Nutzilla (EUNE)
: good theory, but in practise riot can't make yasuo a fun to play against/with champion and would rather let people ban that champion than fix. also preventing ban would not solve the problem - people would start trolling in other ways, more harmfull ways so "just removing" abilaty to ban would just make things worse.
You say in one sentence Riot can't fix champs like yasuo and in the last you say they just don't want to. So that's not the issue. Neither are the trolls. In other words you speak of fear and give in: “Yeah let the trolls slide with that troll strategy cuz if we take it away from them they might do something worse“ What needs to be done is harsher punishment for trolls. Trolls are always there and EVERYWHERE on each corner, all that needs to be done is to simply do something actively against them so trolling isn't as worth their work anymore
: its a good way of not having a yasuo on my team. and it happens everywhere, not only in ru or ne. And its the reason why bans exist - to ban champions that you don't want in your games. and you can abuse it all you want, no one gives a damn, only you. Yeah it happened to me too, sometimes i my intended pick gets banned, so i just move on and pick something else.
You misunderstand bans a bit. Bans should be used to either secure a pick or a strategy of yours by eliminating something that might be the only way to counter you, or simply very obnoxious stuff you just don't want to play against. Banning sonething just because you don't want someone in your team to play smth, shouldn't be a reason
: > there are many more better words than "stupid" Dumb. Trivial. Foolish. Laughable. Stupid hits the mark though.
Made my day
: the game is at the best state since season 2.
You high? Seriously tell me what you smoked cuz it must be hella good. Until season 3/4 the game was fine, season 5 and after it went quite downhill for most of the time, season 7 and season 8 were the lowest point it has ever been. Riot needs to make extra missions so people watch worlds games, guess why? It is HELLA boring cuz the in such a bad spot
Restalious (EUNE)
: Darius is super strong already there is no need to buff him more.
this right here is the reason noone takes anything thw community says serious
: No. But buffing the duration barrier has by 1 sec would be fine.
No, it's not fine. Barrier is designed to block burst. It gives you more effective healtho er short than heal so you can use it to not get bursted down. Heal is used for the slight MS and the fact it gives you effective health over longer period, thus it gives you a bit less than barrier. Why would you change a spell that is designed to tank burst damage into something that deals more with dps? You got heal for that already
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: will riot ever nerf iralia ?
Why is this downvoted? DH is used in jungle because they changed electrocute to have less cd but less damage. Guess what it's anot huge nerf for junglers, so they swapped to DH. Now riot nerfs it. Challenger complain about akali, irelia and kaisa all the time. Challenger complain about DH nerfs. Riot does not care. This is why we can't have nice things. Instead why doesn't riot work on making everything viable to play instead of just nerfing champions that don't sell their skins so well.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: will riot ever nerf iralia ?
Why is this downvoted? DH is used in jungle because they changed electrocute to have less cd but less damage. Guess what it's anot huge nerf for junglers, so they swapped to DH. Now riot nerfs it. Challenger complain about akali, irelia and kaisa all the time. Challenger complain about DH nerfs. Riot does not care. This is why we can't have nice things. Instead why doesn't riot work on making everything viable to play instead of just nerfing champions that don't sell their skins so well.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
The problem with Garen is he gets to much free stuff, at 7 - 8 minutes he can get 30 armor and 30 mr for FREE with additional active effects on that ability which makes him broken. He builds damage? Well guess what, you step near him he blows you up while he remains incrediblytanky for 0 tank items. He goes tanky? Well he still has highbase damages, and armor pen in his kit, so yeah BC on him and he doesn't care about your armor. You're carrying your team? Having to 1v9? Guess what, As soon as you hit beneath 60% garen needs to click one button and you die, your carry is over. The complaints are how much free shit garen gets, does multiple things really good, is obnoxiously difficultto punish while he can punish you fairly easy in many cases. I mean his entire “villain“ ult passive is a creative mechanic sure, the design jsn't that bad. Isit healthy forthe game? Hell no
: well, this is all the "PLEASE NO MORE TANK META" player's fault. Rejoice, we don't have a tank meta now, we have games that end in 20 minutes because the assassin has built 2 items and now can one shot you. This ties back to my plead to riot to revisit the "feeding quota" for the intentional feeding ban, now it's way too easy to kill your opponent 10+ times and when that happens, the enemy jungler/midlaner/adc gets so fed that he can go full build at the 23 minute mark. right now, if you fall behind in jungle, you can't go back up because: 1) the enemy will be able to counterjungle you or stalk you and kill you over and over 2) your teammates will tilt and deem you unworthy of having the jungle, so they will start to steal YOUR camps because "you are a worthless jungler, stop feeding" the thing that ruined everything was that goddamned stormrazor. for what it costs it gives assassin too much (i honestly feel it should be 3400 gold not 2800 since it gives you a guaranteed crit that deals 140%-200% damage every 2 seconds). Now champions like Yi, who usually needed a full build to do a crapload of damage, only need stormrazor and infinity edge, add conqueror or lethal tempo to it and you have yourself a broken champion, because you will deal more damage the more crit chance you have and all of the crit chance items also give you attack speed, which reduces the CD on storm's edge, add a bork onto it and you won't be killing that guy anytime soon. same thing with graves and the recent dark harves dilemma, the problem isn't dark harvest, the problem are THE ITEMS! of course graves can oneshot you if he has stormrazor, draktharr, rapid firecannon, lord dominik's and infinity edge, what do you expect from a build like that?
In terms of Dark Harvest, the problems were the electrocute changes. Less cd and less damage is good for laners since they can use it more consistant, but hella bad for junglers, until then electrocute dominated in jgl. DH is only used cuz Electrocute is crappy now. But yeah Riot gonna try to fix that by simply nerfing DH, GOOD JOB, ruin one keystone for junglers and when another dominates just ruin that one too
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: You seem to have misunderstood me. You don't ALWAYS demote at 0lp, that's not how the system works. The system works through an mmr based design. As a very simple example, if bronze is 1000 mmr, and silver is 1100 mmr, as soon as you go below 1100 mmr, you will demote to bronze. However, that is just the foundation. Sometimes, when you got on a loss streak, maybe 3-4 games and then hit 0 lp, and then lose another one in a row, that's when your mmr will be below that threshold and you will be demoted instantly. However, what usually happens, since usually people have a conistent 50% win rate, is that you hit 0 lp, but becuase your mmr isn't below the 1100 mmr threshold, you won't demote. Basically, loss streak of a lot of games, you instantly demote, however the system isn't designed like that so you shouldn't demote if you stay at a 50% win rate consistently. I'm not telling you you won't demote, I'm not telling you you will demote, I'm simply stating how the system works.
I don't think I have missunderstood anything at all. The fact I got +28 LP after my next win after demoting, should CLEARLY state that my mmr isn't beneath the threshold for being demoted, actually even the opposite, my MMR should be way to high. So yeah so much to that, thanks for confirming my hypothesis that it's utter BS that I got demoted
Kioky12 (EUW)
: How do you 1v9 as a jungler every game in low elo
You basicly answered your question for yourself. Picking champions that rely early on the team will be bad. As example, which smurfer do you think would win? Just giving in theory that both jungle smurfs are the same skill lvl. The {{champion:11}} smurf or the {{champion:121}} smurf? There are champions who have more impact on their own. In highelo many different picks become viable, for the reason of them being decent to good even if they need to rely on the team, because again, in high elo, most people know what they're doing and know the flow of the game. In lowelo you don't only have to expect, but to know that not ONE teammate knows what they're doing, it's comparable with 5 yo being sent to college in 10th grade, they have no idea what they are supposed to do. If you play champions that rely at your team, it will backfire quickly since you will get a lot of situations where you're teammates will %%%% up for you. On the other hand, if you play picks that are more consistent on their own, might be strong with help but do really well on their own, then you will be able to have through any state of the game more impact and well, since the enemy team doesn't know what they're doing either you can pretty much 1v9 them by building up such a high lead for your team that they cannot screw up. Best SoloQ player in the world Dopa once said "a bronzie could win against a challenger with a fed champion", might not be 100% true but the meaning is, when you're fed you will be winning even tho you might play worse, so play such junglers instead of heavy scaling ones like yi
: 1) ranked is getting changed next season anyway 2) You don't demote instantly when you hit 0 lp, or after 1 loss. The system is designed with a mmr rating behind the scenes, similar to overwatch's SR rating. But that's just the foundations of the system. Riot has built on top of that to make it more secure and feel like an actual climb, rather than getting a steady increase for not playing as well. It's a system that promotes improvement.
I have been improving over and over again, learning more and more about the game to get ahead of other people on my elo. Again my MMR has to be high for my rank since I get a bunch of LP and barely loose any. In the past 4 months, whenever I hit 0 LP I got demoted instantly after only one loss, I'm talking about experience. Telling me I won't get demoted after 1 loss at 0 lp won't do much since it happens to me ALWAYS after I lost 1 game at 0
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Thank for the advice, tbh I'm dissapointed in riot for this. I noticed that many people complained about it at the first week or so, even ASKING directly if anyone from riot can adress this issue, they stated NOTHING, no message in the client, nothing that they were even working on it
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Gojkov (EUW)
: Unfortunately, no, you cannot skip divisions. Your MMR is there just to determine your teammates and opponents Don't worry, there's still plenty of time to rank up to gold. The season ends in November :)
Eh yes, you can skip divisions if your mmr is high enough, you just cannot skip from division 2 to the higher one of division 5 if he was S3 with a gold 3 mmr and he wins his promos he could've skipped s2 and went straight to s1 but division 1 always has to be played through
: not really, im judging your idea on the basis that zed doesnt need a balance update he is fine, and he does his job as an ASSASSIN perfectly hes one of the few left in this game that are actually assassins. if played against correctly he is perfectly fine and managable
Actually he does need a balance update, in the other direction, he needs something to make him MORE effective. His winrate from minute 0 - 35 is negative in fact, and he WAS designed to be a strong MIDGAME ASSASSIN
0XFallen (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=0XFallen,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=k4zwfziJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-26T01:11:27.729+0000) > > The only way he does anything early is because of electrocute, his winrate until minute 35 or so is really bad. There are so many other champs that can trigger electrocute easier, which is any ranged champion with 2 dmg spells, which are mostly wide as AOEs and a not dodgeable/missable auto hit Although what I can say is: Zed isnt Zed anymore. They slowly moved him from an assassin to a burst mage with teleport gimmicks. 1. reduced his ATS by 2/3rds per lvl 2.W longer range and +10 seconds or sth cd 3. Q and E less CD 4.shitty base stats in offense and defense so he can only get 1 build which only works because he can be somewhat safe to play
5. Making his W a lot slower 6. Removing his W passive that gave him %bonus AD, at rank 1 W it was 0 and at rank 5 it was somewhat 15 - 20% if I remember correctly? 7. Adding a delay to his second R so he cannot instajump back to it after ulting, adding a window to counterplay instead of you having to be an actually good player and having to predict if he'll stay or dodge back.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Idea to nerf Zed
wait wait wait, you actually believe zed needs a nerf? Boi he actually needs a few buffs to be a viable pick again. Zed's kit works best during midgame (it was designed for it) yet his winrate is HORRIBLE from start of the game up to 25 minutes, in lategame he becomes decent and honestly, that phase of the game just isn't the best one for an assasin. He has no lvl 1 - 3 trading potential what so ever. Until lvl 3 you can't really fight the enemy laner at all. at lvl 3 most midlaners still outdamage him. At lvl 4 he gets somewhat of a small spike that allows him to trade.. twice a minute at max (if he even hits his stuff) Lethality sucks ass since it got nerfed past it's 2 glory weeks when it was strong. You get 0.6 armor pen at lvl 1 per lethality point and you get 1 armor pen per 1 lethality at lvl 18, so with a max build it reduces 56 armor in lategame, every tank just laughs about that. Any bit of armor cucks Zed really hard. He has NO base damages what so ever, no sustain, a pretty weak passive and all AND is difficult to play since basicly his entire kit needs his skillshots to land. He has nothing statwise, no offense, no defense, no real utility. Build tank and well, you can just aswell play without a keyboard cuz you won't do any damage. So you are forced to go raw damage and get outclassed by anything that builds Ninja tabi early. Rune System rework: With runes reforged zeds winrate dropped SIGNIFICANTLY hard overall. Thunderlords back then did slightly less damage but had a 20 seconds cooldown and with the runes he could manage his early game to not get bullied as hard. During that riot nerfed him a couple of times pretty hard, then the assassin rework came which hit him even harder and THEN they made the reworked rune system, no more early game for zed and Electrocute had a way to high cooldown to be useful for him. Zed was actually balanced around thunderlords back then to make his trade damage "more balanced", as soon as that got reworked and a lot worse, zed has little to no trading potential whatsoever early on. His waveclear costs him a lot of energy which will make him struggle to use any abilities for almost 30 seconds, it's only up once every 26 seconds. Viktor as example has a lazer that has like what, 8 - 15 seconds at max, cooldown which instaclears the wave for him. Zeds E doesn't not stack damage, even if he hits you with both shadows and his own E you only get slowed, the damage is the same as one E. His Q gets reduced damage by 50% after the first target, making him hit a full damage tripple Q even harder since he will need to place his shadows good so they all count as first target hit. If a Zed all ins you, LITERALLY hits 3 Q's full damage, procks electrocute, hits his E and does 1 autoattack with his passive on, if you're not a tank, you SHOULD die. Looking at other champs like camille who deal 1000 true damage with an enhanced aa, ALL YOU CAN DO IS BUILD RAW HP TO TANK IT OUT. I see you seem to be an Ahri main, she is according to stats and WR the best midlane pick up to platinum, from diamond on her winrate drops slightly. If you get to a point where Zed can trade you with you having to back off and no option to trade back since you cannot really get close, you have done previous mistakes to make the lane shift like that. I played many matches as Viktor vs Zed in every state those 2 champions were. I bullied zed early so hard that he has a significant lack in farm. If he tries to trade me I just go aggressive on his ass and he looses it to a point he literally has to base. If he tries an all in, well guess what, just sidestepping his Q after his ult will make his damage insignificant, if you don't trust yourself with it you can run exhaust and wait a little after his ult until he starts his Q animation, this lowers his damage a lot, endresults is you got an inting zed. Your suggestions on a nerf for him are simply a joke. Oh wow Ahri is allowed to have 1 Ability that hits TWICE and needs 1 aa to prock electrocute, and literally an autoaiming W that activates electrocute aswell, but zed isn't allowed to place a shadow and hit 3 skillshots to prock his electrocute. Why should his WEQ not activate electrocute? It's the only thing that makes this champion somewhat playable in the first place. It's not that hard to dodge his Q's and as soon as you dodge only 1 Q of his combo, he won't prock electrocute and the damage he dealt to you with just 1 E and 1 Q are not even needed to be mentioned as how low that damage actually is. Seen any people in challenger who play zed a lot recently? Neither have I so think about that. If zed is SOOOOOOO broken and SOOOO unfair to play against, why is not 1 challenger abusing it? Imagine what would happen even if Faker said he will try to reach rank 1 KR by just playing zed, everyone in challenger would laugh at him cuz that will never happen in the current state of the game. All I can add to this wall of text: "Gold 5 hardstuck with a negative winrate, even dropped back to silver once in the past few months" l2p the game properly boi
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HitYourHead,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aWlum8qd,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-25T20:49:46.367+0000) > > Hourglass is useless now but an Ga will be ok ? what logic is that ? or its because you forget or fail to press to activate the hourglass and Ga is automate ? > > But I guess you are stuck in silver because of trolls and inters and afk right ? It's because I miss buying the item. Elo has nothing to do with anything. Back then the amount of defensive items for mages was decent. Now it's like we're stuck with 2. Talk about diversity right?
Hmm so as Zed player I have to add. Hmm there is SOOOO much diversity in building lethality every single game, added that you need 4 items to get to your strong phase of the game (btw he was designed as a strong midgame champion) So yeah tell me what diversity I have having to build {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3814}} every single goddamn game. It's not even that those items area really good, they are just the "least worst" option to go. Being forced to build lethality all the time while it is SUCH a bad stat. I mean c'mon you get 56 lethality if you built all 3 items and you get 1 flat armor pen per lethality point at LVL 18, yeah old armor pen was better but w/e mages having so many different items they cannot even really choose which they all want to have in their end build, not to talk about bruisers. But yeah crying about GA when you still have a couple of options besides it {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} And elo has quite a lot to do with it. In higher elo's even with the old GA you barely saw any ap champ build the item. Nowadays a lot of midlaners ignore defensive options until in the next 5 - 10 minutes something could appear to be a threat reasonable enough to build something defensive
MinoAiden (EUW)
: Matchmaking Idea.
That would be a terrible idea. The thing is, your rank is NOT your actual rank, the shiny borders from bronze - challenger don't nessecarily mean a thing for matchmaking. The MMR is a pretty simple system, it was used in season 1 & 2 to display your rank, now they just made it a hidden number. The MMR rises on a win and gets lower on a loss, if you win against people with a higher mmr than you, you gain way more mmr than average, if you lose against people with a lower mmr, you lose a lot more. The MMR determins how much LP you gain and lose after a game. So let's say, if you are gold 5 and your mmr is gold 2, then you will get a lot more LP since the system thinks you are actually a higher ranked player than the boarder displays. Rank decay will be a huge problem. Everything over gold 1 will start loosing points and get demoted if they don't play for a while. Lets say you're even challenger, you then don't play for half a year because you don't have time to or smth like that, you then will get demoted with time all the way down to gold 1, now this will ensure you will get 30 lp per win and you'll have an easier time climbing back up, yet that person will still get matched with highelo players because of his MMR still being on challenger. Now imagine they would make actual ranks compete with each other, so that challenger guy who just got gold 1 because of Rank decay, he will be matched with other gold 1 player, doesn't seem to be so fair right?
xramsey2 (EUW)
: Talon needs a buff
Let me explain a thing or two of riots balancing strategy: They know their game started to die out, the watchrates of especially international pro play such as worlds has lost a lot of viewers because... well why would you necessarily watch it when you know the koreans win anyway and there aren't really many astounding e-sports moments anymore. Therefore riot looses on income which they need to fill out another way. Pushing out skins and stuff is one way of getting money, but who would buy skins for a champion that is terribly bad? So they make certain champions hella broken, as long as people buy RP to either buy the champ to perform better in soloq or buy skins for it, the champion will remain strong. As soon as the income lessens, they suddenly become super smart and able to balance that champion, nerfing it to be more fair of a champion and overbuffing other ones so they got a new income for money. That my friend, is the true "gameplay thoughts" riot has when changing the game
: No its the other way around if u split tiers. Imagine you have 50 sheeps on 15x15 ground and the 15x15 is compared to a tier. Then you divide the ground into 3 pieces each being 5x5. But those 3 grounds together will still be 50 sheeps and so the sheeps wont scatter. edit: Oh well i guess you are right by carefully reading the links again, they are not dividing the tiers they adding tiers.
no point in arguing there, Other games have already done the same and it happened as I said it would Riot this this in the past too. Season 1 you simply had the elo rank which was split up to plat, then you had up to diamond, after that they added the division system, after the division system they added Challenger Tier with it, a while later, they added Master Tier So yeah if you play this game since riot brought out master tier and haven't played before, you have no right to argue and complain about something someone else experienced who plays the game a while longer and saw how it works Overwatch did it Hearthstone did it League didt it already in the past aswell
: its not that simple. The implications can easily be made in a way so that effect wont happen
they can't, the effect will happen no matter what, it's a basic rule in natur you can apply in physics, chemistry and even in ecology. The more divisions exist, the more people will divide into a rank that suits them more. Imagine having sheeps. So if you have 50 sheeps on a 10 x 10 meter field, they will be close toghether, yet if you increase the field to be 15 x 15 big, you will automaticly have less sheeps in comparison to space. The same thing applies to additional divisions in league
: So this is not what i have read. I have read diamond and bronze gets splitted. (And a platinum stays in platinum). So do you have source for this?
All you need is simple logic What happens as example if all diamond 1 and 2 player move to GM? diamond 3/4/5 players will fill out the missing spots in diamond 1/2 and move up, since the better "low diamond" player will be higher, the good platinum players have an easier time moving over to diamond themselves When current bronze 5/4/3 players move down to iron, that means bad bronze 1/2 will move down to bronze 4/3 and bad silver 5s will be dropping into bronze, and so on. It's change over time, it will take a while till what I say will actually appear, Imagine a population curve where as example silver and gold Elo is the center, you add on the left side and on the right side each a tear, which makes the population in the center slowly divide more to one of each sides, making silver and gold less populated. It's simple as that, if you cannot understand such a simple osmosic effect then you got some research to do buddy
: 2 new ranked tiers to be added
Since grandmaster is added Better Masters move to GM Better diamond move to Master Better Plats move to diamond Better golds to plat On the opposite with Iron added Worst players in b5 go to Iron Bad silvers go to bronze Bad golds go to silver The more Tiers are added in ranked, the closer you get to having a fair rank since it's more precise. If you have 3 Tiers, you get 1 for bad players, 1 for average and 1 for good player If you have 5 Tiers in total you get 1 for bad, 1 for beneath average, 1 for average, 1 for above average and 1 for good players That's how it works, it doesn't even matter WHERE the new Tiers will be placed, it just matters that will be added to divide the ranks better
The only reason Zed is considered a good champion is the inability of 90% of the league player of dealing with him, they simply don't know how to punish a zed pick. Diamond+ you have a low bannrate on him, an even lower pickrate and his early game toghether with lethality just sucks completly. Till lvl 4 a zed can easily get bullied so heavily out of his lane that all he becomes is an int machine. Compare diamond to gold only, in diamond zed has a 16% banrate and a winrate that's hovering +/- 50%, and in diamond+ you rarely see someone playing zed who doesn't know his champ. In gold he has a 50% bannrate, 15% pickrate and a 51 - 52% winrate. Also to note, if you don't know every powerspike of that champ, how strong he is in every given situation and ontop of that aren't mechanicly familiar enough with him, I bet my D that someone like that will int his ass off Also LL Stylish who was Challenger OTP Zed for 4 years got hardstuck diamond 4 - 1 this season for almost the entire season. Even HE quit zed and as soon as he play other mid champions he carries every game and hits Masters fairly easy and imidiatly. And trust me, if anyone knows about Zeds current state it's him, and he says he is basicly the garbage can of league atm
: Go ahead then, I think you'll be able to send the data to the support and explain them that you want them to deliver this data for testing to the devs, here's how it should be made: Champions: HP at the start: Atk at the start: Atk speed at the start: Mag at the start: P Def at the start: M Def at the start: Mov speed at the start: HP per level: atk per level: etc etc etc you get it. Then abilities like for Soraka heal: - 100/125/150/175/200 (+20% ability power) - Cost 5% max health and 20 mana - CD 20/18/16/14/12 And after you are done with champions you may need to tweak items per game mode since you have to balance the game for 5vs5 ranked and 3vs3 ranked meaning that a Soraka against a Zed should feel balanced even in 3vs3, you also need to tell them about minions stats, jungle stats, towers and everything. Good luck.
It's not that difficult, given that you have an entire balance team that works 25 - 40 hours a week working on it. Also they have a huge amount of comparison data from older stuff they created. Lets say you have a tank which only purpose is to cc people, you already got champions with the same job so you can try to make a the new champ feeling equal in terms of usefullness as the other. On the other side, it's not that hard to spot out mechanics that are plain unfair, either give it to everyone or just give it to people who are supposed to do that in a game. Camille's W was and still is a problem. Why does she get a heal from it? So the already way to strong kit can be forgiven mistakes when she looses trades so she can sustain back up and nulify your won trade? I got a huge list of plenty of champions I could tell you solutions to bring the champions in a fair state, not way too strong, not to weak.
Avexion (EUW)
: Help me selecting a champion
I can give you one advice right away Do NOT try to pick up {{champion:238}} or{{champion:268}} . They are really really bad at the moment. Both champs are very high skill oriented ones which takes a lot of time and practice to properly learn, yet the rewards are almost nonexistent. Azir got nerfed into the ground and since lethality nerfs and tank buffs Zed gets countered by any bit of armor. As from mx experience, Talon might be your best choice
: Now your pre-game and post-game chat logs are recorded too
tbh they kinda overdid it with the aftergame lobby An EUW toplane/jungle player who was challenger pretty much every season since season 3, said the following (that was before they made aftergame lobbies count for penalties): If you feel the urge to flame somebody, wait until after the game, cuz noone really cares what happens after it's over and it won't affect the game in any way. He also mentioned that he used this method from time to time himself in order to controll his anger and not tilt to heavily ingame. Yet I think the punishments for the aftergame lobby are a bit too harsh, they should allow flame and blame to be there, pointing out somebodies mistakes that were the main cause for loosing the game or even tell them in not the too friendliest way that they are hella bad at the game should be somewhat allowed in the post game lobby. They should focus punishments more on actual heavy insults and behaviour were those go too far, such as wishing death upon someone. I shouldn't get banned (or punished in any way) to call a teammate boosted after the game is over, since sometimes I actually do believe some people are and checking their match history, oh boy does that smell either like a boosted acc or a bought acc. As long as I'm not behaving toxic at all during pre game lobby and during the game itself, I should be allowed to get mad onto a player after the game
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: Learn how to cs safely, no need to do anything fancy just knowing how to manipulate the wave yourself and when it’s safe to walk up for cs... if need be make sure your adept at farming under tower. If push comes to shove ezreal is particularly adept at this situation... he gets to farm at long range with Q, scales nicely, and a solid escape tool... so while you learn you could use him as a form of safety net.
Is there anywhere where I can learn to properly adapt my playstyles through knowledge and not by having to play 10k games?
: Pick safe champs like ezreal/cait. Learn how to farm under tower. Wait for ganks, if they don't come, just let tower fall slowly, you can't def it 1v2. Your job as an ADC is to scale up, get your core build and start teamfighting. Botlane laning phase is just the road towards your destination. If you can't dominate it, you'll farm it safely, whatever it takes. Just don't do flashy shit, to engage 1v2 and feed your ass of. It's pretty straight forward. As a ranged auto attacker champ you can't die in laning phase. They have a mage ? Sidestep it. They have a hook supp? sidestep or bait it. Learn how to position to avoid hooks and stuff. So not dying is mostly on you. Farming, totally on you. You either know how to or not. You get 4 manned and supp just doesn't react, over and over again ? Unlucky - go next. You can't win every single game, most people win as much as they lose...roughly 50% WR. What you asked, and what I tried to answer you, is that the power is in your hands. If you farm perfectly under tower and not die till 15 mins, you'll be very strong. Maybe pick up a kill or two at drake fights or good ganks.
Is there a any source of guides explaining the entire gameplay around adc to win more consistent without having to rely your support to much?
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scorponall (EUNE)
: in a perfect world zed always wins against yasuo, he has more outplay potential
Yeah if the yasuo is pretty bad, lvl 1 zed loses, lvl 2 he still looses, lvl 3 - 5, you guessed, if the yasuo isn't a total animal in his head he wins against zed. lvl 6 Zed gets a hard enough spike to actually start pushing back against yasuo, however, if yasuo plays smart with his windwall zed doesn't get an opportunity to go all out on him and as soon as yasuo gets his PD and Ninja tabis, as long as he doesn't get hit onto a full max damage tripple Q deathmark he won't lose, sometimes he'll even survive that because of the PD passive. Also, attacking me cuz I'm gold. A good example is you don't need to be high elo to understand the game and decition making ingame, LS is considered to be one of the best analysts out there in the pro scene, yet if he plays the game himself he is actually quite worse than most highelo people since he lacks the mechanical skill to use his knowledge actively ingame. Ontop of that, you are hardstuck Plat 5 on **EUNE** {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} on West you'd propably be stuck in silver. Everyone knows that every rank on EUNE can be scaled 1 - 2 Tiers lower when you try to compare it with west. EUW > EUNE Proove me wrong {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: apdo also mutes all so he has no distractions in game you should to if your getting annoyed after all when was the last time your teammates gave you good advise in game that could help you win?
it happens maybe once in countless amount of games? Muting people surely is a way of performing better.
: ***
You seem to have kinda missunderstood what I exactly meant. Sure it is your teammates that do certain mistakes, yeah some blame it on you. If the blame annoys you then simply go on and mute people.
: ***
well, it's simple to work around that. One Apdo once said (best soloQ Player in the world by far) was "never trust your teammates", simply because even IF you are playing perfectly, you might see the "right" Plays in certain situations while your teammates don't, so going in relying on them won't work for you. One rule you can go by is, will it backfire if your teammates don't commit to your Play? If yes, don't go for the Play, if not, go for it. Also SoloQ is all about how good you can carry your Team, so if one of your teammates does dumb stuff, ask yourself what YOU can do to Play around THEIR mistakes, it sounds a Little bit dumb yes, but you gotta do it. Part of carrying games is to even out your Teams mistakes, if you can't do that, your mistake was basicly that you couldn't Play around your mates mistake
: Ranked might seem fun at first, but you'll soon see that many people have a tendency to blame others for their mistakes. If you find a duo partner you might have a more fun experience, but congrats for getting Silver V in your first ranked placements! Good luck climbing.
Well I realized that as soon as you accept you're garbage at the game and accept all your mistakes, you improve a lot and win a whole lot more. Works for me
Sstigma (EUW)
: Come here and see: Trust me, this is worse than playing with bad people in your team.... And yes, the matchmaking is horrible.
The pics in that post are Flex Q games, but Displays the solo/duo rank and mmr at some Players. Their Flex Q rank and mmr aren't to far apart from the guy who posted it
Sstigma (EUW)
: The thread of the unfair matchmaking system. Come, see and enjoy! :)
You are obviously in Flex Queue. The Ranks and MMR's listed in the pictures are the solo/duoq one's as far as I know. Those Diamond Players are Gold in Flex and actually don't have that much higher of an mmr than you do in Flex Queue. You simply get irritated from the fact their soloq rank is displayed
: Zed vs Yasuo
There is nothing you can do tbh. As zed, the only Thing you can do as yasuo is just chill safely until you hit lvl 3, but then also you'd lose the trades since his W will be up for your W. Post 6 can also be difficult, since CORECTLY played, yasuo beats zed. As zed u gotta avoid his knockup, yasuo just has to avoid the shurikens from zed. In a 1v1 Scenario you want to bait his windwall out or in an all in, that he panicks with it without you wasting your Q on it. If a yasuo Plays it right, you can't win the matchup. Your best bet would be to roam
iiJenny (EUW)
: I am 5 divisions lower than last season as support - What I am doing wrong? Plat 1-> Gold 1
It took you last Season all the time until the end to reach plat 1, as usual, everyone gets placed lower on the next Seasons Placement Matches, so everyone is lower basicly, the whole "skill" on the ladder shifts downwards. If you reach your last Seasons rank or Peak rank by the time you are early into the Season or up until midseason, you're in a good spot to climb further in this Season than you did in the last, since you obviously improved and managed to get to your initial rank faster. If you haven't hit it yet however, chances might be you propably didn't do any progress and are at the exact same skill lvl as in the previous Season and thus it will take you the entire Season again to climb to your last rank
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That term is way to undefined tho. It varies from place to place where people live what sort of behaviour is okay in public and what not. People from different countries/cities have a different Interpretation of that term. What if someone lives in a highly racist and homophobic place where it's normal for the people who live there to behave in that manner. Would that Person be excluded from being homophobic or racist in a game? No. There are SOME things defined in the summoners Code, that above was just to take a very extreme example (everyone knows racist and homophibic behaviour isn't accepted in this game by any means) however there are quite a few things that are way to undefined. I believe you have surely seen those Posts where people complain about receiving a supsension on their accound, posting the Chat logs believing they did nothing wrong, while the larger amount of the community downvotes the topic and answers that the punishment was logically and well deserved to that Person. That Person however, thought what he did was okay and accepted until receiving punishment and even then, it took the community calling out on it for him to realize that his behaviour was in fact not okay. That is, in my opinion, one of the better examples to state that not all Players have the same common sense about behaviour.
: A team game that has to be won by a team and not by a single person? What a novel concept.
The meta shifted in the past year quite in a spot where botlane and jungle have an INSANELY high Impact on the games than the other positions. The two sololanes, toplane and midlaner, have became irrelevant to a certain Point. The Problem is that both adc's spike to early and junglers having to much time to pressure. A good meta adc is defined at how good he Spikes with 2 items. A good jungler is in the first Point decided how fast his clearspeed is, since the jungle camps take so freaking Long to respawn they have plenty of time. Adc's once established into the classic botlane meta with Supports because they were alone way to weak until lategame and needed that help early, with a good combination/coordination an adc was still valuable even if he was weak. Now adc's get very early a spike where they are able to decided quite a few fights by themselfes alone, but enhanced and sitted by a support they become unstopable Forces. In certain games, even if the adc isn't that fed, with 2 items he often has the potential to duel a fed midlaner alone. They are strong in a state that they can still trade 1/1 with you even if they are in theory out of positon. Enhanced by a support well goodluck, you won't kill them at all as Long as the support lives in most cases and when u get rid of the support, the adc is going to shred you.
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