: You need a hug and someone on your side.
Alas it is way easier said then done
: that would be unfair to those who don't want to fight a champion just yet
Why wouldn't they want to face the new champion in normal draft games? "Oh boi i don't wanna learn how to play against the new champion because it is not like anyone will pick it in the near future" - suddenly faces new champion for the first time in ranked - feeds his ass off - calls the new champ broken af - goes and complains on the forum on how the new champion in broken. What about those who want to get good on the new champion? Isn't it unfair for them too?
: yeah but even that is not ideal as you have to race to pick her (and it could incur in a lot more dodges) one thing riot could do is to "pull an overwatch" and make a new rotating gamemode that is released only when a new champion/reworked champion goes live. the mode would be similar to overwatch's "no limit" where you can have any number of the same champions in the game (as opposed to one for all where everyone is forced to use the same champ) that would be the only way to lessen the stress of a new champ release :)
They should just make new champions and rework not bannable in normal draft queue, that's is much simpler to deal with this without having to go through blind picks which is utter cancer for the ones with a slower internet connection
TGTheg6 (EUW)
: I got a bugsplat just before joining a ranked match, and then i got a 5 game ban?!? thats unfair!
Rioter Comments
Lolpol223 (EUW)
: Kassadin's early game
Kass early is shit for a purpose, he is a god in the lategame
Icepaw (EUNE)
: If your out of range, your ARE OUT OF RANGE!
While your point is somewhat legit, if Riot would to go through such changes, then they'd need to make a lot of changes to all the champions that got affected by it since it would be a decent nerf to all of them
: Katarina
Play Kassadin
: Does anyone enjoy playing against assassins?
Aside from Zed, i actually do enjoy playing against assassins, because it is quite thrilling to try to see who will outplay the other. And then the snowball effect kicks in and the game is over
: yeah taking action LOL, nice meme
Remember that people don't receive any punishment for only one offense, otherwise there wouldn't be many players left.
: why does riot not punish for "ez" at the end of a good game
This is indeed a form of bad behavior, and thus should be treated as such. I believe i once read somewhere on the forums that Riot was already taking actions toward those players (provided they got reported).
: Why'd you think she's good, let's start there
Actually Zoe can punish very harshly bad positionning, which is good at low elo, on the other hand her range, mobility and utility isn't good enough for the supp role
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: Kassadin on URF can always have maximum stacks on his R thus dealing massive damage with it, something he can never achieve in normal games, especially if you consider that he needs to have mana items if he wants to cast R with maximum stacks even once
Here goes Presence of Mind. Taking a kill and leveling up allows him to not have mana costs for the next 7 seconds. And if you chose the 45% cdr path, then you just buy morello and gets your mana back on every kill/assist. As a Kassadin main, there's close to no point playing him in urf now.
Antenora (EUW)
: No. If anything Maokai needs URF related nerfs.
then what's thepoin ofplaying URFssadin?
Rioter Comments
: in his current state aside from maybe the dragon it just feels weaker than the old morde most people would agree mordes rework was a train wreck immediately it ruined alot of the fun people who enjoyed him had then theres the fact he was pretty much purposely overtuned just to try and force a melee bot laner to work
Yea but then he got multiple changes to his W that allowed him to go top as an ap bruiser. And personnally i love how his Q works, how you can just bonk people's faces for a bazillion damage and the fact that his laning phase is based on his W and not his E as it used to
: Hes not as far off actually last I heard of it hes in the same tier as Nunu on the reworks and if we consider how out of whack Nunu is well... Besides the main idea of his rework was to experiment with a melee bot lane deal and thats what failed he was given so much power way beyond what should be ok and now its been taken away hes basically an awful version of the old Mordekaiser
His gamestyle is different, and right now he is more like an obnoxious lane bully that can take both the laner and the jungler alone with a proper set up. But against consistent cc, he is way too weak.
: his rework is conisdered a failed experiment and he will be reworked again and someone like me is looking forward to that because the last rework ruined it for me i used to love mordekaiser but not the forced crap that he got reworked into xd
Actually even though it as a failure, he still got some cool features. But for now, since he is nowhere near getting reworked again they should fix these bugs since Morde isn't the only champ impaired by those
: Morde has so many bugs that someone made a book filled with them. Morde needs a full rework. Because bugfixes will take way too long.
He already got reworked and he is fun to play now. But the titanic hydra bug isn't that important since you usually don't build it on Morde. Unless it is because of this bug that you don't do it.....{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: he has so many bugs that if you remove his helmet you'll find yasuo
Rioter Comments
archerno1 (EUNE)
: I dont get it why people always get triggered when Riot tries to sell something. What do you want? Riot invested resources into making those. Designing, programming... Why should they give it away for free?
I know that additional content costs resources to create, but honestly even if the prices were halved, i don't think i'd consider buying one.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Non gameplay related cosmetic stuff tends to cost real money in free to play games. Because they need some way to get paid without "pay to win" or "pay to play" approach.
Actually, non-gameplay related cosmetic income is but a small part of what Riot earns every year. Your point is only relevant if and only if Riot does nothing else beside providing us a free game to play...
GrandTanat (EUNE)
: Since when is few dollars worth half a liver and both kidneys? About the second question - it's because hiring artists who make them costs money and since Riot gives away more and more free content through loot system and - soon - leveling system, they have to somehow cover the costs. Besides, emotes are an additional aspect of the game - not essential to the main game, so selling them for IP is not justified, unlike with runes and champions. Even if other people using them bother you, you can always mute them and pretend the whole thing doesn't exist.
I can easily get why they are not purchasable with IP, what I don't get is how expensive they are. I mean c'mon, even if the prices were halved, I wouldn't consider buying one on a whim (unlike a good skin for a champion). Actually they'd probably earn more by lowering their prices and selling more emotes.
Rioter Comments
: How to play against Zed or Katarina mid?
Actually Kassadin is a strong pick vs kata and zed can be evenly matched with Talon. A mage won't stand a chance against him due to hexdrinker being a godtier early game item though
Sycu Sid (EUW)
: BUG you can kill Dummies in Sandbox!
Yasuo is so broken he can slay target dummies omfg please rito nerf (lul)
: ahri bug
The charms seem to be bugged since 7.9 actually. Champions tend to do random things when charmed (by Ahri or Rakan). Some keep executing their last command before charm (which sometimes involves using aa, which is quite sad when the charm lands on an adc), some move in a random direction (not only backwards, but sideway too)...
MrGerund (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=18922514 7154,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7gEus6QN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-28T17:57:19.620+0000) > > I hope riot bans everyone who flamed her!!!111 elise did nothing wrong, 20 deaths new meta
You can't give enemies gold if you are not worth golds. kappa
: Akali or Talon
Actually, you should watch Professor Akali on youtube (chalenger OTP akali). Sadly i don't know any equivalent for Talon, so you'll have to look it up yourself
Granclan (EUW)
: Patch 7.10 --> Rakkan ult charm not working properly
Actually, on players, it seems that they can just walk freely around or they simply just keep following their last movement command. Sometimes, I'm not sure about that one, they seem to still be able to aa freely
: ye I will try :) thx
Try to buy {{item:3165}} it really help you stomp a game if ahead, and allows great comebacks (and it brings back old memories from an ancient curse that hit LoL a long time ago : AP Yi)
: Nerfs and buffs
Nerf Heimerdinger should be on your list
: LP loss and gain has nothing to do with your lane, role or a Primary/Secondary/Fill, it matters from how you play, your scores, your wins and losses. So this is pointless in some way because it kinda doesn't make any sense. _{{champion:56}} Darkness is scary and full of bad creatures, ward your bushes! {{item:2055}} _
Yea i know, but autofill will systematically put you where you are not used to play, thus making your game tougher or you to win. It'd be nice to have some compensation back when this happens, since autofill is mandatory. At least in lower elo.
Rioter Comments
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: She didnt get her first nerf. She was hotfixed on 7.9. And if you think 100->20 resistances early + a slight CDR nerf isnt hard, I dont know in what world you live, especially because she wasnt that broken in the first place.
Having 100+ armor/mr at lvl1~7 instead of 200+ isn't relevent at all early on. Heck she could have had over 9000 armor/mr at lvl one it wouldn't change a thing (which is alsmost what malzahar has at lvl1). Except that Sejuani is a tank. And again tanks do not need high burst potential in fights if they already have huge CCs > she wasnt that broken in the first place. I don't know in what world you live either. Mine is called reality, how about yours? If Sejuani was not broken in the first place, explain me how come her ban rate skyrocketted that high, considering that Zac's and Maokai's did not.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played as is the assassin trying to kill you
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Yes, lets take away what is her only real source of damage. Lul. You clearly have no clue about balancing. Btw she just got nerfed again, pretty hard.
Yea right, she'd be trash if she wasn't able to quickly deal 40%maxHealth as magic damage on a single target while being among the tankiest champions in the game and having shitloads of CC plus a plong range engage ability which heavily CC the entire enemy team. Extremely resilient tanks that can hard engage on an entire team do not need to also have huge damage while building full tank. That's what plagued league not too long ago, that's what gave birth to the lethality cancer (which thanksfully has been fixed). They nerfed her early tankiness which isn't the issue with sejuani. The numbers do not really matter this much, but the frequency of them being up in the early game was the issue, and it still hasn't been fixed. > Btw she just got nerfed again, pretty hard. No she did not. She just got her first nerf, a small one, and let's hope that won't be the last.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: She aint permabanned tho. She has 7% banrate meaning she is banned in 1/14 games
Actually she has 35% ban rate in Gold+ up to 50% in diamond+
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: >Yes kassadin does %%%%%%ed damage Once he has items. >most safe laner ever and can kill you whenever he wants Kassadin is absolutely trash pre level 6 and pre Rod of Ages/GLP. All he can do is poke you with Q and E once it's charged. Most mages can bully him out of lane because he has no way to reliably CS from a distance aside from his Q. >. OO not broken at all. %%%%%% level broken honestly. So why is his winrate hovering around 50-52%? If he was broken, his win rate would be through the roof.
Kassadin is an "anti-mage" assassin, his point is to dominate mages in lane. If you are afraid of him, just buy few mr early and enjoy your peaceful lane, for he will never be able to solokill you unless you make mistakes. Also Kassadin is now playable since there are way less AD assassins mid nowaday (thanks to the nerfs to that stupidly overpowered lethality)
: The exact same thing keeps happening to me, literally every 10 seconds I'll disconnect from the server whether it's during champ select or on the home screen. It's incredibly frustrating
ikr, but the most obnoxious thing is that you get leavebusted and you have to wait before reQing which is downright stupid. I don't mind losing a fex LPs (98 LP hehe xD), but having to wait 30 minutes because Rito (the company hired by RiotGames to take all the blames) decided to dodge for you is quite infuriating.
Rioter Comments
Rstonius (EUW)
: That's not the point, my point is the fact that flaming team members increases the chances of a lost game, because flaming someone usually tilts them more than they are tilted at that time, leading to bigger mistakes leading to losses.
Then what do you do when you have good advantage over the enemy team, and your mates refuse to listen to you and keep making the same mistakes again and again thus throwing the game while all they had to do is listening to you once ? It is easy to tell people what they did is wrong when your stand from the spectator point of view, but when you are the only one in the team knowing how to win a game and nobody listening to you and telling you to shut the %%%% up, what do you do?
Biuvoc (EUW)
: man.. plz not that excuse.Players that are really mad use that excuse so mutch in games..Stop being mad for a simple post.Its stupid lol..Are you really that idiot..
I'm sorry, but there's not any "Gibberish" option in Google Translate for me to understand your language. Maybe it is a extremly advanced english form that our human brain cannot fathom to comprehend...
Rstonius (EUW)
: Do you not see the correlation between flaming and taking the base? If you flame your team "It just tilts your allies which lose their focus and thus do stupid things that they shouldn't be doing thus losing the game." but you also argue that to win the game they need to take the base. Like, don't you see that if you don't want your allies to tilt or make stupid mistakes then don't flame them. If you want to win and have your team take the base and not throw the game, don't flame them. Flame = Tilt = Mistakes = No base taking = Loss. Simple math.
Don't get me wrong dude, flaming IS bad and should never be encouraged.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Insulting does not reduces your chances of taking the enemy base, it is completely unrelated. It just tilts your allies which lose their focus and thus do stupid things that they shouldn't be doing thus losing the game. But here we can't properly argue about anything, considering too many informations are missing, such as timestamp and replies from his allies.
Kìńg (EUW)
: Banshee Veil Cancer
Only option left is to buy a hextech item and proc the veil with it. Good luck with that bro.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Winning a game entails on taking the enemy base, nothing more, nothing less. The thing is, people don't really play to win a game, but to show their skill superiority to the others by having as many kills as possible, which is crazy dumb. And that way of thinking is enough to tilt off many good players thus creating this kind of reaction. League is a team game, but if there's only one guy that wants to win then imagine how terrible the experience is for that player BECAUSE his mates do not want to win nor to listen because they think they are the better players since they got kills. And playing into a strategy that you know will lose you the game simply because dumb people do not want to follow the winning call is something that make you rage very quickly.
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