MusicaroN (EUW)
: > Unable to declare new attacks or cast abilities, I'd like to see the paragraph where it does say this exact thing. Also you said E cannot be stopped only by interrupts... if suppression is not considered an interrupt i don't know what is
A unit that is suppressed you quoted it yourself, I used new attacks or actions as a way to make it easier for you to understand what it means by that. When that Hecarim started casting his E and using his auto on you, he was not suppressed. Suppression does not stop all in progress actions otherwise it would be function more like an interrupt and be completely busted in the 1v1 setting.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Question about Heca and WW spells
Unable to declare new attacks or cast abilities, if already cast Hecarims E can only be stopped by an Interrupt. This is a known interaction with Hecarims E as it works on Malzahar, Morg Binding if the heca is close enough and he can even dash through Jinx traps if the enemy is in range for the auto animation. To put it simply when you as WW use your ultimate on Hecarim who has his E already active, when your dash gets in range for his auto attack it will trigger the auto animation, so even though your suppression lands, the auto wont be canceled which then knocks you back and out of your ult because you have been hit with cc after the ult has landed. Thats just how these abilities suppression based abilities interact with charge autos, accept it and play around it, let him hit you with e then suppress him.
: Suggested buffs to tank items to make tanks relevant again
or just nerf the existing truedamage in the game, legit pointless playing tanks in a conq meta with half the adcs doing mixed damage and the other half doing truedamage
: Is this reportable?
Heres some ranked info for you, if you are in plat or lower you dont suffer from decay, if you dodge you lose lp but dont demote and finally dont play on saturday nights if you want to climb its when the drunks are on.
oboy4life (EUW)
: So I got perma banned
Clearly the system works sometimes
: LP in low elo
If your LP gains are like that it means your playing at a level the game does not think you are ready for, to fix it just keep winning and it will balance it out eventually, this usually happens after promotions as far as I have noticed.
PhatDippa (EUW)
: Riot %%%% your bugs :)
I mean your playing in low gold so ofc mistakes are going to happen constantly. Its not like you're play mistake free either.
: Current new player expirience
Lose enough games against those smurfs and itll stop matching you with them eventually
ipv (EUW)
: Guys lets be honest, who the fk on here can compete with me?
Guess OP is too scared to show the elo of his banned main.
: fps and ping you displayed are okay and even great for me if u have no weird pc shutdowns or modems resets/disconnections if i had that i would play but what i have is much worse wish i had stable resources to climb even if they are slow and bare minimum like yours just what i ask for is something stable but apparently i can't have that
You can climb on literally 250 ping 30 fps if you learn a style that works for it and actually learn how to play the game
: 30 FPS? Your eyes were in serious pain I guess
Very much so
: low elo
When I was playing on my laptop many seasons ago I got a maximum of 30 fps, had a constant ping of 150 due to an overworked network, and still reached g5 as a jungler playing fighters. My laptop may have been dog shit and teamfights were combo ult one dude and hope for the best so I had to learn how to path, when to grab objectives, how to force my team to respond to such calls, how to control vision which admittedly I still suck at but in silver elo one pink ward lasts 40 minutes. Missing combos because of High ping is one thing you can fix by not playing combo champs, play something big and beefy and just learn that frontline style. Missing for any other reason is because you failed to anticipate movements thats all so its on you to improve that.
: Tired of losing because of trolling team mates
So I op.ggd you out of curiosity and have several points of improvement. 1. Why are you going grasp in every single matchup, nasus has few matchups he wins early like the kayle yet your picking runes to survive lane? 2. Your builds are not optimized, raptor cloak into boots into sheen is a very delayed powerspike and you dont even get the cdr to try and get an early stack advantage. Again take the Kayle matchup, you win that matchup once you get your sheen and hit level 6 if you have been stacking properly. 3. You are doing q stack every single game, there are some matchups you just cannot q stack safely, those matchups do e max to get yourself gold for items and q stack however you can. Matcups like the Darius, Illaoi, various ranged matchups like kennen can all be poked down with e max allowing you to negate the risk of a full all in once they have been hit with a few. More importantly it lets you farm without getting engaged on every single time and gives you top pressure to assist your jungler, but that doesnt really matter in silver/gold elo. Honestly your complaint of "I need time to carry" holds no merit, if you want to continue playing scaling champs like nasus and even tryndamere you have to make your own advantages.
: Alright here are few tips that helped me alot to improve myself and get out of Silver/Gold and even reaching to diamond promo's. 1) Mute all chat or simply mute a flaming person and keep focused on the game and not a troll. 2) Every 2-3 games do a 10-15 min break, Especially GET OUT OF THE ROOM and take a good breath outside/balcony, It will keep you out from exhaustion and overall crappy mod. 3) Drinking water and eating keeping you fresh. 4) Choose you're 2 main lanes and master at least 2 champions in each of them. (Preferable one AD and 2nd is AP) 5) You're rank suggests that you lack first of all the mechanics and game knowledge, Go play few games against bots with ur champion that u wish to master and then move to normals, After you feel ur ready start doing ranked. 6) Learn how to last hit minions / How tower works against minion wave and it's HP mechanics / Read few guides and videos about ur champion pro's and weaknesses / Be watchful and learn from mistakes. 7) Teammates are important but in lower then gold it's hard to relay on them, You must carry to get out of that ELO so pick champs that can CARRY (For example avoid playing Rammus / Morgana / Maokai / Shen etc...) 8) Avoid playing bot lane and try to play Top/Jungle more, Top can carry the upper lane and push none stop / Jungler can have the biggest "Control" on every lane and have a great impact on the game with Ganks/Drakes/Herald/Baron taking. There is alot of more things but that's what came up to me right now, Hope it helped you.
Personally I dont agree with point 8 as with enough practice and improvement you can carry silver/gold from any position, but other than that Solid advice especially number 1, turn off all chat if you want to make it harder for teams to tilt you off the face of the planet (including your own).
: Got permanent ban. First time reported. Help!
Oh yeah that card is ban worthy regardless of how much he flamed you, you flamed him back calling him braindead and such, you went afk stating you were ruining the game to make him lose. At least the account it only a week or so old according to your match history unless you had it 14 day banned last season doesn't track old season normal. Make a new one and mute flamers when you get pissed off its what the rest of us have to do when faced with trolls or I4 players who think they gods on their smurfs lol
: Sylas's W is just broken
How about playing a champ that can actually poke him instead of Ekko who to get a full trade has to facetank his w,e combo.
: Skip waiting for stats = no LP given on win
You will get the lp but it usually comes delayed but a few minutes
hdr0n (EUW)
: Adding credence to instant muting
Buddy one of 3 things happens in pre30 games. 1. You are matched with new players like yourself who get frustrated that they cant play the game as well as others and flame. 2. You are matched with "smurfers" who think they know how to play but they really dont because they are low silver/high bronze starting again so they dont have "elo hell" attached to their account. These people are usually banned on their main accounts anyway for flame. 3. You are matched with genuine higher elo smurfs who just destroy everyone. Cannot be helped really just go next game. It wont really change when you hit 30 as even if you dive into ranked youll end up in very low elo games which is usually worse as far as flame goes. But hey maybe youll dodge out on those high elo smurfs leveling fresh accounts.
: Help adc please.
I mean at a glance your against a rammus, got a few kills during an 18 minute ace and then built 2 more damage items before QSS, without being in that game I dont know if you were being ignored by their team but as a rule of thumb, taunts/suppression usually require a 3rd item qss. With a QSS after rageblade you can then be more aggressive with your ult as long as you keep track of the ccs usage like the annie's the additional mr in a 4 ap team would have also helped your survivability in skirmishes, even though you didnt die im not sure if you got low enough to be forced back when the extra mr could have kept you in the fight for longer. Its a unusual comp anyway and your solo lanes fell behind so maybe in future push for an early turret and lane swap with your toplaner to push down objectives to bring some gold to the team. Just my opinion anyway I dont bother pushing passed gold anymore so I might be out of it these days
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I don't understand the hatred for lux support
IMO the problem with Lux in the support role is that she excels at nothing. Her base damage/shields are fairly low compared to other ap based supports, she has no escape whatsoever, low hp/hp scaling and because of this she is outshine by nearly all other ap supports. Lux has a root, shield and slow built into her main kit. Morgana has a longer range longer duration root at higher base damage, her shield will absorb cc while giving higher magic damage protection, then her ult will outright stun if the tether resolves. Nami has two knock ups which is not impacted by tenacity like roots, she has a bouncing heal in place of a shield but it also grants movement speed via her passive. Soraka has two separate heals one of which is global and a silence both of which at higher base impact than Lux's root/shield. Lulu and Janna both play the shield and peel role like Lux does in support but both have either more impactful utility or higher base absorption shields. Even as a poke support she cannot match the damage potential of a Brand or the utility of Zyra. Can lux support work? Yes ofc it can, but most of the time outside of vision items Lux supports go the poke mage route like a zyra or brand and get full ap to be able to poke and contribute damage wise to a teamfight but even then the support needs to be fed because of Lux's average damage scaling coupled with a low income role.
DawncYxDq (EUW)
: And lately riot really %%%%ed up by making adc's completely useless Everything 1shots them The assasin 1shots them The support 1shots them Toplane tank 1shots them
Have you considered getting a defensive item at least once in 10 games?
: The hardest mission that Riot have ever set..lmao
Play Yi, get rageblade and Ruined King, solo it.
: Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to tell. Overthinking too much. "Play to win" attitude seems to... bother me too much.
If the game isnt fun, its time to quit, win or lose if you cant enjoy at least some of the game its passed its use.
: Should I quit?
Is the game still fun for you?
: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
ETA 30 Minutes.{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I won a ranked game earlier and got demoted...?
Apparently if you are in Division 5 you will be either promoted to Division 4 or Demoted to the lower Division 1 depending on your MMR because Riot have deleted all 5th Divisions.
: Meanwhile at RIOT HQ
Let the memes begin.


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