: Picking up rift herald?
it does not like you because you slapped it
: Silver Kayle? Judgement Kayle? Nani?!
If they re-release judgement kayle like they did with championship skins, I'm never gonna play this skin anymore (I got aether wing and riot kayle from rerolls).
: Perma ban and your opinion
I would consider report you for your first line... If you think communication is the key to win, then learn to communicate properly. If you do not want to communicate properly learn to communicate without words.
: indeed. But in lane Xerath just destroys Bard
> [{quoted}](name=The Skáld,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7cT7EOcI,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T13:54:29.863+0000) > > indeed. But in lane Xerath just destroys Bard I destroy a silver-xerath in lane with udyr, ghost + cleanse.
: Our majestic River Shen
He played river shen wrong. Nowadays you have to queue up for support to play river shen. You go flash + ignite on olaf or pantheon. you walk in the river and kill the scuttles. You ward the enemie jungler and kill him when he's low. You gank lanes and help your jungler. Basically a support whos lane is the river not botlane.
: When do YOU report your teammates for flaming?
I /fullmute all. I report players who start to surrender - but not always, only if they are showing some giving up mentality (like spamming surrender/ standing around (probably writing)) and I remember it after the game.
DeGizmo (EUNE)
: matching
Level has nothing to do with solo-q-rank.
: Best compliment
You are a hacker.
: And I still want to shoot that teammates who press "no" when is 5 to 29 and one is afk. "we can still win"
> [{quoted}](name=TheToysTracker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5YQwZBmK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-12T20:43:06.230+0000) > > And I still want to shoot that teammates who press "no" when is 5 to 29 and one is afk. "we can still win" Im voting no. Rank up to plat and beat me.
Ahries (EUW)
: Old game modes
Bring back real Dominion
: I suck at my main. Should I give up?
I think you should stop playing riven in ranked, even if your love is on hentai/waifu level. You won't get better just by spamming games. Otherwise it will be one of the sad stories of a anime hero like: "I want to a be pro player in the future. I play league every day for four hours. My whole family visits my tournament games. They have all faith in me. One day I will be a pro. But at the moment WE are preparing to reach Bronze with our team at the end of next season." I recommend play easy stuff like garen/malphite. And learn to win with them in normals. Just learn with them in normals if you want. You can still have riven as your main, but you use garen/malphite for general laning-training. You reached your goal when you can win a GAME as udyr with ghost/cleanse against a bronze-xerath. And your jungler always dies to xerath and the enemy jungle always comes to your lane. Then you will win easily as riven.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: did you ever wounder why you get biggest league trash in promo games???
GodDoge (EUW)
: Mordekaiser Main are always passive trolling
: That is my solution when I played ranked, but some people are adverse to that because they think you need the chat to play effectively. This thread is for people who want to be able to use the chat without fear of getting banned for toxicity.
Oh I see. The sub-humans NEED chat to survive. I will note this for my reasearch. No joke. I really see your point now. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Encouraging good behaviour
> [{quoted}](name=Wandering Mist,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MEUk2Abt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-28T00:11:25.594+0000) > > how would you reward positivity in game? I rift-walk behind them and put some chocolate on their table, then rift-walk back.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: just lost a game
If you muted her beforehand, you could have thought that she's just a sub-human.
: This happens because League is an extremely unhealthy game. It makes people behave like this.
It makes me not behave like this. So I am a holy angel who's skills are higher than you can even imagine. Btw. I harvest the souls of those normale people and store it in tiny balls. Their soul still thinks that it is living. They still think that they can login and play lol, go to bed and live a happy life. NO, they are in fact dead and I have stolen their soul. They serve now as energy source for me. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: First off, remove the " [\img] " from your link. That part just breaks it. Secondly, there are a lot of sick minded people in the world. The company can't filter them out all. Some of them are too young to comprehend what they are saying, and they just try to be edgy ( this is the case most of the times ). There are mentally unstable individuals as well. The best thing you can do, if you're a sensitive person, to just avoid online game at all. If you can grow a thick skin, you're good to go. In cases like you showed, you report in-game + send a ticket to support's player behaviour division, explaining them how this ruined your gaming experience, and how actions like that shouldn't go unpunished, by a company who has the least amount of self respect. Feel free to use those. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en 1 - LOG IN. 2 - HIT CONTACT US https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/538580198044467212/550944699964456980/Screenshot_2019-03-01_at_09.37.06.png 3 - SELECT THAT ONE https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/538580198044467212/550944694469787648/Screenshot_2019-03-01_at_09.37.16.png You must understand, how the forum works. It's a place for players, made and regulated by players. In your case, you were able to get some guidance, in most of the cases you won't. It's better to turn straight to the support with personal issues like this, we can't really help you. Good luck, keep cool !
> [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bOHfqgPW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-01T07:39:53.783+0000) > The best thing you can do, if you're a sensitive person, to just avoid online game at all. If you can grow a thick skin, you're good to Ah the thick skin nonsense. I am sensitive too, but I collect and store the extra energy of my senses to eradicate all sub-humans. They think they live a normal life, but in reality their souls are stored in little spheres which I look at when I'm pooping. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Spamming annoying SFX on a champ
Just ignore it like you ignore me when I walk into your room while you fap.
: Guide: How to defend yourself without being toxic
Alternative: 1. /fullmute all and carry. If communication is needed, try to smell the situation and act accordingly. But your points are good. The thing which does not work for me is, when a laner dies too often and is ungankable. I do not want to explain stuff to this guy who keeps helppinging and blaming me. Just mute and do my jungle route according to my knowledge. My knowledge is the key to climbing and not the screams of the unknowing. Edit: I realized that I followed your point 5. Mute everyone, because almost all the people on the internet are sub-humans muahahaa {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elven Moon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=RPJoAXgB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-01T12:21:06.515+0000) > > Ever since Season 5. League has never felt the same. And every season after it, league has had some drastic changes to its core design. What do you mean? Every single season brought new changes, drastic changes - yes. Season Two brought jungle overhaul, new summoner spells, new masteries, big changes to some of game mechanics like removal of dodge stat. Season Three brought many items, changed some of them and removed plenty. We got an overhaul to masteries system, two new summoner spells and boots upgrades. Season Four had new masteries altogether, open beta for SR upgrade, trinkets, overhaul for ward system. In all fairness, Season Nine is probably the least experimental season to ever take place in League. All seasons have distinct features and spin the wheel of meta in different direction. It's not only since season 5. > Season 5 introduced an updated visual change in the Old League Client. It even introduced the New Summoners Rift map. Which was like, the third alteration of the SR map overall. 2012 SR isn't even the original SR. > Season 1-4 , league of legends use to feel like a medieval type of game. We had champions who resembled like historical characters, also blending in with some characters that looked like they were from the future. Medieval type of game? You mean... the historical genre? And where does the ice Phoenix, a magic fire-bending kid, a giant world-eating monster and talking furry midget throwing darts at people come to play? LoL never had a historical vibe to it. This was heavy fantasy game from the very start. > Then we had characters like singed and urgot who were completely different, adding to the contrast of the overall vibe we as players got from the game. Which was so fresh and iconic to league. Different to what? Like, they are tech reliant characters in their old lure, sure. But they didn't look different from the old established universe. > But now look at the games state. It has become somewhat like a wannabe of other styles of games. Animations that were once organic and didn't feel like they a from a god damn Pixar Animation aka DISNEY CARTOONS team, League would have still been unique. _Really?_ Try comparing old League to its two sisters - Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth. Hell, compare it to daddy Dota Allstars and you'll see how generic Warcraft-esque the look it. It could be unique if we pretend entire Warcraft franchise, Dota2 and HoN never happened. Maybe we're living in the wrong timeline or something? Current animations are far better from technical standpoint and the style helps keep League relatively easy to run while still looking pleasant to eye. It also ages extremely well compared to titles that aimed to bring realistic graphic to the table few years ago and currently look like dog shit. > Think about it guys. Look at the animations, characters like Neeko and Zoe, it literally feels like league of legends became from this underground cool looking masterpiece of a game to a god damn DISNEY CARTOON!!! Oh no. All two characters out of 143 aren't necessary up to someone's taste. Game's literally unplayable 2/10 better play _Call of Dooty_. > WHY??? Why would you completely change and RUIN a classic looking game to a baby preschool time fortnite, disney type of BS?? 2015 League **IS NOT** classic League.
I had a good and trolly text which enlightens everything but I deleted it accidentally. Just imagine that the post covers a serious topic which only a few humans of the world are able to understand. Some people might understand the problem but its actually also a problem of the problem. But it seems like you are a support main with friends and just get knowledge from your adc friends. Therefore i think you have less understanding for a jungle main who plays solo and /fullmutea alls.
: Clowns in ranked
Just play those songs at the beginning and at the end of a game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B0CyOAO8y0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Diu2N8TGKA
Ryuukaze (EUW)
: Appreciate what is given to you. Grab those opportunities. (ADVICE)
The last time I played a game with a stranger who added me after a bot game was over 3 years ago. He was very toxic to other people, so i deleted him the next day. All my league friends are sitting awkwardly and untouched in my friendlist. I accept their friend requests after the next game, so they aren't able to invite me to a ranked game to queue up instantly for ranked. Should I play with them or not? I always play with /fullmute all otherwise I cannot play my strenghts out properly.
: Yeap... Simply unwinnable games. Every single loss i have had so far this season were completely unwinnable because at least one teammate played like he really wanted to lose. Not a single even game with everyone near the same skill level. Even the games i should have won are lost only because one player refusing to actually play the game properly. Either it's by playing in a troll way or picking something that just doesn't work (yi top a few times already this season and always int feed). I would dodge those games... but when it's literally happening every single game for either team, it's impossible to dodge that much. Btw, i have played my placements for flex q and in those games (i was dia in flex last season), there were plenty of people who were in master tier in soloq but when you look at their profiles, they had been hard stuck low dia at max during previous seasons. Like one guy who had played 1200 games last season and barely made it to diamond 5, got to master tier 300 LP this season with 70 games... Riot pls. And he literally played like a gold player. No mechanics or game knowledge what so ever. This season, climbing is pure luck (maybe not in lowest of elos but the higher ones are definitely luck based games). So called coin flips.
Bring back elo system. Remove the actual system with LP, hidden mmr and divisions.
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Why not show players their MMR?
The best option is to use mmr/elo only and get rid of this lp and division system.
Papafruit (EUW)
: What happened to EUW low diamond high plat
If you /fullmute all from the beginning you will see fun things like people starting to int and spam surrender without reason.
: Anyone getting sick of ARURF? I don't think I can continue presently unless player feedback is heard
First of all, those are not your champions. Riot owns them. And they abuse your champion when u not look. They will touch them unlpeasantly. And as time passes, your champion will not be the same anymore. IMO they should add the urf option at least for custom games. All those temporary game modes are so unbalanced and therefore unhealthy, that you can easily just add normal urf. I am not satisfied with the current arurf. I just played it for the missions to get some orbs and keys. Now I just need to stop playing aram, after that I'm free again. Edit: I generally like to play Jax and Hecarim. I fear to play urf. Either they get banned or they get picked by someone else. And I won't like to meet a player who just plays the op-champs in urf all the time just to excessively smash other people.
: Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)
remove lp and divisions and bring back elo
Takumaron (EUNE)
: And as support main this is my view on supports-which is the most changed roles over the years. When i started playing they were ward bots, who didn't have money for anything else. Then they changed them to be able to buy some items. Now you just need to pick support with damage and you are alright.
Same with jungle. Junglers got also pushed into the game from nowhere. They got items, special, exp and sustain just for them. Now even some strange crabs and plants, which makes the jungle less creative regarding pathing. The jungle meta for SOLO-q around Plat 3 is all about early game preassure. Basically like mobile damage-supports. And if the lanes loose you feel powerless like a support now. You can just steal baron, but that wont change the game tides, because your teammates will already be griefing. The role turned out to be very one dimensional. Alot of champions don't work, even if they are intended to be played in the jungle. My strength in this game lies in a high macro-level. I reached diamond in season 5 without effort (45 games from Plat 5 to Dia 5). The changes over the next years made the game like it is today. Now it is like a brainless grind. Players give a shit about macro. The only thing they see is: "If the enemey can kill me, we are loosing the game. If I can kill him, we win the game". -------------------------------------------------- IMO its not truly the fault of the game state regarding numbers (dmg and defenses). The **problem **lies in the head of the players and is caused by how the ranked system works. (Thats why soloq from silver to masters is bad. Below its just random gameplay. Above and proplay, details are valued more, therefore a good and balanced game.) The actual rank system with promos and league-points makes people feel less value in a single ranked game. Example player starts promos with 2 losses. He plays high risk in the next game. He either wins or looses his hope really fast --> tilt. Furthermore with the hidden matchmaking-elo and the shown LPs, it creates illusions of progress and also dampens the progress sometimes (more visible grind). With elo you see the numbers directly, but you also go up and down over and over again when the winrate moves towards 50%. This results in no progress. Then you know that you have to improve instead of grinding brainlessly games. I want ranked to be the game mode with difficult high quality games, where everyone gives his best to win. Not a casual mode, where players have to grind their brains off, resulting in brainless motives and actions. There's also the preset roles. Riot also forced the players to play the roles top, mid, jung, bot, sup. Thats actually not bad. But what if some game changes made this comp viable: top, mid, jung1, jung2(early-game-jungle-with-cc), bot? -------------------------------------------------- I stopped playing ranked again. I see no point in being higher in a corrupted ladder. My inner values and my sane mind do not allow to continue with ranked. Not even if I get promoted to challanger rank 1 with 10k lp. My motivation to hunt slave traders while risking my life is higher than playing ranked. The grinding feels like working in a illegal mine Kongo. The grind is just too painful and nonsense.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yes, and i won a lot of games in a row with ashe support when i went to farm the chest on her, it does not mean that its a good pick... and imagine what you could do if you used the proper runes/summoners on them, i bet you could win even more >Then play vs me and tell it to my face. But don't cry if you lose. whats with ppl and 1v1? what would that prove? that a plat can beat a silver? and what if i win? you go and cry in a corner for a week? i only said that klepto and barrier is bad on soraka and janna, you can have 100% winrate and go from bronze to master in 10 games with it its still bad
It's still a better pick than a griefer on a "op s tier meta easy to play for rank and others to unsrstand challenger/ pro coach approved" pick.
: Stop trolling me because of Kleptomancy and Barrier
Murdarici (EUNE)
: *********** So funny this community :D Downvote someone, because they don't want to play 15-20 from 140 champions you deem fit or follow only the recommended guides builds that you deem fit and if somebody is not blindly like a sheep follow some guides or pro players or some streamers they are flamed by delusional players thinning some runes or builds are the reason they lose games and are stuck in low elo for years! Then you all start to contradict his logic and start giving advices when this is not the point of this thread ! *********** Runes and items are many because you need to make your rune page and build to fit your style, the style that you are confident by the way you play will help you to help your team more than a regular build (in some reason limits of course) ********** So what he is saying is that he took some runes which he find logic and gave you explications why and if you don't want to only contradict and only find flaws in everything they are not so strange, and a summoner that he find fit! and delusional toxic jerks prefer to intentionally lose game and flame him instead of just stfu and play the game, perform themself and see who fault it's they lose game, the stupidity to intentional lose a game becuase someone build/runes/summoner will **maybe **lose the game its deem of Kafka books! The arrogance of players saying you will lose their time since your choices are 100% lose and they will intentional lose the game like if they do it it's not same time lost! if they do it its ok! Also the inability to see a rational real reason why a lane/game is lost astonish me! That delusional toxic player will always believe in his mind that everything wrong it happen on map is THE RUNES/BUILD/CHAMPION/SUMMONERS fault! If adc is dumb like a piece of wood and always place himself bad and do stupid trades, if he don't stay safe while support warding/clear wards, or refuse to listen to pings and have mapawernes when jungle enemy gank, it's always jana/soraka runes fault! when in fact no runes/build or champion could have save that dumb waste of air! ************ In 2 weeks if pro players will start playing like he does you will flame him for building things that now you advise him they are better! and as community have memory of a goldfish you will forget that 2 weeks ago you flamed somebody for the build that now you deem it the only good build! *********** I bet now everybody think Sylas is garbage because yesterday in 4 games 4 diferent pro plyers suked wiht Sylas and Syals was unable to even ult once. I am sure if they didn't play Sylas and Caps got Sylas and destroy vitality with him, everybody will come on boards cryin like their family was murder, omg riotttttttttt nerf this broken champion! Many in this community just memes and sheps that only follow what happened 3 maximum 1 week ago rest is forgotten! and inability to think for yourself and only blindly follow others! You knwo we are not all stupid people. Maybe we cna think for ourself what its good for us and not necessary blind follow some guides, and even if our choice are not the best option, its matter not! they are best choices for our way of play! Beside under diamond 2-3 is irrelevant since nothing is perfect in that elo, specially in gold and under as OP is, so if nothing is perfect like/farm/objectives/ map awareness/vision why a build you think it matter so much ? it's not but you cry cause its only thing you see! *************** Let me guess you that cry about some runes that not fit the standard you are the one blocking the intersection with your car since its hard to look 2m ahead of you and anticipate, you see only whats 10cm in front of your hood!
Even if your account is in wood 5. Me, a superior human being, approves your answer. I just cannot upvote, because the website prevents me.
: The Prisoner's Island concept has been suggested and discussed for years and years. The following post has Riot's reasons for never implementing such a system: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/01/ask-riot-banished-to-prisoners-island/
Quotes from link: > Reason One: We believe in a real shot at reform for unsportsmanlike players Then make the players prove that statement and climb out of the prison. You climb this ladder even by loosing as long as you aren't doing something forbidden. > Reason Two: Prisoner’s island is a truly awful experience for the “prisoners” in more ways than one And it should be that way. _Remove those players completly from the game. "Heil RIOT". _ No joke. But being in that prison should tell the player to calm down and reform, before ruining others players games with the tainted attitude.
Zoridokan (EUW)
: Why does league make me so angry
What is your elo? Just start to improve at the game fundamentals. If i was in your situation i would create custom games and play solo against intermediate bots. either 1v5 or 1v2 with 5 minutes handicap, or something like that. Why people are angry assholes? --> Parents were iron in parenting. Maybe. Why are you actually angry about ranked games? --> I think, that you think that ranked games should actually matter more in life, than other people claim. You want it to be more but it just get dirtied by other stupid strangers. I think ranked is pure dogpoop right now. It's the system with Leagepoints and promos with hidden matchmaking-elo. Better show always true elo. It removes the brainless grind for rank for many people. And only keeps the people motivated to paly ranked, who actually want to improve or like the fundamentals of the game.
Evidence (EUNE)
: Was thinking and wanted to say smth about the current state of the game
I think riot should remove the rank system with the divisions and promos. Just using a elo-score for each role. IMO the actual system makes people feel less value in a single ranked game. Example player starts promos with 2 losses. He plays high risk in the next game. He either wins or looses his hope really fast --> tilt. Furthermore with the hidden matchmaking-elo and the shown LPs, it creates illusions of progress and also dampens the progress sometimes (more visible grind). With elo you see the numbers directly, but you also go up and down over and over again when the winrate moves towards 50%. This results in no progress. Then you know that you have to improve instead of grinding brainlessly games. I want ranked to be the game mode with difficult high quality games, where everyone gives his best to win. Not a casual mode, where players have to grind their brains off, resulting in brainless motives and actions. About roles. Riot also forced the players to play the roles top, mid, jung, bot, sup. Thats actually not bad. But what if some game changes made this comp viable: top, mid, jung1, jung2(early-game-jungle-with-cc), bot?
Rioter Comments
: On a slightly unrelated topic, what is with this new term "soft inting" I keep seeing on the boards. What exactly is a "soft int"? In my mind you are either intentionally feeding, or your aren't. There's no soft or hard about it. Can anyone explain this to me?
Basically a player who unconsciously wants to int, resulting in bad plays, caused by influenced decision making. Soft inter (caused by stress/tilt): Dies easy eventually multiple times, caused by missing/wrong brain capacity the moment. The player might not even aknowledge this by himself. Because its often decided by an unsupressed impulse from the brain. So the brain wants to leave the stress situation as fast as possible. This is then solved by inting and surrendering the game or win the game on the next fight "all or nothing", instead of going the hard way of actually winning the game. This can occure during every stage of the game. Countermeasures (by the soft inter): - improve game skills - improve mental skills - drugs Countermeasures (by teammates): - make the tilted player realise his situation in the current game (He should not fight when hes basically less threatful than a cannon minnion) - motivate the tilted player by emotes and chat - destroy game servers of RIOT by an airstrike to avoid lp loss Soft inters are basically not banned by RIOT, because it would be a internet-holocaust, and there is no way to distinguish intentional inting from soft inting by checking available facts.
: Yeah it was a bug. His W doesn't reveal you on the map
Thanks guys. Now I have a tank jungler, if my mid plays an assassin.
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Humdrum Fox (EUNE)
: Good and easy to learn toplaners
: Positional Matchmaking is a Nightmare
Imagine the moment when a high elo yasuo main picks yasuo support in silver, doesn't steal farm of the adc, but has still highest level and highest farm of the game and will carry them.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I have no problem with someone liking the competitive aspect of the game, the thing that annoys me is when they get pissed at me for playing the game on a casual level. Like in the post you mentioned, I didn't say anything offensive before they did. I literally just wanted to know whether the game felt more boring for them now that they've got everything, because I know that the only reason I'm playing solo is getting shards, keys and chests, and the only reason I play otherwise is having fun with my friends. So for me personally, having all champions and skins would take away the reason to play alone, hence I would only play with friends. And the guy got mad at me saying the game was for competition. Like I don't have any problems with people who prefer to be alone and not have friends, but what annoys me is when they despise people just because they have friends. The reason I really enjoy this game is that I can play it with friends. Ranked literally stresses me off and I can't enjoy it even a slight bit. So as for me, I only enjoy the game casually, with friends. And that's why it pisses me off when someone OBJECTIVELY says this game is about competition, and it sucks for me that I don't like competing. I didn't find your answer offensive at all by the way, honestly I liked it. I can see that you have some common sense and don't only look at things from the competitive point of view. Honestly people on that post tilted me so much that any time I check the League Boards and see I have a notification, I feel really stressed that it may be related to that post and people may still be writing hate comments.
Thats how the humans are. 50% of them are dumbos. Its forbidden to molest people with dark skin, so their instincts leads them to the next target. In that situations, you can really "grow a thick skin", because the bad people here have no personal relation to you. The things what the dumbos say is often just hot air and should not affect you. Especially in the internet. Also for example the people who argued with you. They talk about competitive game. One of them plays just the same champ for years, without even scratching at a competitive elo. The other guy is just random. I can assure with high possibility that the guys arguing to you were just some slackers like me. I find it good that there are players who enjoy any aspect of the game. For me its even ok if the players are pedos who like rule34 art of zoe. As long as nobody gets physically or mentally hurt, it is ok. Just report and leave them alone, if they make you feel bad. They will probably answer with things like "crybaby, RIOT does nothing, they ban me but not the trolls, mimimi". But you should ignore that. You are not here to teach them who to live a good live. You will probably not marry them. But that is, just how i handle it with my /fullmute all mentality.
Leogolas (EUNE)
: im in low elo main mid and jg and supp i play with Vladimir and veigar ahri and leblanc jg i go ww and jax and khazix supp i go blitzcrank and alistar and lux who should i pick ?
Your Mid and jungle champs are good in my opinion. When picking a champion in champion select. I recommend to have a list of 3 champions for your prefered roles. Like you have. But you should also think, what champion do you want to play the most and prioritize the list. For example: 1. Leblanc, 2. Ahri 3. Veigar 4. Vladimir. If you pick before your enemy laner, then pick according to your list, if they are not banned. If he picks first, choose the best champion of your list to play against him. For support I am not sure. I dont play that role often. But I think your supports could go wrong in 50% of the games. Because they are risky. blitzcrank: + is tanky, - he can miss hooks or pull the wrong player alistar: + tanky good cc, - you can mess up and kick the enemy to the wrong site lux: + you have dmg, - you die if you miss your q But if you want to climb, you need to know the fundamentals of the game: 1. farming minions and monsters: there was a 32min game, where you played leblanc and won. But you had 90 CS, 2.8 cs per minute. That is very low. Because the gold and exp you get from minions is huge. 20 CS (1 and a half minion wave) are a like a kill worth of gold. The perfect cs is around 100 cs per 10min. That means a good player whould have had 320 cs in your game, but you had 90. 200 minions are like 10 kills, even more. 2. dying less if you die less, you can farm more and be available if something happens
Leogolas (EUNE)
: Best Champions to climb up
You have to be good at the game to climb. And play consistently I could climb with sejuani tank jungle from gold 2 to plat 4 very easy. Because I was better than the other players in that elo. I just did more meaningful dmg with a bad tank than my opponents with their full dmg rengars, camilles and lee sins. But in my opinion the best champion to climb depends on elo. In my theory: If you are in a lower elo, you should choose champions with CC, a bit of tankiness and a bit of dmg. Mobility doesnt really matter in lower elo. If I had to choose, i would take jax. If you go higher in elo, you should focuse on a specific playstyle and choose the most efficient build (full dmg/full utility).
paq (EUNE)
: Whether it is worthwhile playing on the support ?
I think support is good if you are able to play different champions too.
ZedAced (EUNE)
: why is this not allowed?i just wanted to have something for all us assassin mains :(
: is it possible to randomly become worse in this game?
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