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: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
I have the same problem playing mid as primary and support as secondary role. I am a casual player with only time for a few games on the weekend. Before champ select i was only playing Teambuilder games despite the higher waiting times because i don't like the copy and paste race to get your role in normal blind pick games. This weekend i only got my secondary role in all games i played and to be honest i enjoy playing support much less than playing mid. **My suggestion for unranked champ select:** Add another option 'Only play primary role' in the option selection for the secondary role (somehow the opposite of the option 'Fill') I would have no problem to get a lower priority in the matchmaking queue then, leading to higher waiting times for me. I personally prefer to wait 10 minutes for a game where i get the role i want to play instead of getting the unwanted role so often.
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: possible duplicate of [new-champselect-prefered-role]( also: [secondary-role-support-always-support](
Thanks i will post a comment there as well and upvote it!
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: I disagree with you. I believe that there is no reason to add an option 'Only play primary role' because it will take probably more than 10 minutes to find a match and because come on man why should riot put such an option i mean this is totally useless atleast in my opinion.
>>man why should riot put such an option i mean this is totally useless atleast in my opinion. well it is not useless if you only want to play one role as a casual player, which i cannot do at the moment. Other option for riot would be to make the support role somehow more attractive so more players pick that role. If picking support as secondary role means playing that role much more often than your primary role something is broken in my opinion.
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