: > [{quoted}](name=Wrestler11,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=N8oWii4p,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-28T11:41:40.538+0000) > > No team game is ment to be lost solo either. (4v5) > One player got to the be "worst" in a team, whatever that team wins or loses. > The point is that there should be as big chance to win game as good player as to lose one as bad player. At the moment it doesn't feel like it. > Because people think mainly about the game lost, not the game won. And because when they won a game they are more than happy to think it's their win too, they surely won't come here to ask someone if they got carried. > I'm not thinking about losing only; it is unsatisfying to have free win too. It's 99% about losing. And you know it. Anyone who has the right mindset about what a team game should be won't even come here to whine about anything to begin with.
Soooo, as a bronze, you're telling us most of your games are decided by your teammates? LUL I mean, i'm not good myself, but i can assure you that in like 95% of your games i can solowin under 25 minutes. This game is all about being good. Even if you're slightly better than your opponents you will climb. You just have to be better than your opponent in 51 out of 100 games to climb. (even less since you win more LP when you win)
: The execution and the proactivity/initiative and the ability to capitalize on mistakes in the enemy positioning/rotations, like I have explained before. It's not goddamn rocket science...
That's so true... Then they post "I can't carry games anymore" on the board {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: > So by all means we want our team to dive for us when needed. What we don't want is the ENEMY diving us. Which, you know, it's a little double standard. I don't mind simply farming my lane in relative safety before mid game hits in, by no means i'm eager to towerdive every freaking minute simply because game allows/encourages it. > Towerhugging and junglers AFKfarming I was rather happy about afkfarming in jungle, now it's all about who has better ganks. > If you want it because you have no choice but to hide under tower everytime you are zoned in lane, maybe you should try to git gud Eh? So what's there to do when you're zoned then? Go to other lane? Farm jungle? Go afk? Wait for a jungler? - good luck with that lol
So you think being passive under your tower and farming minions is a fun way to play the game ? https://i.imgur.com/48EPUrC.gif Playing proactively is what makes the game fun. Being afk farm under tower is just a stupid way to play since you have legit no control on the issue of the game. You seem like the type of person that complain about games being unwinnable ("QQ i got trolls and afks QQ"), but you're not even trying to understand what allows you to carry those games. Edit : I checked your account, you're a silver adc. I'm not being mean or smth. But obviously you don't understand the game at all for a reason.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Ranked is UN%%%%ING playable.
> 19 days ago I took a break from ranked because I had 3 toxic people in a row A weak mindset for a weak person.
Èclair (EUNE)
: There will always be a meta and there always will be champions/builds that are OP. But one does not equate another. Sure, most OP champions are meta and sometimes people cry wolf when there is no wolf at all, but a champion being OP is still an issue. Banner of Command stacking with Baron buff was OP and you could abuse it for easier win, sure. But this shouldn't be a thing. A full health tier 3 turret should not be sniped by a cannon minion from the safe range with 7 hits. It was broken and I'm glad it was resolved this patch even though I used it few times to rape enemy turrets. It's still worth complaining about it though. This is OP. A champ just being a meta pick is not OP. It's just a strong pick. The issue you present is mostly about maining and abusing. A player that mains a champion can play it on higher level than somebody who just picked it up. The more time you put into learning a champion, the stronger this pick becomes in your hands. Sometimes people main champions that are usually forgotten by RG just because they have consistent power level throughout even the entire seasons. Old Swain was a good example of that. People who abuse strong picks need to be flexible and be aware that their picks might get banned or picked by the enemy team. Strong pick does not always guarantee win. Sometimes players who abuse them might face the first group of people, the mains, that can squash them just by their experience and knowledge alone. I know that going for a strong pick most of the time seems like good tactics but sometimes the consistency of maining a champion is better than going for what's hottest. The win win situation is where your main tops the win ratio charts but you can't always eat the cookie and have a cookie at the same time. Me personally, I prefer to main a champion even if they happen to be low tier this patch. I like the consistency but I don't think the one way is superior to another. It's that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages wich boils down to the personal preference.
Thank you for your comment. I think you're right. Maybe playing meta is not as easy as it sounds. However, I rarely see OTPs of "Low Tier Champions" climbing higher than low diamond. I know some of them do, but most of the time they are hardstuck with over 1k games / season. Even if they are the best "XX EUW", they aren't able to climb higher than D5-D4. The high rank players are often "meta players". ######Sorry, I struggle really hard with English...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Unless you play Mordekaiser, there are no bad champions.
All champions have their own strengths. But you have to admit some of them DO have a lots more strengths than other ones.
iSneez (EUNE)
: Because it's not always about win it also about how you get the win, challenging yourself might be more sweet victory then a easy victory. Of course this theory not apply if they don't play them and still complain, thing is people that complain will always complain even if they play a normal game when they can face mirror match and they play same champion a opponent they will complain about the opponent champion ignoring the fact they apply same champ. People that complain get frustrated by losing or by playing bad and they find blame in everything else but themself.
You're right, indeed. I get the point that people want to enjoy a difficult win rather than an easy one.
Rismosch (EUW)
: What if players don't own every single champion? What if they are didicated to just one? What if they prefer a unique playstyle that obly one champion offers? Why would an individual learn all matchups instead of just playing one champion and outplaying all enemies. There are plenty of reasons to not follow the meta. And following the meta is not easier, if it was all meta slaves would be high elo, but fact is they are not. Metaslaves are as good as non metaslaves.
I never said meta players were better. I just asked why would you play one bad champion and complain about the op ones. As I said, winning is often more satisfying than loosing because your loved champion was slightly worst than your opponent's one.
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