: Perma Banned for having a bad day.
We all have them, but 5000 and 4 years is nothing..., i had my main for 9 years and spent well over that and had it banned due to being an asshole, i deserved it and i knew i did, so i made this account and grinded a little and im almost back to where i was, although now i have minimised my chat and hid it and also unbinded my enter key, and well im "reformed", at the end of the day if you break the rules you get what you get...
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AdzStitch,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EXOoNnmB,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2019-06-12T11:45:23.637+0000) > > This hasn't worked for me I'm afraid - Have added exception for both the Client and the Game exes but it's still booting me out of games and not letting me back in. > Anything else we can try? Can't play at all at the minute :( If the exceptions didn't work, the alternative is another AV unfortunately. I assume you're using one of the two mentioned? While it's highly unadvised generally due to the security risk, you could try uninstalling your antivirus temporarily and try a custom game to confirm if the AV's the problem. If not it may be unrelated to the ongoing issue, but if the uninstalled AV resolves the issue, we'd advise using another product until the AV companies update their definitions to resolve this issue :-(
Thank you for being one of the few rioters who still cares! You're awesome!
Firon 09 (EUW)
: I got a perma ban but do I deserve it ?
You flamed, you were negative, you're the kind of person no one wants in game, saying gg because someone messed up early? How bronze. Well Deserved!
Walcott1 (EUNE)
: Im banned
I have had this before, trouble is riot come back with the old "there was no reported issues our side, so it's all your fault" the client is buggy and doesnt function well at all but they will never admit to that!
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: How do i make this permanent?
I spoke with riot and asked them for a chat ban and they declined lol, the closest i have come is changing the chat size to minimal and then dragging it off screen, this fixture is permanent and so far has helped! you cant see the chat box and even if you do drag it back you cant read anything lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Astraeus Nix,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=hZUx6RaP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-05T13:53:08.102+0000) > > Buy a new pc... > > Just kidding have you tried changing some of the video options then reverting it back? I had this issue once and it resolved it for me weirdly. Hey, and I've tried all the options (delete and reinstall the game), reset the settings everything from everything and nothing is resolved. And the most annoying thing about it is that I get bans at game for nothing (as I say "AFK" - but the game does not actually start)
That must suck... I have had bugs before where i am unable to connect and it has lasted 3/4 patches then all of a sudden it works perfectly, hope you get this fixed bro!
Zoë (EUW)
: I can, but then Player Attack Move Click is bound to Shift + RMB. I also tried turning the "Attack Move on cursor" option on and off, but unfortunately nothing helped yet
mahmoud15 (EUW)
: Oh my god! It worked! not only you helped me fix my client, you also got rid of my addiction if this badly designed, life consuming game. Thanks man! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Well my good deed for the day is done!
: Good idea. But toxic players will remain toxic players. They will never get punished. I would rather see them be banned than being silenced.
I agree but at least with this the game would not go down a verbal spiral of abuse lol
: Beast hunter sejuani
Maybe it has dentures?
: 5v5 same champ
One for all was one of my favourite game modes, you got to play champs you wasnt 100% and actually enjoy it because everyone was in the same boat, one of the few game modes where i havent seen much toxicity...
Rioter Comments
mahmoud15 (EUW)
: My game keeps reseting
I have a list of instructions for a permanent fix: 1. Pick up your desktop/laptop 2. Unplug and swing it round by the power cord 3. Throw it down the stairs at a 45 Degree angle 4. Place your bin/disposable container at the bottom of the stairs 5. Buy Tesla's flamethrower 6. Point at your bin/disposable container and pull the trigger 7. Sit back and enjoy a working league client from afar 8. Send a ticket to support and let them know you found a fix Hope the above helps {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Can we make League system more strict about Flame/Verbal Abuse/Negative behavior?
All riot will say is "Mute them" so many people have asked for a disable chat function but after the chats i have had with support recently it is not something they want to do as it goes against what they want, i will admit i find myself doing the /muteall straight away and you know what it is better, what would be nice is if riot had a filter that when it detects your being a %%%% it just cuts your chat off for the game rather than banning you...
: Looking for someone to play sona taric botlane pls add me
Sona & Taric is so much fun, played it so much then it just kind of died off...
: 0 fps when the game START.
Buy a new pc... Just kidding have you tried changing some of the video options then reverting it back? I had this issue once and it resolved it for me weirdly.
: yes mastering league is more difficult are you really learning if after years you are still at the same spot as you started?
Course you are, i can play all lanes and 99% of the champs pretty well, when i mained support years ago i learnt the role inside and out and with that comes monitoring what everyone else is doing and with that comes knowledge!
: LoL destroyed my life
If you spent 4000 hours playing "Approx" then you can't be that bad, I think you are being a tad dramatic but i get your point, League can be addictive, i had my main banned a few months ago which i played on for 8 years due to me being an asshole, it was justified and i did deserve it, but i just made another account and carried on, on no other game would i do that after 8 years of progress, skins and more being deleted lol, best thing to do is just play a couple of days a week and chill, have you tried just focusing on one role? I played support for 4 years non stop and it helped me in many ways
Saiko II (EUW)
: looking for advices as new youtuber
Truthfully if you havent even started and you already don't know what you want to do then you're on a sinking ship, people are drawn to videos with multiple people talking and generally having a good time joking etc, if you have to fake that then you wont get anywhere, people don't watch solo youtubers anymore, go watch Jesse Cox Scare Squad, that is the kind of atmosphere you want
Sefi (EUNE)
: 7 am in 4 minutes...
The game is 24/7 any maintenance is scheduled and you will know about it, i sometimes get a game or two in before work and never had a problem, now and again que times can be longer but generally couple of minutes
: Trial Tokens are NOT updated [stuck at 285 tokens]
It's a free game {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Zoë (EUW)
: I can't bind "Player Attack Move Click" to my LMB
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: dude i have 1600 games ranked played on one single champion ranked , i play mostly what i know , yes i may not be the best jungler player as someone who play it daily , but i do my best , and thrust me in gold elo no one understand evelyn neither what she is played as ... , more than this i have higher knowdledge about how to gank how to don't gank ,because i watched challenger main junglers tips , i know everything about greedy paths when you move from bot to mid etc... , is like you would tell me i am just average when i touch platinum level without any help most of the time , yes i didn't got more far because simple just the game itself push you to play 150 % every time to win games , and when that happens i doubt someone would be chill when he do his best and push his game to no mistakes while others just f1241 flame and troll or do mistakes over mistakes , in teory explain me why i have no rights to consider myself better than average , cause i f2141 play from 2010 ??? , i seen people who play of long time and don't seems to understand how the game should be played as , those are individual problems , but as i played several seasons and hundreds of normal games , you can't claim that i am a shit player who likes to flame others .. . Secondly the chat logs haven't insult anyone about gameplay and how he play , it was just an autofill support on shen who roam mid and leaved me to play 1 vs 3 on bot whole game... , that guy f2141 split push on top while 4 enemys was fighting only with me to take nexus as the rest of team was death ,and you coming to tell me fake news here ... , that i am thinking myself better than average ... , you lv 16 ... what we talking about ,or if you have another account idk dosn't matter man , i am really good at playing this game . I played 2 games ranked in last week as adc and win one in min 17 without leave enemy to surrender , and one was like instant surrender in enemy team ,both with high precision gameplay , roams, drakes, tower plates from bot/mid/top , herald ,etc... ,if you think i am a trash player is your opinnion but the second problem is the fact i haven't thought myself better than others , it was just in past something i called criticism , not thinking of myself that i am better ,just saying to people them mistakes and how much they throw the game and talking about others builds as they was missing esential items etc... , not going to waste time , if you have time read the topic i write if not just stand that you can't read it and that's all , no need you to force your opinnion if it's out of the subject in this case.
Anyone can get to platinum if they really wanted to, all you have to do is grind with champions your best with, I have played since season 1 and have played well over 3000 games in the years i have played, sadly my toxicity in the early years got the best of me as i took the game too seriously and well here we are. I watched all the tournaments and streams and multiple videos on lanes i want to improve on, doesn't make me a pro player and it doesnt make me the best in what i do, there will always be someone better than you, if you go into a game with an ego thinking your "amazing" and that you're better than your teammates then you're setting yourself up for a loss. I also never said you was shit, you just seem to be acting like a spoilt child and im started to see what the problem in your games is... You. A bad team doesnt mean a loss, i have won 4v5 games countless times just by pushing the team forward and playing smart, we all have good and bad games or even bad days but it's a game and not every match will go your way. Drop the ego, drop thinking you're the best and start working with your teams.
: Looking for a duo Q partner to smurf with (must be d2+)
You mean you want someone to carry your ass {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: you haven't watched videos from challenger to study what they do ,are you ?? ,you think average people who main jungle ,knows how to gank ? ,what to gank ? , to follow drakes at second and take it ? , to team work and take drake after a gank in bot or mid... I see them doing what others players do , but they not even study pro players how they play , neither study them mistakes , they just f14112 focus on giving surrender and flaming ,that's all they can learn and do ... ,don't tell me there aren't people who are main on some heroes and never understood how to play them... , i seen 1,2 mil points on a champion starting 2 7 ... , like it was a try harder to feed enemy at 1.2 mil points to push that bad plays?
The problem is you seem to think you are better than everyone else when you are also just an average player, watching videos will not make you better, playing the game makes you better, you seem to think you are above the "average player" and well... you're not, you just have a select few champs you play well, doesn't mean someone can't play them better and people will, you are not perfect and neither is the community, stop acting like a princess and maybe you will get somewhere.
: Chat Restriction unfairly
So you pinged with no follow up and then flamed, sounds reasonable.
: MSI Spoilers on LOL Client front page
I also work all day and have a family of my own and still find time to watch them... But because you're so busy Riot should have to change the layout for everyone? If you have time to login to the client then you have time to watch the games...
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: you sure ??? , i am otp player with hundreds and hundres of plays on my main champion , you think i am a stupid player?? , i touch several seasons in row platinum level , i have more much knowdledge than a jungler has about his role , more much knowdledge about a support have of his role, more much knowdledge of positioning and carry when it's about to win games , farming , positioning ,objectives ,base defence , coordination all of them are in my list i follow them every game , i play my best hero ,and push mostly myself to play good , the truth is that in the last time didn't pushed myself that much and it started to show how often i win games ... , but that's because i no want to get angry or stress myself too much in games who are hard to repair what others broke and continue to broke , as that game i been stating them to stop die because i don't see myself to fight so feeded enemys... , do you think they stop??? , no they didn't. I am not salty and i not wish to complain about ,but i play this game from season 2 , ranked from season 3 ,so i have a long experience into this game , i doubt i deserve premades who have 30 deaths togheter and while the 3 rd guy is the top laner with 5 less deaths , in rest me and my support have won his lane keeped number of deaths low ,even if enemy been that high over feed , i doubt you know how hard that is ... , expecially when there is a lux support , not a lulu ,janna ,nami who have high cc and shields and heals to help adc constantly.. . I even been first on damage dealt so that shows that i was keeping the game with 6 kills ... , you think is okey that ?? , i roam to help and hold lanes ,and farm hard to don't let big minions to push and end the game... , enemy had all objectives like drakes barons ,herald ,and i had to just play safe and farm and buy items and hold enemy as much as i can , while the team had no interest in playing or repairing what they did ... or to stop from running alone and doing trash plays . Next game i get 1 10 support malphite who runs in enemy , afk 4 8 jungle , and 2 7 top lane jayce who i never seen him to come and team work until the game wasn't almost ending .. , in 25 minuts game they had that scores... , and i had 4/5/4 score , just to explain you how cool feels to play this game , and the impresive thingh is that i play a champion who i don't even own that much plays ... 6393 champions points , and not even played it that often but i haven't troll anyone .. and did my best to don't be shit or to make others angry against me.. You think i miss something , there are hundreds of games who can feel funny to play ,teamwork or not they not feel useless to play with , everyone have a reason he plays a team game , if those guys have no reasons to play good or decent , to don't ultra feed playing like that ,what's the point i play this game for ??? , to see how many people can do that ?? , or how many people try hard to destroy and make games harder for people who own skill and experience... , is like there is no shame to play utterly garbage most of the time , or to push in bad games your plays to intentionally feeding players scores , is like there is no reason to be afraid of doing too garbage gameplay ,cause it dosn't matter that others lose because of that ... ,that's the Riot attitude when saying we can't punish people when having bad games , you think i deserve to be punished throught Riot indifference in lossing time and lp because of that ?? , or throught playing a game which brings nervs and angryness among other players who ain't anymore focus at the game and just chat flame each other and troll more and more each other.
I have played the game since season 1 (I recently lost my main account due to being a toxic moron, i learnt that lesson the hard way) i get what you're saying and i have had lots of games recently where it feels like my team is just bots but still managed to pull through and win, a bad team doesnt mean a loss... Also stating you know more then anyone about specific roles just isnt true and is a bold statement to make, sounds like you need a break from League, ranks don't mean anything if the game is tearing you apart...
Vaeris (EUW)
: judging by you, you're a troll level 12 account what goes on boards flaming people for fun :)
Damn... You didn't catch me! Nah just realise BS when i see it
: chat ban
To be fair you wasnt "toxic" exactly, chances are they reported you and Riot based the decision on past games not this one, i have had it before, it sucks but better than a complete ban lol
: P2 2lp ... and he kinda int's a lot+negative winratio
"Can take criticism" In other words toxic
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Have fun laning against a Rengar with a melee champion.
I can think of so many melee champs that counter Rengar... He's really not that OP
Vaeris (EUW)
: Looking for diamond Midlaner
> [{quoted}](name=Vaeris,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=wxlWzLvA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-16T13:08:54.038+0000) > > We are looking for a diamond mid laner to finish our roster and potentially try out today. > > Requirements > Diamond 4 - minimum > Working mic and can use Discord > Can speak English > Can take criticism > Will work on an active schedule > > Any questions add me on league Vaeris Judging by your match history id advise to "AVOID" {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
OzaruD (EUNE)
: looking for sup
> [{quoted}](name=OzaruD,realm=EUNE,application-id=K1Z3OoGQ,discussion-id=Ja3WUOfb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-16T09:06:41.831+0000) > > Hi, > Currently s3 looking for a good sup to help! getting mostly noobs under this elo, dive under towers, bad picks, no map awareness, etc. > > Please someone with somewhat a good idea help! i promise if you support well we get high elo easy. > > Thanks i mained leona/support for 5 seasons on my old account, id be happy to do that again, supports good fun and i could use an ADC that doesnt flop
: now i have riot in my name lol...
> [{quoted}](name=Rıot Jahrına,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=60aOLbnh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-15T19:37:02.298+0000) > > logged in after a long time inactive, had to change my name cause other summoner got my old name... tryed Riot Jahrina for the lolz, it worked.. so what now? > > Are you finally allowed to have Riot in your name? > Like Riot skins exist. > > Riot Graves, Riot Tristana etc... > > if not, plase change my name back to "choose a name" You did this thinking you was cool... Just makes you look dumb {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: first game of the day...
We all have bad games like this, no need to be so salty... Also sounds like you spent more time farming than helping your team... I don't think you are much better than the team you described, but peoples ranks mean nothing if they play a champ they are not 100% with {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: honor being halted by valid reports
Yeah as @JustClone mentioned i don't think it's a ladder scheme, seems more "when it happens" kind of thing lol{{item:3105}}
jacktjong (EUW)
: Orianna Rework
> [{quoted}](name=jacktjong,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=iH4LdV6e,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-09T15:37:45.394+0000) > > Ok, before you instantly try to murder me and say Orianna is an absolutely fine champion and doesn't really need a rework; I 100% agree. She's my most-played and, although I'm not playing her all that often anymore, she still holds a special place in my heart.However, I would argue she does have some problems. (A tl;dr below for the lazy people) > > Among some other smaller problems there's one big one; she's very linear. Sure, she has some cool things like R-flash or positioning the Ball beforehand to try and get the jump on people, but other than that she's not that diverse. When you use your Q on an enemy you're almost guaranteed to also use your W for the extra amount of burst, unless you're saving it because you think you might be getting jumped soon and will need it to escape. All her abilities are very stale and there isn't much mashing it up. Her W always goes hand in hand with her Q or E, which effectively makes it feel like it's just an extra effect of those abilities. Her passive makes very little sense in her kit, and her ult is fine. > > Along with that problem, I also feel like she's deserving of the visual update. Her story is one about a girl who went to save others, only to fall victim to the Zaun Grey herself. Her body being replaced by mechanical parts, losing her humanity with every part replaced. Eventually only her heart is left, which she gives away to save a last life and severing her robot self from her human self. > This is a far stretch from the original story about a girl who loved ballet and the Legends of the League, who wanted to become a Legend herself. She worked hard, but due to an accident while training she died. Her father built a robot that resembeled her, gave it the Ball, and sent it off to fight in the League. > The current Orianna we have in League is still from the old story. A story where she's a robot built to represent her human counterpart. However, now she's a robot who once WAS a human. She would hold more humanity that way, and not be as clueless as the current version (quotes like "why are they running" and "so strange, they scream" annoy me because of this, because a robot who was once a human would know what pain is, right?) > > Not only does the backstory not match up anymore, but I also just feel like her theme of being a ballet dancer in a duet with the ball, the ball fighting off enemies as she dances and commands it, is not being fufilled. It could be so cool, but right now she feels very stiff while a dancer would be very fluid. (This is also one of the same reason as to why Irelia was reworked; she didn't really fufill the dream of someone dancing with the blades.) > > So, here's my concept. > > ______________________________ > > **P: Clockwork Windup** > Every time the Ball hits an enemy champion it stores a charge. When it reaches 3 charges the Ball discharges, dealing bonus damage in an aoe. > _(could be different but this fits decently well imo)_ > > **Q: Command: Attack** > Orianna commands the Ball to launch forward. The Ball deals damage to all struck enemies. When the Ball reaches its max range, it hovers for a second and then returns to Orianna. > > When the Ball gets close to Orianna, she can recast the ability to send the Ball out again. On a succesful recast Orianna also gains a bit of movementspeed. (~30%) > This can be done up to two times (making the total amount of times the Ball can be shot out 3. Every recast costs reduced mana.) > > **W: Command: Orbit** > Orianna commands the Ball to sweep in an aoe around the Ball's current carrier. If the Ball hits an enemy in the outer range of the aoe they are displaced and damaged. Otherwise they are just slowed (~20%). > > Orbit can be cast while the Ball is traveling from Command: Attack. If the Ball is further out than the minimum radius of the aoe, the aoe will be changed accordingly and it will take on the distance from the Ball to Orianna as radius. > > **E: Command: Protect** > Orianna commands the Ball to protect her or an ally. Once it arrives at the targetted person, it will grant the player increased defenses (a boost of ~80?) for one second. After the one second, enemies will be rooted for .75 seconds and slightly damaged in an aoe around the targetted person. The targetted player is now the new carrier of the Ball untill they walk out of range or Orianna casts her Q, or her E on a new target. > > **R: Command: Shockwave** > Orianna commands the Ball to unleash a shockwave after a .75 second delay. This shockwave pushes enemies away from the Ball's carrier. > This ability can also be cast while the Ball is traveling. > > * If it's cast while the Ball is on its way out from a Q, the shockwave will take place at the Q's max range, and pull enemies into the center instead of pushing them away. > * If the ability is cast while the Ball is on its way back to Orianna from a Q, the shockwave will take place at Orianna's location and push enemies away. > * If it's cast while travelling from an E cast, the shockwave will take place on the target's location and push enemies away. > > (Note that the shockwave will of course not take place before the Ball arrives. It will take place exactly as the Ball arrives if the delay has already expired. If the delay has not yet expired, the remainder of the delay will still play out.) > ________________________________ > > > Now, this kit would take away a bit of her burst damage in return for a lot more sustained damage. It would give her extra tools, and (if animations would be handelled properly) give her a more active playstyle and a lot more possibilities. > > For animations there'd also be a lot of possibilities, but they should weave together well. Like you're presenting a dance when you weave together abilities. The Q redirection and Orbit cast could both be pirrouettes (although they'd of course have to be a bit different since otherwise you'd have two very similar animations which could get confusing). The E would be Ori doing a grand bow, the bow of course happening as the root goes into effect, and the R also some sort of bow or dive. > > I really wanna see an Ori rework. She's one of my most favourite champions, but she could be so much more awesome. Tell me what you guys think :) > ____________________________ > **TL;DR: > She does have SOME tricks but generally she's linear; her story makes her out to be a totally different person than what she is in the game; she doesn't really fufill the thematic of "ballerina who dances while the Ball does the work" to the fullest; and her visuals are very stiff while a dancer should be more fluid** > > ___________________________ > _And some examples so you guys can visualise what the abilities would look and feel like:_ > > _Q would kinda be like redirecting an Ahri Q, but its a tiny bit faster and floats at the end a bit longer > W would feel a bit similar to Darius Q (range would also be similar, just a tad bigger) > E would be a bit like Neeko/Kayle R > R would just be the same + the extra push function (which would kinda be like a Zac R cancel but a less powerful CC)_ I like your concept, trouble is you're tailoring this remake around your style of play and ways you think would make her better, shes already a snowball champ who can do a heck tonne of damage, the only two changes i believe she needs are 1. Ball to move faster 2 . E to be an instant effect (Rather than the ball making its way back to you) and It to provide a shield and maybe a "fear" if the enemy hasnt destroyed the shield after lets say 2 seconds, means you're kill able but can turn it if your skilled
: Is saying 'cry more' reportable?
> [{quoted}](name=The Godkarther,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IrKXQlnl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-09T15:41:28.464+0000) > > I was destroying some guy in lane and he starting flaming me in all chat saying stuff like '%%%% u', 'I %%%%in hate u', 'i go afk u %%%%in noob', 'u noob', '1v1 me %%%% head', '%%%% off', '%%%%ing hacker'. So I say 'cry more' and he starts spamming to report me. > > **OK**. Nope you're fine! It comes under the whole "banter" gig, you're aloud to make comments to the enemy team to provoke them for "strategy" purposes, as long as your not swearing and using offensive language or being damn cruel, your safe, i have had this chat with riot before.
s1g (EUW)
: supports like alistar
> [{quoted}](name=s1g,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TX5IwXhP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-10T14:37:35.267+0000) > > i recently started playing support and really love alistar. what supports are there like him? > note:i dont mind about winrate or tier ranking i just want to find someone fun to play as I have mained support for 7 years, Leona > Everything else in my opinion, if you want someone like alistar try playing Naut/Braum support, both fun and easy to play{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}

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