Arahida (EUW)
: Just got perma banned
And the other thing that bothers me, is that in the last game, the enemy had 2 or 3 premades and they literally honor this guy for doing that! And encourge him! That's really nice, such a great community! In the last game 2 of them said: "i will honor u and report the other ones". Really nice...
: i dont even had a warning once since season 6 still 2 weeks bann because i went apeshit once, i usually always mute people but they literally stood there danced and fed the vayne just so they lose the game because they were bitching at each other
Well, my top laner last game did that(Pantheon). After dieing like 4 times, he ult bot and give "free kills" to the enemy adc. Then he started to buy ap items and flashing and ulting in our base. Fun game... lol!
: Greetings. I know it is normal to get angry about trolls or feeders, everyone here got mad at some point. But it's actually really important to try to keep your cool and not flame your fellow players. Think about it, you're not acutally going to change anything by yelling at them, you're only going ot make things worse than they already are. We do not like flaming, which is why it is punishable, under every circumstances. If players break the rules, they get punished accordingly, and the same applies to you :/ --- Also, you must've had punishments before, since behavior related permabans don't come without a warning. You should've really thought about your behavior after that, but i'm afraid it's too late now.
Well, I understand that, cuz I was chat restricted, I didn't flame till they started to troll. First 5 minutes, I was watching my own lane... I backed and watch a bit on other lanes, THEN I watched lanes Pantheon(the top laner) died already 2 times to theyr top lane and started flaming the jungler. After that at 10 minutes he started FULL troll, he bought Sorcery Shoes and ap items. After that he ulted bot under tower and give free kills to the enemy adc. I couldn't do it anymore! It was really enough for me, since we already had 2 guys who were in PROMO. What if U were in promo? And have someone like that? **I mean, he died to the enemy top laner like 3/4 times, he can even GO 0-10, BUT please play normal!** We can still win, even if it's a "little" chance, late game u never know. BUT NO! 3 GAMES, same s**t, different players!
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: I did better, i bought rp like 5 games before my permaban :D
Well, that sucks for u man :P. I actually bought a Vayne skin... cuz I love Vayne :D haha Thank God, cuz I wanted to buy RP to buy all Vayne skins... haha
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: your in gold league, having high plat players is a possibility Another reason is that maybe there MMR/Level has decreased so much that the end up playing with high gold players...
I don't know what u saying... :P I am in plat 5, and just got matched up with silver players. I don't care why... is ok... no problem. THE PROBLEM is, if they match a plat player with a silver one, WHY I can't duo with my silver 1 friends?
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Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
The thing is, now you will get reported for "offense" every time. No matter if you have a bad day and MAYBE you are feeding, or you lag and need to restart for a minute(that never happend, but who knows...). You will get reported for verbal abuse, negative attitude or stuff like that every single time. Dis gon b gud!
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [19-03-15]Unable to Login/PvP.NET Server Timeout.
Summoner Name: Arahida I can log in. And i can go in the game. I play for like 10/15/20 min with normal lag, but after that i get a 400 lag and it keeps saying attepmting to reconnect(but never reconnect again). I need to close the client, close the game... and restart. When i am logging in again, and click "reconnect" to the game it doesn't work always... sometimes it don't happend anything, so i need to close it again and restart it again. This happen since the last patch(i've never had this problem till now)... and my internet is working with no problem. Sorry for bad english... and thank you!
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