bagabonda (EUNE)
: Hey riot, i think theres some client in your bug
Riot representative here. What you are explaining sounds like expected behavior. If you'd like you can still file a bug report, with dump files and such
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Avalegg (EUW)
: > #Network Operations – 4:35 PM We are aware certain ward skins are not available for selection in champion select and are working on resolving the issue. [Link is here](
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: And my gtx 980ti stutters when I move in Witcher 3, making me not want to play it. Maybe it's because I'm trying to run it at 144fps. =/ I didn't bother playing more than 10 minutes of the game after release due to it.
Should be fixed. Check drivers, turn off some post processing, and turn on VSYNC. Should solve most issues you have with stuttering
: Are you only getting an SSD? 250GB isn't much space.
I have a 1tb secondary drive from my old pc. I'll use that until probably christmas, and buy a new one (4TB), and then just use the old one for storing videos I make
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: 1000th WIN
Who even downvotes this?
: oh god what have i done
It will be beautiful
: just play yorick support.
I'm up for the task. Yorick montage is next
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: how the fuck is soraka overloaded shes a healbot
Try killing Sorakas allies. The trick is to focus her. But you litterally can't kill anyone else befor that
derlio (EUNE)
: So many "nerf" threads
Because the champions Yi, Tryndamere, Soraka, and Xin exist All in need of a REWORK to their kit because they are all fucking overloaded with so much jizz
Labrat (EUW)
: > Im the seconde Euw Volibear Well no, sorry to burst your bubble, you're not. Mastery points can literally be grinded and have nothing to do with your skill level on a certain champion. The actual statistics on all champions can be found in Onward to your actual post now. > Perma Bann to my account cause of the skins that he gifted me You cannot get banned, more so perma banned, because someone gifted you a skin. > are just some Hacked Rp You cannot "hack" RP into any account, ever. Why? Simply because this information is stored into Riot's servers, and not your client. Allow me to call BS on your whole post, because of the reason I just stated. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Also, stop flooding the boards with shitposts like this. They have nothing to do with the boards and the respecting category in the first place.
I believe the "hacked RP" is actually a chargeback issue. Which, if you gift a skin to someone, will suspend them too.
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Dardasim (EUNE)
: ***
This happened last game. It was a ranked game and I lost 16LP because some dumbass decides it is a good idea to engage 4v5. I can't find it in my history though. Loving that bug too as well as deaf teammates.
Senbou (EUNE)
: On the hunt for gemstones!
LMAO, I got like 5 gemstones out of 6 cases. goddamn, Iæm either VERY lucky. Or you are seriously UNLUCKY
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: i'm sure that lategame nasus, jax, yi, vayne and tryndamere outduel him. and maybe some others.
No, except maybe Tryndamere, but I already stated he is broken in another post. The problem is that "you just need to not let him Q you" Well shit RIOT, you should've thought about that before giving him a free slow together with a dash that deal AOE DMG. ARE YOU STUPID RITO?
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grimBark (EUW)
: Hextech Box not dropping
"girlfriend"? TRAITOR
Remian (EUNE)
: >The last games I played have been horrible I admit, but my teams always consisted of B2 or lower, enemy team was at least S2 or higher. The skill difference is actually quite funny to watch. Team maker in normal got somewhat sadistic recently. I get placed against 25-29 level players almost every game, I'm terrible player myself, but these poor souls don't even have full master/runes. At least following ravage gives me S, which is nice.
Worst thing is I played against a team consisting of Diamonds and Plats only... We got absolutely smashed as a full Silver/Gold/Bronze team...
: {{champion:81}} - Abusing too many items {{champion:78}} - Still 100-0's anyone while building full tank
Don't have much trouble with Ezreal, but I agree that Poppy is stupid as hell right now
: Where is the young {{champion:24}} with the balanced {{item:3124}}
Haha, personally I don't experience issues with him that often. Probably because people suck, but you know...
Skere (EUW)
: Yorick is really unhealthy
True, where did my HP go? :D Really boring and also really annoying.
vRollsRoyce (EUNE)
: yea kog healthy
Meh, the thing they need to do with kog is so that he's "rooted" while getting that attackspeed. maybe compensate by giving him a bit more range while in that "stance". And so that displacing him ends it.
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: rank?
Don't play ranked, normals I usually play with/against Silver II + The last games I played have been horrible I admit, but my teams always consisted of B2 or lower, enemy team was at least S2 or higher. The skill difference is actually quite funny to watch.
sfts (EUW)
: The story can easely be the other way around, you know?
Yeah, playing ADC I often find the support does not listen to things like "you decide when to engage, but take it a little easy, they're slightly ahead" and then Leona proceeds to dive into Twitch and Janna lvl 2, and I'm playing Vayne...
Pegaz7 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Attix,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=37evig87,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-28T12:03:39.518+0000) > > The problem is not just the ping. It is probably the bandwidth. I have no issue on my 500MB/s line, but switching to my 5MB/s line in my cabin gives me a fair ammount of lag. Go to and check your speed. If it is less than 20MB/s then try finding a program to assign most of the line to LoL. I have 10mbit bandwidth, but 2 months ago I have 4mbit without lag, I made some tests for my bandwight and i called my IPS few times. I tryed to manage some settings, but non of this stuff fix my spikes.
Hmmm, have you checked your usage while playing league? If your pc is automatically distributing the 10MB line evenly across all running proccesses then that IS an issue.
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Pegaz7 (EUW)
: EUW Lagging in all games. (Lagspikes. PING,PFS = OK)
The problem is not just the ping. It is probably the bandwidth. I have no issue on my 500MB/s line, but switching to my 5MB/s line in my cabin gives me a fair ammount of lag. Go to and check your speed. If it is less than 20MB/s then try finding a program to assign most of the line to LoL.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Attix, I've taken a quick look and it definitely looks like you should have this - have you tried using it in a custom game? Can you show a screenshot of it when you attempt to use it in a custom? Thanks!
Okay. Found out it is selectable, I'm playing a custom game with it right now. I'll see if it also shows up under the champion afterwards. Thank you <3
: Have you gone to the champion page or store to check if its already unlocked? I'm not sure if it works like this, but I think items earned from a reroll are instantly added since it essentially turns it into a mystery gift.
That's the problem. It's not there
Riryz (EUW)
: if you reroll 3 skins into a permanent skin then it automatically unlocks that skin (at least if you own the champion and dont own the skin already)
But that's the problem. It's not there.
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: When I am you ADC...
If you keep dying in lane even when I am there then heck... I'll roam and just mute you. Because you will die more... and you will blame it on me... and I will not care less. Just roam with me and fuck botlane while we win the game
Eeten (EUW)
??? I do not understand what you are reffering to
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Eambo (EUW)
: I'm afraid I'm currently in NA otherwise I would totally play with you :-( I can at least offer you a happy birthday however! ^_^ Happy Birthday! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
xMorfina (EUW)
: Lucian OP
hëlios (EUW)
: Graphic Designer looking for logo's My logo is good enough for me already. Most resources I use are made by me
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Estti379 (EUW)
: >you can't zhonyas it (it just doesn't go on CD) You can, but has OP already said, it doesn't go into cooldown, so that Darius can just use it again after you are out of stasis.
This ^ I'm just tired of not being able to block things like Darius ult (or Cait ult while it's channeling) with an item THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BLOCK EXECUTES. I can block Veigar ult (yay), I can block Riven ult (yay), I can block Cait ult (while it's flying, YAY), but I CAN'T block Darius ult and be safe
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kingosaurus (EUNE)
: Lets see what you guys say
Orianna, Lee Sin, Diana, Kalista, Rumble, Bard
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Wohltat (EUW)
: ***
*self advertising* COULD YOU NOT? Now... this post is not about self advertising, but let me take a rant. As a VERY young designer (14 years old) I have already established a neat little extra income to pay for games and such. I do NOT self advertise, my clients consult me because someone else recommended me. Now... if your YT channel is good, then only 1 person has to find it before he starts spreading the links and so on you'll snowball from there if you keep making good content. Checking out your channel, I found some sloppy-ass content. You've recorded it and just slapped it on YouTube, not even proper thumbnails. To improve you first of all need a proper editing program. AN EASILY RECOGNIZEABLE NAME, get a profile picture, get a simple but storytelling banner. Do everything as simple as possible, don't get the typical "MLG 3D-effects" intro. Stick to something VERY simple and NOT longer than 6 seconds. Also, your videos are nothing but the game. Invest in a decent mic and start talking, analyzing, describing, the "TAD" touch as I call it, adds a lot to gameplay-content. I think you could become good at this if you just invest some more TIME and EFFORT into it.
Shrav (EUW)
: In reply to your first paragraph ONLY, I am in bronze but I don't flame anyone. but it's REALLY upsetting to find that most bronze players think they know everything and then they feed because they can't play safe. I got demoted TWICE because the teams I had gotten had been feeding non-stop. As in, 2/17/1. It's also kind of hard to break the "Barrier" if you keep getting people who don't understand what they're doing.
But that would mean the enemy team too gets people who don't understand what they're doing. And if everyone, but you is senseless. then you should be able to carry. (That is... if you deserve to win)
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