: Which faction is ivern from?
: Seraphs Embrace (upgrade version 750/750 mana) Sell bug
Wait, I remember this being posted a long time ago...They still didn't fix this? o.O
: Because we hate each other... it's Europe... read a history book man
don't get what you're trying to say with that...
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: There is no reason.
Why you shouldn't be toxic? For the same reason you don't just randomly insult strangers in public: Because you shouldn't be a d*ck.
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Oscaimiri (EUW)
: Flaming should be allowed
This is an interesting opinion, but we would appreciate if you explained **why** you think that flaming should be allowed. What are the advantages? Is there something positively we get from allowing flaming? How and why do they outweigh the disadvantages? If you really want to be taken seriously, you should explain this to us. Or else it has no sense to open a thread about that topic.
Hidin (EUW)
: Before I joined the group i was sad, lonely and bronze. But this group has changed my entire life! I climbed out of bronze and I got some mates to play with! It's truly worth trying
this sounds like one of those fake reviews for one of those shady "make 5000 euros PER DAY" ads... I like it!
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: I don't know what makes you say my logic is flawed. Maybe you need to re-think what you have just said.
No, no. Your logic is totally not flawed, it's perfectly fine! Just continue feeding and leaving games, I bet you won't get banned for it. Instead, I think you'll get even more key fragments!
: I left a game and got a free key fragment
With that mentality I totally can't understand why you already got banned several times. And yeah, it was definitely because of your leaving and feeding and not because the "rewards" were coincidentally just given out when you finished the game. I totally understand your logic!! *sarcasm off* please play a different game if you plan to continue this behaviour. Like...Fortnite for example. Isn't that still a very popular game atm? Yeah, definitely, go play Fortnite.
Adis555 (EUNE)
: What happened to kaisa
It was always like that. New champions aren't immediately available but rather in the evening after the patch or even later
: Yes, he thought you would gift him a skin and now is pissed. Continuing to contact him over the topic will probably just piss him off more.
We actually never talked about gifting a skin, it is a misunderstanding, he has mistaken me for someone else. What's so hard to understand about this?
: If he doesnt want any contact with you anymore why not just let him? He doesnt seem like he would want to argue over it.
Did you actually read my post till the end?
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Glazebone (EUW)
: Where did the real honor go?
Interesting and reasonable explanation. I somehow agree with you, honor badges aren't what they used to be. A suggestion would be that you don't get an honor screen after the game. Instead, it should be like in the past: you have to click on the person to actually honor him. This way you at least think about honoring someone for a second and don't randomly click on one of your team that "at least didn't flame". This just degrades the worth of honoring someone. And...why is there even a time limit to honor someone? Like "CHOOSE NOW? WHO WILL YOU HONOR? YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS LEFT! DECIDE KNOW!" Also, the limit to one honor per game should be removed. You can have an awesome support but also a genius midlaner who both deserve to get honored. Why should you not be allowed to honor that person, too? There are so many flaws in the system, but your post summed up one of the main flaws, the ones that create the opposite of what the new honor system was meant to do: create toxicity over something that should reduce it.
: emotes
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: Yeah, but I think with 'something', he/she implied killing anything, like a minion or monster, would give a free ult stack.
https://puu.sh/ziO12/0b03f14a71.png rewards still pending stay patient!
: nerf swain
Congratz on your balanced constructive critizism. Your post was a real enrichment for these boards. *sarcasm off*
: Zoe's Designer works on the Akali rework.
Let me speak out some predictions: Ult gets free stack when killing something. Damage doubled when jumping out of invisibility. because...double damage is a good and balanced thing...kappa
: lmao i did the mission and i didn't recive the icon RITOOOO!!!!!! FIX IT {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Being able to read and research is the perk of wise people ...and the answer is just a click away. https://puu.sh/ziO12/0b03f14a71.png be patient
Strigina (EUNE)
: I hope not. Playing new Swain will be matter of luck as he will be banned/picked all the damn time. All other regions (Piltover, Zaun and Demacia) were obtained simply by clicking "claim icon", I hope this will be the same. After all, it's not Swain icon, it's Noxus icon.
the last quests always had the possibility to also complete when playing AGAINST him, so there's still a chance provided that your team doesn't ban him.
: Frankly i find it way more similar to Darth Sidious, mostly for his behaviour, and for the general feelings of his powers too. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/evil/images/e/e2/The_Force_Lightning.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/300?cb=20150904232551 Then i have to say that it's rather unsettling that almost anyone would instead compare him with Lucius Malfoy, which seems to suggest that Harry Potter is the "reference of choice" for a whole generation of readers/players. How disappointing is that :D? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
His kit screams Palpatine, his looks scream Malfoy, yes. But most of us saw the splash art first, then his kit. And you know, first impressions are those which shape our mind the most
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: Support active item replacement suggestion.
So basically "bring back old items that Rito deleted 2/3/4 seasons ago but tweaked" ? :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: What's a clipboard?
the stuff you copy with Ctrl+C is saved on your clipboard and can be pasted with Ctrl+V
sirDarts (EUW)
: Hummm, I play quite a bit of ARAM, and I have not found any bots. Some AFK every now and then, but no bots. In Co-op vs. AI though, there is a WHOLE bunch of them...
It depends on how many ARAM games you've played. I barely encounter bots in ARAM on my main account but when playing on my smurfs, bots are in every ARAM I play. Worst was when I played with a friend yesterday night and got 3 bots in my game while playing vs 5 humans. Those weren't the best (they played rather poorly) but obviously, we lost the game because of that huge disadvantage.
Emai (EUW)
: better? :^) https://puu.sh/z1Ez1/bf5f09218a.png
haha yes x) As a Jhin Main, I must steal....uh, download this meme for personal use
Emai (EUW)
: https://i.redditmedia.com/MewYrh3o86OHsMIYArs9f4KvdLZkYmXfbEY-WYZmjt0.png?w=538&s=e453ec26276cd6f39800f448619c4595 memes
somehow I could see the meme in the preview but now when I click the link, there's an error message
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MjnbFl4Tmc xD I remember digging around in VR chat videos earlier
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: Same, and it began the moment I dodged on a troll support.
: *yawn* SJW's are out in full force today
Common sense and SJW-ing are not the same. Call those mindless feminazis like that but if you start something like THIS, at least argue properly instead of just shouting "mimimi SJW" when someone has a completely different opinion. This is lazyness
: An English explanation for the rudeness of French Players
Meanwhile 99% of all french players are not even recognized because they don't tell you they are french. Just because one minority is the loudest doesn't mean everyone else is the same. Keep your stereotypes where they belong- In your damn head.
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: The winter map is able to be turned off for that very reason. There's a tough line between "doing some cool stuff" and "making sure clarity is at the forefront". By giving the option to switch to and from it, it gives a little more leeway in the "do cool stuff!" section. The only mode that it is not able to be toggled in is Snow Battle ARURF, which was designed around snow and the map. While maybe something that'll change in the future, you're free to toggle off the snow map in other modes to avoid any issues you may have (it should also be notifying you of this every game in the chat if I remember correctly)
Will there maybe, someday, be an option to choose between different SR themes? If there is an option to disable certain "event" maps it seems like it is at least possible to make something like that. Heck, you could even make SR themes purchasable. I'd definitely buy this.
Solash (EUW)
: Using meme faces in 2018 :/
being a normie in 2018 :/
: chests without keys bundle
That is weird. It's pretty easy to get a chest if you're premade with some people. Just play a champ with which you haven't got a chest yet and manage to get an S on your party (only one of your premades - you included - needs at least an S-). Boom, free chest. :D Well, key fragments are harder to grind since you can't directly influence how many you'll get. That's why I'm sitting on 9 chests without a key :D (I wish we could change places :P)
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iiSey (EUW)
: New competitif Gamemode. (Clash) downsides
School at the weekends? Well, that's not what "a lot" of others have o.O
Hairblob (EUW)
: I can't create a team in the new 'competitive' tab.
Yeah, that's the problem. You need to be ranked in at least one queue type to be eligible to join or create a team.
: Does damage to champion statistic at the end of the match include reflected dmg by thornmail?
Yes of course :) You automatically deal magic damage to the enemy when he attacks you while having thornmail, same happens with Rammus. So you'll see it under "magic damage dealt to champions" (or of course the damage overall, but you can usually see it better by only looking at the magic damage graph)
: i feel like that is {{champion:412}}
one of the reasons why this is the case https://puu.sh/yBg7W/b8fb757d1f.png although I'm not a support main C:
: Crazy...I know!
well, that's an awesome idea. But I'd rather have a support with Jhin's insanity than one with Jinx'. It's way more twisted and interesting C:
: Bug with hp bars visually
My friend had an even worse problem: His health bars were completely gone and the only way to fix it also was restarting.
: 'Inc Mage' (Cancelled) Could it be, remade to a different champion?
Heyho! Just passing by and wanted to let you know that a pretty famous Leaguetuber made an interesting video about that topic. I thought you may also find it interesting, so I'll leave the link for you here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Smz0ntF260 Have a nice evening {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Man, best thing you can do when someone is flaming you is to shut up and report them at the end. If you write something wrong while you try to argue with them (which it's completely useless anyway because why someone should try to reason with people who already decided to insult him?), you risk getting punishment too. So don't write anything, mute them if you feel like it, and then report them. And live long and prosper.
I wish I could somehow show you the chatlog of this game. I didn't even argue with them, that's why I am so depressed about their behaviour ._.
: M u t e b u t t o n
Sadly you can still read their messages after the game even when you muted them ._.
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