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: The bug has been reported on the boards before and I'm sure Riot is aware of it. Best we can do is to wait till it's fixed.
its annoying tbh. but i posted a fix for Missions + Augs not saving. they work but Augments wont work ingame even saved. its gd to check your augs at least better than nothing. the fix worked for multiple of my friends. had to post it feels bad not progressing in missions.
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Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
found a way to open the augments tab in collection. just press on profile while your in collection then press on match history. when match history is loaded press on collection and go back to augments. worked for me. having the same issue with augments. Also about saving keep trying multiple times after u finishing putting the augments go back and do the same method above and click save. should work after multiple tries. Annoying but better than nothing.

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