Hexa XV (EUW)
: I can't go back to the game
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Sorkol (EUNE)
: can't connect to the game
got same problem
: You don't get a border for your end of season rank this year.
I dont think this is true lol. Look this video and watch at 2:55. They show you the loading screen borders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz5TdegajF8
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: Disconnected
DilMin (EUW)
: i cant match make
But there are NEW Lunar skins so
: That momen you lost LP by lock in system
: Windows 10 Low FPS (welp me..)
Have the same problems but that for 1 month now... if i window my screen my fps is fine..
: can not start a lobby
: The way u really made big money with crypto-currencies was by buying/mining them early on (lets say you bought 200$ worth of bitcoin (means about 40 of them) 6 years ago) and then simply waiting for them to increase in worth (your 40 bitcoins would now be worth about 600'000$). Starting to trade in them now is somewhat risky, since the whole bubble developing around crypto-currencies is likely to pop sooner rather than later and you could lose almost all the money u invested. Especially if ur inexperienced when it comes to online trading it's a rather risky thing to do. I suppose it's fun if you have money lying around you don't need, but trading crypto-currencies is basically the online equivalent of going to the casino. You can get stupidly rich, but you're much more likely to not win anything.
Its NOT to late to jump in bro. If you believe in cryptocurencies you should invest in it. i would invest cause i dont trust banks. not to make money out of it. and its in his early stage... how many friends you know have altcoins...
: me too it just happend to me adn my freinds free and fps drop
Ponvit (EUW)
: There was once a problem when the update automatically turned on the record function in the xbox app maybe its that
: Changing the game to run borderless instead of fullscreen helped me, maybe it's worth a shot
It helps yes... but its not the same
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Wqst (EUNE)
: Screen is glitching in game
The Karl (EUW)
: Lag / Spell Animation Lag
I have a stuttering screen since the last patch. when i lock my fps on 60 its just unplayable
draikz (EUW)
: FPS problems (1060 6gb)
Man i got the same problem since last patch. My game is stuttering so hard.
: Are people still having FPS drops?
stupid patch!!!!!! any fixes already?
BanDi7Killz (EUNE)
: After christmas update low Fps + slow respown picture
after the windows update or the new client update my screen is stuttering when i play leaque pf
: please FIX THE FPS DROP!
pfffffffffff so we wait till next patch or?
: probably the patch/client. the connection, as another user pointed out, can't be the problem if your ping is still normal
Oh ty if i change the settings in video to windowed screen, its fine ... full screen is a disaster.
: please FIX THE FPS DROP!
I have heavy stuttering. IF i cap my FPS my game is not running smooth at all damn. is it my pc is it the new patch?


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