: Mehh..first contest of this kind that i apply to and i win just a key. Not to sound like someone who's sour about it but let me give some feedback as you asked for. There was A LOT OF PEOPLE who joined the contest,but only like 6-7 cosplays i belive. Something around that. Reason i joined was to have some fun and hopefully win some rp to buy the Championship Ashe and maybe some other stuff but mainly her. Donating is great and i love the skin so there's no better option right now. Now. Not to diss on others that joined the budget cosplay and i am sorry if anywhere in this post i come off as rude which i might but i am really not hating them,but seriously..iv'e put couple of days into making a star guardian cosplay,first time doing a cosplay too, I wasn't expecting the highest prize but i thought i'd win at least something. But i got beaten by a dude that put a bottle cap in his eye pretending he is Urgot,and a dude that put 3 forks on forehead pretending he is Shen. Now,they were somewhat funny ill give them that but is it 'shits and giggles' over something more quality/better looking? Man it's a contest not 'What skin can make you laugh more' but Dardasim and CreepyNait who won the prizes made almost 0 effort from what i can see,and a moderator said the cosplays Will be judged Accordingly and that they Will take in account if the skin is not following the theme of Star Guardians etc. and i quote > Your entry will be judged by, thematic coherency and ingenuity. They had nothing to do with it. Someone decided they should win just because it was funny on the first look? These are their cosplays. Urgot; https://imgur.com/a/vd4jw Shen; https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/322282012192800778/357606263426646016/InkedIMG_20170913_215917_LI.jpg AND THEN the 3d winner AsiaPL. She actually made some effort and made a cute looking star Guardian outfit and you put her on 3d spot,something that should actually qualify and that is actually good,really? 3d spot? Wow. Imo she deserves a higher place but whatever. She did pretty well if you ask me,if any of 3 of them should have been the number 1 it should have been her. Her cosplay; https://imgur.com/a/RQQR7 Whoever judged the skins weather it's few people or a bigger group at riot or wherever, i think you should not be the judge on future contests or at least next time follow your word. Your judgment is pretty bad if you ask me and don't think of me as someone who can't or doesn't wanna lose,just look at the skins and tell me is that the right order of winners? Yes they are somewhat funny,but that's all that first 2 are. No thematic to event,except urgot being a meme but still. They are budget cosplays so i don't expect something WOW but that girl did way better than them. BUT THIS is a part where i feel a little scammed because a mod told me this and i decided to make cosplay after his/hers respond. When i asked does it have to be a sg skin thmed or just any skin from league. > It doesn't have to be a star guardian skin, you can pick whichever champion you want as long as something in there has to do with the Star Guardian theme. 'As long as something in there has to do with the Star Guardian theme' So why did you overlook this and lied? I decided to make a cosplay after he/she replied to me,and i decided to stick to SG ezreal as he is the only male skin from that theme and tbh i thought my chances were good. Tell me,beside urgot being a meme with sg skin line how is he Valid? And then the Shen one,what did he have to do with the Star Guardian theme as you asked for? How were those two 'judged accordingly' I'm just wondering. People waited for days for result,I'm curious on who are all the people that judged and decided the winners. Because it's not cool to say something like that as a dev,and the result to be complete opposite of that,except that girl that actually did good. They also said. > In either case it's more important for people to have fun and submit entries than the actual limitations of it, but still it's not a raffle so the entries will be judged accordingly. 'But still it's not a raffle so the entries will be judged accordingly' Oh really? Doesn't feel like that one bit. .-. It really was fun making the cosplay and i was hyped for doing more of it in future but i'm feeling pretty down right now.. And you can judge me for this but i still belive my cosplay was better than the first two,it can be matter of taste but judging by the facts given in the 'requirements' for the budget cosplay, I did everything right and in order except having the flashy anime blue hair like ez does lol This is imgur you can check out what i'm talking about. This is just the normal one. https://imgur.com/UsjKAXT And here are other two i made for memes with some editing that is 'sg related' for friends and people who don't know how sg ez looks like. ;P https://imgur.com/JVqtFmV https://imgur.com/UZL38wW So yeah,that would be my rant. I doubt many people from community would read all this,they won't care or the post is long/boring,which i totally understand i'm not asking you to read it in the first place,to them i'm probably a 'Stop whining baby rage kid,learn how to lose' or something lol But the actual respond, I'd like to get from Moderators or people who actually judged the Cosplays to give me some kind of respond how their choices make sense. Give me your thoughts on this,was my cosplay that bad that i lose to something like 2 first winners? I mean, I made mine from stuff i had at home,only thing i bought was Glue but i still worked on it for few days,if i knew i'd get beaten by something like them..Meh. I don't wanna offend them,both cosplays gave me a little giggle but that's it. No theme,nothing to do with SG skin like or event theme, i do not know how long they took to make those but if you ask me judging them,they could have been done in a day or maybe two if you were missing one piece. I don't see much effort in them either. And put yourself in my shoes for a second,you do your best,making something for days,for the first time for a contest about your fav. game and then you lose to those two..I'm sorry but your choices seem rather poor as there were better candidates than those two. Maybe nobody will even read all this and i'm just wasting my time but man it just sucks because i feel really scammed and slightly disappointed in myself too,like i am the one who did something wrong... Like i got lied to by someone who i thought that never would lie to me since moderators are awesome on Boards and they are usually nice people. Why tell me one thing and then make it not be like that in the end,you could have said something like 'Yeah any skin from the game that applies can win,we will just pick one that we personally like the most,this is a Volunteers Star Guardian Event: Artwork, Missions and more! but yeah,you don't gotta do anything about it.' ._. I also had 390 dust,was missing one mission to have maximum number of it and i even drew for the raffle,but i got no words in that since it's all random,still just all adds more 'Sad' feeling to me tbh to not win anything but a single key which i'm still grateful for. https://imgur.com/dfOrbsA I'm sorry,that's all.
I was following the contest through out the other thread i didn't participate tho but i saw ALLLLL of the posts and every entry xD i stumble on you on threads now and then But i somewhat agree with you looking at those two and then yours..yeah feelsbadman you should have won something This is probably the reason i don't join xD it looks like they just pick something random rather than looking at everything i think even one of the best drawings didnt get a prize if i remember usernames correctly
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey Apllo, I really want to announce the winners, but we still got to wait for a few checks. :< Hopefully that will be over soon, and finally put it live.
Aww sorry to hear you're having troubles,yeah hopefully it won't take too long.{{sticker:sg-janna}} Good luck to everyone who participated! {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
Poramies (EUW)
: Not a fan of that system either.... and what's more annoying is that I don't know which icons count for the quests... the poro one and the Ashe icon that i crafted with those tokens and love it but don't know if it counts when I try to do the 5 close combat champ quest {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
> and what's more annoying is that I don't know which icons count for the quests Why didn't you bother enough to search it up and find out if it's so annoying? -.- Sorry it's not all on a plate in your face.
: Please remove the need to equip icons to do missions.
It's just during an event lol jeez chill. Such an unimportant detail too. If it 'ruins the point of the icon' (Which by the way it doesn't,you can use it later) It actually gives more purpose to all icons that you can use for missions including those who give emotes,proves you're somewhat participating in the event as a community. If you're so eager to stand out and use a certain icon 'For a reason' it can wait. Do missions and go back to your main one. I did my missions in one day,few games and went back to my icon,no problem at all to use the event one for just few games. Plus you'll get more icons to use in future from Pick Em missions. You'll live without using your main icon/s for about a month.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Coxis (EUNE)
: Yup, just gotto announce them. :)
Well..announce them already! xD I didn't participate,found out about it late lol but i'm curious who won what.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Zandernak (EUNE)
: Well, that escalated quickly.
Yeah just go to player support thingy they will give you if you make some content stuff just like others said above good luck {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hello everyone! Just here to point out one thing. Sorry if the Caps Lock on some words will annoy you if it's not needed for it to be in caps, I just did it so you can easier spot the words that are supposed to Rhyme in my..poem thingy..haha yeah,hope you enjoy. ====================================================================================================== I sit here now,lonely in Night,looking for some noobs to Fight. But I look through the window and what do I See?! I'm so shocked, I spilled my Tea,all over my Knee! Star guardians,flying through the Sky,their saying Hello and not Goodbye. They are here to protect and Stay..um..Rammus: Okay! But something shines on my screen,so I look down and i Glare,holy sh#t,level 5 Flare! Now I'll look cool and all Lit,people might not think I'm Shi-Ahem. But still no signs of Honor Capsule. Though, I know you didn't get it either,don't worry Bro. The shop shines too,full of New Skins,that will sure get me Wins. (Right?) Star Guardians,they are all so Pretty! Except Ezreal,reminds me of Brittney.(My Ex) With that being said I must buy them all! But as i see the price on my tea I Choke, I realize once again, I'm Broke. 13 Rp on my Account,couldn't buy one, if it was on Biggest Discount. They came to earth,looking like Stars,I'm about to drop some Bars. Soraka has wings coming from her butt..Um..I got nothing,Cut! Onto the Syndra we go,she has 3 balls. That's more than You,and she'll probably leave them Blue. She's not your waifu so stop W-anking,I'd prefer Ahri if we talk about Spanking. But let's stop folks,enough with dirty jokes,and bad puns,lets admire Mf's guns. I'm sure Ahri and Kiko will lead the team Well,to win the prize, i'm Wishing upon a Well. Those three mystery skins i wouldn't mind them Too! Since my little skin collection would Grew. And all those pets they look so Cute,I'd rather tell a story and win some Loot. As a mid main,On your surprise, I'd like to win the first Prize,and take that Ahri home,so I won't ever have to be alone.{{champion:103}}
Damn thats the best one ive read so far lol good job man. I saw some good one but this takes it home for me xD some parts made me giggle loads {{champion:33}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:16}}
: Honor players that did well in a game.
Agreed! Nice to see a friendly post like this now and then. I myself don't honor often but ill try not to rush end game screen and give honor to those mvp-s! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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