: I liked his videos where he used to give tips and those kinds of things since i was starting out on league it was helpful, now a days he just makes a random video and tries champions out, it's ok you don't have to main a champion just cuz it is strong, if you want to spam shyvana jungle cuz it is strong go for it but i mean you cant really call it one tricking something if you change it every 3 days.
yeah i used to not mind him, but ever since he aimed for master he's gone weird and whiny, just makes videos to make himself feel better. he's not a master play, he'll never be master with the attitude he's got now, he can do it if he changes his attitude
: Well having a backup that you are decent at in case you get banned or autofilled is already onetricking a small champion pool. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I know all that shit already. Also watched hashinshins stream for a while, he is moderating his chat with the same attitude and pretty much surrounding himself with a nice circlejerk of bootlicking kids. I perfectly understand his personality and I think it's safe to say that we will never hear well considered balance suggestions from him. He is funny sometimes at least for me because I am also sarcastic but he is constantly losing the touch to reality and sometimes it's just too much. You just can't take him seriously.
yeah, that's fair. i do enjoy some of his humour, but i agree it can be a bit too much :P
: But mechanics are meaningless when you are just discussing a topic that goes beyond "what should I do when my enemy presses button x?".
they aren't, that's why hashinshin is in master/challenger for most of his league career.~ ls and dom both said hashinshin's mechanic is amazing but he has a bad attitude and doesn't really do well with thinking. 'he just dives into 5 and usually takes people out and that wins games' - iwilldominate honestly check ls and dominik's vod review
: Tristana now, who's next?
: Yes I know, he does a lot of these videos where he just picks topics and starts... i guess you could call it brainstorming. They often end up being a bit one-dimensional with a lot of questionable arguments. Not sure if he does this unprepared or if he is just slightly biased to begin with. Shouldn't this be in streams&videos?
he seems to contradict himself quite a bit and he's also very biased, like hashinshin but no-where near as good mechanics wise
: Unlike some other streamers *cough* hashinshin *cough* he will still admit if he talked bullshit.
Smerk (EUW)
: He started "one tricking" another champion? Well, eventually he will get solid champion pool this way
i think he just makes videos and talks, just to make videos without giving it much thought
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's the thought that counts.
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: Is Riot ever gonna fix death recap?
they can't even fix their client, i wouldn't put much faith in the recap
Syllfix (EUW)
: Project Vayne
That's sooo good, let me know when you do project vi :D (vi main) 'If you hit a wall, hit it hard'
: Do you think tanks are too strong?
quinn is garbage tier sorry, she's really weak right now which is probably whyyou're having trouble. but right now the only real dominant tanks are sion and malphite from what i've seen :P
: Yea for some the game simply never starts so you have to keep that in mind. They may think that the game simply takes long to load, they may not know how to actually fix it, etc. etc. I know it's annoying and frustrating but yea... at least we have Remake ^^
yeah, i was just salty that i lost 10 minutes from 2 games and my last game before work contained some jinx running it down :c
looonster (EUW)
: Games as good as league without a chat system.
go into custom, press enter, drag to top of the chat bar, drag it out of the screen. no chat, have fun!
: Well it's been there for months really but it's not as bad as it was before. Basically: You go to loading screen It never finishes, so you close the game It goes to Client with the option to Reconnect And you can repeat that cycle indefinitely until you actually close the client as well. So, that's what could have happened to someone that had you do a remake. Not necessarily a bunch of trolls trying to waste other people's time by simply not loading into the game.
that happens to me, but as soon as the game starts the bug stops at least for me. it happened again rofl
: Could you elaborate a bit? If it's that your game doesn't load and REconnect doesn'T work, close the client as well and restart it - then reconnect
no, other people. we ban, lock in, then they never join and we just remake. waste of 10 minutes tbh, i wouldn't mind so much but it's happening quite a lot
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