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: I'm looking for a team DIAMOND +
Hello G E N E S l S. I noticed your post as I was writing up my own: I invite you to read it and, if it's of interest to you, to apply. Azrael Jiraco
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: Of try upload in this website
Thanks for the time; the client is working again for the first time in 4 hours. I'll leave it for now and check back if it happens again.
: I've reinstalled Direct X. Sadly, the issue remains.
Edit: Sorry, I don't know how to share the screenshots. Can you tell me how?
: Try to uninstall DirectX and re-install the latest version from the offical Microsft website And about the second qustion can U screen shot it ?
I've reinstalled Direct X. Sadly, the issue remains.
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: Dropped from a game and cannot reconnect
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Saikuri (EUW)
: [EUW] [Silver to Challenger] Digital Warfare are recruiting!
Hi. May I ask if your competitive teams have sponsors?
: Coudn't find this one either, sorry :/
Thanks for looking, friend.
: Hey, not sure what exactly you're talking about, they played A LOT of music in those ceremonies ^^ Could you find a clip of when it's played?
Sure. 2016: Notable tune starts at 37 seconds. 2017: Same tune starts at 2 mins and 42 seconds. I've been collecting the regular League of Legends pieces but can't seem to track this one down.
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: That's Alan Walker's most famous song - Faded! (The version you saw was of course covered by Chrissy from "Against the Current") {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: You can send in a ticket to support and request content to be removed from your profile. They've done this with ranked rewards in the past, so I don't see why borders would be any different.
That IS good news. :) Thanks, friend!
Tifufu (EUW)
: Actually It doesn't matter wether you reach gold on flex or soloq, your border will show no matter what. Riot mentioned this when there were swapping back to soloq from dynamic.
This is sad news indeed. I really don't want a border. :(
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: It's an accurate answer. There are multiple reasons why people downvote, so the only thing you can say for sure based on your downvotes is, that people downvoted you for some reason. Most of the time people downvote because they either dislike the content (i.e. disagree with the opinion the player is expressing) or dislike the way the player presents it (for example being toxic, inaccurate, misinformed or being unable to write complete sentences). In your case both applies.
I didnt know it'd be this satisfying to see someone get roasted by a green!
: Oh hey, assuming things instead of arguing with the point. What a great way to get your point across.
I dunno, the point he's making is pretty clear to me.
: It's always the people feeding who vote no.
Bull. High ELO players are less likely to surrender. Statistics are there for you to see if you looked for them. In case you didn't know, people don't climb by feeding.
: Yeah, because the opinions of the majority don't matter. #2017
The value of the three individuals is less than the two real players who don't give up at the first misplay.
: Thats not my experience. Mine is that the feeders want to whitewash their incompetence by fleeing from their responsibility with a surrender vote, the cowards way out.
+1 Real men are too busy looking for ways to get back into the game to even consider your surrender vote!
RocketMury (EUNE)
: WINNING THE GAME 1V9 (League of Legends Season 7)
I can't agree with most of your opinions in this game. This certainly isn't a 1v9. Evelien did great (she died the least, I checked OP.GG). The Blitz wasn't 'forced' to come mid. Supports roam when there isn't anything they can currently do in their lane. You didn't help bot lane, they held their ground despite the early mess up. Riven did well to stay in her lane and come out with a positive score and loads of damage to champs despite having to lane against a 2-0 Fiora. The 2-0 wasn't anyone's fault, that 2v2 top was a Cluster%%%%. I wouldn't call anyone in your team a feeder. Especially 2 deaths during lane. The only thing that you solo contributed (meaning doing all by yourself with no additional effort of the team) was outplay and punish a bad mid gank, and aggressively flash to avoid Blitz grab and turn the pressure on them. Again, not a 1v9. You played a good game but I don't believe you deserve all of the credit. Sorry. If that wasn't the point of this video, then I recommend changing the name to something less egotistical, such as 'how to play from behind'.
: Old Gallio ult would almost fill up a lane that's what made it so scary if used in a choke point (similar to Nunu ult) the new one is simular size to WW shield and as it has a charge time any mobile champ will just dodge out of it so it will need to be combinedone with his E or R or by using someone else's CC.
That's much fairer. Thanks. /thread
: Has a charge time he is slowed while he is doing it and it's pretty small range and the taunt does not take effect till it pops so any mobility champ will just dash out of it. I can see it being strong though if someone is already CC'Ed and you can combo it
Are you saying that it has a smaller radius than before? I must've missed that. I feel much better about this if that's the case.
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: every acccount is bugged atm. not sure if ranked games still help but it shows for everyone that they are ''in promos''
Thanks. That is concerning, though. I hope our previous games count when it's resolved, else my first time hitting Diamond 3 will be cock blocked. :D
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TeeTohr (EUW)
: I smell some salt here... I did carry a lot of my games on my 10 games win streak when i got to diamond, other than i played my plat games with 5% of 3 premade or + 55% of me and a supp duoQ and 40% alone so i don't really think i'm someone you would call a dynamic boosted. But well for an unknown reason you hate dynamic queue
I know the feels. Climbed to Diamond 4 solo with a couple of duo games. I hate that it has to be associated with season 6. All of my friends are denouncing it! Anyway, my question: how do you adjust your play style vs 2-4 assassin or anti-carry picks? I can deal with one, but I normally end up walking into the death trap of another when the enemy comp is full of them. I've always wanted to play ADC to the same level as my top lane, but I feel this lack of knowledge is the main thing holding me back.
: Looking for star guardian team!
If they release Star Guardian Mordekaiser, I am SO in!
: Let's be real now. Who the hell calculates the first Q's? They're boring and inferior Also i mained GP and started playing dynaQ with a support and a jungler and I was on 80% winrate and I peaked at 65% winrate when i got to diamond5 I've been crushing games with duo blitz and mord the last 2 months with a 74% winrate but then I just got sick of the game so I'm done 4 a while.
In top lane, there is only 1 Q! If they let second land, it's Stormraider's and a kill. Blitz and Morde a broken bot lane combo. I'm looking for a Blitz one trick to play with. :)
: my winrate would be 100% if it would be what it used to be then (ranked history ofc)
That bronze and two silver seasons straight into diamond. Someone got an upgrade! New Q is actually stronger than old if you only calculate the first two Q's. It was also very difficult to win short trades. It was the worst period of my League life.
: His Q damage pattern now is 1/1/2, while it used to be 1/3/9. At Level 5 with 3 points into Q, his damage with 40AP was: 1st hit: 12+(0.275x76.5)+(0.2x40) = 41.0375 2nd hit: 41.0375 x 3 = 123.1125 3rd hit: 123.1125 = 369.3375 Total damage = 533.4875 Total scaling: 13x12 + 13x(0.275xTotal AD) + 13x(0.2xAP) = 156 + 3.575 x AD + 2.6 x AP Now it is: 1st hit: 30+(0.7x76.5)+(0.6x40) = 107.55 2nd hit: 107.55 3rd hit: 215.1 Total damage = 430.02 Total scaling: 4x30 + 4x(0.7xTotal AD) + 4x(0.6xAP) = 120 + 2.8 x AD + 2.4 AP
If new Q is 5/5/10, old is 2/6/18 (level 5 Q). It's also worth mentioning that the multiplier scaled with old Q levels, new Q is consistent. The total damage of new is 20, and old is 26. The new Q is actually stronger until the final Q lands! Infuriating with old Q when Elise times her jump, or various champs use blind/spell shield to avoid third Q and put it on cooldown! Incidentally, how are you finding the transition from tanky Morde to a more damage orientated Morde with Stormraider's?
: Tickle Tickle little Mace
While the third Q was a hilarious factor (flash and one-shot; so many wonderful memories), it was quite difficult to trade effectively in lane with old Q. My win ratio sank to 40% in top lane when the first Q did no damage in lane. The enemy had stopped trading before I hit second and I couldn't activate Stormraider's. There's a video of me getting destroyed by Rossboomsocks during this time as well. The one time I play against a popular YouTuber, FML! P.s. I love the comic strip. *saved*
: Interesting! I've been beaten by him in the jungle where he soaked extra exp on the botlane and took as many dragons as he could to siege mid. Pretty effective!
I honestly think dragon is overturned. I've pushed three mid turrets down with one dragon before. It can also help Morde solo baron at 20 minutes as long as he's not behind in gold and exp! Dragon just tanks the entire time. Tell your team to push as many lanes as hard as possible, and then they all suddenly gain baron buff!
Rismosch (EUW)
: > The same as it feels being in bronze I don't agree. This season I climbed from Bronze 4 to Gold 5 in 144 games, so I do have a little bit of experience from Bronze, Silver and low Gold players. While the attitudes are the same, like they all think they are the best, their insults and reasoning are different. In Bronze people call me Bronze. In Gold they call me boosted. While a Bronze blames everything on others without proper reasoning, the Golds started to point out mistakes and harass you directly at those you made. Also the META and playstyles are way different. Every game I play with my low Bronze friends, I see bans and picks that I would consider Off-META, yet those bans and picks are pretty common at those levels. Even though Bronze and Gold aren't that far appart, the overall feeling in both of these ELOs differ immensely. That's also the reason why I made this post. I have made experiences in Bronze,Silver and Gold, but I have no idea how it is above Gold. And when the feelings are so different from Bronze to Gold, then how different are they in higher ELO?
I think I misunderstood your original post. Everything you wrote in your reply is true. Now that I think I understand you, I'd say people have already given reasonable responses. Solo carrying and hard feeding still happens, but it's much rarer. This means more and more games are won by teamwork and coordination, which makes them very satisfying to play. It does mean, however, that if you end up with a troll, there's almost nothing you can do to win. We still try, though. It's always worth trying. The META is a mix of what you see in the LCS plus many different one-trick pony champs, such as my Mordekaiser. There are many one-tricks in high ELO.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: This might be the most biased opinion I've heard coming from a green until now. And no, I do not feel butt-hurt about your comment. And yes, I do play with lower ELO players and I still enjoy the games. I still find your comment a bit over the top and not justified. Might be a little salt involved?!
I agree. All of my friends are silver or below, except for one gold and one platinum. I have two bronze five friends. I much prefer playing with these friends than playing with strangers in a Diamond queue. The whole low ELO to high ELO relationship works both ways. There are high ELO players that tell others that their opinions don't matter, and low ELO players that reject the opinions of high ELO players. An opinion is an opinion; no need to get upset if someone doesn't share it. One of the few differences is that name calling goes from 'noob' to 'boosted'.
Rismosch (EUW)
: How does it feel being high ELO?
How does it FEEL being high ELO? The same as it feels being in bronze: - I still have a need to try and prove myself at all times. - I still get 'told off' by silver players who think they know more about the game than Faker. - I wonder if I ended up here by mistake. - I still respond emotionally when flamed. It's up to you if you want to climb to Diamond, but whatever your goal is, it is never satisfying. After a while, you'll still want more!
: Where do you play him and do you feel he's viable outside the duo botlane? {{summoner:31}}
I play him everywhere. He's in a weird spot where no role is too harmful to play except support (I still do supportekaiser in normals). In ranked, I pick top as my primary as I'm used to a lot of the matchups. I pick mid as secondary for the same reason. I love junglekaiser but haven't played it enough to take in ranked over top/mid. Yes, I think he works outside of botlane. Unless your team pick an ADC in jungle, top or mid, I actually recommend not taking him bot unless you believe you can wrap the game up quickly. I've only had two or three bot lane Morde games in ranked where someone has asked to swap roles. Previously, the only thing binding him to bot lane was not being able to use W by himself and the exp passive being overturned. Both of those things have been fixed. In normals, I enjoy cheese strats, like Maokai support with Mordekaiser ADC. It's abusive.
: You could also do mid or sup. A friend of mine plays sup naut and roams as far as top lane when his adc is safe :D
I'm up for anything when it comes to normal games. I only play ranked to quench ladder anxiety. Taking Morde out of the picture, my strongest role is ADC, weirdly. Morde games strongest to weakest: Top, jungle, mid, ADC, support Non-Morde strongest to weakest: ADC, top, support, jungle, mid.
: I have a friend that has pentakill Olaf, but he hasnt played in a while
Pity. The one thing I've never done that I want to as Morde is play in a full pentakill skill team. May I add you, in case we find the rest of the band?
: Nah, dont camp for me. I want to test it in a normal test environment without any crutches.
Fair enough. I suck at jungling, anyway (except for junglekaiser).
Infernape (EUW)
: Have you ever played full AD Mordekaiser?
I've tried it, and I don't like it. It's good for a 'fun' game, but AP is far more efficient. Consider that the combined Q, W and E ratios are the same for AD and AP (4.2), that AP is cheaper to obtain per point than AD and that your ultimate is ONLY AP, its easier to see that you'll hit harder by spending gold on AP than AD. Additionally, all the current good AD items have an armour pen stat, which will only benefit Morde's autos (Q still comes out as full magic). Whilst there are some worthwhile considerations (trinity, sterak's and gunblade), AP should be the primary focus.
: Aye a Mordekaiser main, I'm a Karthus main, we together will make champs meta!
If we can find the other members of the band, we can go full Pentakill skins!
Onetwin (EUW)
: Well i thank you all for these answers. I listen to this " split push is the way to get out of silver" thing and i want to believe in it .. but in all the games i play, the wining team is NOT the one that split push. Ofc it can happen, but when it works it rely on a team that know how to disengage/distract as 4v5, and that is rare.. Most time, beside the personnal skill and the vision of each player, the fact that make win or lose can be mainly related to the time each team fighted when overnumbering the other.. i mean for exemple : when u are fighting as 2v2 , the first mate that will come to make a 3v2 will win the fight.. or when u are 1v1 , the first gank that will result in a 2v1 will win the fight.. or the first team that will be as a 5 men roaming gank that will engage as 5v3 will win the fight .. etc etc ...
You are not entirely wrong, but the game has so much more to it than 'always group' and 'always splitpush'. Keep your mind open to learning when it's best to do each, accept that you will occasionally do the wrong thing until you've perfected it, and you'll find yourself climbing higher than you can imagine before you realise it!
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