mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: contact the support, i know a friend that had this thing once, he tried to buy rengar for 975 RP but instead he lost 1500 RP or something they gave him rengar and took 975 RP from him you can try, idk when they are going to respond to you
Thanks for the advice but i already did it 😀 at least i know theyll respond
House x33 (EUW)
: I highly doubt you have an AFK every single game :)
Feel free to look at my old match history :D you will see that when I wrote this message I wasnt lying at all, sadly...
Aisleyn (EUW)
: Just played a ranked with 2 AFKs. The enemy team was full of trolls, we could've won but two just decided to leave. Probably because mommy and daddy called them to dinner... We weren't even able to remake.
I feel your pain dude
: Yea Idk recently I've been getting waaaaay more afks than usual, either on my or the enemy's team. I played 5 games before going to sleep last night, 3 of them had afk/ragequits
Exactly what happens to me: the other day i played 5 Bard games in a row and in 4 of those games i got 1 or more AFKs
: hi there, i understand and support the cause and have shared this post with my friends and family in hopes of helping... ...but i like afk's on the enemy team, allow me to explain. enemy team has really good players and smurfs that are really hard to beat, then game turns out in your favor with an inherent advantage because enemy team only has 3 active people playing with 2 afk, yay i win. i have won most of the games i was going to lose thanks to enemy team members going afk, sadly i could not honor them since afk makes their name sometimes show up red in after game lobby. the only way to fix this afk thing is to put more stricter and swifter punishments on deliberate afks and actual "afk's" rather than punish people with connection issues. Deliberate afk's and general afk's are malicious in nature and usually cause an imbalence or team to lose. i admit that this is highly unfair to those that wish to play and have to suffer due to it.
I understand everything you say :D thank you for your support
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Please support is needed to help this cause and give to LoL a better gaming experience. There no need to create an ENTIRE UPDATE. Just a patch i guess, i will let the professionals decide. {{item:2050}}
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