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Cypherous (EUW)
: because generally speaking you only really need 1 account per person, smurfs don't really serve a purpose and there isn't anything you can do on them that you can't really do on your main, as such riot built a client to support a single account, they will let you own more but don't expect them to add things to make it easier :P
I actually share a computer with my brother, sometimes we play one after the other. Now i'm not saying exiting and restarting the client is hard, I just don't see a reason not to have the "log off" option. And what's wrong with smurfs? It's not a bad phenomenon and there's no need to discourage it.
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Alesya369 (EUNE)
: Not only should they make R remove GW (or at LEAST ignore GW so whole your kit is not shut down by a single effect) but also do something about executioner's calling... holy shit that item is ridicoulus, it can basicly apply permanent GW on single target if ADC is using it and even occasionaly to anyone around or whole your team since ANY physical damage applies it; imagine Twitch on ult with that...
I disagree. Executioner's Calling fills a much needed niche, giving griveous wounds to AD champions. Wer'e not trying to make Soraka OP, wer'e trying to have meaningfull counterplay on both sides, so the enemy should still have access to griveous wounds on both AD and AP champions, but Soraka should have a tool to counter that, even if it's just untill the next auto attack
: Soraka is in a good spot now. The mindless sheep who just wanted to abuse her are gone and those who can play her well and carry a game remain.
I agree that she's in a good spot now, but theres a counterplay issue here, this is exactly the reason I think they should revert the ult changes, because it's a good interaction between applying griveous wounds, and having the means to remove them, rather than have one party "theres no way to deal with Soraka heals" or the other party "theres no way to deal with griveous wounds".
Silisa (EUNE)
: What is your opinion, as a Soraka main? Is she balanced now?
Yes, the recent nerfs addressed the correct issues, endless mana, easy kiting, windspeakers indeffinitely. She's supposed to be a very safe pick but the recent nerfs force her to risk landing Q in order to really sustain, plus the griveous wounds thing is a big deal for a healer.
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: It's just on experience xd... Well for me le blanc can deal with a tank fighting her (not kill him, just deal) because of higher mobility and teo possible snares Fizz has more escapability when has all up, if he uses all he must wait cooldoen, if talon uses all still has some invisibility (situational) Kassa can initiate better than zed, well i dunnow coz i don't play them, i judged by outside
Fizz has more escapability because he has low cooldowns on 2 mobility skills, one of which makes him invulnerable. Talon only has his ult which can be countered with pinks and has a very high cooldown, not to mention its very usefull as a damage burst rather than an escape. Akali can deal with tanks much better because she has more sustained damage than Leblanc (who only has burst) and she builds spellvamp/lifesteal meaning tanks can't really kill her. Same thing with Kassadin by the way, his much tankier build and sustained damage, plus great kiting, make him much better at dealing with tanks.
: About Assassins, i did something, what do you think? Discussion
S+ for effort, but what is this based on? In my opinion Fizz has more escapability than Talon Kassadin has more teamfight utility (i'm assuming you mean Aoe damage) than Fizz Akali is one of the best when dealing with tanks while Leblanc is one of the worst. Kassadin has more initiation than Zed Also, what exactly is "ability to punish splitpushers"? you mean waveclear? you mean chasing?
: Well the portals do have a sound that indicates the longevity of the duration of the portal.
I know, I just think it's underwhelming and a simple visual would help.
Silisa (EUNE)
: We noticed.
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Fawkz (EUW)
: I have them grey all the time, unless i send them a friend request or they are already my friend, then they are the normal color...
It's supposed to be Blue for your team, Red for the enemy, and Grey when they leave.
: I think there has to be more information in game's help.
I think Riot is updating it when season 6 begins (next patch i believe)
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Ulriah (EUW)
: Yes, tanky, it's essential for the Warmogs heals and you don't lose any utility, and not to mention that everyone will want to focus you.
So what items do you get for armor, other than Frozen Heart? And where do you get all the money for tank items? How do you keep your mana regen? How do you strengthen your heals? And of course you lose utility, you lose Mikael's cleanse, or Zeke's bond, or Ardent's buff, or Banner's active or whatever other support item you build. Sure it's nice having 3k+ HP and Warmogs but that would take at least 35 minutes.
Ulriah (EUW)
: As much as I love Soraka, I can not deny that she is indeed very strong. It's not the new masteries, it wasn't the nerfs that Riot already applied to her, it's only the changes to Grevious Wounds. Basically there is not counter to her heals. Sure, you can try to ''focus'' her, but any decent Soraka will build tanky and stay very safe in the backline, and by the time to try to burst her, her team will instantly delete you.
Build tanky?... No... build your regular support items and get Rylais if your'e really really really ahead. If you build tank items you lose alot of utility, mana regen and Cdr. Your'e not a tank, you should be positioning well for safety, not building for frontline.
: They tried to nerf her healing with the rework but that failed.
First off, the rework was in 4.17, things have changed alot since her rework. Secondly, they did succeed. If you can remember, before the rework she could heal herself, and it increased armor, so other than the CD the rework nerfed her healing pretty hard. I actually think pre-rework heal would be more balanced now, because a stronger heal on a much longer Cd benefits less from windspeakers. So she can't apply the windspeakers buff indeffinitely, seeing as the buff lasts 3 seconds and with 45% Cdr the heal has a 1.1 Cd. So if the heal had x5 the strength but also x5 the Cd it would be more balanced than it is right now
: > but I'm still fearing nerds are coming :( Nerds are always coming.
Nerd Irelia
: Soraka gameplay
I main Soraka, and I disagree with you. She got way to many buffs from season 6 with no meaningfulll nerfs. 1. Runic Armor mastery on you and on your allies. 2. Windspeakers 3. Intelligence mastery (5% cdr) with 45% cdr your heal is on a 1.1 cd. And the biggest buff in existence, Griveous Wounds changes. And on the other hand her nerfs: 1. Q range is makes her less safe to play, but you have crazy regen anyway [Recovery, Perseverance, Ancient Coin items all multiplied with Runic Armor] 2. E mana cost, sure its annoying but it's not a spammable ability anyway, when you use it you lose practically all your zone or disengage potential so good players save it, making the mana increase not that hard. Also Meditation mastery and practically every AP support item give mana regen. 3. R doesn't remove griveous wounds. Who cares? Griveous Wounds doesn't reduce your healing anyway, so you dont actually need to remove it. So while I really do love Soraka, she gains way too much of an advantage by not doing anything, playing safeand not giving any room for counterplay. She needs either a meaningfull counter like Griveous Wounds used to be, or a nerf to her healing, or a nerf to her safety.
Arenoren (EUW)
: QSS For Mages
Well your'e all saying Qss for AD and Zhonya's for AP but are they really the same? Plenty of situations call for Qss and not Zhonyas. Best one I can think of is Malzahar, You don't need the armor from Zhonyas but the MR from Qss helps, only now your'e stuck with Qss and no AP. Mages either forfeit one of their summoner spells for Cleanse, or get stuck with a Qss in matchups that require it. A long range Ashe ult, a supress effect or even a regular Morgana Q can lead to full engages that Qss would solve while Zhonya's wouldn't. And Cleanse means you don't have Ignite or Teleport or even Barrier, so your'e less usefull overall, and AD champions don't ever take Cleanse because they have Qss, so it's not really fair to have AP champions give up a summoner spell for a cleanse effect.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arenoren,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HlcP5mr4,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-20T10:47:47.252+0000) > > So why exactly is there no AP upgrade to Qss? lets be fair, how many games you had where you got to 6 complete items?
I don't see your point. Mages don't buy Qss because it doesn't upgrade into an AP item, even if they are never going to get to the point of upgrading it, it's not worth buying.
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: I'm expecting those for the next pool party skins!
FYI - The "Blob thing" next to Ahri is Urf the Manatee
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: It would probably break the store...
sticker as in {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} not as a summoner icon {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: New Thresh skin soon ?
well he's got 4 skins, including championship Thresh for his impact in season 3 and SSW skin for the 2014 world championship. So even though noone can tell you for sure, he probably won't get a new skin anytyime soon.
Laermans (EUW)
: Haiku for 1 RP? :3
This is worse than having 99 LP{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
QA guy (EUW)
: ***
Luden's damage is applied after the animation, that purple explosion thingy. Also funny fact, Flashing onto someone deals alot of damage, Kappa
: OMG this is sooooo fcking true *u*
> [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4tf5AXYu,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-12T20:51:24.640+0000) > > OMG OMG OMG!!!! > > **edit** > > Thread had to be toned down, apparently people arent too sensitive too people reacting too cuteness. Don't censor yourself because someone had a hissy fit. This is adorable and now only has half the "OMG" it deserves {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Picanha96 (EUNE)
: We need to first off all **PROTECT**. I have been many times wished cancer and employees do not mind (it's better than calling someone a %%%got) if. The "TRIBUNAL" to be deserving of the tittle of a great social service(Hospital is maybe the only greater than the Tribunal) should be identical to the social service itself. I The trials should be public! II Any decision should be specifically and thoroughly reasoned and pronounced in open court! III There should be a single employee in charge of a single case This promotes the deterrence provided by punishment as in exemplary punishment. A person would think more his actions if another has been punished for the same act! This relieves us from the fear produced by a punishment in a Pontius Pilate way. Imagine a scenario were X is "punished" he does not like the punishment but he also does not know which action to discontinue. & This minimises the mistakes since the blame can be traced to a single employee The only cost is the time employee will invest to review a case but I think a Cost/Benefit analysis proves my proposal is beneficial!
Your'e in the wrong part of boards my friend {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You need to post this in the "Player Behaviour" section. Not in a post about a Poppy poster...
: Really nice poster there ;) I hope you don't mind, but I made a facebook Banner version of it with your sentence. Here it is, feel free to use it as well ^^
Ahahahaha it's hardly my sentence, It's a parody of Shia Labeoufs video. So no I don't mind you using it in the slightest :D Good job on editing it to fit facebook, nicely done. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} [Shia Labeouf - Just Do It](
yoniame (EUNE)
: no, it doesnt knows-.-
It's a figure of speech dude. What I said makes alot of sense,** but you know**, Riot is weird and did the exact opposite.
Well I just wanted an answer to an honest question. But fuck me right?
Stell (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arenoren,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mt0jymsX,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-12-10T13:37:41.063+0000) > > The meme is funny if a little overused, and your'e right, it's not at all important. But it did make me curious as to WHY it was removed, there must be a valid, logical reason for this. you even Quoted the explanation yourself, you were asking for simple answers, you got plenty but you just keep ignoring / disagreeing with them.
Your'e a little late buddy ^^ read the post again, I got the answer
: Its one of the reasons his cigar maybe have been removed. When I read stuff like "His cigar is his core characteristic" it sounds like pure bs. You know what are his core characteristics? He is made like clint eastwood. His huge shotgun with explosive moves and close combat. Twisted Fate cards, his hat and behaving like for him all is just gambling. With updated lore we know that TF is loyal friend. And graves can be hard to talk or to reason with his anger problems. That what makes a character. Next thing we know someone will cry that maokai lost one leaf and that its his core characteristic...
First off. Read the damn post again. Wer'e done, we know why Riot removed his cigar, there were some legal issues, it has nothing to do with Graves promoting smoking. Secondly. It is a defining item in Graves character > [{quoted}](name=Mistress Esdeath,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mt0jymsX,comment-id=00080000000200000000,timestamp=2015-12-10T14:34:26.302+0000) > > I honestly don't give a nickle about smoking. I've never once touched a cigarette in my life before, but Graves started out with one. It gives him and us an image to clinge onto, that image being that he is an old dog who carelessly breathes in the smoke of his cigar throughout a hefty fight. > > Some things, even if little, make a difference about a character. It's not a core thing like people say, but it's one of many other that synergize and create the character that Graves is. You see it gives you the image of a rugged old man with a shotgun, out to find the man that betrayed him. A sort of "Wild West" look to him and not a single fuck to give about his health problems. It adds that certain grit, that manly roughness. True, the world will keep on turning without it, but it was nicer with Graves smoking. #RipGravesCigar
Altiverse (EUNE)
: "Tryndamere jacks off way too much"? Did I just miss a known joke in all my years of playing this game? I guess this is a reference to the "My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm"? Details plz. lol
Yes that was the quote I meant, he's not talking about his sword arm dude.
: The game is rated to be played for people that are 12 years old or older. Kids may not understand jokes like jannas but they will understand what a cigar is. They will think "Oh boy Graves such a bad as.s if i smoke too i bet i will become one aswell". Kids start smoking not because its good for them or something. Just to be cool as other kids or look more mature. In my country smokes are sold with horrible cancer pictures so maybe some people would think about it. First time I drank booze in like 15-16 years old. It was an adventure i tell you. But it wont be as bad when you get addicted to smokes. And like every person told you before. So the game wouldnt be removed in other countries it was removed. Some games had to rename stuff like morphin to med kit or something. Just because they would have trouble for it.
Your'e saying Graves cigar was removed because it encourages smoking. It doesn't. This game is rated 13+ and it has content for those ages, drinking, semi-nudity and violence. The cigar was removed because of smoking rules in certain regions, not because it promotes smoking. Re-read the article, I updated it when I was given an answer
: That cigar for lots of people is like a golden precious wiener. They cant live without it. Does anyone of us common fold care for that cigar? No. Is it important to the game? Fck no. Graves is already made clint eastwood style with a huge shotgun that uses shells size of rockets.
We don't actually care about the cigar. I just want the reason for it's removal. Right now we are trying to understand if smoking laws are so severe that they made Riot delete the cigar
Hansiman (EUNE)
: A reason that has been provided to you. You may not like it, and you may not agree with it; but constantly denying it doesn't make it any less true.
I read your comment about smoking laws, and it raises the question. Are there no other laws that would force this game to be rated 18+? Are smoking laws so strict that they would force Riot to change their content, while other laws like alcohol laws don't? And why is there smoking in the cinematic and in optional skins? If smoking in "extra" content is allowed then why doesn't graves have a cigar in his skins?
: forget about cigar... we dont need it.
The meme is funny if a little overused, and your'e right, it's not at all important. But it did make me curious as to WHY it was removed, there must be a valid, logical reason for this.
Eveninn (EUW)
: While basically yes, they could have just changed that skulls for China, just like some splashes are different. However, as I'm not sure of the exact reasons (or countries involved), it could well be that somehow interactions come to be which require things like this to be changed completely. I'm thinking of something like that a lot of Africans play on EU, therefore those would Need to be cared about too, no? Or that the Country in question connects to the same Homepage as others... but I don't know anything about that stuff. >.< But I'd assume Riot has a valid reason for it's removal, since... they wouldn't do it without. :p
We all agree that they must have a valid reason. I wanna know what it is.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: But here's a Riot's explanation: > I can give a bit of context on why the cigar was removed. Essentially, there was a significant risk of censorship or age rating problems in various regions based on the depiction of tobacco usage. This kind of thing is pretty strictly enforced in parts of the world, and in this case it became clear that we needed to remove the cigar in his splash. The relevant laws sometimes apply differently depending on content type, which is why something that might work in peripheral content like a cinematic may not work in content like splashes that are tied specifically to the core game. > I can also speak a bit as to why we wouldn't create multiple splashes in response to this kind of issue. One of our goals moving forward with splash art, compared to how things have been done in the past, is to create content for all regions. In the past we've created modified or entirely different splashes based on the needs or appeal of certain regions, but this is something we've been working to change moving forward. Where possible, we want to stay away from sharding the game unnecessarily for different regions. It may seem like a small thing in this case, but we believe that being consistent with this artistic approach best allows for a common community and common stories for players to experience and share with each other. [Source]( I don't think you can use the excuse as it being art when it's part of the core gameplay. The cinematic is different, because it's not a part of the core gameplay the game offers. So yes, these are laws that cause Riot to remove the content, as censorship and age ratings are very strict in some countries.
I'm confused. The law says you can have smoking in your cinematic but not in the splash art? Because the former is just a video while the latter is in the game? What's the difference? So is the cinematic rated 18+ because it has smoking, or is it just rated differently than the game, so that smoking in videos is not considered 18+ while in games it is? I understand that smoking laws may forbid cigars in video games, but then there are plenty of other laws, which by right should make this game not intended for children. Explain to me how smoking makes this an 18+ game while having Janna literally say "Yes, for only 2.95 a minute I will leave you, breathless" or Nidalee "Did I mention? It's mating season" not make it 18+. Are smoking laws THAT much more strict than any other laws, far enough to force Riot to remove content?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: But where do you actually see Janna doing this? You could actually see Graves smoking, which is where the problems start.
You clearly see Gragas drinking. Half the female champions are semi-nude, most of them have oversized breasts, and you can clearly see Nidalee pole dancing, like, freaking straddling her spear. The problem wasn't because it promotes smoking. I want to know why.
Eveninn (EUW)
: It got taken away due to some law problems in some countries iirc. Karthus VU and the removal of the skull on Singed's bottle have a similar reason. While to other examples you mentioned might be frowned upon just like smoking *by us*, Smoking and Skulls seemed to be a way bigger thing somewhere else, while the others aren't. (I think I heard China mentioned in that relation, but not sure)
> [{quoted}](name=JQKAndrei,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mt0jymsX,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-10T07:53:49.404+0000) > > Then a new question comes up... why didn't Riot simply update the chinese splash arts and keep china's problems away from the rest of the world. So if ______ has a problem with skulls, they change the splash art ONLY for that country? and if the same country has a problem with smoking shouldn't they change the splash art ONLY for that country? It seems like lazy problem solving, but I would really like a Rioters answer, there has to be a more valid reason to remove Graves cigar.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: The advertisement for drinking and smoking is extremely prohibited in parts of the world. Although Gragas remains and that is a strange situation, it could just happen to be that he's high on soda. Unless that cigar is actually a chocolate wrap on fire, it's not allowed.
But that's exactly my point. If it's so taboo then why do we see **so many** instances where alcohol, violence and explicit material is not censored, why is Graves the exception?
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didosama (EUW)
: how to make a meme with her ??
Well I just took the [Blank poster]( that Riot put in the original article, and I added the text in Illustrator. I used "Aharoni" but I'm pretty sure Riot used a different font.
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