Azy Sin (EUNE)
Azharidan EUW Honestly,i didn't watched the video, just some parts, maybe because i just wanted to partecipate in the giveway or maybe because i tried to watch it and i didn't like it, maybe because i prefer more funny videos, but i will try to give some tips, that i don't know if they are really good, but well, why not . First if you want to make a youtube league of legend's channel you should change your channel name and your profile pic ( my opinion tho ) for something easily to remember , the editing is based mostly on what type of videos you want to make, for funny videos you can look at kashaway and disco heat editing skills, their use of music while champions are in screen or not and things like this, if you want to make an "opinion" channel you should look at JeremyGamingCourios, don't know if it is his name, the best thing to do when you want to teach people is to "define" different sections, for example if you are going to talk about CD, combos etc... you start to talk about abilities and start like this : "The first thing we are gonna discuss are the abilities" "1- Abilities" for example . You should make the music lower and maybe trying to speak " louder " i mean, maybe it's the microphone quality or maybe you just have to tweak around it a bit, idk . If you want to make a "funny educational video" this is a bit harder probably, you have to mix funny parts with music editing and stuff ( for showing maybe examples of how you " don't gank a lane" etc... ) . I honestly think that a good part of a league of legends youtube channel is the editing skills, you can look at Imaqtpie youtube's channel too, if you want other examples of good editing skills even if in that case the contest is a bit different, they are not really funny moments in general, they are like "hilights" or "funny moments" of a streamer . Try to not use long clips in general if you are talking about an educational video, and if you are going to, you should maybe keep speaking while the clip is going on and maybe stop it and show what went wrong, with arrows, and stuffs, if you are making a funny video you should just work in the sounds/music part, in fact a simple " boop " when somebody dies is so simple but so funny, at least for me .
S y (EUW)
: A Letter To Riot From The League Community
I like DuoQ then what ? Since when hate DuoQ makes you a member of the league community ? Most of the people don't even know why they want back solo Q, and if you call out premades, well they were still there and some carried your ass in a lot of games while you didn't know . Stop stereotype threads .
Liphia Rose (EUNE)
: League of Legends movie
There are a lot of good stories in the league of legends, but some of the old ones are just incomplete/not sufficient/or just not acceptable anymore, so it will be kinda hard to make a tv series since every character hasn't a complete identity in the same contest of others characters .
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Didn't you already make this topic?
He got another one .
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Hey, Pretty good. I enjoy Mondays and I figure out what I'm doing for the rest of the week and this week I'm running with my own project concept so busy busy. Last week was good, started looking at houses as it't time to take a grownup step and buy my own house. Its actually quite fun but having to balance distance from work Vs location is a bit of a pain all the really nice houses are quite far away. This week im going to cable manage my desk at home, ordered some under desk cable brackets and going to drill a hole to feed my keyboard/ mouse and mouse pad cables directly down below the desk instead of running it to the top of the desk because for some strange reason they are annoying me lately. _What do you think happens after death?_ I don't know but if we can be reincarnated I want to be a Rhino! They are just AWESOME! [And make the weirdest noise kind of sound like a bad whoopie cushion ]( Have a great week everyone.
: Tribunal (finally) got me
Riot is the emissary of a new pacific world and only the worth-good people can play their game .
XBlade312 (EUNE)
: This Q time dude.
There were no players in the session you were loading ... my brother !
: To serious? or just smart? maybe I am stupid
And in that game, yasuo carried enemy team to VICTORY ! GOOD GUY YAS !
: So this happened...
I already have this skin... in my butt .
raishinari (EUNE)
: it is said that dota 2 is more difficult than lol
We don't care . Play what you like, i played Dota 2 and i didn't like it but not because it wasn't simple, but because i simply didn't want to put my time in that game more than league of legends . Play what you like .
: I'm bored and wanna read something.
Ok, so i was playing league . In my team there was {{champion:1}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} and in the other team there were {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} , i was bard . When i was in the game it was really cool, i didn't expect that you could play as Bard top laner in a ranked game , but looks like i managed to do that and do enough damage to aatrox and win the lane, in fact i had 3 kills . At this point i went mid for help push but the situation got fucked up in the botlane, in fact {{champion:1}} couldn't stand against {{champion:119}} damage so it was really hard, and while i was pushing mid Aatrox {{champion:119}} started to push top . Aurelion Sol {{champion:119}} went afk and i continued to push mid while calling my teammates "brainded scumfuck, pile of trash that deserve to get shooted in the street like the degenerate they are " then Annie {{champion:119}} went afk too, calling me "stupid". I didn't care, i had enough energy for do this alone , and then i had a bugsplat . Everything was lost, i joined the game after 15 mins, not because i couldn't join the match, i wanted to watch the new pornos on youporn . When i joined the game the enemy team {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} won the game . I lost, but only this game, because then i got banned .
Azure9861 (EUW)
: If you could be a superhero, what would you be?
jurgameHD (EUW)
: got suspended and dont know why
You probably had an email that say why you got suspended .
: splash arts pls fix
I don't know what you are saying , and why you wrote multiple comments .
: Just played vs Illaoi for the first time...
If she test you , you have to fight her back , just kill near tentacles when she do the spirit so he can't damage it enough for make the course . And if she ults , just go back so she will be an easy target for you and your jungler after .
ATimmeh33 (EUW)
: How to deal with toxic players so I won't be toxic myself either?
The only way to deal with toxic players is " Don't give a shit " , saying it in less words is , you have to grow up , you have to learn that people out of this world can be the most angry people you will ever see and you , do you know what you have to do when you realize that ? Ignore , ignore every single words that they say that gives no helps to you , but that ony try to makes you tilt . We can say everything for help you , but the real thing is that you have to change , you have to think that in the moment you will press "Play " you will find the worst people in the world , the scum of the earth , so go on , don't care about what they say , only that makes the difference between a banned guy and someone without bans .
: I am done buying RP Riot. I expect quality for money, and there are game companies that deliver
There is teambuilder... btw you can't controll what a people will do after start the game , and this happens in every MOBA , so go on .
tackos26 (EUNE)
It is starting NOW ! HIDE YOUR KIDS !
Wolffer (EUW)
: they are messed up in italian.
Tahm kench has special interaction with Giorgio in Italy XD .
: Thanks for the 14 day ban riot
I write everyday , and everytime in the chat ( most of the times ) ... still no ban ...
Krippaify (EUW)
: Please Riot. Do something about Dominion!
Dominion should be reworked , and it should have different character and not the same from Summoner's rift .
: Lack of Vegan characters
"Why are there no vegan characters in League? Is Riot anti-Vegan? I mean after such a long time, one would think it'd be obvious to include such character so vegan players could feel represented" . Well i think not most of the people feel represented when they look at Tahm kench or Kog or Gragas ( maybe someone ) , but if you give someone " a particular thing" you have to explain why . Lee sin is blind for a reason , and it affects his gameplay with abilities based on the fact that he can't see . Riot is not anti-vegan they just didn't create a character based on vegan things because they have more interesting concepts .
T4 deky (EUNE)
: How op is illaoi? Well check these video make your desicion!
Your team litterally went to hug illaoi , and with the spirit and her ulti she could make a lot of tentacles . Next time try to kite her , not go full yolo . Ps. Tristana was really confused XD .
Agidyne (EUW)
: Did you can actually improve your game A LOT just by *trying* to be positive?
If you lie to yourself trying to stay positive but you aren't positive , you can't improve , if you are really a positive person , man , it will be really easy .
: >and Illaoi can be able to do damage to him everytime time he tries to last hit Nasus has a weak early, completely right. But so does Illaoi. Her abilities all have minimal **base damage**...which doesn't matter in lategame, because they all have good **scaling**. That means, she is completely dependent on her passively spawned tentacles to do meaningful damage in lane. As Nasus, you do one thing in that matchup: Destroy every single tentacle. Yes, she will try to use "Harsh Lesson" then...but with Nasus Q resetting his autoattack timer, you can actually kill (and stack from) the tentacle before it swings down, so you nullify the damage. The only other ability she has to do damage is her Q, which shoves the lane to where I want it, and her E...which I WANT her to hit, because it provides me with even more, completely risk-free stacks...once Nasus is a vessel (and all I have to do for that is run out of range), he spawns tentacles in **an area of his choosing ^^** >and nasus isn't enough tank in early so after a bit he will probably recall Nasus has more than enough sustain to keep in that lane matchup. Starting with Cloth+4 potions, Illaoi will run out of Mana, long before Nasus runs out of health.
You have a point : +1 .
: Standard answer I get alot :D No, she wasn't. Gold ELO, played actually very well.
Well the thing is that nasus has a really early game because he is a late champ , and Illaoi can be able to do damage to him everytime time he tries to last hit , and nasus isn't enough tank in early so after a bit he will probably recall , if it's not like this ... well i don't know what match you played .
: Not with you, but with people in 3 other threads :D You can believe whatever you want, but 426 stacks in 18 minutes speaks or itself ^^
That illaoi was probably bad XD
: We had this discussion in 3 other threads already, I am not repeating myself again ^^ Believe what you want.
Nope , i don't know who are you , and this is the first time where we talk about nasus and illaoi . Nasus has a really bad early game , and Illaoi can bull him as much as she wants everytime he goes to use his stacks or trying to destroy a tentacle , and simply nasus can't stop it
: Or you can just pick Nasus, kill her tentacles over and over again for free stacks and then just crush her :-)
Nasus ? You are gonna have a bad time man... really a bad time .
: Brasil icon event? On our servers when?
We already have these skins ... the only difference is that we pay for them .
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why are people so incompetent that they don't understand the term "play safe in the laning phase"...
: Season 2015 Rewards - Invite and friend request flair not working ?
Thank you man ! I didn't knew what was that reward , and i'm gold and i don't have it :/
: We made a funny blitzcrank video :D hope you enjoy [Caution STRONG LANGUAGE]
TCU Dushi (EUW)
: Hello, First of all. Writing to steam support isn't going to help you Second, You won't get any help on Boards. Open a support ticket. and wait for them to reply They'll most likely ask you for some information about the account only you could know - First five champions ever purchased on this account: - First item ever purchased with RP (if applicable): - List of at least 5 Summoner names of friends you have referred: - List of at least 5 Summoner names of friends on your friends list: - Any other family members/friends that have access to your account: - Did you create the account?: - Do you have any alternate/smurf accounts?: - Has your email account ever been compromised? Be ready to answer to those questions. If you can't i have little hope for you to get your account back.
If you know some answer and others no , what will happen ? Like i know some answer but the first question , it's hard :P
Tacika (EUNE)
: Free gift
You need to be more specific, which gift are you referring to exactly?
Tacika (EUNE)
: Free gift
You need to be more specific, which gift are you referring to exactly?
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Welcome to the League of Legends {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Taric, Urgot and Warwick need a visual upgrade, not just update. Taric specifically, he looks silly, he does look like he's still in 2009.
Nunu ? Can you imagine a big and epic yeti ?
zinxao (EUW)
: 14 day ban - I'm genuinely depressed IRL
I have to admit that the ban system should be controlled a bit from a real person , that's why we may need the tribunal , for a clooser look in every single ban . Probably there are some really nice people that may get frustrated and even angry if someone flame them a lot , because well you are playing for have fun and how you can do that with a guy constantly saying " you suck " etc... ? " Rage back is flame " , you know , i know , we know but it's actually rage """back""" , so maybe if there wasn't the guy that flamed him he didn't rage at all , that's why it's better ban the guy that flamed but not who flamed back , because that was not a justified ban , but you can do it only if you can contest the ban and you can't do that with an automatic system .
: Dr. Mundo sitting at 57% win rate as jungle in Platinum+ broken as fk
Mundo broken ? Nope , even the win rate is high , he is still not broken .
: and that makes it funny? still a player lost his rewards. i m not happy about things like that sorry. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well , i'm not happy about it , but he got what he wanted . People knows that if they got some type of penality before the end of the season they will not get their rewards , he did that anyway because he couldn't control himself , i'm sorry for him , but he doesn't deserve to get any rewards , because then we have to give rewards to other people too .
: not funny when someone lost his rewards over it. imo.
He lost his rewards because he flamed .
kekanidja (EUNE)
: Hello Riot
Looks like be gently is an opinion .
Steel (EUW)
: Is League of Legends Really Getting Destroyed By Riot
People are destroying league of legends .
: absolutely true, if i'd have 0.1 QI every time i got called retarded polish kid, i would be the next Einstein. it wouldn't actually bother me if i would be Polish... but hey, Riot is busy organizing that special "rp sale", so no wonder they don't give a shit about us
Well actually riot is doing everything they can for stop these things , speaking by myself i have to say that i find really nice people in league of legends most of the times , but well , sometimes it has to happens .
Caltys (EUW)
: Get a voice chat already
" You can always mute if things go outhand" , well you can still do that in the normal chat , but most of the people prefer to flame to the flamer , so think about a voice chat .... yhea .
: The most toxic player ive ever seen
Well ... a normal vayne in a normal game ... oh riot help us .
Oloc (EUNE)
: Are skins that important
You will get them for free in season 6 .
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azharidan,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=roJw8BPs,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-11-13T20:25:28.743+0000) > > Well i don't think that there is an actual rule that say " if you call a lane faster , you got it , in blind pick " , but it's used anyway for find a "balance" to caos and try to play a normal match . > People a lot of times just want to play a "normal" game ( "normal" like a mid laner , jungler , supp , adc and top laner ) so if you want to have that , **you must create a rule and that is what happened in league .** > > Btw , the most logical thing to do is : if you don't want to play any other role than one , go on teambuilder . > Because if you go on blind pick and something pick your role , well , you can be a nice guy and pick another role even if you don't want and do that for your team , or be another " stupid guy " that go anyway in the role already picked . > Ps. Go in teambuilder . The thing is ... Call Order is a rule in Blind Pick. Been there since, oh I don't know, Season 1? Season 2? ... As far back as I can remember. ... Not to mention is "endorsed" by Riot. Same as Pick Order is for Ranked. ... In my book it goes Communication > Pick Order and in the case of Blind Pick ... Communication > Call Order (where (>) = better than) ... Still, while teambuilder is a nice alternative, if you are hell-bent to play one role and not be flexible about it, but it doesn't excuse someone from instalocking without even saying anything (and the usual answer after you bring up the "Call Order" to the instalocker is "I don't care" (usually more aggressively phrased) ... and then you wonder is he actually a team-player with that attitude?? ... Or a Diva? ... :P ) ... You are playing a team game, and team games require communication, even a bare minimum. No wonder we have such a bad reputation as a *Community*. :/
I didn't know it was an " official rule " , good to know that . Btw i didn't talk about the guy that instalock anyway , i talk about the other guy that said the lane first , and suggested to not act like a bad guy too , even if he was right .
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