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o0Kushh0o (EUW)
: go play akali mid now than shes complete trash tier garbage ty riot ... Akali already had problems with match ups easy countered by a damn trinket or pink ward but MEHH every1 was like akali too op akali no counterplay what about yauso or lee sin than ? riven? fiora? WTF how can i not complain about this when u support the game u invest your hard worked money in it ,rather than buy some food for your family just bc u like to play a champion u get skins etc.. Than it becomes unplayable the only champion u had fun to play with but who cares ........
HAHA well if you would rather spend money on a game than buy food for your family... no words for that
: Just ignore these posts.. they are whiny bitches who think its cool to bash rito for every shit. i played veigar twice after the change an reached 1300 ap at aprox 28 min due the new q and could 1 shot the enemy kennen with my ult. i dont see any problem here
Yeah i had amazing games with the new veigar and i do not see the fault with him. I feel the fault might be with the actual player that just wants to put something down and let it do the work for them. There are many ways of actually making this new veigar work wonderfully. But then again my post was not about veigar anyway, he was just an example. I just think someone should actually thank RITO for a change on what they actually do for the game as i have seen many games like this just become rat Sh1T, but this one just gets better and better, always changing keeping the game alive and interesting.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Sometimes changes are to be tested and get out fine, while changing the champion's identity. Sometimes it just makes it utter garbage. How is a champion with bad laning phase, 0 reliable defensive tools, extremely unreliable damage, squishy as hell with no scaling with tanking whatsoever going to be good? I'm still thinking about it. When you add tons of counterplay and nerf ratios, it's a nerf. And a harsh one at that. Just imagine if there was a warning before you use an ability like a blink. Like :'Hey, in 0.75 seconds Kata will shunpo, beware !' Nah, it would destroy the champion. Same if you did that for ez, zed or whoever.
I understand what you are saying yeah. I still feel that with most people in the heat of the moment they don't even realize the Hey in 0.75 sec i'm going to destroy you. But hey! i do understand why people complain about it. I just feel that the nerfs do not totally destroy the machinics and that changing the style of play it might actually be better. Then again thats also just my point of view. :)
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