: Yep, it's true. I tried many champs today and even Alistar does waaay too much damage, not to mention Lulu with only spellthief she takes does half hp of the enemy adc with q/e. This sucks, lethal tempo on kog, I was playing a normal game and Kog stood still, like he legit didn't even move 1 inch and killed everybody. This game isn't challenging anymore.
It feels like either some of your mid or top kills the enemy adc in the beginning of the fight or the whole team disappears in a couple of seconds. And this is not 40 minutes into the game, it happens after you get 1 kill on the ADC.
reb3ls0n (EUW)
: Even tank supports go like butter....
Yes! You can build full tank and get killed under 2 seconds by the enemy ADC :S
flaixman (EUW)
: You tell vayne? have you seen veigar with stacking runes and the magic hat? R each 30 sec xD
The point is EVERYONE does to much damage. It feels like everyone just oneshots eachother and the one who wins is the one who attacks first.
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: that's exactly the point. there is a tool to get rid of flame chat, but there's no tool against trolls. sad. what gives me hope is that i recently received 5 feedback notifications within 4 days. and I didn't report flamers, as I have none (except one); I reported trolls. so, the report system seems to work. but it takes way more time to filter out a troll than it takes to recognize a hard flamer.
That gives me some hope too. ;) But it still feels like they are one step behind if they focus on after something happened instead of encouraging more people not to flame!
Wadud92 (EUW)
: I believe it is getting worse. But I do not think players are becoming more toxic. What on earth are you talking about I hear you ask. Simply put, I believe with how the shape of the game is now it is a lot easyer to get frustrated than in previous years. A support main like myself may get frustrated with high damage ranged mage supports An ADC may get frustrated with being sneezed on and dying A mid laner may get frustrated with having to play against the same champion pool all the time A top laner may get frustrated at the fact that even if they obliterate laning phase, the enemy top laner can still do a lot (Maokai for example) Jungle really is the only role that has the same frustrations as previous years, mainly their team blaming everything on them. Do I blame Riot for this? Partially. I can get behind the 100-0 capabilities of 90% of the meta champions IF there is counter play. Removal of Pink Ward for example made champions that you literally had to spend money on to counter play just become that more obnoxious (Shaco anyone?). Or allowing CC machines and super tanks Maokai and Nautilus to have the potential to 1v1 an ADC. Removing the trap deactivation on Oracle lense. This is to name a few. Riot's intention of shifting the dynamics of the game has worked really well. A protect the ADC comp is no longer the most optimal way to win a game anymore, and that is good. But in doing this Riot unintentially created frustrations to feel bigger than they were in previous years
I belieave they should reward players who behave well more. I also think they should punish people who flame and troll. Maybe just not go with the bans. Make the players unable to get chests and keys for a while when they behave badly? Something needs to be done to make players more keen on behaving well and not bad, or am I wrong?
: I personally don't have that experience. However, i understand you, as *when* you have a troll you just get mad. If people don't want to play the game (for whatever reason), they just shouldn't do it; that's fine. But if they enter a game with the intention to ruin it for all others, there should be no place for them. Out. And having a bad day / having a couple of bad games / being down or whatever else reasons might be there, I don't care. I also don't play if I don't feel like. Meanwhile I got to the opinion that trolling is worse than flaming; I don't mind flamers, although I rarely have some on my own games. However trolling is harder to punish as Riot by no means want to punish players falsely.
I agree with you that trolling is worse than flaming. I have always just muted flaming people/Ignored them/ Tried to be positive.
Maldini30 (EUW)
: I would agree only a little. It is probably true that the toxicity has increased in this beginning of 2017 and I think it's due to the beginning of the new season. I can't prove it, but I feel like the toxicity will decrease over the next months. Besides, in the end of 2014, Riot made a survey on 11 000 players and declared that only around 0.1% of players got a permanent ban and less than 1% got chat restricted. That's like, very very low, compared to our expectations. In the end, the numbers tend to prove that despite our feeling that we meet negative players in every single game, we must keep in mind that for every negative player we meet, and who spams the chat with his negativity, they are 8 other players (aside from you), that are neutral or positive players and thus doesn't write a single word in the chat. I also meet around 1 negative players every 2 games (it is sometimes less based on the time of the day, or the night). Even if that appears to be a lot, that is in fact very weak. For every 1 negative players, we meet around 20 neutral or positive players but we don't recall them, we only recall the "bad" guys which is normal because they damaged our gaming experience.
I agree with this. I don't care about flaming or negativity though. The thing that gets the better of me is when people troll pick something to go die/afk. I feel like this didn't happen to me nearly as much a couple of seasons ago. I think it's exciting to be on the loosing side of the teams and try to help our team get the victory. But that is not possible when you are fighting 4 people against 5. Maybe we don't have harsh enough punishments for the players that troll? Everyone can have a bad game and get angry, but the ones who just plain ruin by trolling are wasting the time of 9 other people!
: Dont know if this got worse or not. But i know for sure punishments are not harsh enough. I know people do not reform by more restrictions. But for f.. sake. My game would improve a lot with less people beeing able to chat.
The flaming doesn't bother me too much I simply ignore it. It's just that you can't ignore a trolling or afking teammate IMO.
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