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: Report calling is a bannable offense. It absolutly doesnt matter what the other person said or did. If they are flaming, whining you just mute them. If they troll, flaming wont change anything so you just ignore them and move on. Its that simple.
Sumoners Code This does not say to not call for reports. it does however state to Drive Constructive Feedback and Facilitate Civil Discussion, which is something i was doing.
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: At least now u can stop flooding chat
I wasnt flooding the chat. This is the entire chatlong from a 40 min game. It also doesnt show the Other 9 players in the game's chat. the 3 people on my team would spam the chat a considerable amount as they flamed me. and the enemy team would also spam the chat more telling them to stop typing in All chat. My "Chat spam" as you call it was mostly a conversation with 2 other people on the enemy team, i would say one thing, they would say something back, and i would reply. Its not a spam or flood
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: Drophacking or Server Issues?
I was also in this game. and i can confirm that approx 5mins (around level 2/3) into the game there was a large Lag issue, server stated "trying to Reconnect" After about 2 mins the game kicked me back to client, and then another 2 mins it allowed me to reach loading screen. Upon getting into game, Tristana and Yasou (enemy team) (Sung Kang + BuFFDuDE) where still in lanes, farming as if nothing had happened (both around level 5) The the game did it again, kicking us out and then after another 2 mins letting us back into the game. And the Above mentioned where now level 6/7 to our teams level 2/3 And the 2 of them where very cocky in game chat and was aware of no such "Lag" The game was a swift 4-0 surr vote at 20 mins however there was no Loss prevented (which riot implement into issues like this)

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