: New honor system takes too long to level <-- feels uninteractive
Instead of adding more levels to overcome the issue of it being uninteractive, how about giving us a fancy indicator of how close we are to levelling up? I don't really see any huge drawbacks in that, and it'd prevent a lot of those "why don't I have honor level 3 yet" questions.
Gjelstad (EUW)
: About the new honor system and it's benefits.
I don't think anyone should feel urged to do someting that specific; just being nice & cooperating with your teammates is enough, and after all the new honor system is not a competition. Anyways, it's a great encouragement and the reward certainly is "worth the effort" >^<
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: best champ to carry low elo ( silver)
adcs need a good supp to get the feed they need to carry. Im myself a Bronzeplayer, but I went from b4 to b2 in 1 week using Swain (Really, Q them and they dont even run out of range)
ODL Samed (EUW)
: Kann mir jemand erklären wann man wieviel Punkte bekommt?
Wahrscheinlich wurde deine MMR durch den Winningstreak erhöht, so das du jetzt mehr gewinnst und weniger verlierst. MMR höher als Division? Mehr LP/win


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