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: First off, you have average 6 deaths on Karma and 8.3 on Rakan (your 2 most played champs), Second, I wouldn't play support in low elo if you don't have good adc duo, Third if you can't get out bcs of "Challengers" then idk what to tell you bcs smurfs are top 1% of the playerbase, that means you shouldn't get them every 2nd or 3rd games but like maybe once in 20 games, Bronze is vast enough elo to not get smurf for most of the games, Fourth, If you're better than most of this elo then you shouldn't have problem to get out of it with enough games.
Excuse me man but your are got the point of my Discussion in your second point: So you are basically telling me that is impossible to play ADC or Support in bronze ELO Solo Q, because of the players and you must play in a Duo... Is that not a League of Legends problem? :D Don't worry about me I'll get it out but we can't ignore the facts that Bronze Elo is a pure Hell Elo because of my points.
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: i got leave buster cuz of game error 9 time on row and i demoted to silver 3 while i win the game


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