Kurotsu (EUW)
: Put a minigame in the client
Sounds good, but they cant even make a normal client fully working, imagine playing a minigame, your computer would burn
: Email Verification
I just used another e mail. It also happend to me too. Try to make a fresh new E mail and link your account there. Hope it helps.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: Best counterpicks for darius & garen ?
As a Darius or Garen, I literally always struggle against {{champion:266}} . But remember, ADC's are not counter to them at all ! If they play safe till 6 they can oneshot you anyways but you won't be able to kite them
Miyeön (EUW)
Looks bad lol
: Help me with an advice
Well, streams are very helpful, atleast in my experience. I've watched my favourite streamers and its actually improved my mechanicks alot !
Wen294 (EUW)
: Why do players always ping on afks/disconnects?
Nop , he can spam pings so the afker could hear that the game started while Alt tabing.
BlackMail4 (EUNE)
: Kayn or Yasuo
Kayn definenlty. Yasuo is already overused, no matter how good play you make or whatever, you won't feel special lol. If you wanna have fun, Kayn is one of the best champions to have fun, atleast in my opinion. He basicly have 2 playstyles , each game feels different, and i have to point out that Darkin Kayn is so op with Dark Harvest. He might feel too hard to play but after few games you will learn plus you will have fun along the way. On the other hand if you are looking to master a champion and try to carry games on yourself, Yasuo would be an option.
: Everyone in my ranked game just disconnected. No loss prevented was applied.
Month before ranked season end, they made a game unplayable..
: KDA should have impact on MMR as much as Winrate
Everything you explained is basiclly grading after games. If you constantly get S or even A in our games, that means you will climb sooner or later, no matter the useless teammates you get. If you are good with objetives and KDA every single game, that means you are better then your division that you are currently in, and you will win more then lose, but yes every once and then you will get uncarriable team. PS - KDA should never ever impact the MMR , imagine Janna support finishing every game with 0-5 that means if you win every game you will basicly drop to Iron :D
FNC Djuka (EUNE)
: Heals on ARAM are invisible
Yeah happend to me too, its preety annoying --.--
Hansiman (EUW)
: This was tested out for a while on OCE, and just ended up with the queue timer problems we had before autofill was introduced.
What exactly is a Senior Emissary ?
Rioter Comments
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, good news! Fix has just been pushed, please reload the page and try once again ^_^
: Who asked for Darius to be buffed? Why was he buffed?
As a valuable counter pick to tanks in top lane, we’re looking to help Darius cleave through some of that armor to encourage teams to think strategically when drafting top lane champions. Although it’s somewhat generic power, percentage armor penetration is considerably more effective against champions like Cho’gath and Ornn than against other fighters like Camille or Aatrox
: why did they buff Kha'Zix?
Kha’Zix has been struggling since our changes to his evolved R in patch 8.11. We’d like to give it a bit more oomph in a way that relies on the clever use of ultimate casts to eke out the full value. We’re also amping up the utility of Void Spikes to help Kha’Zix set up plays in ways that aren’t just… murdering you faster
: Any suggestions for a vayne main summoner name?
Buy Project Vayne skin and name urself Project Bolts
: Diamond player brag about being hard stuck silver.
I have a guy in firendlist solo q bronze 1 , but flex he reached platinum few days ago, so yes, he is a boosted animal.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: i dont get why players say "gg ez" and is this reportable?
You can report anything you want, problem is those people wont ever be punished, i've been saying gg ez for 4 years already XD
ZurBun (EUW)
: "Since last patch I have got a fps drop from around 150-200 on all max sets to 35", so yes.
Download hextech repair tool, run it with "Force Repatch" box checked.
ZurBun (EUW)
: 35 fps with ryzen 1600@4GHz, gtx1070@1.95 GHz & 16gb RAM ddr4 3200 MHz
Trnavá (EUW)
Iam a flamer, kid, and mostly afk, can i add you ?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > Talon : lvl 2 double kill with just auto attacks and Q If you are bad. He can kill you at level 2 with cheese (Q+W+Ignite), but he definitely can't kill two people. *** > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > Master yi : no counter play if he got morgana or taric or he build QSS You can bait his QSS. You can't complain about the interaction of two champions. I can name at least 5 other combos just as "hard to counter". All of them include supports. *** > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > MF : Lvl 1 oneshot :) This one is low hanging fruit. There's not a single champion in the entire game that can "one-shot" you at level 1. It's literally impossible. *** > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > Xerath : undodgable skillshots I can dodge those just fine. His W is harder to dodge. His E is easy and his Q is predictable (unless scripting). *** > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > Rammus : afk damage more than master yi If you basic attack him like a monkey, yes. You have magic based champions to deal with Rammus. *** > [{quoted}](name=253IQ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V8eEM1nN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-21T13:29:14.547+0000) > > Kata - Akali : pentakill and leave with full hp You've been watching too many montages.
So you found answer to every op champion in this game? You must be Challenger !
: >But my top laner is a Garen who already died 3 times on top lane vs Riven. So what should be an easiest match up ever It's actually a skill match up. In low elo, garen tends to win the lane. In high elo, riven beats garen because riven has the tools to beat him but low elo players don't know how to play her properly in that match up. You could easily improve by simply dying less. 8 deaths per game on average is way too high and you can't blame others for it. >It doesnt matter if you are Challenger in bronze, if you get unlucky people you will lose. That's why these is no point in dwelling over individual matches. However, a high elo player might be bale to prevent a bad situation like that from happening by doing something you aren't. That's why they climb out of low elo much faster than the people stuck in that elo claiming it's their teams holding them back. Once you get closer and closer to your own true skill level, it becomes harder and harder to carry by yourself. Ofc, truth be told, no one EVER carries completely alone. There is ALWAYS someone else doing something useful, even if it's just absorbing damage for you in a fight or clearing side waves so minions or enemy split pusher doesn't push your towers.
Im just saying what i have experienced so far in this awful elo, unfortinently its takes some time to climb, i was 31-8 once with my winrate but then everything went downhill. I do agree on that Garen - River fights, she does have a kit to beat him, but i think ELO doesn't matter in that match up , my jungler went to gank her at 4 min and she took a double kill. Thats impossible. But lets be honest, in season 3 you could pick a carry champion and win 90% of games you play if you have just a little skill then decent. But now, doesn't matter how good you are, you have to have atleast 1 more person who is usefull in order to do something. That is better ofcourse, they are making it a Team game more, which is a good thing, but on the other side, it causes to much tilt since i am usually the only one who is actually good in a team. I know i sound like a bronze, but lately their whole team is animals, beasts who plays my team on other lanes, but i always end up ahead agaisnt my laner. Literally, always.
: Simply think of the game as a whole. Not as individual matches. As you know, losing streaks happen, don't let them bother you. Win streaks happen too. Both are tightly related to luck and to your own skill to an extent. Mostly about luck though. The "stop playing for a few days" tips are just myths and not actually any good. A small break like 15-60 mins is reasonable and completely enough to reset the mind. Taking any longer than that doesn't add any benefit. If anything, taking a few day long breaks only hurts your skill and is a hindrance. When a losing streak happens though, think about what you could have done better. Not about what you could have done to win but simply what you could do better than how you did and improve on it. simple things are enough like csing etc.
I agree with everything you said, but lets say i decided to play ranked only on Saturday since iam only available at that day. So i start a ranked match, i get 3-0 on lane. But my top laner is a Garen who already died 3 times on top lane vs Riven. So what should be an easiest match up ever, you put all hopes in that but enemy riven is just smashing everyone, decided to roam the whole map and just kill everyone. But then she comes to me and i somehow out play her since iam a semi fed Vayne. Basicly, 90% of my games is just me 1v9 or lose. Iam serious. No matter what you do, how fed you are, your teammates will always carry you down, atleast in my case. I wish i could play a game where i was 0-10 and my team actually carries me, its impossible. But when I am 10-0 and enemy laner is 0-10, my teammates already lost 80% of the map. It doesnt matter if you are Challenger in bronze, if you get unlucky people you will lose.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What are you climbing stories?
In my experience, play as much games as you can, lets say youre gold V with 100 wins and 100 loses. But lets say you decided to play whole day and night and lets say you will end up in 400 wins and 400 losses. If you get to this point you will be platinum. It's not about winning 1 game daily, play 15 rankeds a day, doesnt matter win or lose just play play play and i promise you will climb
: Ranked/ punishment system rework
First of all welcome back Bud. It's kinda hard to rebalance everything, since it would be highly abusable. Lots of people are complaining why do i lose LP if i constantly have aflers in my team? Imagine how abusable would this be if you are playing duo with a friend or whatever. Anyways, i completly agree with you, they didnt do anything about this problem. However, in those 25 game you HAD to encounter at least 1 game where enemy team had an afk aswell, I mean it doesnt happen to my team 100% right?
: Cadet not unlocking, augments don't work, missions don't work. Waste of time.
This game man... there is no ressurection, literally everything is buggy
: RIOT U DIDNT SOLVED porblem with FPS drop and tearing!!!
Rismosch (EUW)
: Both are kinda bad in this meta. Veigar has the issue that he needs stacks and a good lategame to succeed. Games are full of lanedominant champions, or at least the runes make them dominant. A little misstep and people punish you. I guess you can succeed with Veigar, if you manage to survive the laningphase. As for Annie, she just got a buff. Before that she was kinda non existant in this meta, because overyone could engage, deal damage and burst just as good as her. There was no point ever in really picking her over another champion. But Riot buffed her attackrange in this patch. This could make her a good lane bully again. But only time will tell if she is going to succeed or not. But we are all in low elo here, so you can play whatever you want. As long as you are better than everyone else in your rank, you will succeed with anything, really.
No they are not bad.. both have stuns which doesn't have any counter play, they are both burst champion and really good at the meta. I'm preety sure he doesn't need an advice from 48% win rate player..
: That's the difference, you were running at 100 fps which doesn't cause all that a lot of screen tearing on a 60hz monitor. Now you jumped to 250 fps which is over double of the previous 100 fps. Your monitor simply can't output all the frames your PC is able to produce so it causes screen tearing.
Yeh, Rito told me to try to make a few changes in my game directory, which i did, and it helped with my FPS but screen tearing still persist. So this does make sense. Thing is, how come rito didn't think about it ? They want me to send logs over and over trying to help, but I think you are right.
suƒi (EUW)
: 60 fps is laggy af
60 FPS is very good for me, but in major teamfights my FPS drops even lower which is so unusually for PC like this. That's why i need a solution to have a good FPS without screen tearing :)
: Did you read chatlogs? Apparently saying into trashcan here ya go, and are you smurf? after killing 3 ppl solo on mid is now permban offense, because on this account only thing I did was mostly passive aggresive like gj when someone die, and telling trash a trash. Simple. Just read chatlogs and tell me if I am that toxic.
Just too much text.. Just try to send a ticket to support if you feel like you got banned for nothing.
: +14 LP when at 0, got only 11.
You built Kai Sa wrong, so system gave you only 11 {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
: I'm a 19-year-old Serbian, a Jhin otp, I like beer.
: About banning system for toxicity few words From player banned 79 times.
This is unbeliveable.. I literally rage and flame 90% of my games cuz my team mates always sux. I flame so hard and get tilted, and never got a ban, not even a punishment. I could only imagine how toxic you have been..
: Looking at your match history and op.gg, I would gladly have you as a jungler. Of the enemy team.
: It's just the way it is. Significantly higher fps compared to the monitors refresh rate will cause screen tearing. What do you do with the 250+ fps if your monitor can't output the said frames per second? Your monitor is only capable of outputting 60 frames per second. Just cap it at 144 fps and enjoy the performance in other games.
Before this PC i had waaaaay worse PC and never had screen tearing. Game was running smoothly with 100 FPS. Point is it was the same monitor, I just changed the unit
: I might be the lowest (excluding new players and those that don't play ranked), managed to hit 0LP in Bronze V this season - my losing streaks have been epic
What do you actually do for Riot?
: How high hz your monitor is? Mine is a 60hz one and I just cap my fps at 144 in the video settings so I don't get input delay but at the same time I don't get screen tearing. If you got a NVIDIA GPU with recent enough architecture you can turn on fast sync which essentially caps the fps to double of your monitors refresh rate which reduces screen tearing while keeping high fps.
Well i think its 60. But no matter what i do, If my V Sync is off, i will have a great FPS, but screen tearing remains. My GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7700 . Is there something i could chance in GPU settings to remove tearing but keeping the same FPS ?
: Tearing is nothing odd with uncapped FPS. Vsync will limit your FPS to your monitors refresh rate. Basically above 60 there is no difference.
So you are saying that in this game 250 FPS and 60 is almost the same?
Rioter Comments
: How drop from diamond to plat in under 100 games.
: Go to your GPU control panel. ( rightclick anywhere on the desktop and you should see it ) Find vsync. Make sure it’s set to be application controlled.
I can't find an option "vsync". Im using Win 10 on this new PC dunno if its important, but when i open my GPU settings there is no option like vsync in it.
alexmw2 (EUW)
: Idk my fps cool as always, maybe time to get new box?
If you read the older comments, you would your answer to this question
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: how can i see my old replays
I there a way to download and find replay of my game that i played months ago?
slm1s (EUW)
: massive FPS DROPS since today GOOD 4K$ PC whats wrong with LOL ???
: Did you check your GPU settings? Your GPU could be overriding the game settings.
: The only reason that would be a problem is if client wanted to inject code. Recent false positives are probably connected to that. So I boldly claim it has everything to do with the anti-cheat or some other code that is trying to force itself.
Heh.. I had huge FPS drops so i sent a ticket.. they told me to send them Hextach repair tool infos so i did.. They saw a problem in my drivers, they werent updated in years, so Rioter told me to follow 7 simple steps to download new drivers for my GPU. Third step is " You have to delete all your current drivers in order to download new ones".. So i did.. after that my screen went black and my computer couldnt turn on.. they broke my PC. So i bought a new one , yesterday it arraived and again i have a problems.. my FPS shows to be 60 capped, no matter what i do in my video settings it is 60. I belive that new PC config has a potential to run this game at 400 FPS. Don't listen to them too much, when i brought my older PC to specialists, they told me its the worst idea ever to delete all drivers from my GPU.. I just followed Rioter steps.. They do wanna help, but they are unexpierienced and that sux
Ðusk (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz feedback + exploit
You just wasted 2-3 hours of your life writing this that you won't get back, for no reason..
: I can not win games.
Oh man I literally feel the same. Like 90% of my games, my team always die in lanes, most of the time i do very well, but that 5% of the time when i play bad its always my team that is worse. I wish there is a day that i get 0-10 and get carried by my team.. League has become 1v9 or lose. My recomendation is to play duo with a friend which iam always refusing trying to see what could my solo rank be.. but ranked is definenlty not a reflection of skill in this game and never will be
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