: Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch
While my settings are really bad compared to all yours ( I don't even know them tbh ) the game was running somewhat smoothly with the right settings a month ago. Now my fps that are around 30, drop to literally 0 during TFT fights, I don't even get to watch units fight, it became some strategy game without eye candy, just the damage taken and dealt by units is shown. PLaying against real people is impossible without eating a ban so I don't even try anymore.
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AK 47 Neo (EUNE)
He's fine, it's a tank that counters other tanks. Still need to fix the item rng because I'm done going in rankeds and having only 2 items agaisnt people with 4 and going last every game I play. got demoted from gold 2 to gold 4 after I played around 20 normals games with plat players and did rank at 3-4 on average. in ranked i'm just cursed, got only gold, no lvl 2 champs and finish in the 4th to 8th place everygame never more.
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: Why don't we have a rune or an item to increase the effects of cc?
Because Nautilius is already god tier, you don't want to make him even more op
: Unable to do anything for 4 seconds
Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up !
: Lucian + Seraphs not working anymore in TFT
I feel like seraph and shojin aren't affecting mana properly anymore, seraph allows you to use your ability straight away but I really don't feel nor see the 20 mana being won. They might be fixing this as there is a lot of bugs happening in TFT after the patch's realease.
Kuur (EUW)
: Rewards for High RP spenders.
Why would you spend that much money in the game ? I spent some money on it to buy a skin on champs I like or play but I never spent that much even in 5 years and it really saddens me to see players that are really bad at the game spending all their money into legendary or prestige skins on champions they don't even play. Not that you are bad, I'm talking about really lowtier players that love to buy skins and focus more on the graphics instead of the gameplay itself. League is not a beautiful game even after the 2015 remake of SR, others games have much better graphics so if you like the good looking things why play League and spend real money in it ? That being said Isn't there already some kind of rewards ? When you purchase Riot Points you get more if you buy more, so if you spent a lot of money in one time it will allow you to gain extra RP that you wouldn't have had if you spend the same amount of money but in 3 or 4 separate payements. And I believe the extra RP is more than enough for a chroma, don't you think ?
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: Ah yes, ....
What's the issue, you haven't unlocked those champions yet
: How to handle toxic/tilted players
I'm trying to be cool with people that goes mad, but when I try to say to that Garen that insult the jungler that he should try to roam or play safe because botlane is winning and we can carry him he just reply "%%%% you" and proceed to spam help pings and "help, help, help" in chat unti lI mute him
: Trolling is NOT punishable (Here is why)
The compagny name is Riot, but we can't say bad words. Like Videogamedunkey said "what is this baby preschool time, talking shit is probably one of the only fun part of this boring game". I understand that harassing someone over what people see as bad plays is not tolerated, but I've had my fair share of fun time responding to guys going completly nuts in game for absolutly no reason. But I guess "talking in the chat may put others players in a difficult position since it'll be hard for them to concentrate on the game"
: No mission progress TFT
I've finished 2nd, then 1st by miracle and it didn't count for my quests FFS
: EUW complete all missions in 1 game
Just completed all 4 missions in coop vs ia on SR, it's possible !
: Took a break from Ranked for a couple of days.....
: Why can, as Malphite, a level 1 Nasus, kill me in a 1v1?
How do you even die as Malphite early, just stay out of range and Q poke each time he tries to farm. If you just go melee his Q is an auto atk reset with lower cd ( I believe ) than your Q, and deal more dmg, and heals him. Nasus only has his E as ranged option, understand weakness/strenghs of champs instead of just running it down...
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Semaka (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} You are a moron. Nothing would have happened if you didn't pick a project skin. They could X9 you and still, nothing would have happened (unless you flamed them). Riot doesn't ban you for things like this. This is on you. > So I unintentionally dodged How does that work? Were you aiming for the last second pick of the champ and you missed it? You pressed the X button on your client instead of the settings one?
I'm not a new player I know that they couldn't do much, and I wasn't pissed at them either so take your "moron" elsewhere. Well it's not like that didn't shaked me, I couldn't pick a champ in time and voilà. PS: Not a crying post yo
: Need 1 more Silver/Gold/Plat player for 5 man flex queue
: When does Split 2 endsq
Split end means that ranked awayds are gonna be given and ladder reseted ?
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KakarotDZ (EUW)
: Kayle balance changes on 9.16 ?
Wait was kayle changed during this patch ? Or you already know what change she will get in the next patch. Like the vayne's E buff, people knew about it before it was there. Are you time travellers ?
aizekor (EUW)
: First time I played Jax, I went 0/10 without inting, just kept getting solo killed, dying to ganks, getting caught out, dying in team fights etc. Melee solo lane champs aren't rlly my style as you can see 😂
Don't worry, I jsut tried him out top lane and went 2/13 making our team lose the game single handlely without trolling. I guess jax isn't an all in champ, at least early on, you should play safe and always keep your Q or your E to escape. I went too yolo when you can just sit at turret and farm, use tp to stay ahead in experience or take ignite to punish a mistake? Jax is very good at punishing, but you gotta play him quite a bit to understand when to commit, when yo ward jump away and stuff. I lost my touch with jax, i'll play him laterin normals I guess ^^
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Cmaroljub (EUNE)
: Guys try to just change the region and back to ur region and than try to login.. worked for me.
> [{quoted}](name=Cmaroljub,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=sVrsMMnj,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-07-31T21:19:42.613+0000) > > Guys try to just change the region and back to ur region and than try to login.. worked for me. It works. I think ? My computer crashed for a minute but I'm in now
: Unable to connect to the authentication server
Was about to make a post too. BTW This shit occurs literally everyday, I have to close the client and restart it everyday to log in. But this time it just doesn't let me in ! LET ME INNNNNNNN ! ! !
aizekor (EUW)
: Climbing in Ranked
Buy jax, go top, get challenjour
: More ways to earn BE
What really grinds my gears is that they removed the option to reroll champion shards you already have. Fk I wasn't playing at that moment so my champions shards are worth way less now than in 2017. A good strategy was to buy every low cost champs and then reroll the shards of these champs into ones that cost 6300 BE... sadly I couldn't do it and well, you don't buy much with BE anyways.
: To all TFT Double fh pyke BUG abusers
Dartiri (EUW)
: Locked honor level
Been there bro. Chat restriction over 1 game where all members of my team were insulting me for my draven that went full int because he died 3 times in lane. But I got the honors unlocked (back to 0 tho) after 2 days of spamming arams and bot games
vrasidaros (EUNE)
: I started playing ranked again and I am sad
I feel you, when I started playing rankeds fun was gone, it was the time of meta slavery, tilt and tryhard. In all honesty, even if you are a good support you wont climb at that elo. Support seems to be relevant when you are plat/gold, below that you just have to play hard carries, get fed, finish fast. Even if you think that support is your best role I think you may be even betterat another role, just try it out. But there will always be trolls or teammates that just chases for a full minute when a drake, baron, or inhibitors could have been taken. That's why you should play champs that can take objectives or push by themselves, playing support, even if you are a big burst dealer, wont make you take objectives as efficiently as a bruiser for example. The demotion really hurts, hang on and you'll be back in silver.
: incredibly rude title
Dude that get offended comment
: Its getting worse and worse with each day passing. I got a few friends who cant connect to the server since 9.14 is live. 2 of them manage to get into a game again but they cant connect to every round.
> I got a few friends who cant connect to the server since 9.14 is live. 2 of them manage to get into a game again but they cant connect to every round. Like I've seen someone say today : "don't play ranked during patch 9.14" He was damn right
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: for mordekaiser you don't build to counter a player you are a teamfighting champion ie you want to build in a way that will make you most effective against everything and thus there is little counterbuilding to consider when choosing items protobelt and rylai are nearly 95% of the time must haves thornmail you get if you don't want morello spirit is really meh to be honest but if you get to lvl 16+ spirit has the potential to make you a raidboss liyandri is good if there are 2-3 health stacking champions in the enemy team (especially good vs vladimir) adaptive isn't worth it unless you are against 4-5 magic damage dealers health/damage more important currently at 71% win rate with morde in diamond
I'm really interested in how to build morde top. I've encountered Mordes that would do the same build everytime. {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} as the first 2 items, then the game would end. But there were some player that were disagreiing, saying that morde should be more a tank than a dmg dealer and that with only 1 dmg item it would be better than 2 or 3. Also, how do you counter morde during laning phase ? I've only played and succeded by jungling, but when my top dies countless times to a morde it's like already too late and I can't gank anymore. I wish I could give tips to my laners so they stop feeding for a minute but 90% of the time when one lane is starting to lose it's gg for them as coming back is incredibly hard with some champs.
Player 00 (EUW)
: I would like some help pls
It happens, but when you know how the game is going you should take the lead and carry. I've lost games because I was too shy I guess to tell people what to do. Become the boss and tell them what to do, most players are clueless, don't watch the mini map, don't care about summoners cooldown or R's.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are excused
> you are excused Sorry I'm suffering PTSD after losing to mundo, zac and hecarim in aram in a team with only mages and adc's
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are building armor into a champion taht will deal 60% magic dmg into you and main poke source would be magic damage you took ignite and then took bramble ie you wasted a lot of gold you took ignite tp on morde > big mistake on it's own mundos E gives him MR this doesn't mean that tanks aren't weak against magic damage it just means that Mundo himself is more resiliant to magic damage it doesn't mean he was cheating it just means you made very big mistakes every step of the way
> you are building armor into a champion taht will deal 60% magic dmg into you and main poke source would be magic damage True, his build wasn't optimal, and doran ring was weird start. I'm not a morde player but I think that this should've been better -> Summoners Flash/Ghost + Ignite - Doran shield + red pot Depending of how is the laning you take - {{item:3136}} {{item:1001}} if winnin, first - {{item:3211}} {{item:1001}} if loosing, eventually you'd buy the other one when possible. then - {{item:3020}} {{item:3194}} ( I think agaisnt mundo this is far better than {{item:3065}} since it negates the Q and W dmg better ) - {{item:3151}} and {{item:3165}} I guess Is there any pro that could corroborate that build ?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: mages are already OP against tanks mundo doesn't ignore it healing reduction destroys mundo you are just lacking proper damage to kill mundo
> mages are already OP against tanks Excuse me what ?
: Dominion
it's finished. it's done.
Nxether (EUW)
: What is amount of tokens you get after surrender at 10 min in TFT?
LesKaneki (EUW)
: Better not make a notification for everyone on the client or dissable things, for me the servers are working again, but better make it not official that we had problems or we rito games must give compensation to the players for our mistakes, we dont want that!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
The only thing they give for free is lags, disconnects, chat restrictions and Leaverbuster alerts
: Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong in ranked?
With ekko you outdamage a lot of ranged champions. Wait for them to blow a spell by baiting it out, or for them to last hit then just EQ Auto them and run away. Do it again, don't forget to ward a side of the lane and stay around it. Now that you climbed to Gold you'll start to face people that are maybe better than you so you will have to learn the matchups to beat people in lane. But I feel like with ekko you might be outfarmed but you should be able to outtrade your opponents.
: Riot Pls: Disable Ranked Queue
Wait ranked queue aren't disabled still ? What are they waiting for ? People to get mad and rush Rito's headquarters ?
: Please dont Humiliate players because of your buggy client
I'm really done with this League of Lags bs. You get unlucky because the compagny can't keep the servers going especially EU servers and then you have free losses, lp loss, honor loss and this Leaverbuster bs than only punish players that actually care about the game. The trolls and inters have like 25 accounts to play on so what good is this going to do ? Just remove this humiliating system already Rito
: plenty of dc
Yup. Did a game everything was fine Next game: I couldn't connect Next game: 4 Afk, I couldn't connect
: Keep DC'ing with no way to get back in, wanted to finish my last quest, never gonna happen now.
Same here, couldn't connect to 2 games. Wasn't the only one but why is it happening still ?
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