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: This idea wouldn't help Heimer at all. Even tho you even named the main problem, you didn't address it. Heimer's number one weakness is the simple fact that he gets countered by every ADC in the game. They can all just take down his turrets in one shot, and Heimer will have to fight with one arm tied behind his back. Even if this rework made him better in these situations, it is apparently still not enough to make him good. Have you seen Heimer in matches where, for some reason, the enemy team didn't pick an ADC? He becomes a monster, turning every teamfight into an uphill battle for survival for his enemies. All that is gone if they have a single ADC who can take down his 3 turrets in less than a second. If you really want to turn him into a good champion, you need to address this. Buffing his Q or any of his damage output does not matter until you turn him completely OP. So think along the lines of AP scaling for his turret's range, or turning his turrets HP into a ward-like system making sure that they can't be destroyed in one hit, or reworking his turrets to at least hit the champion who destroyed them once when they break. Things like the hit-based hp for turrets would probably make him weaker in quite many lane match ups, but it might make him a real option for sieges and teamfights.
Maybe u right but its only sketch of idea and if make turret range do more its will be huge up for him anyway. Trust me. Every turret let out volley every 5 sec (volley hits out of turrent range)
: and when you somehow get him low you can't even chase him because he outrun you or Q's a fukin minion -.-
He more like protect himself champ than chase. He wait when enemy jump into him. But he siege very well instead.
: Please Riot, buff donger, im frustrated by all these Tanks nowadays that just chase me trough the whole map while they are slowed by my Rylais turrets and in the end still have over half of their hp left
Yeah man thats what i ment in some matchups he get destroyed by some masters yi Q wich can just oneshot all turrets and poke heim and then kill him for 2 autos..{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Avgreyd (EUW)
: Heimerdinger: a road to spotlight
Also i have ideas about other unpopular champs and reworks. Call me RITO! :D
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