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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: And now I am diamond and Im telling you Lux is fine support. These meta sheeps are so annoying, if I picked Kennen support month ago you would tell me the same, now it has been picked in worlds and you will say hes good. Compare Kennen with Lux, compare Annie with Lux what makes them be better supports than Lux? They have no peel, they have no supportive abilities all they have is a stun and burst. You can peel with stun but they are mostly using it for engage not for peel. Lux actually has a supportive abilities unlike these two. But I dont think there is a point talking to you.
Simple.. Annie Builds RoA And Isn't Super Squishy, Has Multiple Stuns And Can Make Big Plays - Kennen? I Haven't Played With But A Lux That Gets Ludens, Zhonyas, Deathcap.. Which Is All I Have Come Across.. Is Useless To Me And The Rest Of The Team.. But Then 9 Times Out Of 10 Its A Mid Main That's Forced To Go Support..
Kljestic (EUNE)
: Once I photoshoped my friends profile who is unranked into master tier and told him that that's how I see his profile! He acctually felt on that! He said that my client is bugged then! -.-
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Wait, actually vayne's head is too much zoomed out. If you watch someone else the head is more zoomed in.
Hmm.. I Copy/Pasted From Another Profile :/ Oh Well Lol.. Edit: I Know Why Now.. I Have Chinese Artwork Pack Installed On My Client.. Probably Explains Why It Looks Different.
: Is that Vayne edited too ? Her head is so small compared to Jinx & Sivir
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: I'm autistic and I type correctly because nonsense is for neurotypicals.
Well You're Just Perfect Then Aren't You..
: Yeah.. no. I just don't play ranked much. If you don't believe me you can check my ranked win rate. Aside from that, are you really that proud of being Plat V? (lol) And like I said, I don't even have Lux. But if I got you in my game and you had the same sort of attitude in pre-game chat as you do here then I would feel like trolling you.
I'm Climbing.. Its All Good, Wont Be Plat V For Long.. The OP Was Obviously Over Exaggerated To Prove A Point.. The Main Point Is, FULL AP LUX, WITH NO SIGHTSTONE.. Is Not A Support. Thought I'd Clear That One Up For You, Have A Nice Day!
: Honestly, if I was supporting you I would pick {{champion:99}} just to spite you (if I actually had her) considering your attitude. Don't like getting Lux support? That your problem. You can find another role to main aside from ADC instead of QQing about your support pick.
And That's Why Your'e Stuck In Gold
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Stop being a sheep. Lux is fine support, took me out of silver since I could carry the games on my own from botlane.
The Keyword There Is 'Silver'
Takeoff (EUW)
: Please Don't Type With All Big Letters, It Is Really Annoying. Please type like this, much smoother and easier to read. Thanks! <3
Sorry, I'm Autistic, I Type This Way Because It Looks Neater To Me..
: I have to agree with the actual OP here, Lux is NOT a support. But Lux can be played LIKE one. A good Lux will shit on your botlane, the only thing she sucks in is roaming. Other supports are miles ahead in that matter. If you are confident with it, go for it. My mentality in ranked is: "Who am I to judge your picks and decisions before they show a result?"
Yeah but at the same time you should know what supports suit your playstyle.. all lux can do is is sit behind you and throw q's which take your farm cause if she sits in front of you she gets killed faster than you can say 'wher'es my my full ap no sighstone building cs taking support gone'?
: U're being trolled, beings like wards don't exist, they're pure fiction The legend goes kind of like this: Once upon a time, the ancient League summoners put all their force together to create 1 item, which would change the world forever It looked like a majestic green tower which seemingly disappears after a certain time, what they did not understand was that what they created was so powerfull that it could still watch you after disappearing, after a long time, 1 of the ancients made a miscreation, but this one tower, which was pink instead of green, had the power to reveal things that were long lost, as they suddenly saw the green towers again The ancients decided that those tools were too powerfull to be used, so they banished them to the realms of the void, never to be seen again It seems like there's more to it, but i can't really translate it atm... Edit: I have been able to translate the last part thanks to a fellow researcher by the name of snowsong, for the full text, u can check it here
Encrux (EUW)
: ssssssssht!!!!! keep those revolutionary thoughts for yourself before riot employees are coming for you. Watch your tongue or you'll end up in trouble.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I think I saw a pink one once, someone was copying a challenjour strategy to counter Rengar - they couldn't do it :(
Encrux (EUW)
: Idk, I'm currently D5 and I've never _seen_ it before. That's why I think those are just really vague rumors. Maybe you can unlock it at Valhall..... erm I mean Challenger.
Hmm.. Maybe Riot Will Implement It Into The Game One Day For Everyone Else....
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Encrux (EUW)
: I've heard rumors of it. Pros are apparently using it to be more successful. Some say you can win games easier. But I think that's really naive.
What Division Do You Unlock This Item At?
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ViaAround (EUW)
: My Summoner's Name was changed by RIOT ( My Summoner's Name was: Forsen Boy )
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: Hello friend I'm not a very good adc myself but I think I can answer your questions. - long sword or doran are pretty much the only options you have after getting a first blood. It seems to me that long sword is almost always better because you get more potions and you don't "waste" the gold on an item you will have to sell. The only time I would go for doran is against heavy burst botlane like leona/graves etc.. - statikk vs PD, that's a debate that comes up rather often. Here is my opinion : statikk gives you waveclear, aoe damages, magic damages. Obviously you will want to get it when your team lacks magic damages or waveclear. PD gives more raw stats and single target damage. All in all it depends what you want to do. Also, build path is important. If you are going to farm a lot it might be wise to go for avarice into statikk, as well as when you are behind as it is cheaper. If you are well fed and snowballing, I would go for PD because you will get it fast and not benefit much from gp10 item, + the raw stats can help you snowball harder. I might be wrong on everything but at least I tried :p
Thanks for the detailed answer man, that's pretty much exactly what I was thinking.
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Four Star (EUW)
: Why do people think Braum is a bad support?
theyre probably the people who think full ap lux support is 'team play'
: My London World's Experience (Fanatic vs. EDG)
Bronze players, offering plat players game advice?.. sounds like twitch chat is you ask me Kappa
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Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
Some Salty Flaming Kids Are Gonna Be Maaaaaaaaadd!!
: New Champion Selection HUD !!! RITO PLOX!


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