: How to play Master Yi
Well you are on the right track of watching and reading what proficient players do and build on the champion but you as a player need to improve map awareness especially for the jungle role. You need to learn camp spawns and pay attention where the enemy jungler shows up so you can 1 counter gank if you are strong enough or punish them for the gank by going into their jungle on the opposite side and taking as many camps as you can while trying to not die to their top and/or mid in the process. Yes for Yi generally Jax, Nocturne and Xin are hard match-up early but you shouldn't have problems with Kha'Zix as you are much stronger then him early game, especially at level 2 when you have your E for the true damage and go to contest the crab with a stacked Conqueror. Yi doesn't really look for fights that much as he looks for opportunities to gank where the laners have used up their CCs or most of them and the rest could be dodged with the Q, otherwise you farm to get the core items and then you can fight people. Also you might want to learn how to W properly as that can really swing the situation in your favor or let you survive situations where you probably would die. It can also work as an auto attack reset for the double strike passive. The build is team comp situational in most cases you get Yellow jungle item, Rageblade, boots and the rest depending on the situation. You build Blade of the Ruined King first if they have a lot of tanks and if they have a lot of CC you start to build Mercury Scimitar second/grab the sash only first and continue with the rest of the build as normal. If you are not feeling confident you could try something like Yellow jungle item, Rageblade/BoTR (if tanks), Boots, Steraks/Deadman's Plate, Titanic Hydra, 6th item depending on the situation Mercury, Wits End, whatever you haven't build as second item etc. Oh and skill order goes like this: Level 1 - Q, lv 2 - E, lv3 - W/Q, afterwards you put 3 points into Q and max out E and put points at 6, 11 and 16 to the ult, then you max Q second and W last. You can put an extra point in W at some point if you need the extra healing and damage reduction. These are just some rough pointers as there are somethings that can only be understood by trying them out.
: well yea he is stupid powerful in 1v1 and during the laning phase he can bully you and your jungler like Mike Tyson on a punching bag but guess what ? The moment he get out of lane, if he's not fed he's useless.
So essentially just shove lane and look for roams because you can't beat him 1 v 1 early game? Unless jungle camps for you?
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: That one is just like Morderkeisa: Strong in 1v1, but weak in 5v5. That means, having a fed Kled cannot garantee you a win; this is quite different from some other top laners.
At least Morde still has clear windows where you can "safely" trade and back out. Kled just goes ham and relies heavily on the passive to bail him out of danger.
: ***
Here is a clarification for your offensive ass of my own. There is a huge difference between me learning to play Akali and me knowing how to play Akali, second I know the match up and what to do vs a Kled granted I play champions that I actually know to play and in ranked instead of in Normal games where i try different things out. Third me not being able to play Akali well as of yet doesn't change the fact his passive mechanic is not broken because it still is. Just because a Garen or a Darius give absolutely 0 %%%%s about it doesn't change that fact. Finally Kled is not really that popular atm, I see Urgot, Sion, Viktor, Aatrox, Garen, Darius in 90% of my games. Once in a blue moon Teemos and Yoricks as counter picks, sometimes a Vlad pops up. Oh and I main jungle.
: Burst him down as soon as he pops out of untargebility
easier said then done, as I said the instant you engage for the kill he autos you twice with W + Q mounts up again and you already used up cooldowns so can't really back out. So he ends up living with something odd like 3 hp but 800+ shield of Skarl.
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: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
Goal: Gold+ Status: Achieved But jesus was it annoying due to the forced 50% win rate match making which rubberband punishes you for a winning streak so hard you start to question life. Started by being placed in Gold 3 after placements with high MMR, managing to go to gold 1 promos for Plat 5 then it all began downhill very fast and 20 game losing streak in a months time playing only 2/3 games per day to minimize fatigue and tilt (also because being busy with work). Ending up being stuck between S2 and S1 for 3/4 months duo to crazy rubberband and the occasional high elo smurf. Not to mention the constant nerfing of my main role, the Jungle and/or the champions I play/masteries they use due to another champion abusing it due to their kit. Every time I started a winning streak it would be followed by a losing one in games which could not be won due to afks or the opposing team being way more skilled/co-ordinated then mine. (smurfs, pre-mades, even sometimes 2 sets of pre-mades).
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: Darius R reset bug
there is a short window where if the target dies Darius's R resets even if it wasn't the cause of the kill but its a really small window, so yes its working as intended.
: Chat doesnt works
same thing, also when you close the launcher and attempt to re-open it nothing happens, it doesn't even register it as opening it in Task Manager.
: I WAS IN ALPHA - Zed Ult syle
Seems like she hit you in the tiny amount of cast time of the ult just like Yi's Alpha Strike. (why does he have that when its the only "escape" tool he has is beyond me). The same thing can happen with Zed's W too.
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: Hello ArcherXIII I can see you as lvl 29, but if you continue to see yourself as lvl 3, get [Ccleaner ](https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner)and clean your cache and cookies. Currently there is no ETA to share when the issue is going to be fixed but when it does, players will get some bonus time to do the missions.
it basically updated itself somehow after I posted but if you never make a topic once on the boards you can be stuck as level 3 for years.
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