standing under tower will still get you into exp range. Now, kill what minions you can, but don't trade. They will hit lvl 2 sooner than you (because their wave is pushing), just wait it out. You will likely be lvl 3 before they are though, so that is roughly the time to fight them. It's hard to get first tower gold unless you go bot, so don't bother. Simply try to kill your opponents and do what damage you can to the tower. If your wave is crashing into theirs, but you're melee and you don't feel safe to attack the tower, simply try to bait the opponent or recall. Make sure you get an item that helps you with waveclear. A Hydra, more mana regen, any waveclear item that fits your buildpath. One of the things you will notice is that bots don't really use abilities to clear waves, they only auto attack. In the early game this will mean they push faster (2 vs 1), but as soon as you got an item, you will always push faster than they do. Another thing to take note of is where pushed waves crash into towers. The first tier tower is typically pretty safe. Not only is it hard to kill the first 5 minutes, but the waves tend to meet just in range of the tower, making it dangerous for the opponent to hit it. The second tier tower, however, has the minions in a slightly different location, which makes it a lot safer to hit as the opponent. If you're top and your bot tower goes down, the second one will fall in a couple of waves. They will keep pushing to the third (which is a lot harder to kill). Obviously you can't afford a destroyed inhibitor, so keep an eye on this lane. Generally you want to avoid taking dragons, though you can do this if you're ahead by a great deal. Make sure you get your red (and/or blue) and that you are at 100% health. Soloing a dragon without a jungling item will take a good chunck of your health. Generally that one fed opponent shouldn't be too much of a bother, they will stick to mid for a long time, and they won't push as hard as an adc can. Avoid mid and simply try to take towers in either top or bot. Once you can reliably solo the two champions in that lane all you need to do is drag them out and kill the tower. While I don't think bots should exist in the game, you can find a kind of challenge and fun in trying to 1 vs 9 with feeding bots. Most important thing is to not fall behind in the early game.
: Explain the Mastery Grades
Ambitious, I'd say. Make sure to seperate games played on different maps (and perhaps ranked/nonranked as well), since those all have their own grading. The largest point I'd worry about is the fact that the grading is always done relatively. Both with regards to your team-mates, but also to however everybody else performed on that champion. You kinda expect such a thing to settle after a while, Law of Large Numbers and all that, but I would not be surprised if Riot actually fiddles with it from time to time, to deal with patches. Or perhaps the system only compares your performance to the performances of people on the same champion in the last 2 weeks. In that case you will need new data every so often. Good luck though, do post your results!
: Wait... there are diffrent parts in Holland? How cute :x
> [{quoted}](name=Kurt Karpfen,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wgFXaG6A,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-05-12T13:32:21.073+0000) > > Wait... there are diffrent parts in Holland? How cute :x We have different accented Dutch every 10 minute drive :p
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=gqjfPFKk,comment-id=0002000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-11T18:39:11.110+0000) > > So, just an example, you would be fine with being permabanned for losing your connection twice because your ISP has unexpected problems, right? > Because that's what you are saying here. Nope, thats not what im saying. I never said one DC would lead to a permabann. Those are your words. I think a couple of days of ban from ranked, and only ranked would suffice, and the next time a week, the third time a month and so forth. > Absolutely no one has a stable connection. ISP problem, hardware or software malfuntion, personal emergencies or a power out can happen to anyone at any time. Nope, I have a stable connection, because I actually pay for a good one, and not leeching from a free-for-all WiFI through five floors of concrete. The only reasons I ever DC (which has happened 2 max 3 times in 2000 games) was because i had to restart my router, which lead to 2 mins of DC, and one time when my power supply broke down, which ofc lead to me being unable to reconnect. You and I maybe just have a different attitude about that, but to me, its just common decency to actually come with the right equipment to a game. Playing with a toaster on a sh***y wifi link with 250 ping and 2-3 dcs per game is like coming to a football game with only one shoe, a broken ankle and the shirt on your legs and your shorts on your head. It ruins the fun for everyone, both the winner and losers. > Yeah...and if don't want to be punished for that you basically have a system that works EXACTLY like Riots system already does. What you are suggesting here is identical to what Riot is doing. Well, my point is that the punishment for leaving, mainly a ranked game, for whatever reason should be so severe that stops ppl from doing it, which it isnt right now, since there at least is a quitter in 1/4 games. Anyways, this discussion is pointless. You obviously think the way Riot handles rage quitting/DCs/leaving is fine, whereas I would have preferred it to be a little more strict, since I think it ruins the game totally.
You may have a good connection because you 'pay for it', that doesn't mean it's perfect. Even the best internet providers still have service-clauses that allow them a couple of % downtime, if only for service. And obviously Riot can't 'demand' that ranked players have the best internet connection out there. Sure, it's your responsibility and Riot can demand a certain standard, but this is not the only thing that can cause players to disconnect. There are also things like power-outages, emergencies, family suddenly coming over unanounced, silly mistakes, Windows doing weird stuff. To give an example, I was once playing LoL and by a complete accident (it only happened once in many games of LoL), I hit the off-switch of the box that contains all my plugs. My computer switches off, takes 10 minutes before I'm finally back into the game. By then we had lost too much. And that's the problem, when you build in a tolerance (let's say you're allowed to dc 1 in 100 games due to connection problems), you then have to take into account all those other factors too, because they are independent. Leaving 1 in 100 games because of power outages, leaving 1 in 100 games because Windows decided to restart the computer. 1 in 100 games because an emergency, etc. But then what if, by sheer bad luck, multiple of those things occur in the same week or something just happens twice? At some point there is one unlucky sod that will suffer from power failure, has family visiting unanounced the next day and his internet stops working the day after that. Does he deserve to be punished for his bad luck? You have to build in a certain tolerance. You may feel that tolerance is too forgiving, Riot obviously doesn't feel that way. And in the end I guess they feel it's better to let a few people that rage-quit go unpunished than to unjustly punish a few people that are extremely unlucky.
Magneset (EUW)
: Meanwhile in CS:GO. 30 minutes 2 hours 24 hours 7 days.
Then go play CS:GO?
: Aram leavers
Dodging an ARAM queue is already far harsher punished than a normal though. Leave once and you can't queue for 15 minutes, leave twice on one day and you can't queue for 30 minutes. Do it once more and you can't queue for 60 minutes. Compare that to the measily 6, 15 and 30 minutes punishment for normals. And while it's annoying that people dodge when you have a champion you like playing in ARAM, it's also entirely possible that they do it when there's a champion you'd rather not play. That, of course, depends on the amount of champions you own and which amounts you (dis)like in ARAMs. I think that a decent solution would be for the game to save your champion once a team-mate leaves. So next time you get the same one. This will prevent you from missing out on good champions (but also on the bad ones). It will also 'force' the person that's dodging to play that champion next time anyway. It's possible that this will reduce the people doing ARAMs, it's also possible they decide not to leave because it doesn't benefit them. Perhaps have this champion 'saved' for 24 hours. Of course, this can present problems with forming groups. If two people had the same champion before someone in their groups left, then they can't join the same match. While I agree that it's annoying when people dodge, especially if you get a champion you really like, the punishment is already quite severe, and it's also not as if the pre-game takes 10 minutes of picks and bans.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Praising everyone after we lost, and...
So you had fun, good for you. But that doesn't then automatically mean the rest of them had fun as well. I'd likely be one of your teammates, being pissed. So let me give you a bit of insight from my side of the camp (I'd like to think I'm a bit more rational than most people, so I might think about this too objectively, but I can also be fooling myself, you be the judge of that). Lost games can be fun, won games can be non-fun. The fun-factor depends greatly on your/your team performance. The fun games are simply more skewed in favour of winning games, because you likely performed better in won games than in lost games. It's entirely possible that what you considered a fun game was non-fun for someone else. Perhaps he had a negative scoreline, perhaps you ended up getting all the kills in skirmishes/teamfights and so other people didn't have the gold (this is extremely bad if, post-game, it turns out they still did more damage than you), perhaps he put all his effort into supporting you and then you completely messed up. Perhaps your decision cost them the game. Perhaps he actually expected you to carry the game with a scoreline and you failed. Perhaps he is sure that he could have carried if those 20 kills had gone to him, or if he had at least 5 of them. Any of those could be a reason to proclaim the game 'bad'. Especially when you decided to brag about what a fun time you had and how you liked the game and how it was awesome and that you felt honored (that is such an empty phrase...). You had 20 kills, I'm sure you had fun. The other people in your team perhaps not. Platitudes like 'good game' or 'well played' can then easily trigger people. They probably interpret that as "Well guys (to your team), you guys didn't have a good game, but I got 20 kills over your backs and still didn't carry t he game, too bad I guess. But I had fun!" And of course the opponent agrees with you, they don't care, they just won. More-over, they just won against a severely fed person, of course they're happy. Or at least the people that speak up. It's very possible that one person on the opponent was silently stewing on his frustration about being camped 24/7 by you. Different people have different ideas about what a 'good game' entails. And different people can have different experiences within a single game, even within a single team. You didn't do anything wrong by writing 'gg', but you also have no consideration about how the rest of your team felt about that game.
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SonenseS (EUW)
: So, you want Yasuo to have an additional boost to your team? Like a Jayce Acceleration Gate? Please no :^) You're suggesting a buff :v I once did a [Yasuo Windwall idea](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/HOIjP62n-yasuo-windwall-has-hp) a few months ago; didn't go so well actually :c. Apparently, you can't find a solution to his Wind Wall :(
> [{quoted}](name=SonenseS,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AHY5Blcw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-20T11:49:22.631+0000) > > So, you want Yasuo to have an additional boost to your team? Like a Jayce Acceleration Gate? Please no :^) You're suggesting a buff :v > > > I once did a [Yasuo Windwall idea](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/HOIjP62n-yasuo-windwall-has-hp) a few months ago; didn't go so well actually :c. Apparently, you can't find a solution to his Wind Wall :( I know! Just remove the windwall, and have his passive (or rather, one of them) move towards its key. It's not like Yasuo's kit is lacking stuff.
Goperod (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Agatorion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=upJ0WWWs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-18T16:36:53.665+0000) > > You can not solo carry anymore my friend, like it was in a good old days. > If you read patch notes they even said that they want prevent extreme snowball, lethality and etc. > They just force you to communicate with team (even if it is brain dead vayne who runs into 5 man) :P > So yeah, just hope that you will get decent teammates that will amplify your ability to carry :D you can still carry yourself to yuor true elo
> [{quoted}](name=Goperod,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=upJ0WWWs,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-18T16:55:57.580+0000) > > you can still carry yourself to yuor true elo But I don't want to carry myself downward...
: is it return ??, havent play aram in a while but in aurf they 100%$ take the roll away i just cant handle it anymore if i get to play what 1 want sure but not if is just a remake game i didnt actually get a game , and somehow i get autofill
> [{quoted}](name=Darkpang,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=RtEuVzAV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-16T03:30:17.313+0000) > > is it return ??, havent play aram in a while but in aurf they 100%$ take the roll away > i just cant handle it anymore if i get to play what 1 want sure but not if is just a remake game i didnt actually get a game , and somehow i get autofill The rolls in ARURF were bugged as hell, you could have 0 one match, and then have 3 the next, even though the maximum is two.
: this doesnt make sense
No, if you reroll in ARAM and someone leaves the roll is actually returned to you, thankfull. Unless you are the person that leaves, in that case it's bye bye. I do agree with the normal queue though. It's rather silly, matchmaking finds you a game with 9 other players and then grants roles to everyone. Someone leaves, and all of a sudden you need an entire new team, and an entire new role distribution? If it's peak time, how hard can it be to find someone in the queue that's more or less the same as the person that just left?
: Stats Science 101: Top Laner Performance
Hrm, easy to calculate metric if you have the data, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. I am, however, curious what kind of stats you guys can come up with for midlaners, junglers and bot. And where these stats will differ from the other rolls (not just in numbers, but in importance as well). To consider midlaners for instance. I would say that protecting your tower is more important than it is in toplane, so I'd consider something like 'tower loss at x' a semi-useful metric. But then again, this is a bit like 'isolated deaths' in the sense it's a much less relevant stat if suddenly the whole enemy team shows up. Perhaps 'Friendly tower: damage taken per minute before 15 / total health' would be more useful? Jungle stats are probably easiest, even easier than toplane. Obviously stats are easier and 'more correct' when they only apply to you and average out the opponent's influence. You're looking to measure your own performance after all. Particular interesting stats (to me), would be health lost (kills?) to the enemy jungler (or team) when in your own, or the opponent's jungle, before 15 min or so. Perhaps per quadrant and perhaps measure it up to the time the tower gets destroyed. Such a statistic would give tell something about how often people get caught out, and whether they could actually do something about it. For botlane I'm most interested about supports. Wards placed, wards destroyed, are all pretty trivial stats. What would interest me is things like 'enemies spotted by your wards / total number of wards', perhaps a stat about what percentage of wards gets dropped in bot or top side. Anyway, that was interesting stuff, hope we'll see more like this in the future. I'd especially like it if we could see all the relevant stats per player (and so averaged over all his games) or per champion (and then obviously averaged over all league matches). Because while the weighted overall ranking is fun (go Vizicsaci!), in the end it doesn't tell you why he's the best toplaner. My 2 cents, you can have them.
: Every game, won or lost, i leave with will to report someone.
Yep, sometimes playing this game feels like work. Filing report after report after report. Then to be honest, I report people for nearly everything that crosses the line. They think it's fun to kick people down and end the one sided trash fest with a 'gg ez', they get reported. They ask for reports? They get reported. They call anyone a %%%% (Yeah, 'lul' actually means %%%%, stop using it, it's not a 'variation' on lol), you guessed it.
Applekami (EUW)
: I love it when im in losing streak
So, are you deliberately losing or...?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GZpdBa5w,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-09T06:43:42.064+0000) > > First off: starting feedback with "why..?" isn't a good way to give feedback. Very true. It not only may make them defend themselves, but it reads for them like "f*cking noobs, don't chase them!" On topic: If there was a 50/50, people won't have win or lose streaks. The 50/50 applies for a longer period of time. Exceptions included.
> [{quoted}](name=WilliTheWit,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GZpdBa5w,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-09T12:30:41.644+0000) > > Very true. It not only may make them defend themselves, but it reads for them like "f*cking noobs, don't chase them!" > On topic: If there was a 50/50, people won't have win or lose streaks. The 50/50 applies for a longer period of time. Exceptions included. On the other hand, the question of 'why' _should_ force people to wonder about it for themselves. Why indeed did they follow those people into vision-less enemy jungle when they could actually have taken the tower for free? Perhaps they know more about the game than I do, and they judged that chasing those kills (and succeeding) was a higher risk and (somehow) a higher reward situation. I'd be the first to admit that I sometimes mess up priorities. If that's the case, I'd prefer to have them tell me about it so I can learn. Very often I don't even get an answer. Just stoic silence. And then when we eventually lose the game, that outer tower I pinged is still standing.
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Tarolock (EUW)
: if you mean that then they are all equal imo, there are champs for every role that are faceroll and there are champs for every role that are hard
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WmVflEYF,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-03-08T22:52:26.118+0000) > > if you mean that then they are all equal imo, there are champs for every role that are faceroll and there are champs for every role that are hard I know, and that's mechanical difference between champions. Things like map awareness, shot calling, keeping track of enemy players, roaming, warding. None of that is mechanical knowledge.
AjBanana (EUW)
: Unranked player playing ranked games with silvers, golds
I had the same, basically. Two seasons ago I did my 10 placements, lost 70% of them, got placed in Silver 2. Then proceeded to get grouped with golds. The whole crux of this? I only played ARAM up to that point so had little to no clue how to play Summoner's Rift. I've not played ranked since. I did start to play Rift normals (two weeks ago, in fact), surprise surprise, get grouped with the occasional plat or diamond person. Yeah, I know that normal/ranked mmr aren't exactly the same. And yeah, I know that this only reflects last season. But still, why on earth Riot thinks it's okay to group unexperienced players with people that played thousand of Rift games, I simply don't understand. As far as I know Riot's matchmaking prioritises group rating rather than variance of the group rating. In the extreme case: 1 player with 6k rating and 4 players with 1k will produce a 10k rated team. Where-as they'd most likely get trounced by 5, 2k rated players. Unless that single player with 6k gets a snowball champ. And voila, grouped with 3 plats, couldn't see the 4th because his protrait didn't show. My amount of games on Rift... 114 It sucks.
Tarolock (EUW)
: my list from highest mechanical skill to lowest: 1. as a support you have to be aware of the whole enemy team, manage vision, make sure your adc doesnt die etc 2. jungler: you have to make good decisions on where to gank, when to gank, keeping track of enemy jungler etc 3. mid: as a mid you can influence top/bot with roaming or keeping the enemy mid on the lane 4. top: they are usually the frontline or they are the ones pushing the lanes while the rest of the team busy keeping the enemy away from pushing 5. adc: get farm and get the kill handed to you by support/jungle
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WmVflEYF,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-08T21:27:27.097+0000) > > my list from highest mechanical skill to lowest: > > 1. as a support you have to be aware of the whole enemy team, manage vision, make sure your adc doesnt die etc > 2. jungler: you have to make good decisions on where to gank, when to gank, keeping track of enemy jungler etc > 3. mid: as a mid you can influence top/bot with roaming or keeping the enemy mid on the lane > 4. top: they are usually the frontline or they are the ones pushing the lanes while the rest of the team busy keeping the enemy away from pushing > 5. adc: get farm and get the kill handed to you by support/jungle While I agree with you, nearly none of the points you make are actually 'mechanical'. They're map awareness, macro decision making, etc. But not mechanical things like outplaying someone, or knowing a rotation, or being able to hit skillshots.
Leset (EUNE)
: Spending that little RP left after a purchase
But the thing is, you ended up at 5/10/15 RP somehow. So if you were to then buy some icon or whatever to reach 0, at some point in time you'd again end up at some low useless amount of RP.
: choose win or lose
Depends on why I'm playing that particular match. Generally I play for fun, but that fun can be achieved in many ways. I like learning, so playing a new champion, a new match-up, building a couple of items differently, those can all be fun. And sometimes I play just to win. So yeah, which option I'd pick would depend on what my goal is for that particular game. Generally I'd take the loss over being flamed though (assuming that for this situation I can't mute someone). It's not even that I can't take the flame (flame can still be considered feedback, see my point about learning), but having a smooth game, even at a loss, can be fun. Especially if it's not a 1 sided stomp.
Doomley (EUW)
: To be completely honest, that wasn't a slight mistake because your sentence wasn't even English anymore. And it's "couldn't have" not "couldn't of". There are a lot of people who make that mistake and it's time to stop making it.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=usAbU61s,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-03T22:46:43.513+0000) > > To be completely honest, that wasn't a slight mistake because your sentence wasn't even English anymore. > > And it's "couldn't have" not "couldn't of". There are a lot of people who make that mistake and it's time to stop making it. I hypothesise that people write it like that because they hear 'Shouldn't have' shortened to 'shouldn't've'. But it still surprises me how many people blatantly forget their English lessons and write of, rather then have or 've.
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: flaming Yasuo mains
It's not just Yasuo. There's a handful of other champions that seem to attract a specific kind of player as well. Draven for example. Riven mains, very often. Zeds too, occasionally.
: *sigh* This debate is so useless. Things would have been so much easier if they just defined the solar planets as "Planets are Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn...etc". As much as I love astronomy...this debate has absolutely no value. It doesn't matter what we call things as long as we have ANY definition for it.
> [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=blmV7YsE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-03T12:41:22.807+0000) > > *sigh* > > This debate is so useless. Things would have been so much easier if they just defined the solar planets as "Planets are Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn...etc". > As much as I love astronomy...this debate has absolutely no value. It doesn't matter what we call things as long as we have ANY definition for it. It shouldn't matter. I'm pretty sure it's easier to get funding for 'visiting a planet', as opposed to 'visiting a moon' though.
: I know I was..
Sooo.... What about the other three members on your team? Or the five opponents that might actually want to practise a bit, rather than getting an effortless win?
: People don't understand how reports work
Hrm, I'd actually not even mention that you were reporting them if I were you. While it's technically not report calling, it can be considered negative behaviour. And sure, you probably won't get banned for it, but why bother? I honestly expected your post to have one of those many "Please report X and Y" lines though. Many people seem to think that more reports mean more ban-chance or something.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: SAnbox mode questions?
I've recently been trying to improve my csing on specific champions. Yeah, in an actual match it will be different, but I've noticed that I miss way too many cs from the first couple of waves, even without interference. Another thing to work on is wave management. I still want to see/measure how long it takes for a slow-push to start battering the enemy turret. Did you know that the waves clash differently if there's a champion in the lane? Other than that I test flashes. Can I flash this wall? If I flash here, what will happen? Can I use this skill in combination with a flash to get a flashy (I know...) result? Or very specific mechanics. There's some very fancy combos possible with Azir (for instance). Yet you're not likely to practise them in a normal match. Several of his combos (especially those with R) need to be practised because his wall can end up at places you'd not have guessed at first. There's also jungle clears. I haven't really jungled this season and I know that most champions tend to have some help at the start, but you can use the practise tool to see whether you can do parts of the jungle, like raptors at lvl 3 with a red buff. All of these are very easy to do in the practise tool and you can easily restart the game if something doesn't go to your liking, or if you want to try something else.
Maniaque (EUW)
: Bjergsen Fanclub is looking for members / "ßjerg" Tag
Yeah, you know that in Danish (you know, the country Bjergsen is from) there is no such letter as the 'ß', right? And you know that in the language where they do have it (German), it's not actually a b, but an S? If you want to have a Bjergsen fanclub called Sjerg, that's more than fine with me. But do note that it makes you look a bit..., well I can't say that per forum rules.
: Can anyone give some tips on how to Jungle?
I haven't exactly played a lot of jungle, or a lot of Rift really, just started a couple of days ago, but here's somethings I noticed when I was playing top. People tend to start at either red or blue, and typically kill that with a leash (and they tend to not use smit from what I've seen). From my (limited) experience they then tend to clear their side (if starting blue) or go invade blue (when red). From what I've gathered, the reason behind this is because both Gromp as well as the raptor camp is quite hard to solo at lvl 2. Anyway, there's a couple of reasons to go for a gank. But most of these should be coordinated with your laner (yeah, not going to happen, so you're going to have so judge whether it's possible). * If your laner is low he might want to back. So either he's pushed into turret and can't back without losing it, in which case you want to chunk out the enemy laner, or just offer to hold the wave for a while (don't mindlessly push it out!). * If the enemy turret is rather low, your laner might (will!) generally want to push out their lane and destroy that turret. If there's a recently recalled enemy top laner in the way, you might want to help with that. Note that it also really helps (in this scenario), if you can either find the opponent's jungler, ward the enemy jungle near that low tower, and generally adjust your path to kill some camp nearby. * If you're comfortable with tower diving, or have some ranged abilities, you might see lanes (most often top) build up pretty large minion waves. Either forcing the enemy laner out, killing him, or just throwing your spells at him under turret will cause him to lose a lot of cs. Now, obviously a kill is preferable, but any of those above points will help too. Other than that, you might want to asses your team and see who is most likely to carry. That might be you, if you're confident in your play and champion. In that case you should go for the easiest gank (bot lane is typically a level or 2 behind the rest due to it being a duo lane). Unfortunately the most oppertune times to gank requires quite a lot of communication and forsight for both the laner and the jungler. Small cooldowns, mana pools, even uncertainty about the presence of the other jungler, all can influence whether you're going to be succesful or not. Anyway, whatever you do, do not go chasing for a kill. There's only three possible scenarios: You get him: worth he gets away: both of you waste a lot of time but he gets away with low health, he wins. You get killed: not worth. In general, not worth.
Gnartisan (EUW)
: Morals; thoughts on the gamemodes of League.
I agree. When people come up with the argument "It's just normals/arams/weekly funmode, so I can do whatever I like", I very strongly feel the urge to go into their ranked games and start saying "It's just ranked, so I can do whatever I want". The fact that these people are 'invested' in ranked games, and not in normals (or ARAMs, TT, fun-modes, etc.) doesn't mean that every other league player thinks the same. And hence the argument is simply based on the idea of "I don't care about your enjoyment of the game, only about my own". I can easily do that in ranked too. Fortunately I don't have to, there's enough trolls to do that for me. If Riot comes out with a game-mode with the description "The team that manages the most time spend dancing after 20 minutes in lane, wins" or "The team with the most deaths (player kills, not executes!), wins after 15 minutes" or "We've handpicked itemsets for every champion and you can only buy these in this match. The sets are designed to offer as little usefull combat stats for your champion's kit" or "The team that spend the most time in combat after 10 minutes loses, hitting skillshots does not put you in combat, getting hit by them does", then I would accept the argument "It's just a fun mode". But until Riot actually releases such a mode, the argument is senseless, and everybody using it should be ashamed.
Seikan (EUW)
: Back in the past the support gave you a little bit rp if you were missing it for a skin or so, maybe they do it with essences as well? Just write a ticket and ask friendly. Asking is always a possibility.
I think they generally expected you to send a LoL related picture or drawing with your request as well.
Ur mum gey (EUNE)
: Worst thing is when it's a 50 min+ game, the game has been going good for your team/it's a pretty balanced out game and you make simply one mistake that makes them able to turn and they win and say "ez"
And then you get to report them, almost makes losing worthwhile!
Menardy (EUW)
: Can we get insanely hard punishments for ragequitters?
Like just about every other option, this can either be exploited or will end up with a ton of people that got punished for no real reasons. I can take myself as an example. Note that I do not ragequit, ever. I started a game and will see it through. Yet a few weeks ago I had a very bad game, (Was playing Tristana in ARAM, not that this really matters), was like 0/5/1 or something. I was annoyed, and like most annoyed people (I think) I sometimes slam my hand on my desk, sweep it through the air, shake a fist at my screen, or whatever. This time I was rather pissed off (beyond normal levels) and I... jerked with my leg. Which then proceeded hit the off-switch on the powerblock that governs my pc. While my pc is relatively fast, it takes ages to restart due to all the crap that's on it. 10 minutes later I logged in, just in time to somehow enter the end-game lobby. Anyway, while it happened in an ARAM, it could just as well happen in ranked. It's my own bloody fault I played bad, it's my own bloody fault I hit the off-switch. Yet I had no intent whatsoever in ruining the game of my teammates, should I lose 2 ranks and be unable to play the game for 3 days because of a single moment of uncoordinated frustration that resulted in me hitting that off-switch? And if not, how do you legitimally discern between me hitting an offswitch and taking 10 minutes to come back in the game, or a person that just ragequit? Your idea means that anyone who happens to have a bad day (and we all have them) should suddenly fear for his account in case: his internet just so happens to fail that day, there is a poweroutage, someone flips a switch to cut off the power in order to replace a lamp, etc. etc. You're connecting two events that are more or less chance (ie. playing bad and suddenly being unable to play) and you connect a harsh punishment to that. While you might catch a few ragequitters with it, you will undoubtedly catch more than just that.
: I challenge riot to find a player with a bigger % of afks on their team than me.
How many games did you use to get those numbers? Also, you should kinda calculate what the odds are with that amount of games. It's a sad and unfortunate truth that, due to the rng factor of who goes afk, there will always be people that get fucked over and have more afkers on their team than on the opposite.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: When I see "ez" in the chat or when the game ends I tilt out of this universe. Then I report them with joy and then I'm perfectly fine. Too bad after those reports my senpai called "Report Feedback" never came to me. I think I'm not important to him. *cries*
That moment where some jerk just so happens to have a counterpick to you, completely trounces you in basically everything, the game is finally over, and he goes "Ez". That moment where your suffering suddenly becomes unimportant, glee fills you, because as annoying as it was, you could not report the guy for playing a certain champion. But you can report him for "ez"! Sometimes it just makes your day when that happens.
: Probably the same reason most people don't yell "racist/sexist/etc." when someone disagrees with their opinion? Since when is negative feedback a bad thing? Do you not want to understand what you're doing wrong and improve on it? is your ego that fragile that when someone says "you're an idiot for building 6 boots on ashe" you decide to silence the person completely?
Well, that's a whole slew of assumptions here. Disagreeing with me is one thing, if we were not in a 5vs5 match with the goal to destroy the enemy nexus, I might actually be interested in hearing what you have to say. Of course, if you expect/want me to listen, you actually need to come up with arguments, preferably math or solid logical reasoning, and a calm, polite demeanor, or I will just stop listening to you. Negative feedback is one thing, but I have no desire to listen to flame, insults, poorly constructed english sentences or orders. You start out with the idea that you can teach me something. Perhaps that's true, perhaps it's not. From my perspective I have no reason to suspect you actually know more about a particular thing than I do. And even then, there is not always a single best option. If you want me to take into consideration what you say, then it's your responsibility that you phrase your comments in such a way that I won't dismiss them as words from a toxic flamer. There are only a couple of reasons why a person would build 6 boots on Ashe. Either the person is a complete noob, doesn't realize that six boots offer no improvement over 1, doesn't realize that they need different items to be succesful on Ashe and simply doesn't understand. In that case, simply mentioning the facts, ie. explain the idea behind UNIQUE -, and mention other, better, buy options, would greatly help such a person, and hence improve your game. Calling that person an idiot for buying 6 boots does not make them likely to listen to you, nor does it offer any advice on what to do instead. If you get muted for that, it has nothing to deal with ego, only to do with the fact people have no desire to listen to you. Which is completely adverse to your goals, right? Since you want to offer advice, have people perform the correct actions and win the game, right? Right. The other reason is that Ashe is simply being a troll. In that case it doesn't matter what you say, because a troll will not listen anyway. They rejoice in the fact you mention what they're doing. They want to hear your frustration seep through your words. Why give them that pleasure? Besides, you and I both know that things like 6 tears on Riven, 6 boots on any character, etc. don't happen all that often. Those are not the cases you got banned for. If those instances were the only reasons someone flames, we'd have a lot less flame than we do today. No, you flame, for whatever reason. And that flame is not welcome, so people report you. Asking them to just mute you because you want to flame in silence is a request, something they undoubtedly don't feel like granting after you've started already.
: Why are toxic kids are being punished?
So, you want me to press the mute button because you cannot help but press the enter button and write flame? Since when is it my responsibility to make sure your toxicity cannot reach me? Why on earth would I do this, when I can just go report you in the end-game lobby, also press a single button (okay, press 2 and click atleast one box), but have a decent chance of getting you permabanned? I have two options, and the reporting one gives me a lot more satisfaction, gives me a shot at removing your toxicity from the game (almost permanently!). And requires roughly the same amount of effort. You've garnered no goodwill from me by flaming or being toxic, so why would I go with the less optimal choice?
LunaGoose (EUW)
: 'It's a normal'
Rod sounds like a tool. I agree though. I personally hate the argument 'It's just a normal'. I do agree with what you said about trying out new things, sure. That should go unsaid. The fact (some) people feel the need to point out 'it's just a normal' is, quite frankly, retarded. I could just as easily go into a ranked game, lose my team the game by playing bad, and claim 'it's just ranked'. After all, I don't give a single piece of shit about (any, especially your) ranked games. If you don't want me to go queue for ranked games and mess it up for you, then don't go play normal games and mess it up for me. It's common courtesy. Of course, in a game with 9 random other people on the internet, there is a reasonable chance someone did not get there dose of common courtesy at birth. In the end everybody plays this game because they enjoy it, because it's fun (atleast I hope this is the main reason people play). However, the main goal of the game is to win. Quite frankly, if you're not going into a match with the intent to win, but just with the intent to 'have fun' or 'fool around' or whatever, then you should have picked another game to play.
: what kiddies copy, without even know the meaning of it
Did you know that Kappa is a letter in the greek alphabet? It looks basically like a k and I personally would not be surprised if it, via the Romans and their Latin, is the basis for our letter k. In Japanese folklore a Kappa is a mythical creature, part man part turtle, that kills and eats humans. Most assuredly, it's not a word/emote on twitch to indicate sarcasm, we already have LOL! and xD for that.
: Fuck you Rito!
While I disagree with the way you brought it, they do really need to fix that loading screen. My pc may be a few years old, but it does everything just fine, my internet connection is among the fastest and since i live in the netherlands Riot's data center is pretty much next door: my average latency is like 9 ms. And yet sometime the loading screen just... fails. Everybody at 100%, still nothing happens. Apparently everybody being loaded is not enough for the game to start. If that's the case, simply add another loading bar that does tell me when we it's done. Or atleast give something that tells me everybody is stuck on loading screen, and it's not just my game that crashed while everybody is already on the map. So several minutes on the loading screen, everybody 100%, what do you do? You alt F4. Restart the game. It then starts complaining about the fact that it cannot reconnect (and this happens regardless of whether everybody else loaded in and you could not, or you the map was still loading). After a minute of telling it to try and reconnect, it usually starts complaining about the client already running, and it requires you to restart the entire game. If you're lucky, you finally get the loading screen again, now with just your portrait. The latency is suddenly multiplied into the 20s-30s for absolutely no reason. And then you get into the game. At this point you figure out everybody was stuck on the loading screen and during your forced reconnect it resolved itself: the minions haven't even spawned yet and champs didn't even reach their lanes yet. Or you were stuck on the loading screen when everybody was in game and you come back some 2-3 minutes in. Worst of all, the loading screen often gets stuck after someone has a hard time connecting, either due to a slow computer or worthless internet. I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about the mechanics of loading into the game via the client, what exactly needs to be loaded, how the system tracks that, etc. But I cannot help but feel Riot could easily tell me whether I have a real connection problem (ie. everybody is loaded in, I am stuck on loading screen and I need to reconnect) or whether we're all stuck on the loading screen and we just have to wait a bit longer. I really hope the new client will have such a feature.
: Trees
Interesting question. I googled it and couldn't really find a good answer. Seems as if evergreens have the advantage basically everywhere (evergreen needle litter affects the acidity of the ground which then favours growth of more evergreens). I'd make a comparison between the trees and animal species that do or do not hibernate in winter, but I know way too little about tree physiology and energy consumption to make a good argument about that. What I learned today and won't forget: tropical trees are considered evergreens as well. While it certainly makes sense (the tropics are ever green of course) I can't help but feel it annoying breaks the relation I thought it would have with temperature.
: So why is 'naming and shaming' banned?
> So, earlier this week I queued as ADC, immediately the designated support, a troll called HDHam, instalocked Lucien and said he'd feed unless he got ADC. I should have dodged at that moment of course, but I thought we could make it work. > > This guy then didn't even connect from the start, the first 10 minutes of the game it was just me versus a Jinx + Morgana bot. I got pushed in from the start and I couldn't do anything, died 4 times under tower/defending. Then that troll finally connects, sees my score and immediately starts flaming. I don't really reply, just state we can still win this. However, the guy just walks into lane as if it's kindergarten, while he's level 1! He gets killed of course and starts flaming the rest of the team for not helping. > > Thankfully the team agrees to surrender at 21 minutes. This lucien completely ruined my promoseries, not only did he not connect for the first 10 minutes, he also just died 4 times by simply walking into the fed Jinx and flamed the rest of the team. All in all it was a very unpleasant experience, can we ban this guy please? The above is of course, not true. I did not play Soraka in that match you lost, nor do your cs numbers point to a 10 minute disconnect: 113 farm at 21 minutes is pretty bad, but it would mean pretty much perfect cs if you had disconnected the first 10 minutes. I very much doubt you flamed in that match either, and since everybody on your team has abysmal KDA I suppose it was just a bad game, rather than you walking into jinx 4 times without reason. Regardless, it's doubtful many people will actually take the effort to check this. So you're painted as a toxic feeder without you ever doing anything. There's a reasonable chance you wouldn't see my post, so you didn't even get to defend yourself. And if you actually were a toxic flamer with a faulty internet connection, it's very likely you will not feel ashamed seeing this post either. So in the end, getting rid of that policy would hardly be positive: 1. People who don't deserve it (that includes people that just have a bad day which gets interpreted as feeding) will be publicly shamed 2. People very likely to not visit the forums/read the thread/post about them. In the case of the innocent this removes any chance of defense. In the case of the guilty this means they won't notice 3. The people governing the forums have no authority over what happens in-game (or vice versa) so it's not as if a thread calling out certain people will lead to restrictions or suspensions. 4. It would pollute the forums with an overabundance of threads about people that should be banned, were trolling, etc. even more than it is already.
Lo5tMikey (EUW)
: Grow up
Growing up is hard; if it weren't, everybody would do it. =/
Rioter Comments
: being blind and ignorant and engaging 4v5 for no god damn reason after multiple warnings in chat
Unfortunately, I can only give you one bit of advice: Make sure there are not 6 waves top. That sounds very silly, I know. You're probably agitated and feel you can't do anything about the behaviour of your team, but you did something crucial: you analyzed where it went wrong. In this case: the team fought 4vs5 and lost. So how to fix the situation? Well, first you can try to not have your team engage/be engaged upon. However, this requires 4 people to listen to you and make the same decision. Something you cannot force and is unlikely to happen on its own. Even worse, a lot of people suffer from a 'sunk cost' fallacy: only 1 person needs to engage and the other 3 are likely to engage with this person in an attempt to salvage the situation. That generally only leads to bigger losses. So how else can you make sure the team does not fight 4vs5? Well, simply don't leave the team, or have teleport ready. Not leaving the team sacrifices a lot of farm (and potentially exp) and so is less optimal. Teleport is not always available. Thankfully, this is a problem that can be fixed as well: make sure the scenario (where there's 6 waves battering top) never happens. Now, I'll be the first to admit I only have simple ideas on how one would do that (simply fight 5vs5 before the minions group up, for instance), and none of them are a guarenteed win. But the idea remains: you can actually influence this lane/the situation before hand so that your 4vs5 fight doesn't happen. Either have another lane slow push to them so it's an even trade if nobody defends, start a fight before the minion waves reach critical pushing power, try getting a pick via wards, etc. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, nor can I claim I actually follow my own advice (just a lowly silver scrub here after all). But it's important to realize you can do very little about your team's behaviour, **and** then realize you need to try to find the time/place where you could have influenced the situation to benefit your team. In the end blaming your team for a loss can be completely justified, but it doesn't help you. It means the next game is just as likely to be thrown as this one was. The only thing you can do is see where your actions could have made a difference and learn from that.
: Only afking/trolling should be perma banable.
> so if people knew that if someone shit talks, they should just mute and be done with it, and not spam /all with "omg im getting flamed report plz" we would see alot less reports and a big difference in "offended" players. Why should I have to mute someone if they can't behave like a decent human being? Don't get me wrong, I'm not someone who will cry out in /all chat about reports, but I see little use in letting people getting away with offensive or rude behaviour. Yes, I can mute them, it still means I have to witness their first few lines of toxicity. I rather play the game where flame doesn't happen in the first place. There is the small hope that people will learn that certain behaviour is not tolerated and that they will face consequences if they proceed with their behaviour. Of course, that lesson should have been taught by the parents long before a person even got old enough to play LoL.
: I'm asking for unban my account
So, you had issues with your family, you knew you were in a bad/touchy mood, yet you still went and played LoL, a PvP oriented game with a community that's generally considered to be less than positive? I had several family related issues last week as well, I only touched LoL to get the daily win or play a champion I enjoy vs AI. As boring as you may think that is, you should have done the same.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: That Project: Ashe doe...
And once more I regret the fact I already have two Ashe skins. Perhaps not the best looking skin ever, but it's up there.
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